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Wednesday, November 10th, 2004, 04:10 AM


This site is hosted by the Irminen-Gesellschaft and was set up in the interest of providing information regarding the true manifestation of Irminic triuwa or 'troth' in the modern era. Our primary goal is in educating those seeking to learn, and in providing a fair measure of the necessary resources pertinent to the understanding and practice of Irminenschaft (Irminism) for both the solitary practitioner and assembled folk alike...

Irminenschaft (or, Irminism) is the embodiment of the Germanic Heathen expression as it has survived and evolved over the slow turnings of ages- in short, it is the Heathen-religious expression of those who hail from bloodlines of Germanic descent. Needless to say, our triuwa isn't a configuration of a 'retro-Heathen' endeavor, nor is it retro-Heathenry, proper- but rather, a viable, living approach to ancient custom (thau) and form as is applicable in our era, and as addresses and serves the needs of our particular folk. The ethnic Being of Germanic folk is a complex manifestation- one that exists today as a result of the evolutionary Natural Order or Cosmic Law (Rita) and processes inherent within a living, vital folk.

Today's Germanen are truly a synthesis of ethnic form- we are the descendents of the various tribes -Saxons, Goths, Franks, etc.- which have come to compose the entirety and Being of our evolved Germanic cultural dynamic. As such, we don't claim to be Saxons, Franks, or any of the other properly autonomous tribes which make up that ethnicity. Likewise, our interest isn't in the re-establishment of a single tribal entity, socio-cultic form or Being -this, after all, neglects to recognize the due place of those other tribal influences which have contributed to our current ethnicity or Being in true form, as have developed over timeless generations according to Natural Order. Irminenschaft is firmly rooted in the thau of our Forebears, it is all that which is truly Real and Immediate, founded upon the very primal layers and truths which have shaped our Germanic folk since the dawning of the ages... it is the Heathen expression as it has come to be made manifest by that Ordering, that which has both survived and thrived openly, encrypted within other forms, or hidden beneath some thin veneer.

Irminenschaft is the triuwa of those who gather about the foot of the mighty, Holy column of Irmin- the All-sustaining, All-supporting World Tree which holds within its boughs and roots all of the realms of Being and Order- in celebration and honor, in fulfillment of that established commitment and trust to our Gods and Forebears as was done for countless generations before the coming of the Christian age. As the eldritch wisdoms of our Germanen Fathers and Mothers tell us, four roads branch out from that All-enduring column, and it is these same roads -the paths of the All-pervading Holy Rita: the Natural Cosmic Order- which rightfully leads us back to the root of our Being, and the source-spring of our very blood!
Alaf Sal Fena!

Saturday, February 11th, 2006, 09:15 PM
Hailsa all,

The Irminenschaft organization is growing and we'd like you to be a part of it.




We hope to see you there.

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