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  1. The Battle of Teutoburg Forest / Who Was Arminius and What Did He Do?
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  3. Why did Rome collapse? And Other Questions
  4. Sparta, the First National Socialist State
  5. Ancient Black Sea Coastline Provides Evidence of Noah's Flood
  6. The Celtic Warrior
  7. Attila the Hun and the Battle of Chalons
  8. Augustus' Reforms in Rome
  9. The earliest writings about the Germanic people
  10. First Wine? Archaeologist Traces Drink to Stone Age
  11. Death before defeat in the ancient games
  12. Ancient Nemea and the Nemean Games
  13. Christian Persecutions Against The Hellenes
  14. The Complexes on Perperikon Mountain in Bulgaria
  15. Egypt's Cats Got Pharaoh Treatment
  16. Osiris
  17. MandaeanWorldResearch
  18. Prehistory of the Peoples of Britain
  19. Greek & Roman – World Culture Confounds the Jews
  20. Successors Of Rome: Germania, 395-774
  21. The Great Caledonian Forest, a 'Pure Roman Spin'?
  22. Germanic Jewelry and Grave Goods (from Die Goten by Felix Dahn)
  23. Plutarch: On the Fortune or the Virtue of Alexander
  24. What Made Alexander So Great?
  25. Women Warriors from Amazon fought for Britain's Roman army
  26. Maybe Hannibal wasn't so horrible
  27. Did the Phoenicians Introduce the Idea of Interest to Greece and Italy - and if so When?
  28. Cypriots thought to be first Mediterranean winemakers
  29. Panonian gladiators
  30. Ecstasy in late Imperial Rome
  31. The Emperor's state of grace
  32. Unlocking the Power of Myth
  33. Treasures fit for the Kings: Spectacular Discoveries Could Completely Change Our View of the Thracians
  34. A Race Against Time to Dig up Sudan's Past
  35. Tombs of Mede Priests Found in Qom Province
  36. The Amesbury Archer And His World
  37. The Mysterious Land of Punt (Sudan)
  38. Statue of Egyptian Pharaoh found after nearly 3,600 years
  39. Statue of Persian Goddess Uncovered Near Prague!
  40. Bodies of the Bogs
  41. Did ancient Polynesians visit California?
  42. The Sun Calendar of the Dilmun Civilisation
  43. Temple Titan with Carnal Carvings - Ancient Complex Bigger than Nalanda found near Raipur
  44. Achaemenid Empire frontiers to be sketched 2200 years after extinction
  45. From Cows to Coins: The Changing Face of Scandinavian Currency
  46. The Slave Trade in Anglo-Saxon England
  47. Greeks and Buddhists in Afghanistan
  48. Decline and Fall of the Roman Culture in Britain
  49. Maps of Europe in 526 A.D and 600 A.D.
  50. Is the Bosnian Hill Actually an Ancient Pyramid?
  51. Dwarves Were Respected in Ancient Egypt
  52. Gildas - "The Ruin of Britain" (ebook)
  53. Wendelringe ("Helix Rings") of the Hallstatt Period
  54. 3,400-Year Old Statue of Sekhmet Discovered in Cairo
  55. Palace of Telamonian Aias found in Salamis
  56. The Celts as Giants?
  57. 'Europe's First Pyramids' in Bosnia
  58. The Ambush that Changed History: Where Germanic Warriors halted the spread of the Roman Empire
  59. Spain destroys lost Roman city for a car park
  60. The Antikythera Mechanism: Early Astronomical ‘Computer’ Found to Be Technically Complex
  61. Were Greeks 1,400 years ahead of their time?
  62. Antikythera Mechanism: Ancient Astronomy Artifact Bears Hidden Text
  63. Veio Etruscan Tomb (690 BC): "This princely tomb is unique and it marks the origin of Western painting"
  64. Peddars Way: Why the Romans Built a road to Nowhere
  65. Experts uncover more of Roman Italy's third-biggest city
  66. Evidence of a skilled surgeon who practiced centuries before Hippocrates
  67. Question About the Ancient Romans
  68. Oldest Thracian Town Discovered
  69. Debunking the Myth of Homosexuality in Ancient Greece
  70. Ancient Britain had Apartheid-like society, study suggests
  71. Tut's gem hints at space impact
  72. Ancient Maps: King Alfred's Europe and the World according to Ptolemy
  73. X-rays reveal Archimedes secrets
  74. Ares Temple found in Metropolis, Anatolia (City of the Mother Goddess)
  75. Archaeologists Challenge Link Between Dead Sea Scrolls and Ancient Sect
  76. Golden Emperor Returns to Romans' Swiss Capital
  77. Ancient Britons' war paint drafted in to help battle against disease
  78. Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins
  79. Parthenon Piece Returned to Greece
  80. 'Pyramids' Discovered in Ukraine
  81. Ice Foiled Ancient Settlement of Britain Seven Times
  82. Pyramidal Structure Unearthed in Ukraine
  83. Roman Amphorae: digital resource now online
  84. Scientists Unravel Mystery of Ancient Greek Machine
  85. Psychedelic Sound Effects in Maya Architecture?
  86. Ancient Greek Text from Hyperides Discovered!
  87. Is 1,400-year-old treasure evidence of Christianity's first foothold in Britain?
  88. Statues offer clues to Greek isle's past
