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Friday, October 24th, 2008, 11:03 AM
I find the idea of some Devine being that controls the universe simply impossible. Hereís what I think might be the deal. We are created or descendents of an alien race that placed us on earth, maybe for experimental reasons or other that we donít know of. They placed different races all from different star systems to evaluate the different and combined growths between races and what might be the outcome in the end.

There is interference from other alien races that were maybe not involved with the original development of the experiment that influence the outcome in some ways. Religion and government were taught to us to create a sense of controlled growth. Face it, if there werenít religion or laws we would have destroyed ourselves long ago. The beings that created us must have some interference with us before to make sure that some form of religion were shaped and the judgments that were followed if not obeyed. I think that some religions were later formed by different alien races that inter veined.

Think for one moment. Why would some Devine being create people and then throw them in a pool of fire if they do not obey him. That is simply unfair and cruel. He follows a socialism way of believe as nothing that you are, ever are your own. Itís like the old Soviet Union. If you donít do what we say the following will happen to you. We have the free will that the governments are trying so hard to take away to enslave us in their ways. It sounds just like religion.

People thousand of years ago could be manipulated by a match that were lighted what more of flying saucer that could fly to the heavens. That makes their way of seeing thing a little bit easier to understand in the modern age. People are believing thing they read in a book that were written by people that had no understanding of modern technology that if I had a time machine I will be able to alter their believes in the same way the aliens did before.

What I do believe is that there is a form of energy that is responsible to creations but itís no individual. We are all a form of energy that can not be destroyed. If you die you simply will reappear some were ells as energy can not be destroyed. In what form you will appear I can not say. This proseís will keep on repeating itself forever. You might reappear in different sections of the cosmos as it is all connected. What I do agree on is the terms that people stated that we as an energy form must go through some development stages to uplift ourselves to become beings that are more in line to the creation energy. As you experience life you have to grow spiritually to become more evolved and to be more in line towards the creation energy. The idea of burning in hell forever simply seems ridicules. There canít be anything so remarkable wrong in one lifetime to let us deserve such a fate.

You do have the choice to be a dark energy that doesnít develop as quickly as a light energy. In the end a dark energy stays in the same realm until it evolves to a higher stage. That brings me to reincarnations. That must then be true as energy seems too reappear after some time. There is a time limit to it that means that you might not reappear in the same century or decade that you have died.

What the aliens are concerned they keep a watch full eye on their precious experiment with the least intervention witch in the long term are creating a problem with the self interest aliens that doesnít seem to be eye to eye with them and do a lot of interference. This might in the future create some conflict between them if it hasnít already. In the end it will be over, as the ones before us and the proses will start all over again.

The Bible is a wonderful historian recording of alien intervention as well as the best described ways to create a working governmental systems and building blocks towards a responsible law system. Itís something that any uncorrupted government should follow but donít. What revelations is concern they recorded incidents that already accrued thousands of years ago that simply repeats itself in a periodic time table. We are due for the next world changing event that happens every certain time that causes mass destructions and massive loss of live. It is the planets cleaning system to start all over and restore the balance that keeps toppling after a certain time elapses. This unfortunately is something that happens without warning as we can see with some ancient ruins. Most previous and advanced civilizations were destroyed almost over night.

Iíve listened to a lot of the prophesies made by different profits and all of them claims that there will be some earth changing event that will change everything as we know it. Even the oneís from our own culture. Most of them seem to indicate the year 2012. If this is true we can only wait and see. These profits seems to get their abilityís within the creator energy to see the future witch proof my point that the creator energy just like gravity are the main centre to creating live. What was will be. History in the end of the day repeats itself.


Friday, October 24th, 2008, 09:57 PM
I see you have been reading David Ickes work then.

Friday, October 24th, 2008, 11:36 PM
Whenever you start considering the origins of the universe, there will be religious implications. A life giving, planet ordering explosion - all out of nowhere - doesn't do it for me.

Also, I don't think a creator is obliged to do tricks for us, or make life as comfortable as possible on a day to day basis. Without pain there are no moral issues, and without moral issues, no room for personal growth.
The painter does with his painting want he wants, whenever he wants and how he wants. The fact that somebody might think that's cruel is not that relevant, nor is it an argument against the existence of a creator - we shouldn't give a divine being human characteristics, as it's the lack thereof that makes the divine divine.

This entity has a personality, must have, and I don't believe for a second it's an energy, for it takes personality to create, and a conscious act. My computer didn't came into the world all all by himself, neither did I, my home or the chair I'm sitting on. It's all an act of will.

That being said, if you take the myths of the ancients at face value and not as 'bed time' stories, it becomes evident that our view of history is flawed . There's no reason to assume that our ancestors tried to fool future generations for the heck of it, they were trying to retell events as they experienced it, to the best of their ability. There's something to be said for other-worldy influence, although not exactly an interplanetarian one, because of the sheer distances involved.

A common characteristic of monotheistic and pagan religions is their believe in beings, spirits if you will, trying to influence our reality, sometimes visiting us and manifesting themselves in a form we can witness. A physical shape that isn't necessarily identical the same for onlookers from every age, perhaps.

The whole UFO-business, which is truly the mystery of our times, could be viewed in that context, and you got ex-members of former intelligence agencies within the US government who spoke out and are also critical of the idea of interstellar travellers, as it could be just as easily a smokescreen, and still something entirely different we're dealing with.

If I came from another dimension, and I wanted control of Earth, I'd claim planetarian origins too, and superior knowledge, and I would tell everybody the lies they wanna hear, even claiming to be responsible for their creation - that would grant me god-status everywhere. It's also the best bet a interdimensional being has to offer, be it demonic or just opportunistic.

Saturday, October 25th, 2008, 08:09 AM
We must understand that the creator energy is some sort of consciousness to be able to master creations itself. We as an energy entity are conscious. The hole process has been completed a million or more times. What was will be and repeated afterwards again. The creator energy are the past the present and the future in one. Thatís why some profits are able to plug unto the source to foresee the futures.

The way religion has been manipulated in the past centuries to fit the usefulness towards man are very different towards what the real deal is. You as a energy entity or better as a light entity that posses the ability to experience live are part of the creator energy were your main priorityís are to use the life experience to develop in a stronger entity. This will allow you to become more in harmony toward creations.

Dark energy entity does not develop and have little harmony towards the creator energy which creates some form of hell to them. Eternity is such a long time that it can not exist. Nothing lasts that long.