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  1. The Country Where Blacks Have Naturally Blond Hair
  2. A Genetic Census of America
  3. The 'Founding Fathers' of Europe: DNA Reveals All Europeans Are Related to a Group That Lived Around Belgium 35,000 Years Ago
  4. Bronze Age Plague Wasn't Spread by Fleas.
  5. Genetic History of Europe
  6. Detection of Human Adaptation During the Past 2,000 Years
  7. The Genetics of Staying in School
  8. Eupedia: Full Descriptions of All European Haplogroups!
  9. The Genetic Structure of the World's First Farmers
  10. Long-term Genetic Stability and a High-altitude East Asian Origin for the Peoples of the High Valleys of the Himalayan Arc
  11. Why Cinderella s Mother Becomes a Cow
  12. Admixture into and Within Sub-Saharan Africa
  13. Early Neolithic Genomes from the Eastern Fertile CrescentEarly Neolithic Genomes from the Eastern Fertile Crescent
  14. Genetics Identifies New Human Ancestor
  15. Mapped: DNA Testing Shows the Most Anglo-Saxon Regions in UK
  16. Tolerance to Smoke May Have Doomed Neanderthals?
  17. Tracing the Genetic Origin of Europe’s First Farmers Reveals Insights into their Social Organization
  18. Genetics Affects Choice of Academic Subjects As Well As Achievement
  19. Genomic Analysis of Andamanese Provides Insights into Ancient Human Migration into Asia and Adaptation
  20. Scientists Say They Are Closer to Pinning Down the Genetic Causes of Inherited Diseases Ranging from Muscular Dystrophy to Certain Types of Heart Dise
  21. Olympic DNA: Why Whites and Asians Lag As Sprinters, and Kenyans Dominate Distance Races
  22. The Proto-Indo-European Homeland
  23. Welcome to the Age of Ancient DNA Sequencing
  24. Danish Population Homogeneity Revealed by Genomic Study
  25. Middle Eastern Populations Have Higher Recessive Disease Load
  26. DOMINANT Archaic Humans Raped and Obliterated Modern Humans in a Battle for Supremacy
  27. Europeans Have Higher Grip Strength Than Middle Easterners
  28. Distribution of Neanderthal Sunlight Adaptation Genes
  29. Aboriginal and Dingo DNA
  30. Will the Alt-Right Peddle a New Kind of Racist Genetics?
  31. Culture Etched on Our DNA More Than Previously Known, Research Suggests
  32. The Neolithic Transition in the Baltic Was Not Driven by Admixture with Early European Farmers
  33. Upper Palaeolithic Genomes Reveal Deep Roots of Modern Eurasians
  34. Genomic Signals of Migration and Continuity in Britain Before the Anglo-Saxons
  35. SNP-Based Analysis of Genetic Substructure in the German Population
  36. Cuckolded Fathers Rare in Human Populations
  37. Natural Selection in Britain During the Last 2,000 Years
  38. Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon Genomes from East England Reveal British Migration History
  39. Dutch Hair and Eye Color Distribution(The Genetic Overlap Between Hair and Eye Color)
  40. A Partial Nuclear Genome of the Jomons Who Lived 3000 Years Ago in Fukushima, Japan
  41. Map of East Asian Admixture in Europe
  42. The Genetic Prehistory of The Baltic Sea Region
  43. The Genetic Link of the Viking-Era Norse to Central Asia
  44. GPS Origins.
  45. Ancient DNA: List of All Studies analyzing DNA of Ancient Tribes and Ethnicities(post-2010)
  46. Scientists Map The Earliest Icelandic Genome
  47. Altai region of Siberia may be the genetic source of Native Americans
  48. Early Medieval Alemannic graveyard shows diverse cultural and genetic makeup
  49. Iberian Men Wiped Out by Indo-Europeans
  50. DNA Study Finds Early Inhabitants of Israel Were Blue-Eyed and Fair-Skinned
  51. Genetics of the Orcadians
  52. Blue-Eyed Humans Have a Single, Common Ancestor
  53. Study shows no long-term removal of Neandertal DNA from Europeans
  54. Northern European population history revealed by ancient human genomes
  55. The Russian Landmass, not much talked about..........
  56. DNA of early medieval Alemannic warriors and their entourage decoded
  57. DNA tool allows you to trace your ancient ancestry
  58. First ancient DNA from mainland Finland reveals origins of Siberian ancestry in region
  59. At-home DNA testing company gives the FBI access to its database