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  1. Quasi-linkage: a confounding factor in linkage analysis of complex diseases?
  2. Was Hans Günther right about Iberians?
  3. Worldwide Racial and Ethnic Distribution of {alpha}1-Antitrypsin Deficiency
  4. A Common Founder for the 35delG GJB2 Gene Mutation
  5. MS205 Minisatellite Diversity in Basques
  6. Complex Signals for Population Expansions in Europe and Beyond
  7. Study Detects Recent Instance of Human Evolution
  8. Norwegian Population Genetics
  9. Rare Romani DNA in Norwich Anglo-Saxon Skeleton
  10. Modern people in Northern Italy's Tuscany not descendants of ancient people, DNA says
  11. Different genetic components in the Norwegian population
  12. The Etruscans: A Population-Genetic Study
  13. European DNA from a Geographer's Perspective
  14. A Geographically Explicit Genetic Model of Worldwide Human-Settlement History
  15. Are there Viking genes left? If so, where?
  16. Does Haplogroup J2 indicate Semitic Ancestry?
  17. The Genius Spermbank
  18. Quick Genetics Question
  19. Haplogroup H subclade H3:a genetic link between old mediterranean populations
  20. Heritability of physical and psychological traits in 6,148 Sardinians
  21. Measuring and Using Individual Genomic Ancestry to Study Complex Phenotypes
  22. The Human Genome Project finished
  23. Nature vs. Nurture: Mysteries of Individuality Unraveled
  24. On Chimeras
  25. North/South Genetic Divide in Europe
  26. DNA variability reveals evidence for selection outside of Africa
  27. Need help eye color/genes question!
  28. A population-genetic characterization of the Estonians
  29. The first child more blond than the second?
  30. DNA Test Traces Pictish Roots
  31. Human brain is not fully developed till after early 20s
  32. Disturbed Heredity (with photos)
  33. Would it Possible to Reverse the Dominance/Recessiveness of Certain Genes?
  34. Distinct Genetic Profiles for Northern, Southern Europeans Found
  35. The Origin of Palestinians and Their Genetic Relatedness With Other Mediterraneans
  36. Autosomal DNA affiliations of various populations
  37. Male and female genomic contributions to African Americans
  38. Last Research - Ancient Britons Came Mainly From Spain
  39. Genetic study of the Asturian population
  40. We're nearly all Celts under the skin!
  41. Epigenetics: A Revolutionary Look at How Humans Work
  42. Genetic impact of the caste system in India
  43. Genetic Variation and Population History in the Baltic Sea Region - Abstracts from the ASHG Meeting
  44. Hypothetically Question About Genetics
  45. A DNA Chip Maker Acquires Gene-Sequencing Company
  46. Human genome more variable than previously thought
  47. Celtic nations such as Scotland and Ireland have more in common with the Portuguese and Spanish than with the Celts of central Europe
  48. DNA Ancestry & African Americans
  49. Saami and Berbers
  50. Gravettian Culture and R1b/R1a
  51. R1b, R1a, R1, R2, R, and the M45 marker...
  52. Genetic Danish-Celts from Greece
  53. Allele Frequencies Database
  54. DNA Gatherers Hit Snag: Tribes Don’t Trust Them
  55. 'Almost half of the Russian population inherited Mongol genes'
  56. A Mosaic of A People: The Jewish Story and A Reassessment of the DNA Evidence
  57. Basques and their Legacy in Western Europeans DNA
  58. The Evolution of Mammalian Gene Families
  59. Little Genetic Divergence across Diverse Populations of India
  60. IQ Population Genetics
  61. (...) Paternal Gene Flow Among Slavic Populations
  62. Review of Croatian Genetic Heritage
  63. The Effect of the Neolithic Expansion on European Molecular Diversity
  64. Origin, diffusion, and differentiation of Y-chr haplogroups E and J
  65. No signature of Y chromosomal resemblance between possible descendants of the Cimbri in Denmark and Northern Italy
  66. Gene study is throwing a new light on Britain's nation's history
  67. First Brits were Redheads
  68. Landmarks of the Human Genome
  69. A recent genetic link between Sami and the Volga-Ural region of Russia
  70. Are the Irish and Celts Descendants of the Phoenicians??
  71. Heirs of the Finns on Novgorod soil
  72. More complex forms of DNA may have originated as symbionts to base DNA
  73. Yorkshireman Found to Share DNA with African Tribes
  74. Tuning our DNA
  75. European (and world) genetic stratification
  76. Albanian Genetics
  77. R1a, how to explain?
  78. English and Irish may be closer than they think
  79. English, Irish, Scots: They're All One, Genes Suggest
  80. The British Gene Pool
  81. Correlating genetic data with Euro phenotypes
  82. Phenotype, Genotype and mtDNA/Y-DNA Markers
  83. Researchers find early Europeans may have come from Asia as well as Africa
  84. Genetic Origin of Contemporary Maltese
  85. Black Death casts a genetic shadow over England
  86. Different Genetic Components in the Norwegian Population Revealed by the Analysis of mtDNA and Y-Chromosome Polymorphisms
  87. West/East Finland split
  88. 20% of German Y-chromosomal haplotypes of Slavic origin?
