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  1. What is Religion and what is Mythology?
  2. Jews: Religion or Race?
  3. A Declaration of Proportions
  4. The Religion of Ancient Slavs
  5. What is Your Religion/Faith?
  6. An Excert from Himalayan Academy's The Weaver's Wisdom
  7. The Pars Saga of the Mazdayasnis
  8. What the Talmud says about non-Jewish women
  9. Islam and Pedophilia
  10. Jewish Ritual Murder
  11. The "chosen people" can be racist!
  12. Spirituality Or Religion?
  13. What's Your View on Death and the Afterlife?
  14. Lower Races and Religion
  15. The Negro and its Relationship to God
  16. The New and Revised Talmud!
  17. A search for Spiritualism
  18. Your Thoughts on Vedanta?
  19. Moslem National Socialists? / NS and Islam
  20. Cosmotheism: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  21. The Talmud Exposed
  22. Can Germanics Be Hindu or Buddhist While Retaining Their Identity?
  23. What Do You Know About Satanism?
  24. Creating Your Own Religion...
  25. The Religion Test
  26. What has caused non-European Western Countries to have most of the fundamentalists?
  27. Theist, Deist, Pantheist, or Atheist?
  28. The Judaic Myth
  29. Courtesy of Julius Streicher
  30. What Is the Philosophy Behind Buddhism?
  31. Aleister Crowley: Bi-Sexual, Drug-Abuser and Free-Mason
  32. Moslem Pork Taboo is Down to Pre-Islamic Fertility Goddess Al'Lat
  33. "The devil made me do it... "
  34. Death Traditions and Rites
  35. Senua, Britain's Unknown Goddess Unearthed
  36. 'Science cannot provide all the answers'
  37. "Mathematical Proof that the "Quran" is the Word of God"
