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  1. Effects of English admixture (...)in 19th-century Ireland (abstract)
  2. Founder Mutations Among the Dutch
  3. (M)Iserables: a Bedouin Village in Switzerland?
  4. Gene flow from the Indian subcontinent to Australia
  5. Genetics, Archaeology, and Holocene Hunter-Gatherers
  6. Genetic factors in reproduction and their evolutionary significance (abstract)
  7. HLA in the Azores Archipelago: possible presence of Mongoloid genes
  8. Blood polymorphisms and racial admixture in two Brazilian populations.
  9. HLA class I and class II polymorphism in the population of Rijeka, Croatia.(abstr)
  10. Admixture in the White and Mulatto Populations from Parana, Brazil
  11. The origin of Minnan and Hakka, the so-called "Taiwanese", inferred by HLA study.
  12. HLA-B44 allele frequencies and haplotypic associations in three European populations.
  13. Molecular analysis of HLA allelic frequencies and haplotypes in Jordanians
  14. HLA 5-Locus Haplotypes in Finns
  15. HLA class I and class II loci in the Japanese population.
  16. Linkage disequilibrium between S65C HFE mutation and HLA A29-B44 haplotype in Azores
  17. Polymorphism of HLA-A, -B, -DRB1, -DQA1 and -DQB1 haplotypes in a Croatian population
  18. HLA genes in Arabic-speaking Moroccans: close relatedness to Berbers and Iberians.
  19. HLA polymorphism in the Murcia population (Spain)
  20. Diversity of HLA-B61 alleles and haplotypes in East Asians and Spanish Gypsies (abs)
  21. Analysis of HLA-A, C, B, DR and DQ loci in an Italian sample of possible Celtic orig
  22. Gene and Haplotype Frequencies in the population of Sao Paulo in Brazil
  23. Distribution of HLA class II antigens in Vojvodina (abstract)
  24. HLA class I polymorphism,in a Brazilian exogamic population.
  25. Molecular diversity of the HLA-A*19 group of alleles in North Indians
  26. HLA genes in the Chuvashian population from European Russia (abstract)
  27. Molecular analysis of HLA polymorphism in Khoton-Mongolians (abstract )
  28. Ancestral Proportions and their Association with Skin Pigmentation
  29. HLA class II allele distribution in the Gypsy community of Andalusia
  30. Participation of Indo-European in ethnogeny of the mongoloid siberians (abstract)
  31. Molecular-Genetic Characteristics of a Medieval Population from the Northern Russian Territory
  32. Estimating the Impact of Prehistoric Admixture on the Genome of Europeans
  33. Neanderthal Baby? ;)
  34. Human Genetic Diversity: Lewontin's Fallacy
  35. HLA-a, B typing in Basque and other Pyrenean populations. (abs)
  36. HLA profile of three ethnic groups living in the North-Western region of Russia.
  37. HLA-DR antigens and HLA-B:DR haplotypes in Koreans.
  38. HLA phenotype polymorphism in the Lebanese population. (abs )
  39. HLA-DRB1 and DQB1 Polymorphisms in Southern France
  40. HLA-DRB and -DQB1 polymorphism in the Macedonian population.
  41. Diversity of HLA among Taiwan's indigenous tribes and the Ivatans
  42. HLA-B27 and plantar fasciitis
  43. Genetic variability, molecular evolution, and geographic diversity of HLA-B27
  44. MICA polymorphism in a sample of the Sao Paulo population, Brazil.
  45. Association of MICA alleles and HLA-B51 in Italian patients with Behcet's disease.
  46. The HLA polymorphism in five Brazilian populations.(abs)
