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  1. Quest for the $1 Watt
  2. German Astronaut Calls for Larger European Space Programme
  3. Russia Plans to Put a Mine on the Moon to Help Boost Energy Supply
  4. Water Ice on Mars Confirmed
  5. Germans Perform World's First Double-Arm Transplant
  6. September Launch for "Big Bang" Machine
  7. Spaceship Could Fly Faster Than Light
  8. New Material Could Make Objects Invisible
  9. Danish Know-How Turns Paper Mill Waste into Green Diesel
  10. Astronomer Tracks Down New Comet
  11. Electric Cars Increasingly Popular
  12. First Month Without Sunspots in a Century
  13. Space Suits Them: First Animal That Can Survive in Orbit
  14. Danish Commercial Greenhouses to Become a Future Energy Source
  15. Interactive Periodic Table of Elements
  16. The Most Alien-Looking Place on Earth
  17. It's Snowing on Mars
  18. Small Asteroid to Enter Atmosphere
  19. Pound for Pound, All Life Uses Same Amount of Energy
  20. Secrets From Within Planets Pave Way For Cleaner Energy
  21. 0.999... = 1
  22. Will the Next Einstein Come from Africa?
  23. Would You Donate Your Organs?
  24. Sea Ice At 1979 Levels
  25. Mars Methane Discovery Hints at Presence of Life
  26. Asteroid 1999 RQ36 bound for Earth between 2169 and 2199
  27. 'One Hundred Billion Trillion' Planets Where Alien Life Could Flourish
  28. Scientists Call for a 'Mission to Earth' to Discover 'Life As We Don't Know It'
  29. Launch of Revolutionary Space Plane 'Less Than 10 Years Away'
  30. Hawking and Impractical Science
  31. Hidden Planet Discovered in Old Hubble Data
  32. Mysterious Dark Matter Possibly Detected
  33. High-Resolution Image Of The Brightest Orion Trapezium Star
  34. Pentagonal Ice Discovered: Could Be Used To Modify Weather
  35. The Search for the Solar System's Lost Planet
  36. First in Flight Jet to Rocket Engine.
  37. Two Planets Identified As Most Similar to Earth
  38. Powerful Ideas: Fusing Atoms Just Might Work
  39. Life’s First Spark Re-Created in the Laboratory
  40. Machines 'to Match Man by 2029'
  41. Colonizing the Moon
  42. Capsule of Cheese 'Lost in Space'
  43. Nasa Space Telescope Finds Evidence of Two Worlds Colliding Thousands of Years Ago
  44. From a Distant Comet, a Clue to Life
  45. Star Size Comparison HD: Does Extraterrestrial Life Exist?
  46. Ongoing Human Evolution Could Explain Recent Rise in Certain Disorders
  47. Darwin Day: Scientist Celebrate Evolution
  48. Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded In A Lab!
  49. Heaviest Element Officially Named Copernicium
  50. SETI at 50
  51. Mysterious Radio Waves Emitted from Nearby Galaxy
  52. Sun Activity Link to Cold Winters
  53. Photos From The Hubble Telescope
  54. New Stunning Nature Pictures
  55. Man Infects Himself with Computer Virus
  56. How Climate Skeptics Mislead
  57. Hundreds of Possible Alien Planets Discovered By NASA Spacecraft
  58. Six New Planets Discovered
  59. 'Biggest Thing in Farming for 10,000 Years on Horizon'
