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  1. Autoerotic fatalities
  2. Phobias
  3. The Original Captain Trips
  4. Women more "open" than men??
  5. Imaging Race: A Neuroscientific Understanding of Race
  6. Woman With Perfect Memory Baffles Scientists
  7. The Gender Similarities Hypothesis
  8. Genes, Race, and Psychology in the Genome Era - an introduction
  9. Diversity improves group decision making in unexpected ways
  10. Most human beings 'natural born slaves'
  11. Personality Disorder Test
  12. Do you give females advantages because they are pretty?
  13. Why and when we lie
  14. Kretschmer and Sheldon: Test Your Personality (Viscerotonia, Somatotonia, Cerebrotonia)
  15. A Study of Dreams
  16. Who Do You Feel Closest To In Life?
  17. Children Raised by Wolves, Monkeys and Other Animals
  18. Secluded Tribe Leaves Jungle
  19. Women Use Facial Cues to Choose A Partner
  20. Are Virtual Communities Real?
  21. The Mobbing Encyclopaedia
  22. When the boss is a bully
  23. "Sex" on Google Trends
  24. Does diversity make us unhappy?
  25. Absence of father or unhappy homes => ugly daughters
  26. Anger syndrome 'under-diagnosed'
  27. How Open Minded Are You?
  28. Why men are more aggressive
  29. Race Implicit Association Test
  30. Study examines link between racial discrimination and mental and physical health
  31. Emotion, Movement & Psychological Space
  32. Erotic Images Arouse Brain Activity In Women
  33. Mental disorders strongly linked with obesity
  34. Do You Have a Type A Personality?
  35. The Genetic Self
  36. Test: What's your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?
  37. Men Act Like Dogs to Determine Dominance
  38. White males have the highest suicide rates
  39. Altruistic Punishment in Papua New Guinea and Parochial Altruism in Humans
  40. Your Brain Boots Up Like a Computer
  41. Cultural propensity for shyness, and multiculturalism
  42. Teacher's Gender Affects Learning
  43. We're Born with a Belief in the Supernatural"
  44. Men Smarter than Women, Scientist Claims
  45. The Paomnnehal Pweor of the Hmuan Mnid
  46. Study: Women Aroused as Quickly as Men
  47. What Is Your Main Loyalty?
  48. How emotional impulse thwarts common sense.
  49. Eye Accessing Cues and the Five Internal Representational Systems
  50. From Face to Body
  51. What Makes You Sad?
  52. What Makes You Angry?
  53. My personal opinion about intolerance
  54. Study on being the "nice" guy.
  55. Ethnic Identity Gives Teens Daily Happiness Boost
  56. Length of fingers a possible sign of violent behaviour in men.
  57. IQ of Serbian Gypsies
  58. Blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women
  59. Do You Drink When You Are Depressed?
  60. Machiavellian intelligence hypothesis
  61. " The Strangest Secret"
  62. Who was The Strongest Chess Player of All Time? Computer Analysis of World Chess Champions
  63. Reckless Sexual Behavior in Young Adults has Social Roots
  64. Thomson-Maidenbaum Personality Inventory (Alternative to MBTI Test)
  65. The Big Five Personality Test : What are your Personal Strengths?
  66. Understanding the Origins of Paleoart: The Neurovisual Resonance Theory and Brain Functioning
  67. Mere Thought of Money Makes People Selfish
  68. What Do You Think Of MENSA?
  69. Correlated preferences for facial masculinity
  70. In Which Psychological Aspects Do You Consider Negroids Primitive?
  71. Almost-Sleepwalking?
  72. A New Deal...
  73. An Excellent Personality Test (the 'Big Five' Test)
  74. Efforts for whites to appear colorblind may backfire
  75. Behavioural differences visible in newborns and infants of different races
  76. Commercialisation of Childhood
  77. African and American blacks have equally low IQs, environmental factors not important
  78. Love Thy Neighbor Evolved Out of Vicious Competition
  79. Do you keep a Dream Journal?
  80. We are about as smart as we're going to get, says IQ pioneer
  81. Reading Shakespeare has dramatic effect on human brain
  82. Electrical Activity Alters Language Used By Nerve Cells
  83. Teenagers Can't Think Straight, Scientists Say
  84. Neuroscience is Eroding the Idea of Free Will
  85. Monogamy & Human Nature
  86. 'Listen, Little Man!' [Wilhelm Reichs Great Defense Speech]
  87. 50% of the Blacks in Europe Must Be Given Special Education?
