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By Ragnar Redbeard, 19th Century American Philosopher, Chicago, 1896
(Taken from his controversial and earth-shattering book, "Might Is Right")

It has taken countless evolutionary epochs to make man what he is, the most ferocious hirsute beast of prey that inhabits the caverns and jungles of earth.

Can his osseus mechanism and pathological instincts be summarily extinguished or reversed, merely by connecting him, per an electric wire, laid through the sewers of Rome, to the feeble dynamos of Bethlehem, and Tarsus ? Can his structural anatomy intended for conflict and slaughter, be transformed in a day, a year, or even in "a million, million of suns?"

To overmaster and devour his neighbor, in the reasoned effort to obtain food and booty, land, love, renown and gold is bred into the very marrow of his bones. Therefore all efforts made by Reformers and Messiahs, to transfigure him into a 'lamb' are foreordained to fathomless failure. Indeed it would be much more reasonable of them to attempt the transfiguration of a grizzly bear into a parlor poodle or propose the transformation of a bald-headed eagle into a gently cooing turtle-dove.

Nearly all the prophetic demi-gods of Democracy from Paul and Isaiah to Carlyle and Ruskin, have ever been madly screeching by the roadside, vainly endeavoring to stay the march! march! march! of a world of bannered armies; striding grimly, sternly by. What are these howling prophets of Evil but dogs eloquently baying at the moon ? "Right wheel there! Right wheel! Turn back! Turn back! You are going to the devil!" is their resounding, ear-splitting chorus. But the human flood sweeps on silently, scornfully, confident, inspired as it were by some over-mastering instinct. "We may be going to the devil" is the unspoken retort of these thundering legionaries ---- these Nations ---- "but even so! is not the Devil honest --- the Destroyer of Deception! ---- the Disobedient One ?"

Can you lass the stars with a green-hide lariat? Can you block the march of Might with magnificent howls of declamatory despair? No! No! Skyward or hellward, man moves on and on and on. If there are barricades in his way, he must surmount them or blast them aside. If there are Wild Beasts ready to spring upon him, he must destroy them or they will destroy him. If the highroad leads through hells, then those infernos must be be besieged, assailed and taken possession of --- aye, even if their present monarchs have to be rooted-out with weapons as demoniac and deadly as their own.

This world is too peaceful, too acquiescent, too tame. It is a circumcised world. Nay! --- a castrated world! It must be made fiercer, before it can become grander and better and ---- more natural.

Fools indeed are they who would arrest the unfolding process with 'humanitarian'. Cagliostroism and "rescue the perishing" mummery. Maniacs are they who would ward off the suns blazing rays from withering souls or the blighting frosts of winter from hearts that are already broken. For, I doubt not, through the ages, one tremendous purpose runs; and maturing crops are ripened with the process of the suns ---- to be sickled down, threshed and rolled away.

Undoubtedly the Black Magic of the Christ Myth, combined with the subterranean sorcery of medieval sacerdotalism has partially succeeded, not only in sapping individual intitiative, but also in suppressing in our race many of its ancestral leonine traits and emasculating necromancy. No! It has not transfigured us all into teams of contented oxen and bunches of earmarked sheep, although that is its final hope. There are some of the grand old stock, left alive. Few indeed are they amidst a world of slaves and swine.

The lion is still the lion, although his teeth have been most foully filed down by abominable moral codes; his skin made scrofulous with the mange and leprosy of caged peacefulness ----- his paws fettered by links of slave-voted statutes and an iron collar of State Officialism wound around his regal neck.

Someday, sometime, he is destined to break through the vile bonds that have been cunningly laid on him, escape from the wasting decline that originates from unnatural confinement and regain once more his primitive freedom of Action. The treacherous legislators and illustrious statesmen, who are now so eager to teach him the method of growing wool like sheep and how to fit his battle-scarred shoulders to a horse collar, may then be sorry and sad (if they have time) ---- for he will probably chew them up.

