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  1. Crisis may make 1929 look a "Walk in the Park"
  2. Benazir Bhutto killed in suicide bomber attack
  3. Greece hit by strong earthquake
  4. Animal cruelty is a spectator sport in China
  5. Bush calls for end to Israeli occupation
  6. Belgians are Turks, says Turk academic
  7. Murderous Russian Minister Vitalij Kaloje appointed Minister in North Ossetia
  8. Nazi Hunters Frustrated with Germany and Austria's Indifference
  9. Antisemitic Genius Bobby Fischer Has Died
  10. Europeans Afraid of Moslems, Americans and Israelis Not
  11. KENYA - East Africa's Gloryland ( - or is It Gory)?
  12. Disgraceful Denial and the Lack of Decency
  13. Bad to Worse: Fifth Undersea Cable Cut in Middle East
  14. Kosovo Declares Independence
  15. Serbs Burn U.S. Embassy
  16. How Much of a Part Does "Aid" Play in Promoting the Myth of Western Benevolence?
  17. Europe's Dirtiest and Loveliest Cities
  18. Israeli Lawmakers Angry at Mere Presence of German PM
  19. Assassination Attempt on Vladimir Putin Foiled
  20. Official Statistics Say, Don't Trust Official Statistics
  21. World's Most Prosperous & Stable Nations
  22. Germans Now Denying the Holocaust Telepathically, Say Jews
  23. Islam Now World's Largest Single Religion
  24. Bush to Back Ukraine's NATO Hopes
  25. Naskapi Indians of Quebec Are Turkish? Read It
  26. Argentine President Lays 'Inalienable' Claim to Falklands
  27. Italian Who Revealed Gladio Says 9-11 Solved
  28. White World Population to Drop to 9% in 2060 from 27% in 1950
  29. Albanians Harvested Organs from Serbs
  30. Global Opinion Poll: Germany Tops List, Israel at the Bottom
  31. 24 British MPs Motion to Ban Germany-themed TV Ad
  32. In Germany, a Growing Export: Germans
  33. The West is Going to the Dogs
  34. Gas Guzzlers a Hit in China, Where Car Sales Are Booming
  35. Raised on Welfare, the 'Why Bother?' Generation That Doesn't Want to Work
  36. NATO Expansion: A Model for Stability or a Grab for Power?
  37. New Dictionary Highlights Nazi Words to Avoid
  38. Worse Than China: Austrian Dissident Could Face More Than 20 Years in Jail
  39. Slavic Pagans Reject Modern Society
  40. Russia Accused of Annexing the Arctic...
  41. Sami 'face Extinction' from Climate Change
  42. University Education Is Not For Everyone
  43. Study Shows Older Germans Suffering WWII Trauma
  44. Stonehenge Temple Attacked
  45. Reports: Osama Bin Laden Has Been 'Located'
  46. Europe Makes Peace with Nationalism
  47. Tourist Wins Damages for Hotel with "Too Many Germans"
  48. Huge Profits Casts Shadow Over Holocaust Survivors Organization
  49. German Adventurer Found Machu Picchu Decades Before American
  50. Russia Reaches Out to Europe...
  51. Afghanistan: Paratroopers Launch Biggest Battle
  52. Forza Europa: Wilders and Danish People’s Party Discuss Cooperation
  53. Study? Why Bother?
  54. Western Democracy Loses Ground to Autocrats
  55. Totalitarianism Increasing Grip on Western Societies
  56. 'Indians are the new Jews and are taking over Britain'
