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Friday, July 25th, 2008, 09:40 AM
Outsourcing involves the transfer of the management and/or day-to-day execution of an entire business function to an external service provider.[2] The client organization and the supplier enter into a contractual agreement that defines the transferred services. Under the agreement the supplier acquires the means of production in the form of a transfer of people, assets and other resources from the client. The client agrees to procure the services from the supplier for the term of the contract. Business segments typically outsourced include information technology, human resources, facilities, real estate management, and accounting. Many companies also outsource customer support and call center functions like telemarketing, cad drafting, customer service, market research, manufacturing, designing, web development, content writing, ghostwriting and engineering


This is a very interesting topic, because currently most of the Europeans and Americans jobs are taken away and replaced with cheaper labors. Most of the Americans and Europeans companies moves to India to set up their business/ companies for cheaper coast. If telemarketing is the lowest ranking jobs in America, but in India its one of the most booming IT business which creates multi-millions dollars to these companies . So what happen to those people working in the IT breaches such as computer programmers from America and Europe when their job been outsourced ?

So what you think of Outsourcing? Is it good or bad and who benefits from Outsourcing? Why is so much controversy surrounding this topic?