Great and powerful governments, Commanding Peace, come into existence only in ages of decadence; when nations are on the downward grade. If the human animal lives a natural, clean life, out on the plains and forests away, where oceans rollers crash along the shore, or on the banks of the pouring rivers he requires no police-force to "protect" him ----- no usurious Jew to rob him of his harvests ----no tax-gathering legislators to vote away his property, and no "priests of the Idol" to "save" his soul.

It is false standards of morality that debase and enfeeble individuals, tribes and nations. First, in obedience to some sovereign code, they lose their hardihood and increase their numbers. Then that all may live, they become laborious, submissive to Regulations; and finally --- with Death held up by priestcraft as a fearsome Terror, al personal valor fades away. Thus nations of spaniels are manufactured.

The normal man is the man that loves and feasts and fights and hunts, the predatory man. The abnormal man is he that toils for a master, half-starves, and "thinks" ---- the Christly dog. The first is a perfect animal; the second, a perfect ---- monster.

Every belief that makes a duty of humility ----- that inspires people with "moral" courage only, enervates their fibre, corrupts their spirit, and prepares them first for thralldom and then for ---- throttling.

It is not possible to conceive of Grand Life without incessant rivalry, perpetual warfare and the implacable hunting of man by man....

The soil of every nation is an arena, a stamping ground, where only the most vigorous animals may hope to hold their own. What is all history but the epic of a colossal campaign, the final Armageddon of which is never likely to be fought, because, when men cease to fight ---- they cease to be --- Men.

This old earth is strewn to the very mountain tops with the fleshless skulls and rain bleached bones of perished combatants in countless myriads.

Every square foot, every inch, of soil contains its --- man.

The evolution (or de-volution) of mankind demands the perpetual transfiguration of one man into another, continuous reincarnation, eternal re-birth and re-construction. Scientifically considered, the 'resurrection of the dead' is not an illusion. Every living organism is formed from the decomposed essence of pre-existing organisms. The "man" of to-day is actually built out of the grave-mould of his prototypes; perhaps of ages long forgotten. Thus, without death there could be no birth material; and without conflict, fierce and deadly, there could be no surpassing.

But to individuals foolishly trained to bewail their fate, all these commonplaces facts are agonizing.

"When we solemnly look upon this perpetual conflict", writes Schelling with true theocratic pessism, "it fills us with shuddering sorrow, and with boundless alarm ---- but how can we help it? Hence the veil of sadness that is spread over all nature, the deep indestructible melancholy of all life."

Like many other philosophers, deceived by appearances, Schelling fancies savage and dreadful that which is pure, mischievous that which is preservative, and calamitous that which is benign.

The flow of Destruction is as natural and as needful as the flow of water. No human ingenuity can destroy the Immolation of Man, nor prevent the shedding of blood ---- and why should it?

Majestic Nature continues on her tragic way serenely, caring naught for the wails of the agonized and panic-stricken nor the protests of defeat; but smiling sadly, proudly (yet somewhat disdainfully in her passing stride) at the victor's fierce Hurrah. She loves the writhing of sword-blades ----- the rending of tradition, the crunching of bones, and the flap of shredded shot-torn banners, streaming out savagely (in the night, in the day), over the battle-weary, the mangled dying and the swollen dead. Christs may come and Christs may go but Caesar lives for ever.

Deep, permanent, and abiding is the elemental antagonism between the Sociology of "the Man of Nazareth" and the imprescriptible Laws of the Universe. They are as fire and water to each other ----- irreconcilable. Indeed our planetary system itself shall melt with fervent heat ere the Gallileans Philosophy can conquer.

No human being can ever hope to attain "the perfectibility that is in Christ". So long as we remain animals, we shall be dominated by animal wants and animal passions and animal rivalries.

Undoubtedly the Messiah ideal is unattainable, hopeless, and especially so upon its reformatory side. However the world loves to be deceived by some ghastly delusion and that is the reason perhaps, that it has taken to its bosom this rustic fable; this Gospel of Ineffectuality ---- this Evangel of Darkness ---- this Dream of an Israelite slave. "When the Assyrians and after them the Medes and Persians" writes Tacitus, "were masters of the Oriental world, the Jews of all nations, then held in subjection, were deemed the most contemptible." Christ was a pariah Jew.

