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  1. Why Facts Don't Care About Feelings
  2. The NPC Question
  3. Moslem Sex and Deviance, by Guillaume Faye
  4. Homosexuality in Germany
  5. The 5 Main Cultural Influences Controlling Your Subconscious Mind
  6. The Death of Optimism
  7. Transgender Man Identifies as a Dog
  8. The Age of Emotional Incontinence
  9. Scenic Commute to Work Improves Mental Health – Study
  10. What It Means To Be Red Pilled
  11. The Kaaplander: The NPC Theory (Inner-speech)
  12. VertigoPolitix - The Stare Down: Cogdis, Negrophilia, & Liberal Sexual Guilt
  13. New research says intelligent people are messy, stay up late, and curse a lot
  14. The Mouse Utopia Experiments | Down the Rabbit Hole
  15. Can Words Hurt/Kill?
  16. Hyperthymesia/Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory
  17. All Of Me | Living With Dissociative Identity Disorder
  18. Women, which is your dominant soul archetype?
  19. Men, which is your dominant soul archetype?
  20. Pathological Altruism Explained
  21. I Think I'm an Animal (Species Dysphoria)
  22. The APA Promotes a Pseudoscience
  23. Do the languages we speak shape the way we think?
  24. Signs It’s Time To Let Go And Move On
  25. 7 Powerful Ways To Actually Support A Friend In Crisis (According To A Stanford Happiness Scientist)
  26. Social engineering the normal
  27. Psychology Is A Weapon Being Used Against Us
  28. Displays of happiness are vulgar
  29. Numbers
  30. Understanding Islam - Guillaume Faye
  31. Teenage Psychotic Experiences More Common in Areas with High Air Pollution
  32. Why Time Appears to Accelerate With Age
  33. More than half of motorists view cyclists as subhuman ‘cockroaches’
  34. Why Leftists Are So Unhappy
  35. Science Says Liberals, Not Conservatives, Are Psychotic
  36. Serial Killers And Their Addiction To Jewish-Produced Pornography
  37. Jordan Peterson Under Scrutiny
  38. The Fake Socialite Who Scammed New York's Elite
  39. The Dangers of Being a People-Pleaser
  40. Body Integrity Identity Disorder
  41. The Dunning-Kruger Bias: The Stupid Are Usually Cocksure While The Intelligent Are Full Of Doubts
  42. People Change Their Moral Values To Benefit Themselves Over Others
  43. Human brain hard-wired for rural tranquillity
  44. Extroverts Prefer Plains, Introverts Like Mountains