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Monday, January 17th, 2005, 01:14 PM
"Gering Theod
The Official Web Site of Theodish Belief

Waes Hal! Welcome to the official home page of Theodish Belief,
as maintained by Gering Theod, the original Theod of Theodish Belief,
under the auspices of our King, Garman Lord.

Theodish Belief is a religion which was founded by Garman Lord in 1976, and is a form of Germanic heathenry that developed independently from Asatru. (Sometimes Theodism has incorrectly been described as a subgroup of Asatru, but in fact Theodish Belief is and always has been separate from Asatru). Theodism is Retro-Heathenry, which means that we are dedicated to practicing the religion of our ancestors in an authentic, traditional tribal form which is as close to the elder ways as possible. However, we do not seek to "turn back the clock," rather, we adapt our religion to modern circumstances just as our ancestors would have if they had been faced with the situations we face in modern times.

Our main goal is to offer worship to our great Germanic gods and goddesses in ways that are not just what we prefer or think is easiest, but rather, in forms which will be the most pleasing to the gods themselves. We seek to re-establish the tribal form of heathenry which our ancestors practiced, and to serve the cause of the gods by providing quality lore study materials and essential aspects of Germanic culture to the heathen community.

Here, we offer an overview of Theodism, and other important information such as answers to frequently asked questions, as well as writings on Theodish History. One can also find many articles written by Theodsmen containing valuable information on Theodish Thews and the nature of ancient and modern Germanic religious beliefs and practices.

High Theodism and Greater Theodism

Theodish Belief is divided into High Theodism and Greater Theodism. High Theodism is the original form of Theodism as practiced in Gering Theod. Gering is the one and only Theod of High Theodism, and is composed of Cynnes and Halls, each dedicated to a specific Germanic god and/or the cultural traditions of a specific Germanic tribe. At this time, Gering Theod consists of Gering Hall (the "headquarters" of the Theod, which has recently expanded), and the Guta Kuni (Cynne of the Goths). The charter of the Guta Kuni can be seen under "Recent Abannings," below. The right to designate oneself or one's group as High Theodish is dependent upon membership within Gering Theod -- a right which can only be granted by the King and founder of Theodism, Garman Lord.

Greater Theodism is the other, less rigorous form of Theodism, and consists of those Leodes and individuals who identify with the Theodish religion but who, for whatever reason, are unable to be a part of Gering Theod. Anyone or any group may term themselves Greater Theodish: permission from Garman Lord is not required. However, if a group or individual does not meet the criteria of Greater Theodism, they can be banned by High Theodism, and may not call themselves Theodish. To join the Greater Theodish Registry click here. More information concerning Greater Theodism can be found in Garman Lord's book, The Way of the Heathen. "


Monday, January 17th, 2005, 03:57 PM
I've read a little material by Garman Lord before. He wrote a piece for the title "Our Englishness" about being an English-American. Oh those hyphenated Americans, LOL. ;)



An interesting read, indeed.