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Sunday, July 24th, 2005, 11:47 AM
Old High German: fehu, fahu
Old English: feoh
Old Nordic: fe, fehu, feu
Gothic: faihu, fe

Magic Powers
Strengthening of psychic powers
Used for sending or receiving energies
Attracting the power of the sun, the moon and the stars into the own sphere
Improving social and personal development and growing of personal wealth
Destroys the positions of your enemy
Influence over movable things

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: thorax and for/against respiratory diseases
Gives Power during times of disease and of psychic problems. Heals affected legs

Old High German: ur, uruz
Old English: ur
Old Nordic: ur, urur
Gothic: urus, uraz

Magic Powers
Inventive creation and manipulation of the outer circumstances with the power of imagination and will.
Maintaining and healing of a healthy body and mind
Attracts favorable outer circumstances
Induces geomagnetic power
Makes aware of the causality as well as the recognition and understanding of the Self
Improves concentration, Protects from laxity and untrustworthiness at material activities
Earthing and organic empowerment, Increasing of vitality
Talisman for stabilizing and concretizing of business matters and for securing of the ground.

Healing Powers
Sphere of Influence: Muscles and physical Strength
Enhances healthy constitution and the power of resistance

Old High German: thurisaz, thorn
Old English: thorn
Old Nordic: thuris, thurisar, thurs
Gothic: thauris, thyth

Magic Powers
Active Defense
Elimination of enemies
Translate will into action
Prepares the development in all areas
Love Magic
Lore of the Unity and Separation in all things
Threefold Thurisaz Rune = Trollish Runes which inverse the influence of the following runes
Amulet against violence from the enemy
Talisman for loving pairs

Healing Rune
Sphere of influence: Heart
Shielding of unhealthy influences
Against problems with the virility

Old High German: ansuz, as
Old English: os
Old Nordic: óss, ós, asur
Gothic: ansuz, aza

Magic Powers
Increases the activ and the passive magical energies of clairvoyance.
The power of persuasion and the magnetism of the spoken word, power and suggestion of the hypnosis.
Communication with the Divine, ecstasy, the achieving of creative wisdom
Bannishing of Death and Angst through the Lore of Woden
Increases the inspiration and persuasiveness, opens ecstasy and creativity
Amulets against intrigues and vile gossip
Talisman for linguistic activity and increasing of Intuition and Sensitivity

Healing Rune
Sphere of influence: Mouth, Teeth and speech disorders.
Treatment of the vocalising organs and their diseases, helps healing suggestions.

Old High German: raido
Old English: rad
Old Nordic: rat, raiğu, riğ, reiğ
Gothic: reída reda

Magic Powers
Increase ritual skills and experience
Opens up the door to "inner guidance"
Enforcens the consciousness for natural processes
Fusion with the peronal rhythm and the rhythm of the world
Receiving Justice
Increase mobility
Accelerating cycles
Strengthening of the own centre
Protection on journeys
Victory at trials
Amulets against loosing trials and accidents on journeys
Talismans for trials and journeys

Healing Rune
Sphere of Influence: Legs and buttocks
Used for restoration of holistic order of mind and body. Treatment of rhythmic disorders

Old High German: kaunaz, kenaz, kano, kien
Old English: cen, ken
Old Nordic: kaun, kauna, chaon
Gothic: kusma, chozma

Magic Powers
Increasing of all abilities
Creative inspiration
Higher polarization as medium
Processes of regeneration and healing
Love - especially sexual
Protection against fire
Calming of choleric temper
Counterattack, active defense
Amulets against fire, fever and inflammation
Tailsmans for increasing of creativity and sexual success

Healing Rune
Treatment of inflammation, suppuration, burnings and high fever as well as veneral diseases, healing of eye-diseases

Old High German: gebo, gifo
Old English: gyfu
Old Nordic: gebo
Gothic: giba, geuua

Magic Powers
Sexual magick
Initiation by sexual magick
Mystical union
Increasing of magic power
Harmony between siblings and lovers
Magical influence in the realms of deities and mankind
Gaining wisdom
Protection against infiltration and discord
Love magick
Amulets against miserliness, stiffness and unauthorized demands
Talismans for love and wealthiness, for binding magic as well as blessings or curses

Healing Power
Sphere of influence: Poisoning
Strengthening of the centre, disintegration of blockades
Opens the inner channels, harmonizes sexual disorders

Old High German: wyn, wynne, wunna, wunno
Old English: wyn, wenne
Gothic: winja, uuinne

Magic Powers
Strengthening of bondings and solidarity
Conjuration of harmony and friendship
Against alienation
Fortune and well-being
Lore of the multi-layered nature of the relations between all things
Increasing humour, well-being, serenity and increasing of your own charisma
Amulets against depressions, pessimism and despair
Talismans for fortune, well-being and unity in families and other social structures

Healing Rune
Sphere of influence: breathing problems and pain
Used for cheering up and increasing of high spirits.

