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  1. Civilisation, by Varg Vikernes
  2. Nordic Mythology
  3. Websites, Other Lists and Books of Interest for Asatruar
  4. You Are Your Ancestors!
  5. Who knows in depth about Folkish Asatru?
  6. What are the Pagan Connections to Christmas?
  7. Asatru vs. National Socialism
  8. Original Germanic Days and Months Names?
  9. German God Selector
  10. Pagan Traditions Test
  11. A Few Questions Regarding Asatru, Baelder and a Few Other Things
  12. Abortion in Northern Ethics
  13. Who Practices Odalism?
  14. The Odinic Rite: The Celebration of Northern European Racial and Spiritual Heritage
  15. Heathen Values, the Root to Rebuilding?
  16. A Viking Christmas
  17. What is the importance of Godess Skadi for North European 'paganists'?
  18. The Northvegr Foundation
  19. random heathen thoughts..
  20. Natural Pantheism: a Spiritual Approach to Nature and the Cosmos
  21. Heathen(ism) vs. Pagan(ism) / Ásatrú / Forn Sed / Theodism etc.
  22. Beltane
  23. The Centripetal Force of Folkish Inspiration
  24. Fenrir: Another Current in the Kozmic Sea
  25. Germanic God Selector
  26. Rune Tattoo Location Question
  27. Tribal Founders and Their Placenames!
  28. What Kind of Heathen Are You, Anyways?
  29. A List of Heathen "Sects"
  30. The Nine Noble Virtues
  31. @Dalonord
  32. The Troth
  33. Pouring Ódinn’s Mead: An Antiquarian Theme?
  34. Sigurd (Siegfried)
  35. Norse Mythology for Beginners
  36. Folklore relating to werewolves
  37. Wotanism
  38. Lughnassadh, First Harvest, August 1st
  39. The Evils of Christianization: A Pagan Perspective on European History
  40. Anglo-Saxon mythology question
  41. Favourite God/Goddess?
  42. The Odinist.com Forums
  43. Artgemeinschaft (Racial Community)
  44. Pagan Identity Movement
  45. Why I Am A Pagan
  46. Asatruars: Constructing Identity and Divinity
  47. The Return of the Völva: Recovering the Practice of Seidh
  48. Alemannic Alliance (Continental Asatru) Worshipper of Ziu/Tyr
  49. Types and Practice of Magick
  50. The Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth
  51. How Odin Became Santa Claus
  52. What Do You Believe to Be the Meaning of Life? Interview with Varg Vikernes
  53. Bede's World
  54. How far do you stray from the path?
  55. Odalism - A Green Evolutionary Perspective
  56. Bone Boxes, Flying Houses, Holy Foreskins – Hopeless Relics
  57. Witchcraft and Persecutions in Iceland, 1400-1700
  58. How 'Pagan' Was Norse Paganism?
  59. Irminenschaft (Irminism)
  60. Call for Submissions to the Journal of Germanic Mythology and Folklore
  61. Healing Hands and Magical Spells [Sigrdrifa’s Invocation]
  62. U.S. Supreme Court to Decide about Asatruar's Rights
  63. Ćsir - People of Asia?
