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  1. On Jewish IQ
  2. The Seven Elements of the White Man's Mentality [Prof. Revilo Oliver]
  3. Integrity Segregation Experiment
  4. Psychology on the 3 main races.....
  5. Cultural Experiment (to or away from Racialism)
  6. Anti-Racism is A Form of Mental Illness
  7. How Do You Cope With Stress?
  8. Maslow's Pyramid
  9. Personality Test: Kiersey Temperament Sorter
  10. Online IQ Test
  11. IQ in the UK
  12. Psychological Motivations of Race Mixing
  13. Evolutionary Advantage of Emotional Volatility
  14. Nature vs Nurture
  15. How long do you normally spend on the computer in a day?
  16. Correlation between Gene Length and Depression
  17. Emphasis Placed Upon Genetics in Society
  18. Creative People Remember More Dreams
  19. The Bell Curve (Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray)
  20. How a man's mind really works
  21. How scientists proved that the pain of rejection is all too real
  22. What Is Your IQ?
  23. Generalisations
  24. Age of Female Sentinels, part two
  25. Confessions of an emotionally cold person
  26. Is Religiosity Genetically Determined? Why People Believe in God An Empirical Study on a Deep Question
  27. Intelligence ages well
  28. Ethnic flooding therapy
  29. Brain Scan 'Identifies Race Bias'
  30. Will to Power and Selfish Gene theory
  31. Derbyshire's Folly
  32. Are we living in a psychopathic society?
  33. Wilhelm Wundt on Mental Communities
  34. "Respect for Facts and Aptitude for Exact Observation Reside in the Nordic Race"
  35. Born Believers: How Your Brain Creates God
  36. Sleeping Habits in the Austrian Population
  37. 'We can implant entirely false memories'
  38. Bush's IQ inferior to Average man's
  39. Test: Are you a born Leader?
  40. Test: Are you an active and energetic person?
  41. What does your name say about you?
  42. Test your reflexes
  43. "Monster"
  44. Death Test
  45. Split Personalities
  46. Geniality and Asperger Syndrome
  47. Japanese toymaker to sell sweet dream machine
  48. Write Down Some Dreams You've Remembered
  49. Why Mental Racial Differences Aren't Obvious
  50. It's All In The Family
  51. Do You Suffer From Any Mental Illnesses?
  52. Kretschmer and Sheldon's Typologies
  53. What Makes The Human Brain Different?
  54. Super IQ Test
  55. What is Your MBTI Type (Personality Test)?
  56. visual role of the sclera
  57. Really, Really Weird Dream
  58. Would You Like to Live Eternally?
  59. The Career Key
  60. Anyone from MENSA here?
  61. Julian Jaynes theories.
  62. Meds aren't really racist, only culturalist or theologist
  63. 3 Sides of You
  64. Do you think the Freudian "Peanus Envy" exists?
  65. Johnny Reb's Day Dreams (split from: 'Is Triglav (Terglow) a hypocrite?')
  66. Molecular Basis for 'Mozart Effect' Revealed
  67. Neanderthal Psychology
  68. How loony are you?
  69. The weird dream to end all weird dreams!
  70. Evolutionary Psychology: Female Mate Preferences
  71. Evolutionary Psychology: Male Mate Preferences
  72. Racial Differences in Paranoid Ideation
  73. National British IQ Test, 2004
  74. 'Big Five' Personality Test ['Extraversion, Confidence, Confidence, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness']
