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What is Broom?

Scientific and medicinal info

Broom is a small shrubby plant, with small round leaves and aromatic yellow flowers. The bright flowers are great for attracting bees to your garden. It's sometimes considered a weed plant in fields with sandy soil. When the plant is dried, the long and thin branches stay tough which is why it was used in broom-making (hence the name). Broom is toxic and should not be used in teas, or any other form that requires ingesting the plant.

Also Known As

Other names
Latin: Cytisus scoparius
Common names: Genestia, Irish broom, scotch broom, bream, broom tops

Magickal Properties

Using broom in rituals
Broom is best known for its use in weather magick, specifically spells involving the wind. Burning broom can ease strong winds.

You can also use broom for protection, and could hang bundles of dried broom to keep out negative energy. Broom flowers are also sometimes used when casting your circle. Just sprinkle them on the ground as you cast. How about using broom as they did in the 'old days'? Make yourself an altar broom (or besom) using bundles of the dried branches. Click on the link below for a page on making altar tools, including besoms. A bit of historical folklore: The bright flowers of the broom plant caught the eye of many medieval English figures, including Geoffrey of Anjou and King Henry II. They used images of the plant in their heraldic ensignia. In fact, King Henry took the name 'Plantagenet' for the name of the broom plant at the time (Planta genista)

More Correspondences

Other properties
Planet: Mars
Element: Air
Associated Deities: Mars

Disclaimer: No information within this THREAD should be considered medical advice. Please do further research or check with a physician before using any of these herbs in a medical fashion.

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