  64. Allgermanische Heidnische Front
  65. Asatru vs. Odinism
  66. Observation of Yule: Customs and Practices
  67. Christian Atrocities: Three Centuries of Heathen Persecution
  68. Yule & Christmas: Origin & Comparisons
  69. Life with the Gods
  70. The Pagan Temple of Sweden
  71. Yule in Northern Countries Today
  72. Woden and patronage
  73. Germanic Spirituality
  74. The Witch's Familiar and the Fairy in Early Modern England and Scotland (Emma Wilby)
  75. Wisdom, might, and fruitfulness (Kveldulf Hagen Gundarsson)
  76. Gering Theod - Theodish Belief
  77. Heathen Pictures
  78. Are all Heathen Religions the Same?
  79. Odinism:the Radical Religion of the Future?
  80. Heathenry and Racialist Politics: The New Romantics
  81. Paganism, by Varg Vikernes
  82. Interpretations of the Roman Pantheon in the Old Norse Hagiographic Sagas
  83. I want MORE informations.
  84. Myth or Poetry, a Brief Discussion of Some Motives in the Elder Edda
  85. Gods of the Blood : The Pagan Revival and White Separatism
  86. Sonatorrek and the Myth of Skaldic Lyric
  87. Exorcise Hallgerd for me!
  88. The True English Faith
  89. Yuletide: The Germanic Origins of Christmas
  90. Hercules and the Celts
  91. Thoughts on Grendel?
  92. The Pagan Roots of the Days of the Week
  93. Berserkergang
  94. Do you believe in the Creation of the World by the Gods or Evolution?
  95. Squid vs. Thor: Teuthid imagery in Norse mythology
  96. Modern Mythology
  97. VOLK Consciousness: Knowledge of Oneself is the Beginning of Knowing Infinite Essence
  98. Religion and Afterlife
  99. Widukind: Heathen Saxon Hero
  100. The Trollkyrka
  101. Mythology a reflection of cultural memory?
  102. Jakob Grimm on Germanic Deities, Worship and Sacrifice
  103. Scrying
  104. The Sacred Groves of Britain
  105. Heathen Concepts of Time and Ancient Navigational Techniques
  106. Trollaukin / Berserkergang / Perchtenlauf
  107. Aussie Odinists behind barbed wire
  108. Weiha and Háilag: A Closer Look at the Germanic Conception of Holiness
  109. Midvinterblot and the ‘royal’ mounds at Old Uppsala
  110. Anglo-Saxon Heathen Calendar
  111. Hammer in the North: Mjollnir in Medieval Scandinavia
  112. Norse Silversmithing: Craft you own Mjölnr
  113. Ĺsgĺrdsreien - The Wilde Hunt
  114. An Awareness of Magic
  115. Stonehenge Druids 'Mark Wong Solstice'
  116. An Introduction to Galdor
  117. Heathen Anglo-Saxon Burials
  118. Minne-Drinking
  119. The Religion of the Teutons: Magic and Divination
  120. "Six Hills"- Heathen Anglo-Saxon moot site
  121. Seaxnot
  122. The Religion of the Teutons: Calendar and Festivals
  123. Ways of Heathen Worship
  124. Helandia - the Cosmic Mother Hel
  125. Yggdrasil - The Tree of Life
  126. The Húsel (Sacred Feast)
  127. The Remedies of our Ancestors
  128. Sonnenwacht
  129. Thule... In Your Own Words
  130. Seidh Trance for Prophecy
  131. The Volsung Saga and the Huns
  132. Holmgang - It's Use, Abuse, and Fictionalization
  133. Wisdom, Might, and Fruitfulness: Dumézil's Theory in the Germanic Rebirth
  134. The Stone Pages
  135. DuChaillu: The Thing
  136. Woman or Warrior? The Construction of Gender in Old Norse Myth
  137. Holda and the Cult of Witches
  138. Perennial Philosophy
  139. The Kalevala: Main Saga of Finnland
  140. Julius Evola on the Northern Origin
  141. Louhi gazes deep
  142. On Life after Death - The Return of the Wild Huntsman
  143. Witchcraft Legends From Germany
  144. Heathen with Christian Name - Would You Change It?
  145. Mirror, mirror...
  146. Ancient vs. Modern Germanic Heathenry
  147. Barddas: Theology, Wisdom and Usages of the Bardo-Druidic System
  148. Any Heathen Hearths in North-East England?
  149. Interview with Sveinbjön Beinteinsson
  150. Interview with Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson
  151. Hyge-Crćft - Working with the Soul in the Northern Tradition
  152. Techniques of Ecstasy Among the Ancient Germans
  153. This is Odinism
  154. The Struggle Between Paganism and Christianity
  155. Heathen Idolatry: On the Making, Care and Feeding of God-Images