  60. The 400 Extrasolar Planets Known to us
  61. Nanotechnology Delivers Revolutionary Pumpless Water Cooling
  62. Complex Eruption on the Sun
  63. Designing 'Mecha' Technology
  64. Urgent Call on EU to Stop Billion-Euro 'Alien Invasion'
  65. NASA and NSF-Funded Research Finds First Potentially Habitable Exoplanet
  66. A Comparison Between DNA and Computer Hard Drives
  67. Massive Solar Storm in 2012
  68. Land 'Evapotranspiration' Taking Unexpected Turn: Huge Parts of World Are Drying Up
  69. 50 Ideas to Change Science Forever
  70. Physicists Observe Electron Ejected from Atom for First Time
  71. The Chaos Theory of Evolution
  72. Climate Change: Cultural Shift Needed Similar to Smoking, Slavery
  73. How Much Oil is There, How Much More Will We Use and at What Price?
  74. When People Are Shown Scientific Evidence or News Stories on Climate Change That Emphasize the Most Negative Aspects of Warming, They Are Actually Mor
  75. Next Climate Warming Report Will Be Dramatically Worse: UN
  76. Astronomers Seeking the Best Site in the World for an Observatory Discovered a Place Known Simply As Ridge A,but the Average Winter Temperature is -70
  77. Glowing Trees Could Light Up City Streets
  78. Arsenic-Eating Microbe May Redefine Chemistry of Life
  79. Census Finds Increase in Critically Endangered Mountain Gorilla Population
  80. 2010: The Deadliest Year for Natural Disasters in More Than a Generation
  81. Snow Under a Microscope
  82. 2011 Preview: Expect Earth's Twin Planet
  83. NASA Finds Extra-Terrestrial Amino-Acids in Sudan Meteorites
  84. Skeptic Arguments and What the Science Says
  85. Genetic Weapon Developed Against Honeybee-killer
  86. New Year, New Science
  87. SlideShow: 2010 Gallery: Images of the Year
  88. Hemp Was the Most Efficient and Important Feedstock for Plastic, Paper, Rope, and More -- Crucial to Modern Industry and Technology -- Until Oil and W
  89. Abu Dhabi Weather Project 'Creates Man-Made Rainstorms'
  90. Italian Volcano Could Wipe Out Entire Europe if It Erupts
  91. New Metallic Glass Beats Steel As the Toughest, Strongest Material Yet
  92. Findings on Pollution Damage to Human Airways Could Yield New Therapies
  93. New Molecule Could Save Brain Cells from Neurodegeneration, Stroke
  94. Study Claims 100 Percent Renewable Energy Possible by 2030
  95. Betelgeuse Set To Go Supernova
  96. If It's Real, It Changes Everything- Biotech Companies Says It Can Use E. Coli Bacteria to Manufacture Gasoline Via Photosynthesis, on Demand, in Any
  97. Scientists Discover the Hottest Planet in the Universe... Where the Temperature is a Scorching 3,200C
  98. It May Look Like Just a Blue Spot, but This is Zeta Ophiuchi, a Colossal Star 20 Times Bigger Than the Sun
  99. Scientists Invent Artificial Petrol
  100. Invisibility Cloaking Benefits from Crystal-Clear Idea
  101. Ancient Body Clock Discovered That Helps to Keep All Living Things on Time
  102. World's Total CPU Power: One Human Brain
  103. Second Sun Supernova Explosion Will Turn Night to Day
  104. The Shocking Cost of US 'Mega-Dairies'
  105. Cosmic Census Finds Crowd of Planets in Our Galaxy
  106. Milky Way Home to 50 Billion Planets: NASA
  107. Scientists 'Make Diesel Fuel Using Sun, Water and Carbon Dioxide'
  108. NASA Scientist Finds Evidence of Alien Life
  109. Germany Tackles Its Rare Earth Shortage by Recycling Used Electronics
  110. Now You Can Have Your Own Private Spy-Plane
  111. Time for Plan B: Our Civilization Is on the Edge of a Systemic Breakdown
  112. Research Shows Adult Brains Capable of Rapid New Growth
  113. New Mineral Discovered in 4.5 Billion Year Old Antarctic Meteorite
  114. Russia Reveals Plans for Base on the Moon - Intends to Build a Base on the Moon Within 20 Years
  115. Do Some Members on Here Dislike Science/Reason?
  116. Can Anyone Recommend a Popular Science Magazine?
  117. Teleporting Breakthrough in Japan
  118. Planet Likely Capable of Supporting Earth-life Discovered 20 Light-years Away
  119. Protein Flaws Responsible for Complex Life, Study Says
  120. The Car of the Future That Can Drive on Roads, Sand, Ice - and Even Water
  121. Brace Yourselves: Burger made from human excrement
  122. 50,000 Galaxies in the Nearby Universe
  123. Now You Could Get X-Men Super Powers After Scientists Develop World's First 'Living Laser' Beam
  124. Hypersonic Plane Are Unveiled but It'll Take 40 Years to Build
  125. Pigs Could Grow Human Organs in Stem Cell Breakthrough
  126. Helicopter Pilot Invents the 'Hoverbike' in His Garage
  127. Take a Look! Storm As Wide As Earth Rages on Saturn.
  128. Next Week, Neptune Will Complete Its First Full Orbit of the Sun Since It Was Discovered in 1846
  129. Graphite + Water = the Future of Energy Storage
  130. The Chimp They Tried to Turn into a Human
  131. Earth Used to Have TWO Moons
  132. The Big Bang in Pictures: Scientists Produce Computer Images of Particle Explosions Similar to the Greatest Ever Galactic Light Show