  47. Celtic ancestry, HLA phenotype and increased risk of skin cancer.
  48. Iris pigmentation and photopic visual acuity: a preliminary study.(abs)
  49. Genetic studies in Medzev, a village in south-eastern Slovakia (abs )
  50. Latent structure of quantitative dermatoglyphic traits of middle Dalmatia (abs )
  51. The 49a,f Haplotype 11: New Marker of the EU19 Lineage that traces Migrations from Northern Regions of the Black Sea
  52. Population genetics of Y-chromosomal microsatellites in Baltic males.
  53. The origin of the isolated population of the Faroe Islands investigated using Y-DNA
  54. A molecular survey of phenylketonuria in Iceland (abs )
  55. Evolutionary genetics. Europeans trace ancestry to Paleolithic people.
  56. The Molecular Genetics of European Ancestry
  57. Genetic Traces of Ancient Demography
  58. Serogenetic analysis in Croatia (abstract)
  59. Endogamy and variation in blood pressure levels in Croatian island isolates.
  60. Genetical Similarity Between Greeks, Italians, Iranians, Pakistanis and Slavs
  61. Genetics and the Origin of European Languages
  62. Genetic evidence on origin and dispersal of human populations speaking Nostratic
  63. Genetic Diversity in the Iberian Peninsula
  64. SRD5A2 gene and serum androgen concentrations in British men.
  65. Significant ethnic variation in total and free testosterone concentration.
  66. Racial differences in the correlation between gonadal androgens and serum insulin
  67. Possible Sephardic contribution among the founders of a population in Colombia
  68. Serological researches in the south of Moldavia (abstract)
  69. Genetic data on Alghero population (Sardinia) -abstract
  70. Cranial variation in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands
  71. Regional Italian allele frequencies at nine short tandem repeat loci.
  72. Dinaric and Nordic Haplotypes I may not be related at all
  73. STR Identifiler loci in the population of Vojvodina Province, Serbia and Montenegro
  74. Identifiler loci in Kosovo Albanians
  75. Genetic Analysis of Human Remains found in two 18th Century Yakut Graves
  76. Five highly informative X-chromosomal STRs in Koreans
  77. Development of a 13-locus PCR multiplex system for paternity testing
  78. Bosnian population data for the 15 STR loci
  79. Estimating the number of contributors to a DNA profile
  80. Evaluating forensic DNA mixtures with contributors of different structured ethnic or.
  81. Variation at 16 STR loci in Rwandans (Hutu)
  82. The Reality of Race
  83. STR loci Penta D and Penta E: Austrian Caucasian population data
  84. Allele frequencies of nine STR loci of Jewish and Arab populations in Israel
  85. Human Y-chromosomal STR haplotypes in a Kurdish population sample.
  86. Statistical estimation and pedigree analysis of CCR2-CCR5 haplotypes.
  87. VNTR Loci D2S44, D4S139, D5S110,and D8S358 in a population sample from Minas Gerais
  88. Modern Genetics and the Basques
  89. Genetic and sequencing data of the Galician population
  90. Analysis of the DRD4 Gene Polymorphism in Populations of Russia
  91. Micro-geographical differentiation in Northern Iberia revealed by Y
  92. Relation of mathematical ability to psychosis in Iceland.
  93. Sample of the ethnic group of Polish Tatars living in the Podlasie area (ab)
  94. The etiology of social phobia: toward a developmental profile.
  95. Photosynthesis Analysis Shows Work of Ancient Genetic Engineering