  57. Many Dutch Prepare for 2012 'Apocalypse', Immigration Cited
  58. 44%: Torturing Terrorists OK
  59. Paddy Ashdown: Military Intervention in Zimbabwe 'Could Be Justified'
  60. Russians Condemn the Baltic States (Again) for Resisting Full Russification
  61. Not All Are Pleased About Wax Hitler
  62. Announcement by Vincent Reynouard
  63. Most Obnoxious Tourists? The French
  64. Gaddafi Attacks Mellah-Sarközy's Plan for Union of the Mediteranean
  65. Can't Find the Right Offensive Gift for the White Guy in Your Life?
  66. World Court Orders U.S. to Halt Five Texas Executions
  67. Mellah-Sarközy lays first stone of the new rooms for the "Arts of Islam" at the Louvre
  68. General Radovan Karadzic Arrested
  69. Beijing 2008: Bars Forbidden to Serve Blacks and Mongolians
  70. Crazy Redneck Shoots Wife
  71. Mystery Explosions in Iran ??
  72. Nazi War Criminals As Role Models?
  73. Racist Article in AsianWeek “Why I Hate Blacks”
  74. Russian Fighter Planes Make Danes See Red
  75. Alexander Solzhenitsyn Has Died
  76. Georgia Says Russian Tanks Mean 'War' in South Ossetia
  77. "Georgia’s Statehood Under Danger, Resist Enemy Everywhere" – Government Tells the Nation
