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  1. Explaining Your Faith
  2. The Trinity of Goddesses of Pre-Islamic Arabia
  3. 11 Zen Stories
  4. About Authors Who Write of Tradition [Split from "The Historical Failure of..."]
  5. The Multiverse Theory
  6. Religious Conversion and Proselytism
  7. Christianity was initially an Initiatic Path, like Sufism, Esoteric Hinduism, etc
  8. The Story of Chanukah
  9. Slavery and Terrorism: Islam, A Way of Life
  10. Secrets of Hitler's Forgotten Library
  11. Masks in European Animism
  12. The Future of Religion: Female Dominated and Private?
  13. Animism, a Solution to the Problem of Consciousness?
  14. Is Islam Germanic in Origin?
  15. Islam is Not a Religion Nor is it a Cult. It is a Complete System
  16. Can Christianity Stand Against Norse Paganism?
  17. What Are Your Thoughts on "Creativity"?
  18. Worship of Nature, a Form of Religion?
  19. The Weight of Tradition: Why Judaism is Not Like Other Religions
  20. How Do You React to Criticism of Your Religion?
  21. Have You Officially Renounced Your Religion? Are You Considering It?
  22. Your Opinion on Rosicrucians?
  23. Many Americans Haunted By Ghosts, Look To Astrology
  24. The Theology of Political Correctness: Original Sin
  25. Convert Me!
  26. Ram Bahadur Bamjan (Buddha Boy)
  27. Are There Any Buddhists on Skadi?
  28. Nietzsche on Myths
  29. Post a Picture of Your Spirit Guide
  30. The Oldest Religion on Earth
  31. Thelema and LaVeyan Satanism: Your Opinion
  32. Does Religious Belief Make You More Racist?
  33. How Often Did European Jews Convert to Christianity and Mix with the Locals
  34. All Religions Are Tools of the Dark Forces, Jesus is a Fictious Myth of the Roman Empire
  35. Thelema & Aleister Crowley
  36. Jewish Religious Icon Found?
  37. Ophiuchus: A 13th Sign of the Zodiac?
  38. Scientology, a Sick, Destructive, and Idiotic "Religion"
  39. There's More to Religion Than Meets the 'Eye'.
  40. Talmudic Judaism - Dr. William Pierce
  41. Odin vs. Abrahamic-God
  42. Nazis Attempted to Rewrite the Bible
  43. [Video] Tradition Betrayed: the False Prophets of Modernism
  44. "Hitler's Table Talks": The Guide to His Religious Philosophy
  45. Your Views on "Cosmotheism"?
  46. Peter Schafer - Jesus in the Talmud
  47. A Dream That Questioned My Faith
  48. Discoveries Provide Evidence of a Celestial Procession at Stonehenge
  49. My Religion is Dark Energy
  50. Polytheist Vs Monotheist Semites Relative to Indo-Europeans
  51. Thoughts on Buddhism?
  52. "Judeo-Christianity": A Modernist Invention
  53. Sacrifices by the Cabalist Jews
  54. Thomas Paine: Of the Religion of Deism Compared with the Christian Religion
  55. Mayan Calendar Documents Time Beyond 2012
  56. Adolf Hitler on Religion
  57. Islam and Recent Events
  58. The Kappa Legend (Japanese Water-Spirit Kappa)
  59. Comparative Mythology (International Association for Comparative Mythology Journal)
  60. Beya and Gabricus: Erotic Imagery in German Alchemy
  61. Southeast European Weather Magicians
  62. The Brother of the Snake and Fish As Kings
  63. The Magic Coachman in Hungarian Tradition
  64. Vision Beyond Eyesight: Clairvoyance in Scandinavia and Greece
  65. Symbolic Themes in the European Cinderella Cycle
  66. Dugongs and Mermaids, Selkies and Seals
  67. Thor-Taranaich (and Bes of Egypt) in the Ancient South Pacific
  68. Siberian Russian Republic Legalizes Pagan Faith (Aar Aiyy)
  69. Tengrism: Kyrgyzstan's Sky Worshippers Seek Recognition
  70. What Really Drove the Satanic Panic?
  71. The Devil's Pact: Diabolic Writing and Oral Tradition
  72. The Seal in the Folklore of Northern Europe
  73. How Islam Creates Sociopaths: Psychological Differences Between Moslems and Europeans
  74. Scientists Trace Society’s Myths to Primordial Origins
  75. William Cooper - Mystery Babylon Hour 1 - The Dawn of Man (Full Length)
  76. The Myth of Islamic Science
  77. Medieval Monasticism As Preserver of Western Civilization
  78. My Religious Worldview: a Basic Moral Collection for the Post-Christian World
  79. De-Semitizing Ibn'Arabī: Aryanism and the Schuonian Discourse of Religious Authenticity
  80. The Upper World
  81. Rabbi: “Islam Is Closer To Judaism Than Any Other Religion”
  82. Religious People Live Four Years Longer Than Atheists, Study Finds
  83. Are You Conscious Of Your Religion?
  84. 'Apostate Prophet': The best Ex-Moslem YT Channel that says it all
  85. When God Is Your Only Friend: Religion And The Socially Disconnected
  86. Jewish influence on the Islamic "Hadith" Literature
  87. Established Religion is NWO Controlled
  88. The Mother of the Gods
  89. The Churning of the Ocean
  90. European Nationalist Faith
  91. Divine Stone Heads of East Europe
  92. Your Personal Experiences with Angels, Gods, elemental beings or other beneficial entities
  93. A Summary of Cathar Belief
  94. The Muslim Man’s Sexual “Rights” Over Non-Muslim Women