  89. Haplogroup W
  90. Dr. J. Craig Venter on Colbert Report
  91. In DNA Era, New Worries About Prejudice
  92. Mapping the Human Genome in Iceland
  93. A New DNA Test Can ID a Suspect's Race, But Police Won't Touch It
  94. Blue Eyes All Come from One Ancestor!
  95. English and Welsh Are Races Apart
  96. Crusaders Left Genetic Imprint
  97. Patterns of Admixture in Latin American Mestizos
  98. European Population Substructure: Clustering of Northern and Southern Populations
  99. Half Man, Half Chimp - Should We Beware the Apeman's Coming?
  100. Study Finds No Genetic Divide Between Celts and English
  101. Zones of Sharp Genetic Change in Europe
  102. Exploring Genetic Differences in the New DNA Age
  103. DNA Retrieved from 1,000-Year-Old Vikings
  104. Celtic DNA in the British Isles
  105. Genetic Evidence Suggests European Migrants May Have Influenced the Origins of India's Caste System
  106. New Study of Finnish and Swedish Populations
  107. Genetic Link Found to Criminal Behavior
  108. Neanderthals Didn't Mate With Modern Humans, Study Says
  109. The Genetic Map of Europe
  110. Red Hair and the Vikings?
  111. The Ethnic and Genetic Heritage of Germanics in Europe and America
  112. The Black Death in Europe
  113. Studies of Jewish Genetics and the Racial Double Standard
  114. The Origins of the British - A Genetic Detective Story
  115. Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Uncovers Population Structure in Northern Europe
  116. Human Genes Are Multitaskers
  117. Investigation of the Fine Structure of European Population Substructure
  118. DNA from German Corded Ware Burials
  119. Human Geography is Mapped in the Genes
  120. Polygamy Left Its Mark on the Human Genome
  121. Law Professor to Geneticists: "Keep Racism Out of Science"
  122. Embarrassingly Simple Question
  123. Autosomal Charts, Aka European Genetics
  124. Sandra Laing - A Black Daughter to White Parents
  125. Largest Genetic Snapshot of Iceland
  126. Y-chromosomal comparison of the Madjars (Kazakhstan) and the Magyars (Hungary)
  127. Unnatural Selection: How Far Will Parents Go?
  128. Viking Gene Suspected Factor in Multiple Sclerosis
  129. The Typical Germanic DNA?
  130. Clues to Ancient Invasion in DNA
  131. The Jewish and Moorish Ancestry of Spain and Portugal
  132. I Came from a Middle Eastern Farmer?
  133. New German Law Restricts Genetic Testing
  134. Brown researchers speed up process of reading DNA
  135. Genetic Structure of Europeans: A View from the North–East
  136. Middle-Class Children Have Better Genes, Says Former Schools Chief… And We Just Have to Accept It
  137. Fine-Scale Population Structure in Humans
  138. Estimate of Archaic Admixture in Europeans and Asians
  139. Geographic Population Structure in Britain
  140. Future Genetic Breakthroughs
  141. Regional Population Structure in Iceland (Price Et Al. 2009)
  142. Humanity Divided into Three “Genetic Groups” That Largely Mirror Traditional Ideas of Race
  143. Europeans' Sweet Tooth May Have Been Survival Trait
  144. A Far Echo of the West in the Heart of Central Asia
  145. "European Americans" Are Not Homogenous
  146. Upcoming Autosomal Study of Descendants of Early New Englanders?
  147. NatGeo: "The Human Family Tree"
  148. Y-chromosomal STR Haplotype Analysis Reveals Surname-Associated Strata in the East-German Population
  149. Human Taxonomic Differences Warrant the Rank of Species
  150. Modern Scandinavians Descended (Maybe) from Neolithic TRB but Not Mesolithic Pitted Ware Ancestors
  151. One Gene 'Prevents Chimps Talking'
  152. Assortative Mating by Genetic Ancestry in Admixed Populations
  153. Race: The Looming 'Crisis' in Human Genetics
  154. The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on the Genetic Make Up of the UK
  155. Northern Europeans Whiter Than Southern Europeans (SLC24A5, SLC45A2, OCA2 and MC1R Genes)
  156. Modern Genetics Show That Anglo-Saxons Compose Only 5% of Modern Day British DNA Markers
  157. Bad Idea Genomics
  158. Y-Haplogroups and the «Common Ancestor»
  159. Most British Men Are Descended from Ancient Farmers
  160. 2000yr Old West Eurasian Found in NE Mongolia
  161. The Specter of Genetic Communism
  162. Genetic Expression Speaks As Loudly As Gene Type
  163. DNA, History and the Right to Existence of the Native Inhabitants of the British Isles
  164. DNA Identifies New Ancient Human Dubbed 'X-Woman'
  165. Geographic Distribution of an Allele Affecting Skin Pigmentation
  166. Lactose Intolerant Prehistoric Northern European Hunter-Gatherers
  167. Non-Africans Have Neanderthal Genes
  168. The Most Recessive Phenotypes
