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Saturday, August 30th, 2008, 05:32 AM
Denmark's green export industry continues to blossom

Among wealthy OECD countries, Denmark has the greatest proportion of exports in the form of energy and environmental technology

A report from the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs reveals that among the wealthy OECD countries, Denmark has the greatest proportion of exports in the form of energy and environmental technology, reports national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

Danish companies in this area comprise not only the big international names like wind turbine manufacturer Vestas, pump maker Grundfos and insulation materials producer Rockwool, but a widespread community of smaller companies in the many sub-sectors of the energy and environment industries.

In total there are 485 companies operating in these industries in Denmark, between them employing some 32,000 people and generating around DKK 50bn (approx. USD 10bn) in revenues. And that figure is set to rise even further as sales in this sector continue to blossom. Ten years ago, energy and environmental products accounted for about 4% of Denmark's total exports; today the figure is close to 9%, and the upward trend shows no signs of a plateau.

Denmark thus finds itself in a strong position to supply what the world increasingly wants - knowledge and equipment that can improve the efficiency of energy use and thus minimise energy waste, and also lessen the burden on the environment by reducing pollution.

The origins of Denmark's lucrative new export industry lie more than 30 years back in time. The oil crisis of 1973 shocked the country to its boots, and set Denmark on a long path that would eventually free it completely from dependence on Middle East oil.

Successive governments maintained a tough energy taxation policy that forced the country to think about energy economy, and to innovate accordingly. Denmark's leadership today in energy and environmental technology (not to mention its success in decoupling energy use from economic growth) is the visible result of three decades of technological effort to increase the efficiency of energy production, distribution and consumption, exploit the potential of renewable energy resources, improve waste management and reduce pollution.

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