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  1. The Genetics of Race
  2. AncestrybyDNA: Racial Ratio Testing
  3. Associating Haplogroups common to Eurasia with each Anthropological Type
  4. Does Inbreeding Cause Weakness?
  5. Uralic genes in Europe
  6. HG26: Hunnish/Avar influence in Europe
  7. From Italy to the Middle East -- genetically undifferentiated
  8. Studies Casting New Light On Origin of Europe's Jews
  9. Indian Brahmin Genetically Similar To Europeans
  10. Mice, men share 99 percent of genes
  11. HG2 Genetic Marker?
  12. Haplogroup map of Europe
  13. Ancestral Roots of Today's Europeans
  14. Six Population Elements in Living Caucasoids
  15. Details on Y-chr and mtDNA haplogroups (origin, evolution and expansion)
  16. DNA Analysis of Eurasian Peoples
  17. Articles on European Genetics
  18. YCC classification
  19. Genetics vs Environment and Diet
  20. More on HG3 (EU19)
  21. There's no such thing as "race"
  22. A South Asian origin for M17 Haplogroup?
  23. Genes in America
  24. Genetic Analysis of the Saami
  25. DNA study to settle ancient mystery about mingling of Inuit, Vikings
  26. Genetic Status Quo
  27. Interesting quote about the Dutch
  28. Haplogroup M a Mongolid marker?
  29. Postmortem damage in Human DNA
  30. Insights Into Iberian Population Origins
  31. Don't you just hate it when...
  32. Number of ancestral human species: a molecular perspective.
  33. Maternal Haplogroup J: one of the 7 Founding European Haplogroups
  34. Jewish Genetics
  35. mixed Iranians Populations
  36. The Possible Origin of HG3 Haplogroup in South/West Asia?
  37. First evidence of Mongol rapes in Poland?
  38. What Are Haplogroups?
  39. Most European men descended from one hunter
  40. Mongoloid gene marker in Sardinia?
  41. A Question About Genetics
  42. Maternal DNA can be inherited from dad, too
  43. DNA analysis of Brazilian whites
  44. The Norse Code (Viking DNA in modern Scots)
  45. Are the Bavarians Germanic in terms of genetic heritage?
  46. Y and mtDNA Haplogroups Maps of Europe
  47. Is This Online Genetic Calculator Accurate?
  48. Pasiegos : are they an African/Celtic mixed population?
  49. Eastern European Origins of India's Caste System
  50. Genetic Similarities between Arabs and Iranians
  51. Genetic Structure of Human Populations in the British Isles
  52. The mutation spectrum of hyperphenylalaninaemia in the Republic of Ireland: the population history of the Irish revisited
  53. Northern Irish people are non Celtic in terms of genetic heritage
  54. Azorians Are A Mixed People ( Iberians + Black Africans + Semitic Jews)
  55. Kurds and Armenians Are the Closest Relatives of Modern Jews
  56. All Whites Descended from Karl der Grosse?: a Genealogist/Mathematician Speaks
  57. "Brits have 1.8% Sub-Saharan DNA" Evidence?