Among the virile conquering tribes, the Ideal Man is ever the all-daring Jove, the splendid Apollo, the self-reliant Achilles, of the Constructive Genius. It is only in centuries of dotage ----- in ages of cankersome down-going and nervous disease, that the Model Man becomes a Christ. The Model Man of our forefathers was Odin, a War Lord, but our Ideal Man is a weeping, horse-whipped Jew [1]. A Jew for a God!

The deities of the Greeks and Vikings, Goths and Romans, were all (originally) mighty-men-of-valor, or virile women of surpassing beauty, afterwards held up (before their warlike posterity) as splendid examples of natural nobility, conscious power, daring courage, shrewdness, sexual vigor and boundless strength of charachter. The gods and heroes of antiquity spent their vital force in the destruction of monsters, in the seizure of new hunting-grounds, in the slaughtering of tyrants, and in the breeding of unconquered sons.

But Christ! the God of Christendom! the Divine Exemplar! "that Majestic Figure!" What godlike deed did he ever do? What unconquerable sons did he beget?

If the "first principles of Christianity" should, by an unforeseen miracle triumph in the elemental conflict that is approaching, assuredly the Anglo-Saxon is played-out, his days numbered, his dominion ended, his sepulchre prepared. Multitudinous multiplication of Unfit Millions (broods of strumous semi-idiots) must then proceed through dreary, barren, brain-paralyzing centuries,winding up perhaps in a blast of pestilential plague ---- a Black Death.

The "dead and alive" conditions of the "Celestial" Empire will then be applied to this Western world and under the thin disguise of "Advancement", "Progress", and "Civilization" , an atmosphere of excruciating torture must be artificially created, hostile to all but degenerative forces as in China. In the name of "goodness", "righteousness" and "morality" woe shall be poured out upon our Seed, as it has already been poured out on the rotten swarms of the Orient.

Congenital enfeeblement of body, together with organic degeneracy of mind, must then go on and on, at an ever accelerating ratio, until our posterity may end (as Darwin imagined we began) by becoming chattering apes, without sense enough to light a fire, crack a coconut or swing by their tails.

Behold the modern man! This "heir of all the ages ----- in the foremost ranks of time!" His sight, taste, smell and hearing are all notoriously defective. He can harness thunderbolts, but the unerring instinct of a carrier pigeon is beyond him. His brain has become an over-heated thinking engine, but he may not read the Daily Morning Liar ----- without spectacles. He "understands" more things (or thinks he does) but if suddenly removed from his artificial environment, he would perish helplessly as the Babes-in-the-Wood. He can gauge sound-waves; photgraph broken bones; construct gigantic iron monsters; whisper across miles of copper wire; but, when the pointer-dog sniffs the hidden pheasant from afar off, this erudite Bundle-of-Nerves looks on in blank amazement. The fact is that the civilized man is gradually "losing his senses". If he continues to "progress" at the existing rate, in a comparatively little while, he will have no smell, no sight, no hearing.

"Direr visions worse foreboding,
Glare upon me through the gloom!
Europe's smoke-cloud sinks, corroding
On the land, in noisome fume...
....Showering down like rain of ashes,
On the Cities of God's doom...
...Bustling smug, a pygmy pack,
Plucks its prey from ores embraces;
Walks with crooked soul and back;
Glares like dwarfs with greedy eyes,
For the golden glittering lies" [2]

It is good for a degraded people to be utterly consumed.

[1] "Taunts and blows the portion of the slave." Macauley
[2] Henrik Ibsen --- Adapted in the translation.

In the department of Natural History it is axiomatic that all kinds of living beings, from protozoa to man, subsist and propagate, through and by the destruction of feebler competitors, belonging to the same species or to kindred species.

Thus, the big fish eat the little fish ---- the big trees (by absorbing and monopolizing the nutriment) "eat up" the little trees ---- the strongest animals eat the weak animals and so on ---- ad infinitum.

Man is no exception. Conquering and masterful nations have ever been ravenous devourers of flesh-food; and most of them have also been man-eaters. The slaughter-houses of Christendom reek with the dying effluvia of millions and millions of butchered brutes; that man ---- the King of Animal ---- may day by day eat flesh, drink blood and gnaw bones.