  75. Take The Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test
  76. Why beautiful people are more intelligent
  77. Village Idiot as Social Product
  78. What Causes Racism?
  79. Multi-Culturalism and Mind Control
  80. Refractory Myopia, Ethnicity and Intelligence
  81. Shyness: relationship to social phobia and other psychiatric disorders.
  82. Psychopathy and Adaptation
  83. Asperger's Syndrome Support Network
  84. Tone task proves blind hear better
  85. Heritability Estimates/ IQ-Behavioural Correlations
  86. We are the Hero
  87. What Is Your IQ?
  88. Carl Jung and the Collective Unconscious
  89. Self Harm
  90. Study: Fearful Voters Go for Charisma
  91. Magnanimity and Exhaustion
  92. Erik Erikson's Eight Stages of Human Development
  93. Season of birth variation in sensation seeking in an adult population
  94. Pupillometry : A sexual selection approach
  95. Familiar Faces Seem More Friendly
  96. Is Western Civilization offspring of our brain's left hemispheres dominance
  97. Are You Happy With Your Life?
  98. Beauty Is Only Brain Deep
  99. Grey-blue and mixed eyes are more frequent among criminals.
  100. The "Sense of Being Stared At"
  101. Instructions on How to Cry
  102. Surprise! Why Opposites DON'T Attract
  103. Handedness
  104. Online IQ Test
  105. The Power of Women Over Men
  106. Xenophilia
  107. Recent epiphany: Parallels between UM-class hippies and attractive WF race-mixers
  108. Is Your Heart At Risk?
  109. The 'Big Five' Personality Test
  110. Study Links Sleep Loss to Teens' Suicide Behaviors
  111. Intoxicated Honey Bees May Clue Scientists Into Drunken Human Behavior
  112. Why people choose science
  113. Going Cuckoo
  114. Exceptional Mental Health: On Survivor Personality
  115. The spiritual and social thinking of Charles Manson
  116. Masculine somatotype and hirsuteness as determinants of sexual attractiveness
  117. Brain/Body Size Ratio and Intelligence
  118. Bad Temper... Caused by Racial Tendencies or Personality?
  119. Music and the Brain
  120. Brain-boosting "cosmetic neurology" on the horizon
  121. Potpourri
  122. Top scientist asks: is life all just a dream?
  123. Biological and Cultural Inheritance of Personality and Social Attitudes
  124. Gesture, Language Origins, and Right Handedness
  125. Gesture, Speech, and the Evolution of Right-handedness
  126. Ecopsychology
  127. I need some help about clockwork orange
  128. Impulsive Behavior may be Relict of Hunter-Gatherer Past
  129. Why Some Men Are So Handsome
  130. Memory And Morphogenetic Fields
  131. Similarities between Nietzsche's Übermensch and the Survivor Personality
  132. Psychotherapists and FDA standards
  133. Are You A Leader or a Follower ?
  134. What Do Women Really Want?
  135. The Neanderthal Theory of Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD
  136. Voluntary facial expression and hemispheric asymmetry over the frontal cortex
  137. Anyone else have any dreams of Skadi members? lol:)
  138. Harvard President: Women have less "Innate Ability" at Science and Maths than Men
  139. Why Do People Race Mix and What to do About It?
  140. Luscher test
  141. Crowds and Mathematics
  142. Intelligence Enhancement (Image Streaming)
  143. Making Memories Stick
  144. 'Born Losers': A History of Failure in America
  145. Innate Brain Differences Between Men and Women
  146. Funny Dream
  147. Lysenkoism, Sweden-style
  148. Science Points to a 'Sixth Sense'
  149. The Feeling of Loneliness
  150. Nordics Are Also Emotional, And This Is A Good Thing
  151. Corporate MTV/ Race O Rama
  152. Gay men read maps like women
  153. Romanes on the Psychological Criteria for Mind
  154. The Paradox of Intelligence
  155. What is Your Opinion on Sigmund Freud's Theories?
  156. Is Nordish IQ higher?
  157. Frightful, yet, interesting.
  158. The work of Volkmar Weiss: The IQ-Trapper
  159. Psychiatry: a new, safer alternative to ECT?
  160. Were/Are You Part of a Subculture?
