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  1. Contacting Mark Puryear
  2. Show Your Altars!
  3. Good Place to Start
  4. Asatruars in Washington State, USA
  5. Any Heathens In The Pacific Northwest?
  6. Germanic Heathenry: Where to Start?
  7. Asatru in Language
  8. Where To Find This Odin Statue?
  9. Going to Make Asatru Flag
  10. How to Pronounce Irminsul
  11. Requirements to Wear Mjölnir?
  12. Vinland and the Modern Heathen
  13. A Private School for Odinists/Asatruar/Heathens?
  14. Thoughts on Neo-Druids and Celtic Reconstructionists
  15. Where Should I Begin?
  16. Asatru in Phx, AZ?
  17. The Role of Sex and Gender in Odinism
  18. English Pronuncation
  19. Some Questions About Heathenism
  20. Ever Performed a Blòt?
  21. The Terms "Heathen" and "Pagan"
  22. AltRight Radio: Paganism and Popular Culture
  23. Surnames with Connections to Germanic Gods
  24. 18,000 Gather at Stonehenge for All-Night Summer Solstice Party
  25. Organizations (in Vinland)
  26. Heathens Who Don't Honor the Gods?
  27. Back to My Roots: Where to start?
  28. Divination from Sightings of Birds?
  29. They Have Lived As if They Are Living Their Ancestors’ Lives and Their Offspring’s Lives
  30. Thoughts on Organized Religion
  31. Early Views of Our People?
  32. What Are the Physical Descriptions of the Gods As Described by Stories, Dramas Songs and Folk Music?
  33. How Should a Heathen Respond to Generalisations?
  34. First and Only Norse Temple in North America
  35. Gender Bias in American Heathenry
  36. Explaining Conversion to Family
  37. Getting Rid of Universalism Within Heathenry
  38. Interesting Christian/Heathen Dilemma
  39. Homeschooling and Heathenism
  40. Need Some Help/Guidance/Advice
  41. Old Norse Death Rituals / Offerings ?
  42. Hermeticism & Asatru
  43. Christ and the Heathen Way
  44. Why Germanics Always Fail at Becoming the Overman
  45. Specific Questions About the Norse Mythology
  46. Looking for A Kindred in New Jersey
  47. New to Heathenism from Christianity. Need Help.
  48. Heathen Settlement Network
  49. I'm the Ragnarok on the Inside Type...
  50. Heathen Time Keeping
  51. The Irminsul Found..?
  52. Wodens Folk
  53. The Threat Of The Left Side
  54. Heathen Sacred Places in Germany
  55. Were We Stronger when We Were Pagan?
  56. Heathen Liturgy?
  57. Do You Use "Vain Repetitions" when You Pray?
  58. A Heathen 300?
  59. Graven Images?
  60. Giving Thanks
  61. Point of View Regarding the Gods?
  62. Happy May Day to You All!
  63. After Death
  64. With Cloven Hooves
  65. Spirit Wolves
  66. English and Odinism
  67. Asatru and the Goddesses of Ireland
  68. Do You Feel That the Gods Are a Positive Influence on Your Life?
  69. If You Met Odin, What Would You Ask Him?
  70. Common Misconceptions About Our Heathen Faith
  71. Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson (Interview).
  72. Kosher Heathenism
  73. Maritime Heathen .pdf Archive
  74. Seeing a One-eyed Raven?
  75. Theodor Kittelsen's Drawing Nøkken from 1904. Fishing with the Living and the Dead: The Sáiva Lakes of the Sami
  76. Worshipping the Dead: Viking Age Cemeteries As Cult Sites?
  77. The Language of the Birds: Occult Avian Linguistics
  78. Vampires and Watchmen: Categorizing the Mediaeval Icelandic Undead
  79. David Lane: Odinism is the Best Representation of Higher Power
  80. Icelandic Fylgjur Tales and a Possible Old Norse Context
  81. The Witch As Hare or the Witch's Hare: Popular Legends and Beliefs in Nordic Tradition
  82. Rituals in the Viking World: A Comparison of the Roles of Male and Female Cult Leaders Across Scandinavian and Icelandic Society
  83. The Moon Glides, Death Rides: Pejoration and Aborted Otherworldly Journeys in “The Dead Bridegroom Carries Off His Bride” (ATU 365)
  84. The Day of the Dead: Alfablót (Sacrifice to the Elves)
  85. Seiðmaðr and Earl – The Male Sorcerer or Shaman
  86. Question About Heathen Ritual Clothing
  87. The Völva – The Germanic Witch
  88. Jewish Infiltration in the Asatru Community
  89. New Heathen Women Organization
  90. Skaði's Fate at Ragnarök
  91. Bui the Dragon: Some Intertexts of Jomsvikinga Saga
  92. The Germanic Hell
  93. Thor and the Mud Fossils
  94. Doors to the Dead: The Power of Doorways and Thresholds in Viking Age Scandinavia
  95. Personal Moral and Heathen Ethic
  96. Do You Believe in 'Spirits'?
  97. Alemannic/Alpine Germanic Heathenry
  98. Heathenry isn't enough
  99. Heathenry in Modern Times
  100. Different Styles of Heathenry
  101. The Old Frankish Custom (Thia Frankisk Aldsido)
  102. Odin’s Path: Wearing the Valknut
  103. The Mythology of the Germanic Peoples of the Low Countries
  104. The Fanatical Heathenism of the Saxons and the Return to our Saxon Identity
  105. Appropriate Name for pre-Christian English Religion
  106. Swedes Revive Viking Heathenry
  107. Fear of Death
  108. An Esoteric Commentary on the Volsung Saga, Part III
  109. An authentic Scandinavian beer hall is set to open in Seattle
  110. Why is Paganism Booming in Europe and Beyond? - Masaman
  111. Heathens Hold Religious Services Rooted in Norse Paganism aboard U.S. Navy aircraft carrier
  112. The Afterlife in Norse Myth
  113. Questions about Odin
  114. A US soldier who worships the Norse thunder god Thor just got permission to keep his beard
  115. The Marginalization of Polytheism