Even cannibalism is not extinct in far lands, nor quite unknown in the centres of our proudest civilizations. With the first great revolutionary cataclysm, its revival upon a gigantic scale is not an improbability.

During the eleventh century, man's flesh was cooked, sold, and eaten in England, and Englishmen may again revert to anthropophagy, if ever their imported food supplies should be suddenly and entirely cut off; either by convulsion of nature or acts of war. Ship-wrecked crews have repeatedly saved themselves by casting lots and devouring some of their number: and shipwrecked nations (loaded up to the hatches with seething cargos of festering useless non-descripts) may yet be driven to do the same.

Innumerable are the folk-legends, relating to ancient and modern man-eaters. Formal human sacrifices upon the Altars of Idols are quite common. In Mexico and Ancient Britain, prelates butchered their victims (generally young virgins) in public, amid the acclaim of musical instruments, the chanting of beautiful liturgies, and the hosanna shouts of the mob.

The modern prelate does not employ the rude smoking gully-knife, but uses other weapons, ten times more keen and more destructive. For every human sacrifice "offered-up" in olden times, millions are offered now.

Professor Huxley pictorially describes an African butcher's shop, where human steaks, roasts and sirloins were systematically retailed.

Josephus tells us of mothers who ate their own infants during the last siege of Jerusalem, and in many later sieges human flesh has been consumed.

Oriental traditions record of King Richard Lion Heart, that once upon a time when presiding at a feast of moslem heads, he remarked with grim matter-of-factness "one roast Saracen made good entertainment for nine of ten of my good Christian men." An English Crusading rhymer is even proud of this :

King Richard shall warrant
There is no flesh so nourissant,
Unto an English Man;
Partridge, plover, heron, ne swan,
Cow, ne ox, sheep, ne swine,
As the (roast) head of a Saracen.

Very intelligent New Zealand aboriginals may still be found who describe with much apparent gusto how (in comparatively recent dates) they satiated their ravenous hunger by banqueting all night upon the grilled flesh of foemen they had tomahawked during the day. Neither is it uncommon to hear tattooed old veterans, tell how war-captives were penned up like cattle and fattened upon each other, until required for the tribal oven (formed of red-hot stones, paved into an oval hollow in the ground); ----- how then the fattest were selected, one by one taken out, systematically bled, disemboweled and hung up by the heels on neighboring trees; just as sheep, swine, and cattle are exposed for sale, in our own abattoirs and meat-markets. The Maoris also have a tradition, that if a man kills and eats his enemy, he by doing so, absorbs all the dead man's vitality, strength, and courage.

In the nascent colony of New Zealand, missionaries, soldiers, whalers and pioneers were often cooked and eaten; but by a general consensus of epicurean opinion the "Pakeha's" flesh was voted bad form, principally because it was "too tough and too salty".

During the War of Secession, Northern infantrymen accidentally imprisoned in a Virginia mine, devoured each other one at a time; the last man (John Ewing) dying of hunger and leaving a written record of the facts, sealed up in a flask.

The story of Sawny Bean is well known, also the classical legends of the Cyclops, the Giants, the Phalaris Bull, the Moloch holocausts and Homer's Polyphemus.

Anthropophagy has been practiced in Australia, both by whites and blackfellows. In New Guinea and portions of Africa, man-eating is quite an ordinary custom to this hour. Marcus Clarke describes how Gabbet, and English-born Botany Bay convict, induced his prison comrades to escape with him (into the bush) in order that he might have a holiday and feast, picking their succulent bones and sucking out the marrow thereof.

All over continental Europe there is a popular superstition that Jew rabbis steal and murder Christian infants and maidens, in order to use the blood on the door-lintels, at Passover and other ceremonials.

A similiar charge was brought against the early Christians, and even proved in the Imperial Law Courts, if we are to judge by the verdicts.

Human fat is regularly retailed in modern drug stores and human heads are even now a marketable commodity in the South Seas. There are also mystic brotherhoods in our midst, whose initiates pledge fidelity, and obligate themselves to life-long secrecy, by drinking blood out of a skull, over emblems of violent death ---- with daggers pointed at their throats.