  133. Perseid Meteor Shower
  134. Do Violet Eyes and Grey Eyes Really Exist?
  135. Scientists Clock Particles Travelling Faster Than the Speed of Light
  136. Milky Way's Age Narrowed Down
  137. Planet Where Year Lasts Just 18 Hours is Found to Be Waterworld Twice the Size of Earth
  138. Game Over for Planet Earth: The Month’s Biggest Story You Never Read
  139. Scientists Grow Sperm in Laboratory
  140. Adolf Hitler Stole Idea for Volkswagen Beetle from a Jewish Engineer, Historian Claims
  141. The Double Slit Experiment and Its Implications
  142. Skin Transformed into Brain Cells
  143. Most Liveable Alien Worlds Ranked
  144. National Ignition Facility: Fusion Laser on Track for 2012 Burn
  145. Solar Flares CME 08 March 2012 (Continuing)
  146. Plans for Asteroid Mining Emerge
  147. Cold Fusion, Hydrogen/Boron Fusion and Other “Non-Lethal” or “Aneutronic” Devices
  148. Scientists Create Human Liver in Lab
  149. The Moon is Layered in Dust Bathed in Radiation
  150. View From the ISS at Night
  151. Dead Could Be Brought 'Back to Life' in Groundbreaking Project
  152. Why is Space Three-Dimensional?
  153. Maybe Life in the Cosmos Is Rare After All
  154. The Real Problem With Fusion Energy
  155. Universe is Expanding Up to 9% Faster Than We Thought, Say Scientists
  156. Sci-Hub: The "Pirate Bay" of Scientific Research Papers! (Open-Access Scientific Research Papers)
  157. Lab-grown Burgers 'Will Be on the Menu by 2020'
  158. The True Size Of...
  159. Driverless Bus Hits the Streets in Finland
  160. Political Correctness Prevents Advancement of Science
  161. Goldilocks Planet Found Orbiting Alpha Centauri C
  162. The Value of Science and Scientific Management of Society
  163. Could Artificial Intelligence Enslave Humanity or Make Us Extinct?
  164. Scientists Create Human-Pig Crossbreed
  165. "Mankind's Technological Tasks for the Future" [Prof. Hermann Oberth]
  166. N. Zealand Part of Sunken 'Lost Continent': Scientists
  167. Scientists Store an Operating System, a Movie and a Computer Virus on DNA
  168. US Army Unveils 3D-Printed Grenade Launcher Called RAMBO
  169. Indicators Show Potatoes Can Grow on Mars
  170. What It Would Take to Reach the Stars
  171. Unpaywall: a New (and Legal) Browser Extension That Lets You Read Millions of Science Articles Normally Locked Up Behind Paywalls
  172. Secrets by the Thousands: The Great US Theft of German Technology
  173. 5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Smartphone
  174. Mathematics Is Essentially A European Accomplishment
  175. Google to Build "Future City" - in Canada
  176. Multicultural Robots and Racist Machines
  177. The Nightmare Of Electronic Progress And Automated Processes
  178. Professor Claims Math, Algebra And Geometry Promote ‘White Privilege’
  179. Electromagnetic Pollution: Why Aren’t Consumers Made Aware Of It?
  180. "Racism Is Creeping Back into Mainstream Science — We Have to Stop It"
  181. New Mind-Reading Machine Can Translate Your Thoughts And Display Them As Text Instantly
  182. Smartphone Addiction Increases Loneliness, Isolation
  183. How ‘Science’ Is Used To Deceive The Public
  184. It’s Not Science I Don’t Trust – It’s the Scientists
  185. A.I. God – Artificial Intelligence Religion
  186. Thousands Of Black Holes Form Disks In The Centers Of Galaxies
  187. Technological Utopianism & Ethnic Nationalism
  188. Human Cloning about to be Unleashed upon the World
  189. Germanic Engineering Genius
  190. The Still Unsolved Mystery of the Microwave Experiments in Eugene (Oregon)
  191. China Put Secret Spy Microchips in Servers Used by Apple And Amazon, Says Explosive Report
  192. Modern Physics Explains Only 5% of Universe
  193. Attack Of The Algorithm
  194. Why China’s Artificial Moon Probably Won’t Work
  195. Algorithms rule us all - vpro documentary - 2018
  196. Black Holes Merging Multiple Galaxies Together
  197. Scientists Capture Sound of Sunrise on Mars - Data sonification techniques create a two-minute piece of music
  198. China’s “Artificial Sun” Is Now Hot Enough for Nuclear Fusion
  199. 9 suppressed Inventions that could have changed the World
  200. Cymatics - modal vibrational phenomena
  201. Second Source of (FRB) Discovered
  202. Cranes : Heavy Lifting Machinery and Logistics
  203. Smart Cities: Solving Urban Problems Using Technology
  204. Facebook Pays Teens To Install VPN That Spies On Them
  205. Miso Robotics: Automated Chefs in the Kitchen Flippy the Intelligent Cooking Assistant.
  206. The Plane Highway in the Sky
  207. Why Public Transportation Sucks in the US
  208. Self-driving cars more likely to drive into black people, study claims