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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005, 03:15 AM

by Boris Pasternak

The snow will bury the roads,
Will Cover the Roofs deeply,
If I step out to stretch my legs
I will see you from the door.

Alone, In a fall coat,,
No hate and no snow boots;
You are trying to be calm,
Nibbling your snow wet lips

The distant trees and fences
Recede into the murk
You stand at the corner
Alone in the midst of the falling snow,

Water runs down your scarf,
Inside your sleeves, your collar,
And melted snow sparkles
In dewdrops in your hair.

And a flaxen strand of it
Lights up your face, your scarf
Your bravely erect figure,
That wretched coat of yours.

Snow melts upon your lashes
Sadness is in your eyes.
All of you seems fashioned
Out of a single piece.

It is as if your image
Were being etched forever
With burin and strong acid
Upon my heart.

Nor can your sumbmissive features
Ever be burnished off.
And so what does it matter
If the world is stonyhearted?

And so,this night is doubling itself
With all the murk and snow
And I cannot draw a line
Dividing you and me.

For who are we and where from,
If after all these years
Gossip alone still lives on
While we no longer live?