The foundation stones of many famous buildings, palaces, castles, temples, and monuments, have been emblematically laid upon the living body of a man ---- the Kremlin for example.

Is not the Communion Service allegorical anthropophagy ? Is it not a pious periodical cannibal feast in more ways than one? Does not the wine symbolize human blood, and the waters typify human flesh?

Metaphorically considered, every trading Christian State is a meat market, wherein the flesh, bones, and blood not only of men, but of women and little children are bought and sold daily ---- "offered up" nominally for the "Love of God", but really for the Love of Dollars.

Atrocities of the most revolting description are of daily, hourly occurence, not only in Turkey and Siam, but in New York and Chicago; not only in Cuba and Port Arthur, but in London, Madrid, and Paris; not only in Mashonaland, and on the Congo, but in St. Petersburg and Berlin. Men, women, and little children are being everywhere starved slowly to the grave, worked till they fall down, driven insane by legislation, and even tortured to death, inch by inch.

Great financial corporations (backed by the State) directed mostly by Hebrews, literally coin Great Empires into golden dividends; and upon the share lists of mortgage banks and man-devouring institutions generally, may be found the names of other human Carnivores by the thousand. He who doubts, should look up the official share registers, and behold the long rows of adorable names belonging to High Priests, Philanthropists and Rulers, appearing thereon.

Cannibalism was practiced in Ancient Greece at the period of highest culture. Herodotus describes Asian feasts where man's flesh was the chief dish; and down to the Thirteenth Century the Tibetans were in the habit of making their parents into broth.

There are confraternities still in existence, into which no one is ever admitted until he has first killed a man. Among the Dyaks (as among our own ancestors) a youth is never considered a full-grown person capable of founding a home until he has slain at least one enemy in battle. The Thugs of India (a religious sect) brought the science of holy murder, by strategic violence, to such a pitch of perfection that they have never been surpassed ----- not even by Grant or Moltke.

The Kinderawas of India, make a regular practice of eating all their diseased, useless, senile, and decrepit relations; just as packs of wolves fall upon any of their number that is seriously wounded in foray.

In portions of Sumatra, law-breakers are neither imprisoned nor electrocuted, but actually carved up and eaten alive ---- piece by piece. The Capanagugas of South America make of their own stomachs the sepulchre of their dead relatives. A funeral with them is a banquet ---- the collation being a corpse. The Terra Del Fuegans throttle and eat all very old women.

The Monbuttas of Central Africa carry on aggressive wars to capture flesh food. They also dry human flitches in the sun and smoke them for export.

During the Tae Ping rebellion, Chinese soldiers (under General Gordon) were in the habit of cutting out and devouring the hearts of their dead enemies (on the battlefield) like the Maoris and Britons.

Mistresses were specially kept by opulent ancient Peruvians, to breed sucklings ---- for the table. When these women became too old for child-bearing, they were likewise cast into the pot, as usless incumbrances. In 1782 more than forty gypsies were executed in Austria, upon a proved charge of cannibalism. The case of the herdsman Goldsmidt, must not be forgotten; nor the gruesome London legends, regarding sausages being manufactured out of dead cats, dead dogs, dead paupers, and murdered sailors.

The Ancient Scandinavians, Teutons, Celts, (vide St. Jerome) Scythians, Mongols, Sarmatians, Canaanites, Goths, and Huns were all anthropopagi.