Old High German: hagalaz
Old English: haegl
Old Nordic: hagl, haal

Magic Powers
Perfection and equilibrium of forces
Mystical and divine knowledge
Operation of development and evolution, protection.
Furtherance of fertility and germination on all levels
Harmony, bannishing of foreign influences, active defense or counterattack
Amulets against attacks and catastrophies of any kind
Talisman for growth and activities

Healing Power
Sphere of influence: wounds, cuttings and blood diseases.
Restoration of the harmony with cosmic forces, the disturbance of which is being signalized by the disease.
Increasing of healing powers and harmonizing the auric energy.
Furtherance of fertility.

Old High German: nauthiz, not
Old English: nyd
Old Nordic: naut, nauğir, nauğr, nauğ
Gothic: nauthz, noicz

Magic Powers
Overcoming of pain or negative fate
Development of magical willpower and spiritual powers
Conscious use of the forces of resistance to achieve magical goals.
Sudden inspiration, elimination of hate and quarrels
Desire and wishings for order
Recognition of individual necessities
Protection- and Love-magick
Counterattacks to weaken and consumption of the enemy
Amulets against emergencies and physical attacks
Talismans for strengthening the power of resistance and increasing the fantasy as well as for mastering material problems

Healing Power
Sphere of influence: the arms
Resistance and avoidance of many diseases. Helps at depressive sydroms, dullness and lack of vital forces.

Old High German: is, isa
Old english: is, isar
Old Nordic: iss, is, isar
Gothic: iiz, eis

Magic Powers
The first Rune to be practiced in Marbys Runic Gymnastics.
Development of concentration and willpower
Controlling and bannishing of undesirable, dynamic forces
Integration of the Ego within a balanced multiversal system
Mastering and controlling of other beings
Conquering of outer and inner hectic states and restlessness
Creates thoughtful silence and regeneration
Amulets against paralysis through bad influences and situations as well as against restlessness and laziness in activities
Talismans for willpower and persistance as well as for increasing of telepathic skills.

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: Freezings, paralytic states and physical numbness. Revitalizing of frozen life forces.
Cools down hyperactivities
Therapeutic immobilization
Blocade-breaker rune

Old High German: jera
Old English: ger
Old Nordic: ar, jara
Gothic: jer, gaar

Magic Powers
Fertility, Creativity, Peace, Harmony, Enlightement.
Realizing the cyclic nature of the multiverse
Realizing the secrets of the omnipresent cycles
Manifestation of alternative concepts in the physical universe
Furtherance of projection and ensuring the harvest and fertility
Overcoming of stagnative states
Amulets against damage through others
Talisman for overcoming of stagnation, problems with time and furtherance of success in long-term planings.

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: Intestines and indigestion
Restores the natural cycle, corrective at rhythmic problems.

Old High German: ehwaz, eiwaz
Old English: eoh
Gothic: eyz, egeis

Magic Powers
Initiation in the wisdom of the world-tree (axis mundi)
Recognition of the mysteries of Life and Death and the releasing from the Angst of Death
Furtherance of spiritual endurance and strong willpower
Spiritual visions and creativity
Protects from desastrous forces
Communication between the worlds of Yggdrasil
Recalling ancient forms of existence in our physical line of ancestors
Increasing of Endurance, forceful Protection against wizardry
Bannishes unwanted influences
Attacks and destroys enemies (Yews are powerful antimagic trees in folks believes), reveals diversions.
Amulets against charmings, cheating and fraud
Talisman for magical protection as well as love- and bondingspells.

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: eye-diseases
Increasing of endurance and power of resistance
Diagnosis of psychsomatic diseases.

Old High German: peord
Old English: peord, peorğ
Gothic: pairtha, petra

Magic Powers
Divination, Amulets against bad luck
Talisman for gambling and furtherance of divinations
Bonding spells

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: female breasts and genitals, good for delivery. Activates lust for life, especially in patients with chronical diseases.

Old High German: yr, ybe, iwa
Old English: eohl
Old Nordic: yr, algir, ır
Gothic: alga, ezec

Magic Powers
Protection and Defense
Strengthening of vital forces
Communication in general
Reveals illusions and suggestions
Amulets against limitation of the sphere of influence
Talisman for wealthiness, intelligence and wisdom

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: Brain and Head, madness
Used for enforcing the sealf healing powers and for healing of others
General strengthening of the vital forces

Old High German: sowulo
Old English: sigel
Old Nordic: sol, sowelu, sol
Gothic: sauil, sugiol

Magic Powers
Strengthening of psychic centres and spiritual willpower
Guiding the path, enlightement
Victory and success through your willpower
Protection of vitality, Ensures collective activities
Amulets against loss of honor and power
Taliman for strengthening body and mind.