  96. Genetics and the making of Homo sapiens.
  97. 99.4% nonsynonymous DNA identity between humans and chimpanzees
  98. Ancient DNA: would the real Neandertal please stand up?
  99. A reassessment of genetic diversity in Icelanders
  100. The DNA Revolution in Population Genetics
  101. Genetic Structure of the Ancestral Population of Modern Humans.
  102. Genetic Heritage of the Earliest Settlers persists both in Indian Tribal and Caste Populations
  103. Calculator for Haplogroup similarity of 47 European populations.
  104. Genetics of Proto-Turks in Mongolia
  105. The Distribution of Human Genetic Diversity
  106. Autosomal DNA shows most of Daghestan to be European
  107. Ancient Germans weren't so fair
  108. HG9 in Eurasia
  109. Ancient Skeleton Collection Yields Cancer Clues
  110. Non-Caucasoid ancestry in Ashkenazim
  111. On Genetic Slavicness [former "A. Hitler about Russia" Thread]
  112. Presence of Tat-C in Ancient Mongolia
  113. Ancient DNA may be misleading scientists
  114. Negroid MALE admixture in Europe
  115. TAT-C controversy: up-date
  116. Origins of R1a, Q and K in Scandinavia
  117. Diablo & Demi, RE: Björk, the Saami and Icelanders
  118. Black police undergo DNA tests to trace rapist
  119. Ancient Finno-Ugrians neither Mongoloid nor Caucasoid?
  120. English and Welsh are Races Apart
  121. Mongoloid Genes in Portugal
  122. Non-White admixture in Dutch and Belgians
  123. Germanic Marker I1a
  124. The Longue Duree of Genetic Ancestry
  125. Scientists go in Search of the True Brit
  126. The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence
  127. Detection of large-scale variation in the human genome
  128. White prof finds he's not: black admixture in US whites
  129. [MALE] Non-Caucasoid Admixture in Austria and Germany
  130. Non-Caucasoid [female] Admixture in the English
  131. The Irish are not Celts, say Experts
  132. Some good news for Germans and the Dutch and some bad news for Germans and the Dutch
  133. One Percent Of Britons Have African Genoma
  134. East Asian Affiliation in Russians and Eastern Europeans
  135. Sub-Saharan African, East-Asian and Native American affiliation in Western Europeans
  136. Large Scale Racial Intermixture in South Africa
  137. LWb = 'Baltic Gene'
  138. Genetic Distances between Humans and Primates
  139. DNA Suggests Columbus Remains in Spain
  140. New DNA Study: We are not Celts
  141. Teratoma ovárico (Quiste dermoide)
  142. Are you Rh-negative blood? Then you have to know this! (if you are Rh positive, too)
  143. HG9 is Associated with Migrations of Neolithic Agriculturalists
  144. The Genome in Black and White (and Gray)
  145. McKusick's "Mendelian Inheritance in Man"
  146. Rebuttal to the claim that gen. variation is greater within a pop. than between pops.
  147. A Structured Ancestral Population for the Evolution of Modern Humans
  148. Maori men and women from different homelands
  149. Reconstructing the Evolutionary History of China
  150. Tracing Jewish History Through Genes
  151. Humans Have Fewer Genes Than Thought
  152. Euro DNA 1.0: A pan-genome test that reads your DNA across all 23 of your chromosomes
  153. Map: Racial Composition by Nation
  154. DNA: Irish, Scots, Welsh not "Celts"; more in common with Portuguese, Spaniards
  155. "Gene tests prove that we are all the same under the skin"