Indeed the detailed facts of how men have tortured each other for pleasure, revenge, or profit, would fill 10,000 volumes. No man in his lifetime could read or comprehend all the horrors that have been perpetrated, say in the Tower of London, the Paris Bastille, the Spanish Inquisition, the Rhine Castle Dungeons, by the Bridge of Sighs, the Bosphorous, or in the prison-hells of Chicago, Newgate, Mazas, Siberia, Sing Sing, New Caledonia, Botany Bay or Van Diemen's Land. The cold-blooded cruelty of man to man, surpasses anything that poet-cranks could conceive of, as happening in hell. Cannibalism undoubtedly originated amid over-crowded populations in some pre-historic age. Among moderns (civilized and savage) it merely exists as a survival of social conditions which have long since passed away. At some former era of the world's profoundly mysterious history, men-animals increased in swarming myriads as they are doing now; until at last on the surface of the soil there was scarcely standing room for all. Then the air became laden with the reeking effluvia of their pox, leprosy, poisoning the wells and rivers, and transforming Babylons into charnel houses and tombs. The rearing of tame cattle for food in such an environment, probably became too expensive and cumbersome. Perhaps even the cattle would also be swept away by some blight or rinderpest. Under such horrible circumstances, survivors might from necessity resort to anthropophagy. Gradually the new habit would grow upon them and become a settled custom.

The segmental fragments of pre-historic civilizations are ---- the Cannibal Savages of to-day ---- the savages that we are displacing, pushing aside in order that we may enslave them and repeat over again the same weary old round of growth, power, and decay.

Shoploads of dead soldiers, dug out of old battlefields, possess a regular commercial value. They are imported into England, to be chemically treated and manufactured into fertilizers for enriching exhausted wheat fields. Human hair commands a steady sale, and "cadavers" may be bought for dissection, in any great city for a dollar, C.O.D.

The tanning of human skins for glove-making and book-binding (Meudon!) is an old established industry.

The transformation of blood from animals into human veins, and from healthy humans into unhealthy ones (for a price), is regularly practiced by medical men. The grafting of flesh, bone, and skin, has also been successfully performed.

American sheriffs and detectives hunt down tramps and criminals with specially trained bloodhounds, just as Russians hunt wolves, and sheep farmers hunt coyotes and dingos. It is nowise unusual for Negroes to be first captured, then chained to a stake. flayed alive, soaked in kerosene, and burnt to death amid exultant shrieks of corybantic delight.

Roman senators fattened their lampreys and eels upon the drowned bodies of old worn out slaves and patrician maids and matrons (with uplifted thumb) sent many a gladiator to kingdom come. For innate cruelty of deed, no animal can surpass woman.

In Mahometan Europe boys were unsexed by the lancet, that they may thereafter be more safely employed as harem attendants and in Christian Europe "eunuchs are made and trained and priced, to sing the praise of a risen Christ."

Young girls are nightly bought and sold for currency, like horses and hogs at the street corners; and upon the profits of licensed polyandry "pillars of the Church" become millionaires. Even the salaries of fulminating evangelists are paid out of Rahab's rent.

Baths of human blood are not unknown to students of history; and Jack the Ripper, with his letters written in harlot's blood; enclosing pieces of fried woman's liver to the London chief of police, is certainly not a fabulous ancient legend.

Is this the record of a breed of "dearly beloved brethren?" What hollow mockery these holy phrases are, to be sure? The Brotherhood of man! Ha! Ha! The Brotherhood of Devils, rather!

Allegorically speaking the clothes we wear ---- the houses we live in ---- the food we eat ---- the books we read, have been carved (by force) out of other men's bones and flesh. Literally they are the hides, sinews, flesh, pulp, and outer woolen covering of captive animals, transmuted by human slavery into garments, lumber, implements, thoughts, shoes, and daily dinners. Indeed man's tushes are against all other animate beings whatsoever; and in turn their fangs are against him. So it goes on, and on, and on, as merrily as marriage bells. Vae Victus! And behold, its good!

This world is no Nirvana, where peaceful pleasure flows.

It is a gruesome butcher-shop, where slain men hang in rows.

"Can one be sure of making a distinction between the sacrificer holding a knife and the wolf with gaping jaws reddened with blood?"
--- Marcel Detienne and Jesper Svenbro, "The Feast of the Wolves --- The Cuisine of Sacrifice Among The Greeks"

"History proves that man is a Beast of Prey. The Beast of Prey conquers countries, founds great realms by subjugations of other subjugators, forms states and organizes civilizations in order to enjoy his booty in peace ...Attack and defense, suffering and struggle, victory and defeat, domination and servitude, all sealed with blood; this is the entire history of the human race."
--- Richard Wagner

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