  156. The Origins of Germanic Heathenry
  157. Wotan vs. Tezcatlipoca: The Spiritual War for California and the Southwest (McNallen)
  158. Wotan vs. Tezcatlipoca: The Spiritual War for California and the Southwest
  159. The Nature of Folk-Religion / Earth-Religion
  160. Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft
  161. Apple Tree Wassailing
  162. Earth-Religion and the Troth of the North
  163. The Purchase of a Bride: Bargain, Gift, Hamingja
  164. On the Meaning of Frith
  165. Anglo-Saxon Heathenry
  166. Samhain Blessing
  167. Oaths: What They Mean and Why They Matter
  168. Enclosures and The World
  169. Differences Between Ásatrú and Anglo-Saxon Heathendom
  170. The Trickster
  171. Tools of the Worshipper
  172. Anglo-Saxon Galdors and Bedes
  173. The Druids and North-European Magic
  174. The Heathen Temple at Uppsala
  175. Christianity and Women
  176. The Tomte - The House-Elf of Sweden (by Victor Rydberg)
  177. Iceland and the Failure of Heathenry
  178. What is Norse Reconstructionism?
  179. The Warrior Tradition in Vanatru
  180. Sacred Animals Connected With the Vanir
  181. The Ragnarok Within: Grundtvig, Jung, and the Subjective Interpretation of Myth
  182. "Commitment"
  183. The Germanic Temple
  184. Norse God was Real King
  185. Jesus is not the reason for the season!
  186. Rememberance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden
  187. Ţéodisc Geléafa (Theodisc Geleafa or Theodish Belief)
  188. The Gods of the Saxons
  189. Defilement of Heathen Holy Symbol?
  190. Temples, Groves and Idols - On Anglo-Saxon Heathen Worship
  191. Etymology of the word "Heathen"?
  192. What Kind of Heathen Are You?
  193. Kindness in Odinism
  194. My Yggdrasil Leadlight Window
  195. Yule - A Time for Remembering
  196. "The Ancestors"
  197. How Many Heathens Are There?
  198. Place-names in Germany and Austria connected with Folks and/or Gods
  199. Joy and the Ideal of the Glorious Failure
  200. Living Ásatrú today
  201. Communicating with the animal spirit
  202. Oaths to the Odin Stone
  203. Getting involved in an organisation
  204. Glad Yule-tide all!
  205. Gleđileg jól!
  206. The Three Weird Sisters or Wyrd Myths
  207. Forge of the Gods
  208. Lithuanians: Keepers of the Pagan Temple Until the Middle Ages
  209. Herne the hunter
  210. The Uniped of the Vinlandsagas
  211. Honoring the Gods of your Ancestors
  212. Nürnberg - Nornenberg, 'Norns' Mountain'
  213. The Meaning of Faith in Heiđni
  214. The Meaning of Faith in Heiđni
  215. Grýla, Grýlur, Grřleks and Skeklers
  216. My own corrections on Erik Bloodaxe and others
  217. Perseverance
  218. For Britons: Celtic or Teutonic Paganism - Or Both?
  219. Why Did Paganism Fail?
  220. Skandinaviske flagg
  221. Death
  222. Who Here Was Raised in the Asatru Faith?
  223. Holy Tides
  224. The Matron Cult [from Simek's “Dictionary of Northern Mythology”]
  225. Nordic Soul Lore and Teutonic Psychology
  226. Foreign Gods and Othala
  227. Ancestry and Heritage in the Germanic Tradition
  228. The Spotters Guide to Heathens
  229. An interview with Edred Thorsson
  230. Ásatrú Group for Homosexuals and Transsexuals
  231. Hitler's Wuotanist Poem
  232. Differences between Celtic and Germanic Religion
  233. Foreknowledge
  234. State of the Gods
  235. Witches return to German forests
  236. What is a Warrior?
  237. The Role of Art in the Context of Faith
  238. Working within Orlog
  239. Finland receives first PhD on Forest Trolls
  240. I Want To Learn More About Our People’s Ancient Beliefs And Religions
  241. The 2006 WCER Congress
  242. Do You Have Christian Friends?
  243. How do you define Folk?
  244. Environmetalism an Integral Part of Heathenism?
  245. A Tenth Noble Virtue?
  246. The Norroena Society: Promoting Asatru
  247. Ingeborg S. Nordén - Making Heathenry Make Sense Now
  248. Universalism and Heathen Revivalism
  249. Heathenism and Evolution: Did all life Evolve, or was it created by the Gods?
  250. Norse Mythology and the Lives of the Saints