Healing Powers
Sphere of Influence: Burnings and skin-diseases
Harmonizes and strengthens the Chacras
Restoration of overstrained nerves
Treatment of hysteric nervosity and psychic disorders

Old High German: teiwaz
Old English: tir, tyr
Old Nordic: tiu, tiwar, tyr
Gothic: teiws, tyz

Magic Powers
Achieving of righteous Victory and success
Builds up spiritual willpower
Development of the power of positiv self-sacrifice
Development of the power of believe in magic and religion
Increasing of loyalty
Defends against misbelieve and quarrels
Active defense, fight a battle
Furtherance of collective teamwork
Amulets against forthcoming conflicts
Talisman for Victory.

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: Wrists, hands and fingers and arthritis.
Restores the organic equilibrium. Used to heal through recognition

Old High German: berkana, brica
Old English: beorc, beork
Old Nordic: bjarkan, brica, bercana
Gothic: bairkan, bercna

Magic Powers
Spiritual reincarnation
Strengthens the power of the secret
Rituals of protection and concealment
Keeping of other powers
Protection of the home and the surroundings
Ensures supplying
Protection against illusion
Amulets against threat of the ownership and against insidiousness
Talisman for furtherance of increasing richness and general fertility

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: fertility problems
Increases physical constitution, bone structure and musculature
Increases general power of resistance

Old High German: eh, eihwaz
Old English: eh, eoh
Gothic: egeis, eyz

Magic Powers
Helps at shamanic journeys and OOBE
Recognition of the unity of body and mind
Gives confidence and loyalty
Increases quickness in general
Furtherance of cooperation
Ensure escaping ways
Increases sensuality and directness
Amulets against immobility, restricting attacks
Talisman for unity, loyalty and trustworthiness

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: back-aching and general problems of the spine.
Furtherance of mobility, harmonizes symbiotic processes of body and mind

Old High German: mannaz, man
Old English: man
Old Nordic: man, mağr, mannar
Gothic: manna

Magic Powers
Furtherance of reasoning, memory and general psychic powers
Balances the "poles of personality"
Opens the inner eye (hugauga)
Defense against false estimation by others
Amulets against separationspells
Talisma for Lovespells and uniting

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: Feet and ankles, strains.
Removal of self-delusion and madness
Harmonizes motoric control

Old High German: laguz, lagu, laukaz
Old English: lagu
Old Nordic: lagu, lagur, lögr
Gothic: lagus, laaz

Magic Powers
Increasing of magnetism
Development of clairvoyance
Guiding and assistance during difficult initiations
Higher vitality and life force
Concentrates raw magical power for structuring processes and shaping by the willpower
Protection against cowardice, betrayal and lack of flexibility
Protection against poisoning
Amulets against poisoning and against accidents
Talisman for increasing of perseverance and secure travelling

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: Nephropathy and skin-diseases.
Used against poisoning and gaining of herbal lore. Healing of paralysis and immobility.

Old High German: inguz, ing
Old English: ing
Gothic: iggws, enguz

Magic Powers
Rites of fertility
Sudden release of energy
Transformation and safekeeping of energy for ritual purposes
Concentrates energy and thought
Amulets against development disturbances
Talisman for fertility, organic success and ensuring of rests

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: male veneral diseases.
Used to help in problems during pregnancy and for prophylaxis. Increasing of fertility and repair of maldevelopments. Used againnst autism, healing of paralysis.

Old High German: dag, dagaz
Old English: dæg
Gothic: dags, daaz

Magic Powers
Mystical Inspiration
Opens the doors to higher self
Decreasing of narrow-mindedness
Amulets against doughtful situations of misunderstandings or bad company
Talisman for increasing of persistance in accomplishing important goals in life

Healing powers
Sphere of influence: anxiety states, psychic disorders and despondency. Used to strengthening of healthiness and anchoring within the higher Self.

Old High German: othil, othila
Old English: ethel
Gothic: othal, ural

Magic Powers
Maintenance of order in social structure
Gaining of wealth and richness
Furtherance of matters of inheritance
Ensuring the ownings, helps with matters of real estate
Contact to the knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors
Amulets against loss of possessions and against material threats
Talisman for collective wealthiness and access to anient lore

Healing Powers
Sphere of influence: hereditary diseases and inherited disabilities. Used for general earthing and stabilising of the vital forces