  88. Inferiority complexes and compensation
  89. A Reason Why Video Games Are Hard to Give Up
  90. Link between insomnia and hypersomnia, depression in children
  91. Imaging Pinpoints Brain Regions that 'See the Future'
  92. The Definition of "Life-Experience"
  93. My very very very weird Skadi-related dream
  94. Money and the Spiritual Warrior
  95. Your Snap Judgments Are Spot On
  96. Daydreamers
  97. Nightmares? Bad Dreams, or Recurring Dreams ?
  98. How the Moon rules your life
  99. 'Homophobia is a Psychological Disorder'
  100. "Why Do Racists Have Low IQs?"
  101. Are white people egomaniacs?
  102. Are some youngsters simply born to be bad?
  103. The Brain Scan That Can Read People's Intentions
  104. Faces, Faces Everywhere
  105. New MBTI Test!
  106. Nagging Spouse? You May Have An Excuse For Not Responding
  107. Sibling Incest Taboo Study
  108. Neurogenesis: Human brain can make new cells
  109. Strep Implicated In Psychiatric Problems
  110. The US psychological torture system is finally on trial
  111. Study: Group Thinking Clouds Decisions
  112. Post your negative & positive Europid stereotypes here
  113. Colour red impairs motivation
  114. Generation Y have an overabundace of self esteem
  115. Subliminal images impact on brain
  116. Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior
  117. Brain Can Learn Fear By Seeing Others’ Fears
  118. Do you think that personality disorders are culture specific?
  119. Neuroscience: This Is Your Brain on Neurotechnology
  120. I Chat, Therefore I Am... Can Machines Think?
  121. 'Bipolar' Children - Is the US Overdiagnosing?
  122. Existential Depression in Gifted Individuals
  123. "Multi-Tasking" is a Myth
  124. The Social Contract: A Personal Inquiry into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder
  125. The Ethological Approach to the Study of Human Behavior
  126. Ethological and Evolutionary Theories of Aggression
  127. Psychological Personality Test
  128. You Don't Have To Hate Other Groups To Love Your Own, Psychologist Says
  129. Something I have preecieved
  130. Population density, social pathology, and behavioral ecology
  131. Human Behavioural Ecology
  132. Autism Quotient Test
  133. Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder
  134. Psychology Today: Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature
  135. Are You Judgmental? Do You Judge Other People?
  136. Century Of the Self
  137. Politics and Genetics: You Are A Natural-Born Voter
  138. Do You Gossip?
  139. Materialism is Caused by Low Self-Esteem
  140. Measure your personality (is it Authoritarian?)
  141. Study: Blondes make men dumb
  142. Objectivity
  143. Germanic Propensity for Mnemonics
  144. First-borns have higher IQ scores
  145. Jung's Analytical Psychology
  146. Internet forums for antisocials?
  147. How to Resist Gossiping
  148. Your Internet Ego
  149. What Kind of Thinker Are You?
  150. The Germanic Grieving Process
  151. What's your stance towards Naturism?
  152. Discrimination Against Blacks Linked To Dehumanization, Study Finds
  153. Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful: A Commercial In Context
