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  1. Do You Accept the Germanic Minority in Southern Europe as Your Kin?
  2. The Amish & Pennsylvania Dutch/Germans
  3. Germany’s Economic Woes Threaten Alsatian Commuters
  4. Ungarndeutsche, the Germans of Hungary
  5. Germanisation of the Land Between the Elbe-Saale and the Oder Rivers
  6. Ethnic Germans in the Banat: Forgotten *Yet Timely *History
  7. Flemish Influence On Scotland
  8. The Germans of Brazil
  9. The Janjevci: Descendants of Saxons in Serbia
  10. Russia-German Settlements in South America
  11. Kazakhstan and the Volga Germans
  12. Map of Germanic Place Names in Iberian Peninsula
  13. Density of Scandinavian place names in Normady
  14. How Germanic is France?
  15. Dutch Folks In The Caribbean (1950s)
  16. Any Langbards Here?
  17. The New Netherland Project
  18. Transylvanian Saxons: the Ethnic Germans of Transylvania
  19. The Flemish in France: A Disappearing Minority
  20. The New Sweden Colony In 17th Century America
  21. The Germans from Russia
  22. Sudetenland/ Sudeten-Germans/ Sudeten-German History
  23. The Settlement of Germanic Populations in Bukovina
  24. Schroeder Dismisses Sudeten Germans' Claims
  25. Germans Back to Russia
  26. Deutschbalten/German Balts
  27. The Normans in South Wales, 1070-1171
  28. Germanna Colonies in Virginia
  29. Estonian Swedes
  30. Gammalsvenskby, Swedes of the Ukraine
  31. The Sorbs: Germany's Struggling Ethnic Minority
  32. KATTOWITZ, a Town in the Prussian Province of Silesia
  33. A Good History of Pomerania
  34. Monument in Memory of Russian Germans Unveiled in Russia's North
  35. East Prussia and Koenigsberg Maps
  36. The Concept of "Ethnic Germans"
  37. Nueva Germania: "Rebuilding A Pure Aryan Home in the Paraguayan Jungle"
  38. The Future of Kaliningrad
  39. Memelland
  40. Who is French on Skadi (Even Partly) ?
  41. The Welsh in Patagonia (a "Folkwandering")
  42. Norse Origin of Scotland's First Settlers
  43. Donauschwaben: Swabians in the Danube Valley
  44. Russian pro-German Königsberg Movement (!)
  45. Row Over Offer to Sudeten Germans
  46. Who are the Walsers of the Alps?
  47. Who Are the Volksdeutsche and What Criteria Must One Meet to Qualify as Volksdeutsch?
  48. The German Language is Opressed in France
  49. Castroville, "The Little Alsace of Texas"
  50. Former Italian President Tells South Tyroleans that They Are Not Austrians
  51. A Forgotten Germanic People: the Scanians
  52. How Do You Feel About France?
  53. Czech Government Makes Apology to German Anti-Fascists
  54. Living by Stealing in Silesia
  55. What's Your Perception of Padania (North-Italy), on an Ethnic Perspective?
  56. Nordish Diaspora (for Colonialists, travellers, & all that are Nordish)
  57. Former German(ic) Territories: Maps and Pictures
  58. The German Minority in Belgium
  59. "German-Brazilianness": The Ethnic German Community in Brazil
  60. German Language Inscription in Moscow
  61. German Community from Sibiu (Hermannstadt)
  62. 'Movement for the Autonomy of Silesia' (Schlesien)
