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Alizon Device
Sunday, October 9th, 2005, 05:33 PM
I've just replied to a thread on another forum (not as good as this one, of course!), which I think has relevance in this section of BuB.

I was baptized and confirmed in the Church of England, and went to a relatively strict C of E school, where we were tacitly indoctrinated to disapprove of Roman Catholicism wherever it exists.

In my mid to late teens when I started exploring Wicca, paganism, the Occult and all things European Mystical, this idea was re-enforced... the Inquisition... torture...hanging of the Lancashire Witches...
(b.t.w. no witches were legally burned at the stake in England. The official penalty for Witchcraft was hanging, unlike Scotland and Europe).

So when I decided to form a "Mystic Society" at University I expected stiff opposition from the superstitious Roman Catholic delegates at the Annual General Meeting (where delegates from all the other University Clubs and Societies would vote on whether to admit the Mystic Sok into the fold).

However, the most bitter, venomous resistance came from the "Christian Union", the Protestant university society.
They removed posters we had put up, told the non-Christian societies that we were Satanists, bullied smaller clubs into voting against us, and practised all sorts of harrassment before the Vote.

The "Cathsoc" on the other hand, the Roman Catholic university society, saw it all as a storm in a tea cup. They made it known to us beforehand that they would be abstaining from the vote, not voting against us.

We won the vote by the smallest of margins! Thanks to the Rock Society (Slayer and Venom were very popular back then!), and several secular club delegates who abstained from voting because they had taken the words of the Christian Union seriously, and didn't want to be cursed by us "Satanists".
I kid you not!!

So the Oppressed has become the Oppresser once again, it seems...

Monday, October 10th, 2005, 12:07 AM
Hmmmm.... We have a Christian union here too...horrible *pukes*

I as a heathen of course disapprove of xianity generally, but Catholicism is worst. What makes it even worse is that as being baptised as one I had to go through its lies for many many years :~(

But well, yep they are really bed and fundamentalist and I really cannot understand them! Do they really believe Jesus could walk over water? Come on!