  89. Homer's Ithaca possibly found
  90. Temple to Dead Children
  91. Limes Germanicus
  92. Why Greeks are Always Nude
  93. Italy: The Mystery of the Prehistoric Hug
  94. Ancient coin shows Cleopatra was no beauty
  95. Greek Archaeologists Find Hera Statue
  96. Oldest Pre-Inca Observatory Found
  97. Early Welsh warriors in red who once defeated the mighty Romans
  98. The Battle of Mons Graupius: Where the Romans defeated the Caledonii
  99. World's Oldest Perfumes Found on Cyprus
  100. Gladiators Graves Discovered!
  101. Cave Near Chicago Full of Ancient Wonders
  102. Ancient Irish Temple Discovered near Hill of Tara
  103. Complexity, Trade, and Death
  104. Brochs of Shetland
  105. New discoveries and theories on 'bog bodies'
  106. Germanic Agrarianism: Sedentary or Pastoral?
  107. The Celts and the Druids Migrated from...Iraq/Assyria
  108. The Fate of Thusnelda, a Germanic Woman Between Two Influential Men
  109. The Sack of Rome
  110. Germanic Ships
  111. Which Ancient Empire is the Most Interesting to You and Why?
  112. Ancient Persian Gold Cup sold for $100,000
  113. Chiemgau Impact: Comet Smashed Into Southern Germany In 200 BC
  114. Unique Settlement Discovered in Tromsø (Norway)
  115. Britain B.C./A.D. - Host Francis Pryor
  116. ‘Ancient’ Chi-Rho Amulet Exposed As Modern Hoax
  117. Decisive Battles - Adrianople
  118. Ancient Humour
  119. The Spartans
  120. Discovery of the Kalefeld-Oldenrode Battlefield
  121. C200 AD Footware
  122. Torture Practices of the Ancient World
  123. The Oldest Sword/Axe to Have Been Found in Northern Germany
  124. The Roman Slaughter of the Marsi Tribe on Tanfana Feast 14 A.D.
  125. Question About Hermann's Success
  126. Pyramids All Over the World
  127. The Lords Of Hattusa
  128. Apollo Discovery Tells a New Story
  129. Stonehenge Built Using Giant Wicker Baskets. Research Funded by Pier 1
  130. Virtual Reality Videos of Ancient Egypt
  131. What Did the Roman Eagle and Wolf Represent?
  132. Ancient Britons 'Drank from Skulls'
  133. The Ninth Legion's Mysterious Loss
  134. Rome Rewrites History for Nero Makeover
  135. Were the Israelites Held Captive by the Egyptians?
  136. Olympia Hypothesis: Tsunamis Buried the Cult Site on the Peloponnese
  137. Weapon Graves in Iron Age Norway (1-550 AD)
  138. The Praetorian Guard's Ethnic Types?
  139. Homosexuality in Ancient Greece
  140. Stone Age Men Tattooed Their Noble Parts
  141. Your Favorite Historical Artifacts
  142. Maximinus Thrax
  143. "The Teutoberg Battle Saved the Western World"
  144. Is a Major Revision of European History About to Be Made?
  145. The Great Wall of Gorgan, 1000 Years Older Than The Great Wall of China
  146. Cobalt Beads Found in 3,400-year-old Nordic Graves Were Made by King Tut’s Glassmaker
  147. Breton Ethnogenesis and Gaulish
  148. The Gushi Kingdom - Archaeology of the Subeixi Culture in Turpan
  149. What Race Were the Greeks and Romans?
  150. Nine Neolithic Wonders of Orkney
  151. Goths, Götas and Jütes
  152. Emperor Justinian's Closure of the School of Athens
  153. Sun-Wheel from Bronze Age Found in Denmark
  154. "New" Research Shows That Some Ancient Egyptians Were Naturally Fair-Haired
  155. Eric Cline: 1177BC - The Year Civilization Collapsed
  156. Ancient Slingshot Was As Deadly As a .44 Magnum
  157. Mysterious Sunstones Appear on the Stone Age Location
  158. Coliseum the Games
  159. The Sophistication of Ancient Germanic “Tribes”
  160. Before the Vikings // Evolution of the Viking Longship (10,000 BC-750 AD)
  161. Conspiracy: Silencing the Discovery of Egypt’s Lost Labyrinth | Ancient Architects
  162. Question about Samurai and Aryans...
  163. Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood?
  164. An ancient strain of plague may have led to the decline of Neolithic Europeans
  165. Prehistoric cave art suggests ancient use of complex astronomy
  166. How I was Kicked Out of the Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting
  167. Megalith Tombs Were Family Graves In European Stone Age
  168. Wooden Shield Dating to Iron Age Discovered in England
  169. King Arthur: Man Or Myth?
  170. 'Important' Iron Age settlement found at Warboys dig
  171. Scientists Have Found Bronze Age Baby Bottles Used To Feed Milk To Infants In Germany Thousands Of Years Ago.
  172. The Consequence of Cowardice
  173. Native Tribes of Britain
  174. Newly discovered motifs in rock art in Tumlehed shows seafaring in the Stone Age
  175. Roman Historian Describes Ancient Scandinavia // Before The Vikings // Tacitus 97 AD
  176. Jews and Judea in the Roman Empire
  177. How A Designer Used AI And Photoshop To Bring Ancient Roman Emperors Back To Life
  178. A harem for the hereafter: Tomb of an ancient Germanic lord is unearthed with a circle of six women around a cauldron (Brücken-Hackpfüffel)