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Saturday, November 19th, 2005, 03:05 PM
Some bindrunes I made for you. Copy them, paint them on a piece of paper or on a small wooden disk and carry them with you:

For the discovery of hidden knowledge


For a happy family

Mind power

Personal good health

Protection of your home and your property

For a safe journey

To encourage good luck

To gain inspiration

To promote healing

To provoke energy for success

To secure justice

If you want to have bindrune for a special purpose, just let me know and I can make one for you. :)

Saturday, November 19th, 2005, 03:53 PM
How nice of you,I'll forge some of those when I get the blacksmith up and running! :) Do you fancy comment what you base some of the less obvius runes on?

Saturday, November 19th, 2005, 05:31 PM
What are the "less obvious" ones? ;)
Well, here's a description of all the bindrunes above. Which runes I chose and what they stand for.

To provoke energy for success
Tiwaz, which stands for achieving of righteous victory and success and builds up spiritual willpower.
Raidho opens up the door to "inner guidance" and is promotes receiving justice.
Ansuz is the primal source of all speech, a talisman for linguistic activity, and increases the inspiration.
Gebo is a talismans for wealthiness and influences everything that has to do with exchanges and contracts in a positive way.
Fehu stands for improving social and personal development and growing of personal wealth.

To promote healing
Algiz stands for the strengthening of vital forces.
Berkana increases general power of resistance.
Raidho stands for strengthening of the own centre.

To gain inspiration
Uruz symbolize the well of Urd; this reveals the Inner Self and promotes the creation of the outer circumstances with the power of imagination.
Laguz supports the evelopment of clairvoyance and provokes higher vitality and life force.

To encourage good luck
As mentioned above, Gebo is a talisman for wealthiness. But it also stands for harmony between siblings and lovers, gaining wisdom and gives protection against infiltration and discord. Gebo comes from "give", so it's a very giving rune.
Ansuz increases the skills of communication with the Divine and stands for achieving of creative wisdom. It's a rune against intrigues and vile gossip.

For a safe journey
Wunjo is a rune for fortune and well-being and a talismans for fortune and unity in families and other social structures.
Laguz increases secure travelling and protects against poisoning and against accidents.
Ingwaz concentrates energy and thought.

For protection of home and property
Algiz stands for protection and defense and the strengthening of vital forces.
Othala is ensuring the ownings and is a protection against loss of possessions and against material threats. It also symbolises collective wealthiness.
Fehu is a symbol of for material growing and enrichment.
Raidho stands for receiving justice and helps making the correct decisions.
Ingwaz protects against against development disturbances and is a talisman for fertility, organic success and ensuring of rests.

For personal good health
Raidho stands for the trengthening of the own centre.
Eihwaz protects from desastrous forces, is a forceful protection against wizardry and works against charmings in general.
Fehu stands for the strengthening of psychic powers and is used for sending and receiving energies.

Mind power
Mannaz stands for the furtherance of reasoning, memory and general psychic powers and opens the inner eye.
Uruz stands for the aintaining and healing of a healthy mind, improves concentration and reveals the Inner Self.
Tiwaz builds up spiritual willpower and stands for the development of the power of believe in magic.
Ansuz increases the activ and the passive magical energies of clairvoyance and stands for the power of Intuition and Sensitivity
Wunjo is an amulet against depressions, pessimism and despair.
Dagaz opens the doors to higher self, stands for the decreasing of narrow-mindedness and for mystical inspiration

For a happy family and marriage
Hagalaz is a furtherance of fertility and germination on all levels and is an amulet for harmony and against attacks and catastrophies of any kind.
Sowilo is a protection of vitality and ensures collective activities.
Ansuz is an amulet against intrigues and vile gossip and is bannishing death and angst.

Othala makes contact to the knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors and is a talisman for collective wealthiness and access to ancient lore.
Uruz stands for general health.
Ansuz stands for the communication with the divine.
Fehu is strengthening of psychic powers and stands for sending and receiving energies.
Berkana stands for spiritual reincarnation.

Discovery of hidden knowledge
Perthro symbolizes divination.
Ansuz increases the active and the passive magical energies of clairvoyance, the intuition and sensitivity and stands for the communication with the divine

To secure justice
Tiwaz stands for the increasing of loyalty and achieving of righteous victory and success, defends against misbelieve and quarrels and protects against forthcoming conflicts.
Ansuz protects against intrigues and vile gossip.
Wunjo is a conjuration of harmony and friendship and is a general talisman for fortune.
Raidho stands for victory at trials and stands for receiving justice.

Isa, which you can find in all bindrunes, creates thoughtful silence and regeneration, stands for the development of concentration and willpower and supports controlling and bannishing of undesirable, dynamic forces.

PS: When you will really forge them: PLEASE make photos and post them! I really would like to see your work. :)

Saturday, November 19th, 2005, 08:29 PM
Very nice. In fact just last night I was doodling on a sheet of paper while bored (I've been very much under the weather lately). I came up with this simply design. I wasn't going to post it but I guess I will now.