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Mistress Klaus
Tuesday, September 21st, 2004, 02:57 PM
:smt001 Part one: Fermentation of the Wort.

Equipment: (for stage one)
27 litre Fermenter (with lid, tap & airlock) See Pic 1
Thermometer (adhesive type on the fermenter the best)
Large mixing Spoon.
Heat Belt (for cold climates)

Beer pack (comes in a can with various flavours available)
Brewers yeast (usually comes with the above mentioned pack)
1kg of white sugar (gives 5.2% alcohol..add more if you want knockout affect :smt003 )
Bottle wash (alkaline salts...standard detergent is not recommended as it can wreck final head retention)
Sterilizer (Sodium Metabisulphite)
Lactose (optional...but gives a improved full body/head to the dark brews)
Finings (optional...gives clarity to the paler brews)
Honey (optional...I add a couple of tablespoons to enchance flavour)

:smt111 Ok...lets start. Get your gloves on & (beer-brewing) musik of choice. :smt003

Rule 1: Sterilize all your equipment & bottles(later). Many a brew can be ruined with infection by not following the cleanliness guidelines.

1. Wash the fermenter & lid, spoon and airlock with bottle wash. Rinse with cold water. Sterilize all with Sodium Met. I usually sit a mix of sterilzer in the keg with the spoon & airlock for about 30 mins. Rinse again with cold water.

2. Sit can of Brew pack in hot water (in the sink) for 10 mins...to soften the mix & to aid pouring. See pic 2.

3.Boil 1 litre of water. (if adding lactose...Add this water, in a jug with the lactose powder & stir until clear).

4.Now add the boiling water, the beer pack, and the white sugar together in the fermenter. Stir to dissolve the sugar.

5.Add 22litres of cold (tap) water (if in doubt about your water...use cold boiled water or spring). Stir again.

6.. When your temperature is between 21c-27c add/pitch the yeast. See pic 3.
Stir for 30 sec. Then seal fermenter with lid. Add boiled water or sterilzer to airlock (half-way). The airlock will start to bubble after about 2 hours, confirming fermentation has started.

7. Use a heat belt for cold climates to maintain a temperature of approx 25C. The fermentation should be completed after 4-6days.


Mistress Klaus
Saturday, October 2nd, 2004, 06:59 AM
:smt001 Part 2 : Bottling


Bottle Brush
Crown Seals (caps)
Bottle tree (optional)
Sugar Scoop (3gms & 6 grms)
White Sugar
Bottle Wash
Sodium Met (sterilizer)
60 (375ml) or 30 (750ml) empty glass bottles. (the hard lipped type)
Plastic crates for storage (optional)

After the fermentation of the Wort is complete (explained in Part 1), it is now time to prime, fill & cap the bottles for the '2nd' fermentation process.

1. Wash 60 (375ml) or 30 (750ml) bottles in the bottle wash. Rinse then pour/rinse the Sterilzer through each bottle and leave to drain...(hang upside down on bottle tree..see pic1). You can rinse the bottles again with water if you like, but it is not necessary, as the Sterilizer is harmless.

2.Using the sugar scoop, add(Prime) the correct amount of sugar to each bottle. (3gms for 375ml bottles and 6gms for 750ml). See pic 2.
Do not be tempted or careless to add more sugar. This will only result in exploding bottles! :bomb

3. Lift the lid of the fermenter/keg slightly to release pressure & allow easy flow through the tap. Fill each bottle, leaving 2 inches from the lip of the bottle. (for expansion).See Pic 3. If your brew is especially lively with plenty of head, you may have to fill each bottle in 2 parts...fill first half, then top up to the required level).

4. Cap each bottle using the crown seals (caps) & the capping device. (either bench or hand lever type). Mix the sugar & beer by inverting the bottles a couple of times. (Don't furiously shake).

5. Date your batch with the bottling date and store upright(preferably in crates) in a dimly lit place with a temperature above 21C. After 2 weeks, you can consume it, but I like to leave it for at least a month. (3 months will even greatly improve the taste) :smt016


Tuesday, October 5th, 2004, 02:37 PM
This thread is making me thirsty! :alcohol