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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005, 01:23 PM
The race as foundation of a new class of leaders

In our previus article at Diorama, we were wondering if ,exept from the general implementations of racial and national thygiene and, of course the defentence of our genetical heritage from the mixes,the dogma of the race must be confine to a more simple "teaching" or if , at our country, should be, slow or fast, to be forming the base of a true "education" for one fixed racial elite with special duties with spiritual and political nature.
In other words,everyone have to ask his self, if in Italy too, with standar the existanse of similar necessities, we must go on to similar implementutions like these of the Germanic National Socialism,these, far of that the National Socialism grew up recently than the Italian Fasism, they have already formed, with the creation for example of the Adolf Hitler Scule, the schools of the hopefuls of the Ordensburger Order, the schools for the SS stalks. Of course the hole higher germanic institutions are demonstrating a clear preposition for a political choise, that the hole perceptions about race must have foundational role and the value of one educational force.


But in second phase it should removed, because of its stabilitation and its perpetuation os an organization, that created it by "the men of fate".And here the dogma of the race, must be contribute- and not to reduce to the academical sphare or to exaust on political and propagandistical rhetoricals.
Of course preposition for something like this is that the concreted dogma must be assumed in its entirety and expected should not stay restictly in the biological and anthropological sphare ( "racialism of first level" ) , but to continued to the view of the race as a tanqible reallity of the soul, of the character, of the life and more, to the race as a "cosmic idol" and the race of the spirit ( "racialism of second and thired level" ) .
We own to know that: The whoseover not verified national falsification is responsible of the decadence of the personal emotion of responsibility and the tyrrany of the materialistic personalcentric preferes and it has as an efection of the further degeneration of folks and civilizations.

ØJulius Caesar Andrea EvolaØ