  58. The Origin of the Palestinains
  59. The Dual Origins of the Koreans
  60. New Guinean populations: possible early human migration from Africa
  61. The origins and genetic structure of three co-resident Chinese Moslem populations: the Salar, Bo'an and Dongxiang
  62. Scandinavian Admixture in Greenlandic Inuit
  63. Armenians =non IE racially / Caucasians = NE males + IE females
  64. Phenylketonuria and the peoples of Northern Ireland ( full article )
  65. Gengis Kahn is to blame for Russian drunks
  66. Independent Origins of Indian Caste and Tribal Paternal Lineages
  67. Map of microcytic anemia in Italy
  68. CCR5 Mutation in Indigenous Populations in Brazil
  69. Race Mixing and Mental Health
  70. Genetic info on the Nordification of Europe
  71. Investigation of HLA-DPA1 genotypes as predictors of inflammatory bowel disease in th
  72. Taiwan aborigines are of Austronesian derivation
  73. Mexican American ancestry-informative markers
  74. Western and Eastern Roots of the Saami - the Story of Genetic “Outliers”
  75. Isolation by Language and Distance in Belgium
  76. Genetics of Modern Human Origins and Differentiation
  77. Predominant European Ancestry in Canary Islanders
  78. Probable ancestors of Hungarian ethnic groups
  79. Admixture in the Hispanics of the San Luis Valley
  80. Genetic Diversity in Icelanders
  81. Blondes, Lost and Found: Representations of Genes, Identity, and History
  82. Amerindian Admixture in Brazilian "Whites"
  83. Uygur population = European + Asian.
  84. Polymorphisms in the Balkans and the origins of the Aromuns
  85. Northwest African DNA analysis reveals genetic exchanges with European populations
  86. Surnames, HLA genes and ancient migrations in the Po Valley (Italy)
  87. Maternal and Paternal Lineages of the Samaritan Isolate: Mutation Rates and Time to M
  88. Gene Admixture in the Costa Rican Population
  89. Genetic Heterogeneity in Basques
  90. Tuvinians: a population with both Oriental and Caucasoid characteristics
  91. (!) Mongoloid marker found in Tyrolean Ice Man
  92. Spanish Pyrenean populations
  93. ABO Blood Group: Sequence Variation at the Human ABO Locus
  94. Linkage mapping of quantitative trait loci in humans
  95. Tribal Populations of Southern India
  96. Genetic Linkage Tree from 'The History and Geography Of Human Genes' by Cavalli-Svorza
  97. Cavalli-Sforza's View of Icelander Genetics
  98. Modeling The Genetic Architecture Of Modern Populations
  99. Human Migrations And Population Structure: What We Know and Why it Matters
  100. Lessons from Quebec Populations
  101. The Human Repertoire Of Odorant Receptor Genes And Pseudogenes
  102. Methods To Detect Selection In Populations
  103. Africans and Asians Abroad: Genetic Diversity in Europe
  104. Genetic determinants of eye colour
  105. Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily
  106. Recent common ancestry of human Y chromosomes
  107. African Origin of Modern Humans in East Asia
  108. Orkney Population: M17 and Kurgans
  109. Genetic Structure of the Sardinian Population
  110. Australians and Melanesians
  111. CCR5 Mutation Conferring HIV-1 Protection in Europeans
  112. Human Genome Diversity Cell Line Panel
  113. The Enigma of the San Lesmes
  114. Andamanese Origins and the Central Race Lineage
  115. Mutations arising in the wave front of an expanding population
  116. The Levant versus the Horn of Africa
  117. X-Chromosomal Lineages in Europe Reveal Middle Eastern and Asiatic Contacts
  118. !-Basques, Portuguese, Spaniards, and Algerians
  119. European admixture in African Americans
  120. Distribution of CCR5-delta 32 gene deletion across the Russian part of Eurasia
  121. Brazilian versus the Dutch population
  122. DNA Polymorphisms Detect Ancient Barriers to Gene Flow in Basques
  123. Caucasian and Xhosa populations from Cape Town, South Africa
  124. ''The Irish Really are a race apart ''