  169. Jews Manage to Remain Genetically Closest to Each Other Even After 2000 Years of Diaspora
  170. Ancient DNA: List of All Studies analyzing DNA of Ancient Tribes and Ethnicities(pre-2011)
  171. Chinese Researcher Discovers That Human Races Are Real Through Gene Sequencing
  172. We Aren’t All the Same - Science is Finding Evidence of Genetic Diversity Among Human Populations and Individuals
  173. NY Times Article on 'recent' Evolution
  174. Jew Larry David is a Native American According to DNA Test
  175. The Source of White Genes in Black Americans
  176. So Much for Appalachians Being Raced Mixed. :p
  177. Kinship Structures (Marriage Patterns within Different Races and Cultures)
  178. DNA Tests on Ashkenazi Jews Confirm the Nuremberg Racial Laws
  179. Humans Less Genetically Complex Than Chocolate Biscuits
  180. Genetic Estimation of North African Blood in Europe
  181. Population Structure in Hispanics
  182. Genetic Structure of the Spanish Population
  183. Mitogenomic Diversity in Tatars from the Volga-Ural Region of Russia
  184. Population Structure in Ireland and Britain
  185. Y Chromosomes of Arbereshe from Calabria
  186. Admixture in Uyghurs
  187. NordicDB Paper on Finns, Danes, and Swedes
  188. A Survey of Worldwide Populations by High-density Genotyping
  189. Populations Admixture Proportions
  190. Major Study of Central Asian Populations
  191. Genetic Differences Between Five European Populations
  192. The Genetics of Indo-Aryans
  193. DNA Studies Confirm Accuracy of March of the Titans Thesis of Racial Mixing in Southern Europe
  194. Autosomal DNA Testing Genetic Affiliations of Individuals Within World Regions
  195. Scientists Find 'Liberal Gene'
  196. Blacks and The MAO Gene?
  197. The Genetic Implications of Incest
  198. Is This Chart Legit?
  199. DNA Reveals Origins of First European Farmers
  200. Diversity in the Appalachian Mountains
  201. Vikings Carried Native Americans Back to Iceland
  202. Chinese Villagers 'Descended from Roman Soldiers'
  203. Genes, Tacitus and the Skjoeldung Saga
  204. African and Native American DNA Amongst British
  205. DNA Research in Sweden: Swedes Descend from Agriculturalists, Hunter Gatherers Extinct
  206. Genetic Britain: How Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon Genes Make Up the UK's DNA
  207. A Hypothetical Question Regarding Genetics
  208. Genetic Soldiers | Group Urges Pentagon to Map Genes of Personnel
  209. New Research Claims Humans Are 97% the Same As Orangutans
  210. How a Genetic Mutation Led to the White Race
  211. Is Genetic Diversity Good or Bad?
  212. Celto-Germans Vs. Balto-Slavs
  213. Are the English People Really Germans?
  214. Genetics: The Perversion of Science
  215. In the R1b Homeland, Atlantis Found
  216. Genetic Mix Ratios in Mates
  217. Less Than 10% of Germans Are Real Germanics
  218. The CG-Polako Challenge: Hypocrites Exposed
  219. Population Admixture Chart
  220. Forget Two World Wars and One World Cup... Geneticists Reveal 50 Per Cent of Britons Are GERMAN
  221. Half of Europeans Share Tutankhamun's DNA
  222. A Question on Genetic Dominance and Subrace
  223. Humans Show Big DNA Differences
  224. SNPs: Nothern Europeans gentically differ from Southern Europeans
  225. Population Admixture Map of Europe
  226. Homeland of the Haplogroup G2a3b1a?
  227. DNA Genography Project: International Teachers Go Genographic
  228. Why Inbreeding Really Isn’t As Bad As You Think It is
  229. Southern Russians Differ Due to Germanic Input
  230. Genetic Harms of Race Mixing?
  231. A Primer on DNA Facts
  232. The English-Dutch Genetic Affiliation
  233. Seeking Afrikaner Genotypes
  234. Mechanisms of Micro Evolution
  235. The Germanic Genetic Advantage?
  236. Why the Chinese Love Conformity
  237. Niceness is in Your DNA, Scientists Find - ('niceness gene' distribution rates show racial population variance)
  238. What are considered dominant Germanic Haplogroups?
  239. Melanesians/Solomon Islanders: The Origin of Mysterious, Dark-Skinned Blonds Discovered
  240. DNA Links Prove Jews Are a ‘Race,' Says Genetics Expert
  241. Haplogroups As Evolutionary Markers of Cognitive Ability
  242. Which Test to Try Out for a First-Timer (Sweden)?
  243. Genetic Differences Between Ulster Scots?
  244. Mesolithic Iberians Related to Northern Europeans, Not Modern Iberians
  245. The Origin of Fair Haired/Skinned Northern Italians?
  246. Human GMO: First GM Babies Born in US
  247. Indo-European Genetic Signatures in an Orcadian and a Lithuanian
  248. Human Genome Research Shows Race Is Real
  249. Neanderthal Breeding Idea Doubted
  250. World Map of Neanderthal and Denisovan Ancestry in Modern Humans