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  1. Norman Canadians
  2. Finland Under Swedish Rule?
  3. What The Amish And The Shakers Can Teach Us About Demographics
  4. Longobardia
  5. Amish Uber? Michigan Man Starts His Own Horse and Buggy Service
  6. North Schleswig Germans
  7. Hamburg: The Most British City Outside of Britain
  8. The Surprising Places Around The World Where German Is Still Spoken
  9. Russia Hopes to Lure Back Ethnic Germans
  10. Nazi Insults Targeting Romanian President Enrage German Officials
  11. Ethnic Germans From Russia In Open Letter: 'We Are Not The AfD'
  12. Czechs Alarmed by Merkel's 'Revisionist' Remarks on Germans Expelled After WWII
  13. German And Polish Border Disputes: Why A Future War Cannot Be Ruled Out
  14. Ethnic German Migration Doubles In Two Years
  15. Croatian Wikipedia Removes ‘Polish Genocide of Germans’ Claim
  16. Alsace: Culturally Not Quite French, Not Quite German
  17. Alsace: Bilingualism a Thing of the Past
  18. Alsatians and Lorrainians
  19. Scandinavian Brazilians
  20. Danish Minority in Argentina
  21. Germans in Romania
  22. Buchenlanddeutsche (Bukowina Germans)
  23. Danish Greenlanders
  24. Growing Up Hutterite