  63. German Settlers in the Ukraine
  64. Were Poles integrated in German society?
  65. Germanized Czechs?
  66. Most European Royalties all descend from Finland (Kvenland)?
  67. Self-Identifying "Germans": I Don't Get It
  68. German Heritage in Argentina
  69. Is Cork Country Germanic?
  70. Sudeten Germans' View on Their Expulsions After WWII - "Only Their Own Problem"
  71. More than 100,000 British migrated to Poland between 1550 and 1850
  72. German Community in Chile
  73. Irish words which have come from Old Norse
  74. Maronite Christians: Crusader Settlements in the Middle East
  75. "History of German Settlements in Southern Hungary" by Sue Clarkson
  76. Influence of the Frankish people on the rest of Europe
  77. Vegaøyan – The Vega Archipelago
  78. Sudeten Leader Praises Merkel for Not Yielding to Czechs
  79. The Racial Makeup of Northern Italy
  80. Tranquebar: a Danish Town in India
  81. Immigrants from the Netherlands in Siberia?
  82. [split] Silesia (Polish vs. German perspective)
  83. German Settlements in Argentina
  84. Mocheno / Bersntolerisch - Germanic language in N. Italy
  85. The Cimbrian Minority - Language and Culture
  86. German Names for Central European Towns
  87. 'Der Treck der Volksdeutschen aus Wolhynien, Galizien und dem Narevgebiet'
  88. Peripherally Germanic
  89. Ethnic German Groupings
  90. Germans in Australia
  91. Gammalsvenskby - the Swedish Settlement in the Ukraine
  92. Forum FAQ & Purpose
  93. Countries with a Germanic Influence?
  94. Baltische Ritterschaften
  95. German Settlements in Kansas
  96. Do You Visit Your Motherland?
  97. Flemish Settlement in England and Wales
  98. Alpine Revolution - Italian Village Wants to Join Austria
  99. Irish and German: Linguistic Connections
  100. Country with Germanic Influence (Visigothic)
  101. Who Are We and Where Do We Come From?
  102. Transylvanian Landler
  103. Dobrujan Germans
  104. Federation of Expellees (Germany)
  105. Do You Accept the "Aussiedler"?
  106. The Carpathian Germans
  107. Notable Transylvanian Saxon Personalities
  108. Should National Minorities Have the Right to Study in Their Language?
  109. The German Minority in Denmark
  110. Volhynia - A History of German Baptists
  111. Black Sea Germans in the 'Gotenland'
  112. The Villages Where Time Has Stood Still
  113. Norman and Swabian Influences in Sicily
  114. The Germans in Peru / A Germanic Colony in the Andes
  115. Bavarian Premier Calls for Dialogue on Sudeten German Issue
  116. German Bohemia
  117. Ethnic German Minorities in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
  118. German Minorities in East and West. A Comparative Overview and Outlook
  119. German Colonies in Africa
  120. Ethnic German Migration Since 1989 - Results and Perspectives
  121. The Texas Germans: “Hin’ nach Texas!”
  122. 'Germans' Leaving Mexico in Droves
  123. German Diaspora in Turkey
  124. Finland-Swedes
  125. The Golendry of Siberia (Olendry, Holendry, Bughollaеnder, Haulaender)
  126. Are the Irish, the Welsh or the Scottish Germanic?
  127. What About the Walloons?
  128. Web Portal Documents State of Ethnic German Minorities
  129. Does Anyone Have Any Info on the "Buren" Tribe?
  130. Poll: Most Czechs Approve of German Deportation
  131. Influences on Germany, Etc.
  132. Büsingen (German Enclave Within Switzerland)
  133. Baarle (Belgian and Dutch Enclaves)
  134. Shandong: A German Enclave That Brought on the May Fourth Movement
  135. The Germans in Acadiana
  136. List of Germanic Enclaves
  137. Irish Palatines of County Limerick
  138. Czech Constitutional Court Refuses to Return Chateaus to Pezold
  139. Germans in Bulgaria
  140. Iowa Germans
  141. Pelayo of Asturias Was German
  142. Poland/Germanic Poles
  143. Czech MEP Rejects Sudeten German Calls to End Beneš Decrees
  144. My View on the Volksdeutsche
  145. The Heimat Abroad: The Boundaries of Germanness
  146. Lombard Mummy?
  147. The German Roots of the Slovenian Capital Laibach/Ljubljana
  148. Leaving Transylvania - Dieter Auner
  149. The Kaliningrad Question
  150. The Norman Movement
  151. Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (1918)