  78. Russia-Georgia Conflict?
  79. Sarközy Says He Will Not Meet Dalai Lama in France
  80. God Accused of Selling Cocaine Near Church
  81. Paraguay's White Mennonites Resent 'fast Buck' Outsiders
  82. Georgia War Opens Door to German Resurgance
  83. Cameroon Refugee on Trial in Poland for Infecting Women with HIV
  84. Russian Heading to Population Crisis
  85. You're Fired!
  86. Russia Gives West a Military Warning....
  87. London ‘Immigrant Showcase’ Carnival Ends in Carnage with 488 Arrests
  88. EU "Gives Russia" a Second Chance...
  89. Putin Saves TV Crew From Siberian Tiger
  90. Iran is the least of the world’s offenders against non-proliferation.
  91. German Anti-War Poster Hails Soldier's Death
  92. Halal, Kosher Slaughter Unacceptable, Say German Vets
  93. Group Dangles 50K For Jews
  94. India Under Increasing Moslem Attack....
  95. Potentially Frightening Developement - Read Between the Lines
  96. Another Finnish School Shooting!
  97. Russia Navy to Fight Somali Pirates
  98. From the Rhine River to the Jihad
  99. Haider Dies in Car Crash
  100. California University Faculty Votes Disapproval of Prof. MacDonald
  101. "War Criminal" Dr Sandor Kepiro Trapped by his Signature
  102. Eastern Germany's First Mosque Opens Amid Protests
  103. Rotterdam Picks Dutch Moroccan for Mayor
  104. Haider's Deputy Reveals Gay Affair
  105. The Islamisation of Europe
  106. American Freedom Award for Geert Wilders
  107. What Are Your News Sources?
  108. Every Fifth Frau Would Bed Barack
  109. Is It Cool to Be an American Abroad?
  110. 'No Chance' of British Obama
  111. Kidnappers Kill Five-Year-Old Boy by Injecting Acid into His Heart
  112. Capital of Europe Marks 70th Anniversary of ‘Kristallnacht’ and Promotes Tolerance
  113. First Lady of France is a Negrophiliac
  114. Belgian Far Right Leader: I Am One of Israel's Staunchest Defenders
  115. Swedes Block Danish Neo-Nazi Extradition
  116. Russia's Population
  117. Fredrik Toben Wins Battle Against German Extradition Attempt
  118. Is Russia the Key to White Survival ?
  119. Crisis Likely to Bolster Far Right in EU Parliament
  120. Europe a 'Hobbled Giant' by 2025, US Intelligence Report Predicts
  121. German Intelligence Agents Caught Staging False Flag Terror
  122. Russian Analyst Predicts Decline And Breakup Of USA
  123. Terror Attack Ongoing in Mumbai: Britons & Americans Targeted
  124. UN "Anti-Blasphemy" Measures Have Sinister Goals
  125. Biggest Ship in the World Named After Waffen-ϟϟ Officer Pieter Schelte Heerema
  126. Man Charged with Throwing Pit Bull Off Balcony
  127. Demographic Decline in the West. Opinions, Reasons, Consequences, Solutions?
  128. Spreading Cheer
  129. Commissioner Applauds Adoption of EU-Wide Framework to Combat Racism and Xenophobia
  130. German Economist Apologises for Comparing Business Leaders and Jews
  131. Invoking the Holocaust to Defend the Occupation
  132. "Old Kentucky Rifle" is Pennsylvania Deutsch
  133. Merry Christmas Aboard a U Boat, 1942.
  134. Death Camp ‘Sweethearts’ Feted by Hollywood Admit Their Love Story Was a Fake
  135. Anti-Defamation League Joins YouTube to Fight Online Hate
  136. Israel Goes to War
  137. China's New Export to Africa: Farmers
  138. Superman's Planet is Racially Diverse — Finally
  139. Stalin Continues to Be Popular with Many Russians
  140. David Irving: 'Hitler Appointed Me His Biographer'
  141. E.U. Council Hailed for Sanctioning Hate Crime
  142. Mossad’s Modus Operandi Exposed -- from Art Students to Kiosk Operators
  143. White Guilt? Done; Over; History
  144. The West Submits to Blasphemy Laws
  145. Israel's Ethnic Bomb
  146. FEMA Camps Authorized
  147. The Global Anti-Semitism Report: The Organized Jewish Community Opposes Free Speech
  148. 'Jewish Money' Controls U.S.: African Diplomat
  149. Pagan Ritual Revived at Orchard
  150. In Germany, Whispers of ‘Enough’ at a War-Crimes Trial
  151. Pope Should Declare Holocaust Denial to Be Heresy
  152. Poll: 31% of Europeans Blame Jews for Global Financial Crisis
  153. Founder of Islamic TV Station Accused of Beheading Wife
  154. The Utter Normality Of Ethnonationalism—Except For Whites
  155. Bishop Richard Williamson Ordered to Leave Argentina
  156. Yet to See Combat, F-22 Stealth Fighter in Budget War
  157. Clint Eastwood Goes Gunning for PC Killjoys by Saying We Should Laugh at Race-based Jokes
  158. The Israeli Who Showed the World Israel's Nukes Says No to Nobel Peace Price
  159. Columnist Kevin Myers on the Holocaust
  160. German POW Still Haunted by Memories of the War
  161. "Anti-defamation" Plan to Make Ban on Criticizing Religions Mandatory
  162. Wilders: "I Propose a European First Amendment"!
  163. 'Hip-Hop Has Improved Race Relations'