  38. Italian Journalists Unveil Biblical Mistakes
  39. European Islam; Illyrians, Albanians or Shiptars?
  40. Do You Believe in Spirituality?
  41. Race as Mentioned in the "Qur'an"
  42. Sacrifice, Nature of Religion / On Sacrificial Death
  43. Dog worship day in Katmandu
  44. The Megalithic Religion
  45. Freemasons and the Dajjal
  46. Abortion, from A Spiritual Perspective
  47. Cassiopea: The Works of Scientific Mystic, Laura Knight-Jadczyk
  48. The Bizarre Nature of the Judeo-Christian God
  49. World Congress of Ethnic Religions
  50. Scholars Discover Parts of New Testament
  51. Al'lat - the Goddess of the Black Stone
  52. Muhammad the Slave Trader - Is Allah racist?
  53. Marx, Moses, and the Pagans in the Secular City
  54. The Evil Eye
  55. A Day Of Tolerance And Restauration
  56. What Is the Meaning of Life?
  57. Holy Shi'ite...
  58. Stav - A Traditional European form of meditation
  59. Creativity - The Sixteen Commandments
  60. What is a Creator? Major Doctrines of the Creativity Movement
  61. Creativity's Strategy For White Victory
  62. Extreme Religious Tolerance Today
  63. Top 10 Reasons Why I Am Not Christian
  64. Shiites and Shiaism: Shia is a separate religion
  65. Razmig's thoughts on Islam
  66. Local Laws and Practices from the Moslem World
  67. Gnostic Faith Selector
  68. Farvardyn Project: Religion and Rituals of Persia
  69. Artemis and the Amazons: Goddess Cultures of the Ancient World
  70. Wahi: The Supernatural Basis of Islam (Dr. Koenraad Elst)
  71. The Meaning and Context of Zen (by Julius Evola)
  72. Sufis in Germany
  73. Slavic Gods & Goddesses
  74. If you could ask God any question, what would it be?
  75. WCOTC: World Church of the Creator
  76. Has "Noah's Ark" Been Found on Turkish Mountaintop?
  77. Islam longs for its lost Empire
  78. Tajikistan: Funerary Dances on Sughdian Ossuaries
  79. Identity Satanism
  80. The City of Satan: Serpents versus Adamites
  81. The Divine Right of Kings
  82. Is Islam a Threat to the Germanic Peoples and European Civilisation?
  83. Sufism: What is Tasawwuf?
  84. The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice
  85. Your Opinion About Theosophy?
  86. Pearls of Wisdom from the Upanishads
  87. Definition of the Term "Polytheism"
  88. The Fall of Assyria's Empire and Rise of the Moses Legend
  89. From the Sayings of the Filthy Ayatollah Khomeini
  90. Pagan Criticism on Christianity: Celsus and "True Doctrine"
  91. Pagan Criticism on Christianity: Porphyry and "Against Christians"
  92. The Spirit of Creativity
  93. About Pre-Islamic Arabs
  94. Islam as the Totality: The Final System of Human Slavery
  95. The Problems with Creativity (WCOTC)
  96. Rastafarian culture and religion
  97. The Judaic Messiah
  98. Why I am Not a Christian - An Examination of the God-Idea and Christianity
  99. Sech Arcana: A New Religion
  100. An anthropological view of Satanism
  101. The Ten Commandments - A Pagan Perspective
  102. Europe Must Have a Religious Awakening or It Will Perish
  103. The Hindu Universe
  104. Witchcraft, Magic and Religion (Jenny Blain)
  105. The Olympian Gods
  106. Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica
  107. At the Edge Archives: Archaeology, Mythology and Folklore
  108. Daoist Alchemy in the West: The Esoteric Paradigms
  109. Interpretation of this Tarot Card?
  110. Apollonius of Tyana: The Hellene Jesus
  111. Yezidism, "the Kurdish Satanists"
  112. Hossein Nasr on Sufism: The Interior Life in Islam
  113. Hellenization of Judaism
  114. The Afterlife in Comparative Religion
  115. Principia Chaotica: Chaos Magic for the Pandaemeon
  116. Nietzsche and Satanic "Stratification"
  117. Shamanic Influences in West Eurasian Religions
  118. Dasera - The Day on which Lord Ram killed the evil King of Lanka 'Ravan'
  119. Reality Time, by Varg Vikernes
  120. An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World
  121. On the Semitized English: The Practice of Royal Circumcision in England
  122. Ex-Moslems: The Apostates of Islam
  123. Is It 'OK' to Have Inter-Religious Relationships?
  124. Sons of God - The Ideology of Assyrian Kingship
  125. The Chthonic: From Beast to Godhead
  126. The Concept of Sin in Abrahamic Religions
  127. The Divine Mother and the Veil of Death: The Mysteries of Eleusis
  128. The Path Toward the Sacred: A Society without God but not without Religion
  129. Inner West: Interesting Book on Western Mysticism
  130. The Child Wife of the "Prophet". Was Muhammad a Pedophile?
  131. Was Judaism A Henotheist rather than A Monotheist Religion?
  132. Aristotle Versus The Big Jew in the Sky
  133. Disaster Ignites Debate: ‘Was God In the Tsunami?’
  134. Charles Lindbergh: Intimations of Cosmotheism: Aviation, the Cosmos, and the Future
  135. 2005: The Year of the Rooster
  136. The Structure of Black Lodges
  137. The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty
  138. Amorc - The Rosicrucian Order
  139. The Descent of Islam (by Revilo P. Oliver)
  140. Islam a Threat to Germanics & Western Culture?
  141. Your Opinion about the Knights of the Temple?
  142. The Ancient Religion of the Finns
  143. The Alchemy Website
  144. Christian-Moslem Understanding in the later Middle Ages
  145. The Yezidi Religion
  146. Organised Pagan Cult in Kievan Rus