  156. Genetic Anthropology 101
  157. On the genetic affinity of Norwegians and Germans
  158. DNA Lineages Reveal a Bottleneck in the Finnish Population
  159. Celtic and Germanic DNA: Scientists shatter Anglo-Saxon Myth
  160. Neandertaler-Gen für rote Haare
  161. B+ CcD.ee (Blood Group Meaning)
  162. Was HG3 Really Spread By The Kurgans?
  163. Evidence of admixture from haplotyping in an epidemiological study of UK Caucasian
  164. The Context of Human Genetic Evolution
  165. Are Ashkenazi Jews Semites or Khazars?
  166. Hydronymical Evidence for Germanic and Slavic Urheimat
  167. Geneticists are wary of working on projects that involve racial differences.
  168. Heterogeneity of Taiwan's indigenous population
  169. Genetic relationship of populations in China
  170. Genetic Reality of Race
  171. Molecular Anthropology Lab
  172. Derived Nodality in the Irish Population (Origin of the A1-B8-DR3-DQ2 Haplotype)
  173. The Genetic Omnidominance Hypothesis
  174. Genetic Structure and Race, and Confounding in Case-Control Association Studies
  175. Population Genetics: the Hardy-Weinberg Principle
  176. Firm matches Icelanders' genetic makeup with region they come from
  177. CCL3L1 Gene Determines Risk of GRIDS
  178. Aurignacians, Gravettians And Haplogroups
  179. DNA region has a European influence
  180. More Than One-Third of Human Genome Regulated by RNA
  181. Genetic Distance from Swedish population
  182. Hominid inbreeding left humans vulnerable to disease
  183. Signature of recent historical events in the European Y-chr. STR haplotype distr.
  184. Genes are eternal
  185. The Genetic Theory of Adaptation: A Brief History
  186. On the likely genetic similarity between Balts and Prussians
  187. Eighty percent of proteins are different between humans and chimpanzees
  188. Genetic and Linguistic Affinities between Human Populations in Eurasia and W. Africa
  189. Evaluation of the Ethnic Composition in the Population of Argentine
  190. Holistic anthropological research of Hvar Islanders, Croatia
  191. Copy number of DAZ genes in Slovenian and Bosnian general population
  192. Female Chromosome Has X Factor
  193. The 7 European Daughters of Eve
  194. What of the polyphyletic nature of humans?
  195. Interpreting Cavalli-Sforza's principal components of genetic variation in Europe
  196. Sibling marriage damage your health: Islam on a genetic decline
  197. Genetic testing reveals awkward truth about Xinjiang’s famous mummies
  198. The Genographic Project
  199. National Geographic: The "Who were your ancestors" Project
  200. Some thoughts about group selection in humans
  201. Strong Genetic Differentiation Between Germans And Poles
  202. New Gene-test for Working Women
  203. Neanderthal Genome May Be Reconstructed
  204. African Female Heritage in Iberia
  205. A Question for Polak
  206. Study: British Have Changed Little Since Ice Age
  207. Our Genes Make Us Like People Who Are Similar To Us
  208. British Have Changed Little Since Ice Age, Gene Study Says
  209. The Balts and the Finns in historical perspective: a multidisciplinary approach
  210. Intelligence and Diseases May Be Linked in Ashkenazic Genes
  211. Evolutionary Trends if Stature in Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic Europe
  212. A Question about Proto-Indo-European Haplogroups
  213. Chimp genetic code opens human frontiers
  214. DNA witness - validation
  215. The end of the TAT-C controversy
  216. Map of Russian DNA (Ethnic Russian territories)
  217. Prehistoric North Africans were Caucasoid
  218. Scientists Find Link Between Indian Caste Rank And Genetic Similarity To Europeans
  219. Your Opinion on Human Genetic Engineering?
  220. I may have been wrong about miscegenation
  221. On Human Diversity
  222. Tiny Differences in DNA Mapped
  223. Markers of Migrations and Admixture between Populations in the Baltic Sea Region
  224. Europeans Descended From Hunters, Not Farmers, Study Says
  225. DNA Testing and Molecular Archaeology
  226. Geolinguistics and haematology: the case of Britain
  227. The Roots of Peoples and Languages of Northern-Eastern Eurasia
  228. An unexpected wide population variation of the G1733A polymorphism
  229. Map of Human Migrations (Out of Africa Theory) Based On Mithocondrial DNA
  230. Study reveals a DNA link between Phoenicians and Maltese
  231. Wanted: More Race Realism, Less Moralistic Fallacy
  232. Gotland Vikings Were Part Mongolian
  233. Scientists Find Genetic Mutation for White Skin
  234. Med influence in northern Europe: I or R1b?
  235. Relation of Age at Menarche to Race, Time Period, and Anthropometric Dimensions
  236. Cavalli-Sforza's Map of Old World Genetic Diversity
  237. Jews Reject Europid Stemcells
  238. How the Han Chinese Became the World's Biggest Tribe
  239. Differing survival rates in Black and White heart transplants
  240. Most Ashkenazi Jews Descend From Four Women
  241. I Might Get to Participate
  242. Chimpanzee closer to Man than Ape
  243. Questions About Blonde Hair Darkening
  244. Soliciting Comments: E3b Postulates
  245. Origins of Modern Central Europeans Revised
  246. Racism Genetic
  247. Recent Positive Selection in Humans: 700 regions of the human genome where genes appear to have been reshaped by natural selection
  248. Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story
  249. Emergence of Blonde Hair In Northern Europe
  250. Origins of North and South Ossetians