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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004, 04:30 PM
(January) 17th Charming of the Plough, Festival of Labour.

11th Clavie Burning (Old Highland New Year). Celebrated in the Highlands with a fire ceremony of great age.

31st Norns, Disir & Valkyries. As the first month of the New Year passes, we seek the Weavers to spin us good wyrd, the Disir to bless us and the Valkyries to inspire us.

(February) 14th Vali, Festival of the Family.

2nd Disir. The Earth is stirring with new life. May its birth in the coming spring bring wholeness. We celebrate Frey's wooing of Gerd, a festival of fertility. The seed planted and the furrow ploughed. May nature's spirits be honoured.

(March) 20th Summer Finding, Festival of Ostara.

(April) 23rd Sigurd, Festival of the Homeland.

30th Walpurgisnacht. A time when the veil between the worlds is thin and the ancestors ride. Associated with Walburga, and the Goddesses and mysteries they can reveal. A night for the Wild Hunt to ride, led now by the Goddesses.

(May) 22nd Ragnar Lodbrok, Commemoration of the Vikings.

30th Vanir. The spring is with us, summer is upon us. We hail the fertility of our land and call for it to ever be so for our folk also.

(June) 21st Midsummer, Festival of Balder.

24th Ęsir. Balder's descent has started, but we call the mighty Ęsir to give us strength. The light will come again.

(July) 22nd Sleipnir, Festival of Life.

24th Full Moon / Perchta Mannus. Hail the lunar aspect of the Goddess Perchta and Mannus (Heimdall). The bright Moon-the Silver Sun-not slain but growing.

(August) 24th Discovery of the Runes, Festival of the Mind.

19th Harvest Monday. Marks the time of Harvesting.

(September) 23rd Winter Finding, Festival of Harvest End.

9th Day of Remembrance of Herman of the Cherusci. Herman is one of the greatest of our Folk Heroes. In the year 9ce he led his tribe against the might of Rome and defeated Varus and the three Roman legions in the Teutoberger Forest, blocking Roman's total subjugation of Teutonia. Herman recognised his duty and responsibility to his folk and our Gods. The Teutoberg Weld battle was fought in this month. Let us remember this hero who fought to keep folk free and safeguard the coming generations. Let us do likewise: we must oppose in ways we can the oppressive forces that would destroy our heritage, our identity, our lands and our folk.

(October) 12th Hengest, Festival of Settlement.

12th &. 13th Winter Saturday & Sunday. Winter begins. We celebrate the harvest (both literal and spiritual). May we be sustained in the Dark time and move to a New Spring.

(November) llth Einheriar, Festival of the Heroes.

1st Heimdall. The veils are thin, a mysterious time of year, it is Winter yet Fall hangs on. Between the worlds, Heimdall stands to guard and lead. Heimdall, the White God, creator of social order and teacher to mankind. Meditate upon him and may he grant us need fire.
12th Hereward the Wake. Hereward the Wake was one of England's greatest Folk heroes who vigorously fought for Faith, Folk and Family, as well as fighting against injustice faced by our people at that time. Let us honour Hereward and never forget the code he lived by: Faith, Folk &. Family.
23rd Wayland Smith. Hail Wayland, Volund, Sword Smith, Avenger and Shaper of Odic Force. Let us not misuse our craftsman's gifts. Help us re-forge our will, re-forge our folkdom.

(December) 21st The Mother Night, Yule, Festival of Midwinter, Sun reborn.

1st Ullr. Hail to Ullr the Winter King. May he be with us during the Winter months.

Source = Odinic Rite