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  1. Danish and Norwegian women murdered in Morocco
  2. Number of Food Contamination Recalls Increasing
  3. Politically correct EU to stop using words like ‘mankind’ and ‘manpower’
  4. Schwarzenegger's Message for Trump
  5. Whites as Witches
  6. Pelosi, the American Merkel
  7. My FB Blog
  8. GEORGE SOROS Warns the EU is on the BRINK OF COLLAPSE!!!
  9. Jews Drive American Wars
  10. The “Right to Repair” Movement Is Fighting Planned Obsolescence
  11. Austrian Chancellor Removes Radical Mosques and Imams – Western Governments Should Follow his Lead
  12. Poland Plans To Hire More Than 100,000 Filipinos
  13. Nobel Prize-Winning DNA Pioneer Stripped Of Titles For Insisting IQ Depends On Race & Genes
  14. Ireland 2040
  15. Taxpayers Funding Contraception
  16. Babies wanted in Nordic Countries
  17. Israel v Iran
  18. About Varg Vikernes
  19. Finland's Grooming Gangs
  20. Soros Arrested; Obama Believed Charged With Treason
  21. European court backs Germany on British bishop’s Holocaust denial conviction
  22. Antifa Violence Shows Anarcho-Tyranny Is Spreading. When Will Trump Stop It?
  23. Hungary to Give Women with 4 or More Kids Life Tax Exemption
  24. LGBT Activists Teaching Judges To Yank Kids From Parents Who Won’t Transgender Them
  25. Necessity of Working Couples Explained
  26. Brazilian President On Right Track
  27. Islamic Alabama Woman Can't Return to America
  28. The Sad Death of Satire
  29. Real 'Social Justice'
  30. Gab Dissenter - New Commenting Plug-In
  31. Oklahoma high school - student with MAGA hat and flag threatened
  32. This is scary...
  33. Remembering Guillaume Faye: November 7, 1949–March 7, 2019