  164. Wikipedia Bans Criticism of Obama
  165. Nazi Expatriates on the Costa Del Sol
  166. Wiesenthal Center Pursues New Tack in Nazi Hunt
  167. Israelis Told to Murder Gentiles As Part of Religious War of Conquest!
  168. Family in or Once in Service
  169. Horst Mahler's Last Public Statement
  170. US Group Re-creates Nazi Death Camp Orchestra
  171. Do you Participate in the Earth Hour?
  172. Earth Population 'Exceeds Limits'
  173. 96% of Media Owned By 6 Jewish Companies
  174. British and French Chief Rabbis Call on EU to Protect Jewish Methods of Slaughter
  175. Bruno Gollnisch Defends Free Speech - Deplores Horst Mahler Jailing
  176. Black Butchers and Tortures 13 Year White Girl by Lighting Fire to Her Genitals
  177. President Obama Thinks 'Austrian' is a Language
  178. The EU is Spending 2.4 Billion Euros a Year on Propaganda
  179. Ahmadinejad: Holocaust Was Pretext for Israel's Creation
  180. Japan: Foreigners Go Home
  181. Czech Police Arrest Former Ku Klux Klan Leader Duke
  182. Collective Thread: International Reactions to the Outbreak of Swine Flu
  183. Five years after 'big bang,' EU hesitates over new members
  184. Black "Genius Child"...
  185. Strache Calls Cohn-Bendit a Child Abuser
  186. Indian Business Students Turn to Hitler for Inspiration
  187. Death Camp Guard Demjanjuk Deported One More Time
  188. Troops Claim 'Supernatural Powers' After Pygmy Sodomy
  189. Mixed-race Scandinavians Challenge Stereotypes
  190. Scientist Eric Pianka Calls For Death of 90% of Humanity
  191. Gurkhas Win Right to Settle in UK
  192. "Buy White" Movement Sweeping the Country
  193. The Rise of Hate 2.0
  194. Polish Town to Cut Down 'Adolf Hitler's Tree'
  195. Most Americans Think Palestinians Must Recognize Israel's Right to Exist
  196. Japan Officially Labels Paul Watson a "Terrorist" for Saving Whales
  197. Ecclestone: Hitler 'Got Things Done'
  198. Ethnic Violence Erupts in China
  199. What Are Your Views on Standing National Armies? The Bane of Liberty?
  200. OSCE Resolution Equating Stalinism with Nazism Enrages Russia
  201. Our Exploding Population Is the Gravest Threat Britain Faces Today
  202. Romanian Mayor in Nazi Dress Row
  203. Wehrmacht Lieutenant Josef Scheungraber Jailed for Life for 1944 Execution of Partisans
  204. Berlin Paves the Way for Ratification of EU Treaty
  205. Children Accept Hollywood Distortions of History
  206. How The Battle For Free Speech Was Won: Canada Ends Internet 'Hate Speech' Ban
  207. Rise of New Powers Puts Anglo-American Relations in Shade
  208. Gaddafi: "If I Had an Atomic Bomb I Would Wipe Switzerland Off the Map"
  209. Israeli Ads Warn Against Marrying Non-Jews
  210. Stalin's Grandson in Court to Prove Stalin Never Killed Anybody
  211. Anger at Iranian Holocaust Denial
  212. Obama AXES Missile Defense
  213. Under Obama: America Has Become a Disease for Europe
  214. Jewish Pedophile Roman Polanski Arrested in Switzerland on US Request in Sex Case
  215. Fresh Doubts Over Hitler's Death After Tests on Bullet Hole Skull Reveal It Belonged to a Woman
  216. Israeli Professor: 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals'
  217. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Revealed to Have Jewish Past
  218. Israeli President: We Are Buying Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland
  219. Taliban Targets Descendants of Alexander the Great
  220. Ahmadinejad: Western Media 'Weapon of Subterfuge'
  221. Top Censored Stories of 2009/2010
  222. Heidi Klum to Take Seal’s Surname Because Hers is "Too German for America"
  223. Poll: Most in U.S. Would Back Iran Strike
  224. Jo Brand: 'You Can't Be Racist Towards White People'
  225. Hitler Billboard Causes Diplomatic Flap in Thailand
  226. Cemetery for Wehrmacht Soldiers Opened in Russia
  227. Chinese Eat Baby Soup
  228. Population Boom in Svalbard for the Next Years ?
  229. Coyotes Kill Woman on Hike in Canadian Park
  230. 1/5 UK Children Think Auschwitz is a Theme Park, 1/10 Think Hitler a Soccer Manager
  231. Space Hotel Says It's on Schedule to Open in 2012
  232. Czech Troops Adorned Helmets with Symbols of ϟϟ Divisions 'Hohenstaufen' and 'Dirlewanger'
  233. North America/Europe: Mosques and Synagogues Twinning
  234. EasyJet Apologies for 'Sexy' Holocaust Photoshoot
  235. Geert Wilders Warning to America
  236. Burqa Barbie: Veiled Oppression
  237. European Jewish Congress: "Equating Nazism with Stalinism Unacceptable"
  238. African Albinos Murdered for Body Parts
  239. White Racism Becoming "Mainstream", Warns 'Expert'
  240. Dr. Mengele's Victim: Why One Auschwitz Survivor Avoided Doctors for 65 Years
  241. 'Arbeit Macht Frei' Sign Stolen from Auschwitz Gate
  242. Israel to Seek Another 1B EUR (4.6B Shekels) Holocaust in Reparations from Germany
  243. Finland Shootings Leave Six Dead
  244. Iran To Seek Compensation From WWII Victors for Damages
  245. Why They Hate Us: On Military Occupation
  246. Hate Removed: White Supremacist Books Transformed into Art Exhibit with Positive Messages
  247. US Comes Down on Israeli Sex Slave Trade
  248. Auschwitz Asks Britain for Help to Preserve "Decaying Death Camp"
  249. Holocaust Victims Seek "Compensation" from German Railways
  250. McEwen Says Gold May Reach $5,000 an Ounce By 2012: Video