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Slå ring om Norge
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006, 08:14 AM

Most humans experiences despair, meaninglessness and to be possessed by negative emotions and ideas sometimes.

There are methods that blows away unbalanced emotions in 5 minutes, with no doubt. Standardized methods, to use daily. Like brushing the teeth.

We call that banishing rituals, intended to ban unbalanced emotions, influences, ghosts or whatever should be blown from the aura and or the residence.

And it works from second one.
With no doubt. The intentioned will to ban mental unbalances, are in itself banishing, but we like to go all the way. And it does not matter what pantheon one referers to, even a Satanist can with no problem use a kabbalic pentagram rite, and invoke Micheal and his collegium.

And to those theoreticans that may believe that spirits in Northern areas does not respond to kabbalic formulars, you believe, you do not know. But I certainly do, and it is neckhair raising.

I also recommend the Enochian style.
If your spirit are not that pragmatic that you can allow yourself to ivoke from any pantheon or magical tradition of "foreighn" origin, I recommend Enochian magic. That is not religion related, and has no eartly cultural related offspring. It is the most modern of the magickal tools that works sufficient.

For those that likes Martial/ Saturnal energy,( close to that of Reguli ), I recommend the Star Ruby. That one is the best here. It is also very erotical.
http://www.geocities.com/nu_isis/liber025.html (mute the sound)

I once awakended a whole churcyard with it, and commanded them all to get the hell out of there. Such are not for beginners, they all got very mad at me, but could not break my circle, even if they tried to hinder me from fullfilling it.

100% or nothing.
A magical ritual shall never be distrubed, and it must always be fullfilled, never half done. That is worse than not doing it.

Of course the rituals may be done mantally, as one walks through the ghetto, or sits at the bus, but that claims a little practice. It should be learned, such that on can do it in a dream. I do sometimes wake up within my dreams, and finds myself conducting my rites at the astral plane.

Write a cheat inside your left hand for the first time. Even trying to learn a rite to memory, is strong banishing in itselves.

This should be done morning and evening, presumingly followed by an asana in the middle of the circle. very imortant. The cheaters dont think so, let the dogs fuck, they are not mine. Is it nor important enough to take a few minutes, do not expect that the high gods and their companies think it is very important to resond to your call.

"- I never had the time to communicate the Holy Guardian Angel, I had more important things to do..." OK.

As you can see , the rites are some old fashioned, or the lithurgy contains the magical name of some "master", that likes you to believe in him. For spirits of our classes, such should be removed, and personalized, as the rest of the rites.

I am here to help, and I offer you personal assitance on fitting a ritual that may suit your needs and your personal chemistry. I can also scan rites you find on the web for spiritual virus.

That is if I have reason to like you. Else I would not trust Thore Hunds alter ego on such. This is subjective.

The most important factor in magic is easy.

Believe in yourself, and your own magic. Remember, you are the strongest force in the Universe.

That is even empirical true, at the mental level, this is all happening in your head.

Der Hund

Slå ring om Norge
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006, 09:11 AM
The most important factor in magic is easy.

Believe in yourself, and your own magic. Remember, you are the strongest force in the Universe.

That is even empirical true, at the mental level, this is all happening in your head.

Would you like to increase your personal power?
Would you like to gain personal authority that makes those you have to bow for before, to bow for you?

Would you like the femmes on their knees in your Temple, thirsting to absorbe your strenght?

Would you like to reach peaks, and come in positions you never dared dream of?

Would yo like to make yourself a tool to blow away unwanted ideas, emotions, persons and spirits?
You can do it.

The Star Ruby is the thing. Morning and evening. You will notice amazing results within few days, or the money back. You will also mark a distinct and crystal clear change in the outer worlds attitude to you.
Do not await miraculous results if you not practice sefdiscipline to do it often. But if you do. You will come back here, thanking me.

The rite is however not good for travellin, nor for trials.

If I were a spiritual dwarf, I would say you owe a big time me for this.;)

The Star Ruby is the real thing, and that is the beginning.