  154. Generosity in the Germanic World
  155. Color Psychology: Do Different Colors Affect Your Mood?
  156. A Psychological Optical Illusion
  157. Top Psychiatrist Concludes Liberals Clinically Nuts
  158. Autism/Aspergers Disorder
  159. Are you a Loner Type?
  160. The Psychology of Crowd Cowardice
  161. Do You Cry?
  162. Are People in Your Country Good at Queuing?
  163. British Sense of Fair Play Proven by Science
  164. Most People Vote By Race
  165. People Turn More Liberal With Age
  166. Eastern And Western Cultures See Emotions Very Differently
  167. Turn Off Your TV, Turn On Your Life
  168. Nature Giving Way To Virtual Reality
  169. Thoughts On Emotional Intelligence
  170. Your Earliest Memory?
  171. The First Words You Uttered
  172. What Do You Often Forget?
  173. Forms of Greeting
  174. 16 Personality Factors
  175. Freedom Of Choice Makes Us Confused
  176. The Smarter the Female the More She Dislikes Sex
  177. Conservatives Happier Than Liberals
  178. Explosive Behavior
  179. People Value Equity Over Efficiency: Study
  180. Raising a Glass to Teutonic Hospitality
  181. Europe is World's Suicide Hotspot
  182. The Working Class 'Has Lower IQ'
  183. Machiavelli Personality Test, Are You a Cutthroat or a Pussycat? Find Out, if You Dare.
  184. Sarcasm Seen As Evolutionary Survival Skill
  185. Meditation Found to Increase Brain Size
  186. Treatment with CRH-1 Antagonist Antalarmin Reduces Behavioral and Endocrine Responses to Social Stre
  187. Sex and Psychological Operations
  188. Mixed-Race Students Report More Troubles
  189. Helping Strangers? / Charity
  190. Brain Biology - The Positive Effect of Spirituality on Physical Health
  191. The IQ League: Issues with Lynn's European Research Project
  192. IQ Differences Within Europe and the Genetic Aspect
  193. Music Taste 'Linked' to Personality
  194. Anthropologists Develop New Approach To Explain Religious Behavior
  195. Success Quotes
  196. "Intransigence", by V. Prozak
  197. How to Activate Group Belonging Using Psychology?
  198. Do You Have Any Idea What an IQ of 110 Is Like?
  199. Do the Masses Really Believe in Multiculturalism and Political Correctness?
  200. Pareidolia
  201. How Much Comfort is Too Much Comfort?
  202. Warfare and Human Behavior
  203. Germans Call Their Mothers More
  204. Germans Are the Most Pessimistic Europeans
  205. Graffiti and Litter Lead to More Street Crime
  206. Gender and Creativity Or.......
  207. The Psychology of Peoples by Gustave Le Bon
  208. Religion & IQ: The Intelligence-Religiosity Nexus
  209. A New Year's Resolution: Could We Be a Little More Polite, Please?
  210. Importance of Punctuality?
  211. Modesty
  212. You May Be More Racist Than You Think
  213. Sheep in Human Clothing – Scientists Reveal Our Flock Mentality
  214. Cultural Marxism Example: Team Ashamed of Being Winners
  215. Women React Differently to Food than Men
  216. Do You Identify Cowardice As a Trait of Certain Ethnic Groups?
  217. Xenophobia, for Men Only
  218. Are You a Good Secret Keeper? Do You Tell Others Your Secrets?
  219. Internet Addiction
  220. Are You Well-Mannered?
  221. How to Deal with Condescending People
  222. Feral Children: Socialization By Outside Culture?
  223. We Are Friendlier to People Who Resemble Us, Scientists Find
  224. Should Scientists Study Race and IQ?
  225. "Multiracial Identity Associated With Better Social And Personal Well-being"
  226. Racial Bias Can Be Reduced By Teaching People To Differentiate Facial Features Better In Individuals Of A Different Race
  227. Surprisingly High Tolerance For Racism Revealed
  228. Anxiety Problem Here - is It Normal?
  229. Humans Losing Touch with Nature
  230. Prejudice Affects Perception Of Ethnic Minority Faces
  231. Do You Ever Talk to Yourself? Is Talking to Oneself a Sign of Madness?
  232. Where You Live May Affect Your State of Mind
  233. Study Explores Roots of Ethnic Violence
  234. Social, Asocial or Antisocial?
  235. The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently and Why
  236. Homesickness
  237. Living Abroad Enhances Creativity
  238. Happiness Has Nothing to Do with Wealth
  239. Could Human Altruism Have Evolved Because of War?
  240. People Choose News That Fits Their Views
  241. Which Behaviour Patterns Do You Find Most Annoying?
  242. Ethnicities and "Thick Skin"
  243. Conformist Thinking Can Doom Civilization
  244. Asian-Caucasians Face Mental Disorder Risk
  245. Capitalism vs. Socialism: Happiness Could Care Less
  246. Women More Racist when Fertile
  247. Analysis of the Unibomber Manifesto
  248. Do You Hold Grudges?
  249. Facial Expressions 'Not Global'
  250. The High IQ Outsiders