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Friday, October 28th, 2005, 03:23 PM
The Anarch

By Jonothon Boulter

http://www.national-anarchist.org/ (http://www.national-anarchist.org/)

The Anarch is that sovereign individual born out of the infinite
mindset milleu of the fin-de-siecle. Which drew from the limitless
well of history, philosophy and art.

He-She is beyond Left or Right, endlessly moving nomadically with
mercurial freedom through thought, synthesising conflicting ideas.
But always firmly grounded in Nihilism.

This is the true anarchist. Theirs is the anarchy that produced
(and still produces) a vast underground hermetic and literary sub-
From the Noir Romains of Baudelaire, Gide, Mallarme, le Blanc
(and the rest), via the avant garde of Futurism to Breton and Tzara
of Surrealism (and its alentours), to the new avant garde of Barthes,
Bataille and the 'post-modernists, into the new noir romains of
Abellio, Parvulesco, Onfray and Bey. The list is ongoing, nomadic and

This is the anarchy of the Anarchic Movement, part of the Network
Synarchique, which has evolved from a political involvement within
Hermetic and literary circles in France.


The Anarch must, at his-her base, be a Nihilist.
This is not a negative position. It is a free and nomadic
starting point for exploration.
If the Anarch is dogmatic they are limited and there is no
Anarchism and Nihilism belong together.

Nihilism has a fine heritage, from the Classical and Russian
modes to the present day thought of Michel Onfray (rooted in the
aristocratic individualism of Georges Palante).
A transatlantic parallel with the radical aristocratism of Hakim
Bey and his TAZ.
Today Anarchist Nihilism is a growing force in Britain and the
Continent , with many vectors.


The Anarch, being a Nihilist, is free to explore and synthesize.

A world open for this mindset is Decadence. Another manifestation
evolving from the fin de siecle, with its fusion of art, philosophy
and the occult, in the world of the Boheme.

Many writers have revelled in the title of Decadent: Baudelaire,
Gide, Peladan, Mallarme, Breton, Barthes, Bataille, Bonnefoy,
Palante, Onfray, and many others....

Decadence is the ability to seek out the poetic and aesthetic in
every situation, and to move through life with active detachment.


The Network Synarchique belongs to the Hermetic and literary
circles, centred in France, from which it emerged.

Hermeticism uses the keys of Occult Philosophy (and today
Surrealism) not only to open the internal flow of the Anarch, but
also in pragmatic, Hermetic politics, the interplay of the occult and
the surreal in action.

This interplay originated (in modern times) in the 1890's within
an anarchist underground, and continues today. We are its current

This is true Anarchy - The Gothic Revolution. As explored by the
likes of Marinetti, Tzara, Breton, Lautramont, and their fellow

We work with them towards a Hermetic and Anarchic society.