  125. Austronesians in the South Pacific
  126. Neolithization of Europe ( just Abstract )
  127. Skin pigmentation, biogeographical ancestry and admixture mapping
  128. A strong genetic boundary through the Gibraltar Straits
  129. Recent Male-Mediated Gene Flow over a Linguistic Barrier in Iberia
  130. Sub-Saharan Origin of the Greeks
  131. Population Genetic Relationships Between Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Populations
  132. Berers by HLA
  133. Armenian and Turkish are not IE
  134. Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
  135. O gene da fibrose cística em diferentes grupos populacionais
  136. Brazilian African-derived populations ( abstract)
  137. Racial Anthropology, Genetics and Origins of the Jews
  138. Evolution and Expansion of Modern Humans, Inferred from Genomewide Microsatellite Markers
  139. ACTN3 Genotype Is Associated with Human Elite Athletic Performance
  140. Analysis of Ashkenazi Jewish Genomes
  141. The Extent of Linkage Disequilibrium in Four Populations with Distinct Demographic Histories
  142. Birds Share 'Language' Gene with Humans
  143. Chimp-Human Genome Comparison
  144. Genes, Language and Culture: an Example from the Tarim Basin
  145. The Basques according to polymorphic Alu insertions
  146. Basques, Berbers, Akans from the Ivory Coast, and Amerindians
  147. Iberian Peninsula and Northern Africa
  148. HLA haplotype B18-DR3 in Basques and Sardinians
  149. Yemenite and Egyptian STR profiles
  150. Moroccan Arabs, southern Moroccan Berbers, Saharawis and Mozabites
  151. Germans and Turks from South-West Germany
  152. Germans, Slovakians, African Americans, Japanese and Chinese
  153. Germans, Dutch, Swiss, Italians
  154. Common ancestor for Caucasian inhabitants and Northern Spaniards
  155. Homologous X and Y Microsatellite Loci
  156. Bottleneck in the Founding of the Finnish Population
  157. Is Tat-C Asian or European?
  158. DNA: Ethnic Links in East Asia
  159. Polish paternal lineages
  160. Haplotypes from the Caucasus, Turkey and Iran
  161. Estimating Scandinavian and Gaelic ancestry in the male settlers of Iceland.
  162. Southern brazilians are related to Italian/Germans than Portuguese
  163. Geographic and haplotype structure of candidate type 2 diabetes
  164. Central Poland
  165. Y-Chromosome Haplogroup G - Kraus Male Ancestors (10,000 to 200,000 years ago)
  166. Phenotypes and Genotypes for human eye colors
  167. MC1R and OCA2 on melanoma risk
  168. Iris Heterochromia
  169. The Human Genome and Our View of Ourselves
  170. Origin of the Finno-Ugric Speakers and the Population Genetics of Northern Europe
  171. Y-chromosomal STRs in Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian males.
  172. Neolithic Gene Frequencies in Europeans
  173. DNA Tests: Meet your Ancestors...
  174. Classification of the European Language Families by Genetic Distance
  175. Toward a phylogenetic chronology of ancient Gaulish, Celtic, and Indo-European
  176. Anthropometric Variation and the Population History of Ireland
  177. Interesting things!
  178. '' Welsh I am ''
  179. The Viking Genetic Marker
  180. Ainu : they descent from Upper Paleolithic populations of East Asia
  181. The Population History of Turkey and its Relationship to the European Populations
  182. Interesting Phylogenetic Map
  183. Different patterns in Sardinian sub-populations
  184. Viking hypothesis of origin of the delta32 mutation in the CCR5 gene
  185. UP bottlenecked in Europe
  186. The Basques according to polymorphic Alu insertions.
  187. Basques: Evidence for a Pre-Neolithic Component (MS205 Alleles)
  188. Origin of Europeans Not Rooted in the Middle East but in Southeast Asia
  189. Testing hypotheses of language replacement in the Caucasus
  190. Central European Genetics (Czech, Austrian, Swiss, etc.)
  191. Turkish population: relatedness to Kurds, Armenians and other meds
  192. Population History of the Pyrenees (just abstract )
  193. Origins of the Indo-Europeans: The Genetic Evidence
  194. Genetic analysis of human remains in a frozen kurgan
  195. Extensive Linkage Disequilibrium in Small Human Populations in Eurasia
  196. Otzi's last meals: DNA analysis of the intestinal content of the Neolithic glacier mummy from the Alps
  197. A neolithic case of Down syndrome ( interesting abstract )
  198. Genetic epidemiology of single-nucleotide polymorphisms
  199. Why Hunter-Gatherer Populations do not show Signs of Pleistocene Demographic Expansion
  200. The origin of Cretan populations as determined by characterization of HLA alleles
  201. Clines of nuclear DNA markers suggest a largely neolithic ancestry of European genes
  202. Genetic evidence for a Paleolithic human population expansion in Africa
  203. Slavs and Balts = Mongols?
  204. Haplogroup I reveals distinct domains of prehistoric gene flow in Europe
  205. Extensive investigation of a large Brazilian pedigree of 11778/haplogroup J L H O N
  206. Gene flow from Scandinavian into Tataria
  207. Genetic and anthropological studies in the island of Itaparica
  208. Absence of the E2 allele of apolipoprotein in Amerindians
  209. Croatian "I" is different form Northern European "I"
  210. Analyses of DNA from ancient bones of a pre-Columbian Cuban woman and a child
  211. Demography, genetic diversity, and population relationships among Argentinean Mapuche
  212. Ribeiro's typology, genomes, and Spanish colonialism
  213. The Amazonian Microcosm
  214. The Genetic Legacy of the Mongols
  215. Redheads "are Neanderthal"
  216. Multiple origins of Ashkenazi Levites
  217. Maternal and paternal lineages of the Samaritan isolate
  218. Genetic differentiation in South Amerindians
  219. Abstract : LWb blood group as a marker of prehistoric Baltic migrations
  220. HLA class I variation in the West African Pygmies
  221. Genetic differentiation of the Cabo Verde archipelago population by STR polymorphisms
  222. Molecular analyses of in Jing ethnic minority of Southwest China.
  223. Genetic affinities among Mongol ethnic groups and their relationship to Turks
  224. HLA alleles in isolated populations from North Spain
  225. HLA polymorphism in Bulgarians
  226. HLA polymorphism in a Majorcan population of Jewish descent
  227. The association between HLA-A alleles...
  228. HLA polymorphism in six ethnic groups from Pakistan
  229. HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DQB1 polymorphisms in Pacific Islands populations
  230. HLA-DPB1 allelic frequency of the Pumi ethnic group in south-west China
  231. HLA class I polymorphism in a Moroccan population from Casablanca
  232. Origin and affinities of indigenous Siberian populations as revealed by HLA
  233. Svanetian population (Upper Caucasus) and their relationships to Western Europeans
  234. Genetic variability and linkage disequilibrium within the HLA-DP region
  235. Analysis of the frequencies of HLA-A, B, and C alleles and haplotypes in the USA
  236. The origin of Palestinians
  237. The distribution of HLA c-II haplotypes reveals :Sardinians are genetically different
  238. The origin of Cretan populations as determined by HLA
  239. HLA-DPB1 DNA polymorphism in the Swiss population
  240. Allelic Genealogy and Human Evolution
  241. The HLA genetic constitution of the Bushmen (San)
  242. Spatial patterns of human gene frequencies in Europe.
  243. The Correlation between Languages and Genes: the Usko-Mediterranean Peoples
  244. HFE mutation analysis in Greeks
  245. Polish HLA alleles and haplotypes, various reports
  246. Fragile X mental retardation syndrome: from pathogenesis to diagnostic issues
  247. Estimation of Inbreeding, Kinship and Genetic Distances from Surnames in Croatia
  248. Isonymy and isolation by distance in the Netherlands (abstract )
  249. The genetic structure of English villages (abstract)
  250. Isonymy and isolation by distance in Germany (abstract)