  147. Tengerism and Siberian Turkic / Mongolian Shamanism
  148. The Role of Creation and Origin Myths in the Development of Inca State and Religion
  149. Mythological Image of Alarvady (Albasty) in the Azerbaijan Birth Rites
  150. Belarusian Mythology
  151. Hermetic Virtual Library
  152. The Divine Serpent in Myth and Legend
  153. The Practical Esoteric Aims of Satanism
  154. Monotheism vs Polytheism
  155. Key Differences Between Judaism and Christianity
  156. Protocols of Zion: Plan for Economic Enslavement of Goyim
  157. Christianity a Jewish Scheme to Destory "All the Kings of the North"
  158. Why Are Europeans More Secular and Americans more Religious?
  159. Saraswat Brahmins
  160. The Serpent and Dragon in World Mythology
  161. Celestial Bodies in the Cthulhu Mythos
  162. Phenomenology of Religions and Philosophy of Religion
  163. Nordish "Satanism" - An idea and some personal thoughts.
  164. A Sacrificial Prayer of the Mari People
  165. Who is Satan?
  166. Islam, the Only Way for Africans?
  167. If you are a Christian, a Moslem or a Jew, then you are wrong
  168. Metaphysics of Labyrinths in India, Pakistan, Nepal & Sri Lanka
  169. Majjhima Nikaya: The "Middle-length Discourses" of the Buddha
  170. Mythology and Religion of Pre-Islamic Arabia: Deities, Spirits, Figures and Locations
  171. The Summer Solstice in Latvian Tradition
  172. The Celtic Thunder God
  173. The Limits of Initiatory Regularity (Julius Evola)
  174. Druidism: Ultra Pict faith
  175. Cathars and the high social position of women during the Middle Ages
  176. On the Trail of the Winged God: Hermes and Hermeticism Throughout the Ages
  177. The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation
  178. Lost Knowledge: 'The Vortex' (by MaatRaAh)
  179. Cosmotheism and Odinism: are they compatible?
  180. Alfred Rosenberg on the Old Testament
  181. Cathar Apocalypticism
  182. The Queen of the Air: A Study of the Greek Gods of Clouds and Storm
  183. The "Fate of Islam" Poll
  184. Islamic 'Health and Hygiene' Recommendations
  185. Why Are You Religious?
  186. The Aryan Satanic Front and the Order of the Serpent
  187. Cosmotheist Links with Constructive but Critical Comments
  188. Is an Ethnic Religion Necessarily a Racist Religion?
  189. Scythian ‘Animal Style’ and Shamanism
  190. The Avatars: Sons of God
  191. Cultures of the Goddess (Heide Gottner-Abendroth)
  192. WCOTC: Ben Klassen on Eugenics
  193. The Dragon: A European Deity?
  194. How we make Traditional & Gnostic vision workable: now?
  195. The Celtiberian Religion
  196. Differences Between "Sunni" and "Shi'a" Moslems
  197. What do you think about the Desert God (Yahweh/Allah)?
  198. Mohammad's Pedophilia
  199. The Religion of the Mongols
  200. Who Is More Likely to Be Rewarded by God?
  201. "And the name of my god is... God"
  202. Rosicrucianism and Northern European Spirituality
  203. Islam: A "Religion of Peace"?
  204. Do You Believe in Evolution?
  205. The Bön Religion of Tibet
  206. Odinist/Moslem Workplace Conflict: The Extraordinary Case Of The Pagan And The Multicultural Prayer Room
  207. Is Paganism A Viable Alternative? @Leofric
  208. Do you believe in a religion other than Christianity?
  209. Test: What Religion Do You Fit In With?
  210. The Sun-God Lugh
  211. Meditation in the European Tradition?
  212. Evil of "Prophet" Muhammed
  213. The Mesopotamian Pantheon
  214. The Real Prehistoric Religion of Malta
  215. Aboriginal Traditions Myths and Legend
  216. The Goddess of the Israelites
  217. 'The Religion of the Mithras Cult', by Roger Beck (2006)
  218. The Armenian Pantheon
  219. William S. Burroughs: 20th Century Gnostic Visionary
  220. I Dare Us All To Be As Gods
  221. The Bible is True, According to Islam
  222. Spread of Religion - 5000 years in 90 seconds
  223. Looking for Info about Northern Italy's Ancient Religions
  224. Ex-Moslem: 'Islam can't be reformed'
  225. Brief Critical Analysis of Cosmotheism
  226. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Remembering your past Lives
  227. The Venus Cycle and Warfare
  228. Religion + Politics = ?
  229. Snake Cults Dominated Early Arabia
  230. MUL.APIN Tablets: Fathers of the Zodiac Tracked Down
  231. 'Germany's New Religion', by Jakob Wilhelm Hauer
  232. China Bans Reincarnation of Buddhas Without State Permission
  233. Russian Swami Finds Forefather's Faith in Sanatana Dharma
  234. The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism
  235. The Universal Flood Myth
  236. Islam & Germanic Identity
  237. The Gnostic World View: A Brief Summary of Gnosticism
  238. Mahikari: A 'New Religion' from Japan
  239. Eugen Drewermann's Depth Psychological Interpretation of Religious Symbols
  240. Ritual, Emotion, and Sacred Symbols: The Evolution of Religion as an Adaptive Complex
  241. 'Japanese New Religions': The New Evil?
  242. What you think of the Dalai Lama?
  243. On the Gods and the Cosmos
  244. The Sacred Phallus
  245. Similarities of Pagan Deities with Jesus
  246. What have the Moslems done for mankind?
  247. Myths Are Divine [from Sallustius on Gods and the World]
  248. Ancient Circassian Religion and Mythology
  249. Bear-Worshipping Japanese Ainu Peoples
  250. Fascinating Non-European Myths, Religions and Spirituality