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Saturday, July 23rd, 2005, 11:25 AM
Ribwort leaves
The ribwort juice cures cough and croakiness, it's also good if you've got asthma, fever, a cold or even pertussis. Grind the leaves, gibe them into water and cook for some time. Then pour it off and mix the brew with honey, Drink it as hot as possible.

Cure for hordeolum sty
Take a piece of bread or a bread roll and steep it into milk. Wrap it over your eye for about two or three hours or even over night. The hordeolum sty will disappear.

Onions as a cure for a cold
If you have a bad cold, cut the onions into thin slices and put the slices on your sole of foot. But them on your back if you have cough or even make onion syrup: chop an onion into small pieces, add three tablespoons of sugar and 1 litre of water. Boil it for some minutes. Take a dish cloth (made of cotton wool or linen) and pour off the brew through the cloth. Press it until it becomes kind of syrup. Take a teaspoon syrup three to five times a day.

Horseradish against toothache
Grate horseradish and anoint it on the hurting area.

Inflammation of the middle ear
Cook linseed with little water. Pour off the water and give the linseed in a linen bag. Put the bag on the hurting ear.

Absence of appetite
Dandelion tea: For one cup (teacup) you need two teaspoons of dandelion. Cook about one to three minutes, wait ten minutes before you drink it, so that the dandelion can develop its whole virtue.

How to heal a burn with milk
For minor (first degree) burns, soak the burned area in whole milk for fifteen minutes. You also can apply a milk-soaked washcloth. Repeat either treatment every 2 to 6 hours as needed for pain. Be sure to rinse your skin (and the washcloth) well with clean water (do not rub burned skin) afterward because the milk will smell bad after it warms up.

Chamomile as a mild sedative
Chamomile is renowned for its medical and household uses. The apparently endless list of conditions it can help all fall into areas that the relaxing, carminative and anti-inflammatory actions can aid. It is an excellent, gentle sedative, useful and safe for use with children. It will contribute its relaxing actions in any combination and is thus used in anxiety and insomnia. Indigestion and inflammations such as gastritis are often eased with Chamomile. Similarly, it can be used as a mouth wash for inflammations of the mouth such as gingivitis and for bathing inflamed and sore eyes. As a gargle it will help sore throats. As an inhalation over a steam bath, it will speed recovery from nasal catarrh. Externally it will speed wound healing and reduce the swelling due to inflammation. As a carminative with relaxing properties it will ease flatulence and dyspeptic pain.

Nettles agains cold and flu
Nettles are one of the best all-around system strengtheners. Nettles can be brewed as a tea infusion or concentrated into a tincture to fight winter ills, like colds or flu. A tincture is the combination of an herb with either alcohol, vinegar or glycerin.

Yarrow against headache and a runny nose
Yarrow blossoms have a special relationship with the sinuses and help stop runny noses and relieve sinus headaches. A daily yarrow tea or tincture for people suffering from sinus-related cold symptoms is recommended.The healing energies of yarrow can also be harnessed to stop bleeding, break fevers by promoting sweating and cure bladder infections.