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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005, 12:33 PM
The Nordfriisk Instituut is the central scientific institution in North Frisia for the preservation and promotion of and research on the Frisian language, culture and history. It is the central meeting point for all those who are interested in North Frisian topics and to whom Frisian interests are of greater importance. The institute is scientifically active specifically in the fields of language, history and national geography. Furthermore it supports with advice and action all the honorary assistants who work in the Frisian associations, and also students, teachers and scientists researching regional subjects. It is available to anybody being somehow engaged or interested in North Frisia. In this way the institute likes to link theory with practice, science with non-professional research. It wants to work scientifically on the one side and to support, promote and activate cultural activities of the local people on the other side.

The institute runs a professional library and a record office. Anybody interested can join its working parties. Various magazines and books are published by the institute itself and in co-operation with other publishing houses.

The Nordfriisk Instituut is an independent, state subsidised institution and is maintained by the Nordfriesisches Institut e.V. ("North Frisian Institute"), an association founded in 1948.