  152. German Memories - Volga Germans Migration Towards Americas
  153. Alsace-Lorraine — an Enclave of Ethnic Germans in France
  154. Coming Home to Germany?: The Integration of Ethnic Germans from Central and Eastern Europe in the Federal Republic
  155. A Discussion With Baltic German
  156. The Danish Legacy in Bangkok
  157. Separatist/Autonomous Movements in the Germanic Enclaves
  158. East Germanic Influence
  159. The German Minority in Togo
  160. Walddeutsche
  161. Olędrzy
  162. The Germanic Diaspora: Visuals
  163. Bavarian Premier to Seek Dialogue with Czechs in Expulsion Dispute
  164. Angela Merkel's Party Backs 'Homeland' for Germans Expelled by Poland
  165. Ethnic German Communities in Canada
  166. Hutterites Need Driver's Licence Photos: Top Court
  167. Why Do Other Ethnicities Always Seem to Want Very Much to Fit into Germanic Culture?
  168. Warsaw Under German Rule
  169. Eupen-Malmedy, Belgium
  170. Percentage Of Germanic Blood in County Derry and Londonderry City, Ireland ?
  171. Revenge on Ethnic Germans: Czech Town Divided Over How to Commemorate 1945 Massacre
  172. Ancient Saxon Villages in Romania Fall into the Hands of Gypsies
  173. Sudeten Germans Re-Put Europe’s Future Under Threat
  174. Ethnic German Politician Nominated As Romanian PM
  175. German(ic) Diaspora Dilemma: Preservation of Old Identities or Forging New Ones?
  176. Are Ladin Speakers Germanic ?
  177. Germanic Heroes of the East
  178. Extinct German Dialect ?
  179. Slovaks and Slovenes
  180. Neumark/East Brandenburg
  181. End of Era for Argentina's Afrikaners
  182. Two Thirds of Czechs Want Benes Decrees to Remain in Force - Poll
  183. SVP Wants Dual Citizenship for South Tyrol Residents
  184. Vikings & Normans & Anglo-Saxons. The Germanic Irish
  185. Any Prussians Here?
  186. German Communities in London?
  187. Ethnic Germans and Mennonites in Bolivia
  188. The Story of German Mennonites Who Formed Militias to Fight Against Anarchists & Bolsheviks
  189. German Jamaican Community
  190. German Haitian Werner Jaegerhuber, Classical Composer
  191. Scottish Jamaican History
  192. Danzig, Memel, Kolberg and Maribor - Do They Have Any German Population?
  193. The Case For Mercian Independence
  194. The Sami People
  195. Architect Seeks to Rebuild Historic Core of Königsberg
  196. Most "Germanic" Southern European Country?
  197. Are Parts of Eastern France Germanic?
  198. Kronental in Crimea, Ukraine
  199. Pomerode: German Pomeranian Outpost in Southern Brazil
  200. Gisele Bündchen: Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  201. Germanic Communities in South America?
  202. Are/were Parts of Southern Bohemia Germanic?
  203. Expellee 'Provocation': Prague Refuses Apology to Sudeten Germans
  204. German-Speaking Mennonite Community in Northern Mexico
  205. The Problem of Danzig
  206. Polish Highlanders are Germanic
  207. Argentina: A German Enclave in South America
  208. Ohio Amish Leader: Beard-Cutting Religious Matter
  209. The Forgotten Saxon World
  210. Donauschwaben Villages: The Flame Devours Us
  211. Toward the Creation of a Council of Alsace
  212. Any Volga Deutsche or Germans from Russia Here?
  213. Germans in Namibia
  214. Reconnaissance Report: Central Pennsylvania (by William Ventvogel)
  215. German Colonization Past and Future: The Truth About the German Colonies
  216. More Czechs Favor Abolishing Benes Expulsion Decrees
  217. German Enclave in Venezuela
  218. Can we take Prussia back from the Russians and the Poles?
  219. Germans in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, etc.)
  220. Was Korsnäs Always a Swedish Enclave?
  221. Triple Murder in Alsace: the Perpetrator Couldn't Stand His Life in Alsace Anymore
  222. Choosing a National Anthem for Mercia
  223. The Germanic Irish
  224. The Volkliste and the Volksdeutsche of Poland
  225. Is The French Nobility Still Of Frankish Origin?
  226. Fewer Ethnic Germans Immigrating to Ancestral Homeland
  227. Berlin Helps Ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe
  228. Austrians in Favour of Unifying with South Tyrol
  229. Sudeten Germans Give Up 'Right to Homeland'
  230. Germans in Lithuania
  231. The Danish Minority in Germany
  232. The North Frisians in Germany
  233. Kyrgyzstan: Exodus Over, Ethnic Germans Cling to Traditions
  234. German Immigration and Adaptation to Latin America
  235. Pictures from the Enclaves/German Diaspora
  236. The French-German Borderlands: Borderlands and Nation-Building in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  237. Report on Ethnic Germans in the Kazakhstan
  238. 'Trading Germans': the Secret Cold War Traffic in Human Beings
  239. Kaliningrad, City of Gloom (Königsberg)
  240. German Citizenship not for Germans from Hungary
  241. What is Your View on Galicia and the Galizien People (Ukraine)?
  242. Saxons in the Republic of Macedonia
  243. The Sudeten German Tragedy [Dr. Austin J. App]
  244. Germanic Community in South America
  245. Mantakisch - The Mantak Dialect from the Carpathian
  246. Africa Before and After Colonialism
  247. Danube-Swabian Memorial in Jarek
  248. Queen Isabella of Spain and Her Reason(s) for the Expulsion
  249. Dutch New York and Swedish Philadelphia, Anglo-German America
  250. Mixed Germanic States Poll