  161. Word(s) of the Day Thread
  162. Blacks, Whites Have Same Fear Reaction When Seeing a Black Face
  163. Depression: the World's number one killer?
  164. Brain Scans Reveal Racial Biases
  165. Interesting Color Quiz
  166. Genetic Memory
  167. Do You Trust? Who Can You Really Trust?
  168. Also the eye can "smell": Visuals influence perception of smells
  169. Species of Mind: The Philosophy and Biology of Cognitive Ethology
  170. Yet Another Personality Test
  171. The origin of conservatism
  172. The lopsided brain: Attention bias is shared by humans and birds
  173. His Brain, Her Brain
  174. "Burn the Rich": Envy Comes Naturally
  175. On Psychopathy
  176. 'Similar Minds' Personality Test
  177. Classic I.Q. Test Results
  178. When in danger humans are similar to a deer in the headlights
  179. Violent boys in unsafe conditions less prone to depression
  180. Some politics may be etched in the genes
  181. 'Hollow-face illusion' affects estimates of distance and reaching tasks
  182. Japanese Man Recites PI to 83,000+ Digits
  183. Jung and Alchemy
  184. Another study on Jung
  185. Is the Human Brain Hard-Wired to Judge Face Symmetry as Most and Least Trustworthy?
  186. The Physiology of Embarrassment
  187. Ladies vs. Feminazis
  188. I Need Help With A School Project!
  189. Sea view helps cut stress levels
  190. Memory loss caused by Alzheimer's is not permanent after all?
  191. Conversations With Mass Murderers
  192. Crime, nature or nurture?
  193. Colour: Innate or Acquired?
  194. Test: Control Freak or Not?
  195. Warning over suntan 'addiction'
  196. Asians, Americans Show Perceptual Divide
  197. Suicide 'most likely on Mondays'
  198. Men Cleverer Than Women, Say Scientists
  199. The Benefits of Meditation
  200. Take The Tickle IQ Test
  201. Jews and American Popular Psychology
  202. Human Brain May Still Be Evolving
  203. Asian–White Differences in Aptitude and Difficulty of Chosen Academic Discipline
  204. Fine Line Revealed Between Creativity and Insanity
  205. Information on IQ Tests
  206. Human Behavior and Evolution Society
  207. The Anatomy of Ethnic Conflict: Finally, a Scientific Look at “Diversity”
  208. Born to Lie, Cheat and Con?
  209. very goog test`s page
  210. Women's preferences for the male physique
  211. A Class Divided - The Meaning of Discrimination
  212. Ever Experienced Déjà-vu"?
  213. You must take this test!
  214. What do you live for?
  215. Your Sleeping Habits
  216. Decline of Good Etiquette
  217. Racial/Colour Awareness In Young Children
  218. Kerry Bolton on Jung and the Völkisch Movement
  219. European IQ
  220. Evolutionary Jungian Psychology
  221. The Whole Brain Atlas
  222. How Long Do You Expect To Live?
  223. Loneliness could be in your genes
  224. Do you ever doubt?
  225. Creativity Determines Sexual Success
  226. [Ebook] Psychological Types, by C. G. Jung
  227. The Enneagram - 9 Personality Types Test
  228. Creative Genius or Psychotic?
  229. Human Instinctive Insecurity
  230. Some things about Sexual Selection
  231. Sociobiology: Explaining Human Behavior
  232. Violent dreams may hint at why dreaming evolved
  233. Dr. Socarides: "Gays Curable"
  234. Child's Height Linked to Intellectual Development
  235. Why do Black Americans have a higher Self-Esteem than White Americans?
  236. Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds
  237. “Stolen” memories investigated
  238. Depressed? Take a Hike
  239. Scientific Brain Linked to Autism
  240. Do You Hate?
  241. Why do women like women more than men like men?
  242. Sadism
  243. Is Tall Stature Key to a Man's Quality of Life?
  244. Collectivist Altruism Shown in Chimpanzees
  245. How to motivate yourself?
  246. Disease Avoidance and Ethnocentrism: the Effects of Disease Vulnerability and Disgust
  247. Who Do You Not Trust?
  248. Can the Weather Affect Behavior?
  249. Watching TV gives you Alzheimer's
  250. Autoerotic fatalities