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  1. Blacks and "Civil Rights"
  2. Are There A Lot of Africans in Germany and Europe...?
  3. Should Russian Jews Stay in Russia?
  4. The Color of Crime - Race, Crime and Justice in America
  5. Italy deported imam 'illegally'
  6. Arthur Kemp on UK Immigration
  7. Whites are Ethnic Minority in Two London Boroughs
  8. Blacks Rioting in Benton Harbor, Michigan
  9. Negro rapes English woman while 2 other women watch for fun
  10. Family in 'racist' attack
  11. Only whites can be racist :)
  12. Irish "Blood And Thunder" Gangs Drive Out Immigrants
  13. Hundreds Of North American Jews Move To Israel
  14. African Cannibals Eat Child In England : 21 Arrested From Nigerian Tribal Cult
  15. Black Church Offers Money to Lure Whites
  16. "Blended races making true melting pot"
  17. Jews May Become Minority in Israel by 2020
  18. Needed: An Anti-White Movement
  19. How to Preserve the European Race?
  20. German Cities with Highest Percentage of Non-Germans
  21. Diversity doesn't reach front of class
  22. Germany deports 50,000 immigrants a year
  23. Europe's Migrancy Problem Gains Urgency
  24. Blacks rape newlywed wife, force husband to watch
  25. Isle of White
  26. Mixed-Race Marriage on the Rise (US)
  27. “We’re going to see America become another China"
  28. Scotland- Immigrants add to rise of HIV
  29. Immigration Statistics: The Great Lie
  30. Chirac set to ban Moslem headscarves in schools
  31. A mixed-race woman has acknowledged that she is the illegitimate daughter of ...
  32. America Imports 13,000 New Negroes from Africa
  33. Abercrombie & Fitch sued for being "too White"
  34. Jewish Double Standards: "Please Don't Sleep With Israelis"!
  35. Pakis and Asians Fighting
  36. Jewish Groups Lobby Against Immigration Reform
  37. Ethiopia's last 20,000 Falashas are allowed to fly to Israel
  38. Germany and Islam
  39. Divide And Conquer: Multi-culturalism is to a Nation What Schizophrenia is to a Person
  40. Black Brains and Natural Resources Don't Mix
  41. Black man stabs white woman in the heart then rapes and sodomizes her as she dies
  42. What have the Arabs ever done for us?
  43. Migration in the European Union: The Coming Hordes
  44. Whites in firing line in Ivory Coast
  45. Moslem Mosque to be built in Ljubljana
  46. Asylum in the Netherlands!!!
  47. White South Africans and Australians attacked by British Asians
  48. The Coming Colored Majority
  49. "Pack of Wolves" - The face of crime in Britain today
  50. The Turkish Islamization of South Europe
  51. On the Sense or Nonsense of Immigration into Germany
  52. Throwing off the White Guilt Complex
  53. Woman Sets Up Rape Of Her 2 Year Old Daughter
  54. The Afghan War (2001-2021)
  55. The Islamic Take-Over of Europe
  56. Islamic European Declaration?
  57. Negroid man in Stockholm on ground
  58. Church to remove Moor-slayer saint
  59. Interethnic relations in a Catalan Secondary School
  60. 'Slavery syndrome' used as defense for a baby-killer
  61. Immigrants in Germany
  62. Migration and EU enlargement
  63. Whom the Gods Would Destroy
  64. La Patrie trahie par la République
  65. 'Few black friends' for whites
  66. Hispanics (Sorry, Latinos) Discover Racial Identity. What About Whites?
  67. An Interview With Paul Fromm
  68. Court convicts woman for fabricating anti-Semitic attack
  69. The No Worries society?..Australia
  70. The Police & Immigration [various stories, UK]
  71. Non-white women in film
  72. Pretoria family murdered for being white
  73. Britain: Immigration stories [various]
  74. Nicolas Cage and his new wife
  75. Boris Becker
  76. "One Scotland, Many Cultures"
  77. They're everywhere...
  78. England, 2004
  79. "The Trouble With Black Men"
  80. Why (non-white) women want to look blonde?
  81. Bi-Racial Couples Report Tolerance
  82. Stockholm students
  83. Chinese nearly white in the UK
  84. Norway: Immigration stories [various]
  85. Website dedicated to furthering race-mixing
  86. Non-Whites in England preying on school girls
  87. Immigrant crime can lead to 'mafias'
  88. Mullah Sues Norway
  89. Mayor backs drive for more black teachers
  90. Immigrants should meet higher standards
  91. Another Swedish child murdered
  92. Racist crime rises 50% in a year
  93. Third World Demographics and the 'Lifeboat'
  94. The Least & The Most Racist Countries in Europe
  95. Most of Hungarians don't appreciate immigrants and minorities
  96. Actual Number of Turks in Germany?
  97. Perfect Example of A Once White City in Decline
  98. Danes’ Growing Hostility To Mixed-Race Couples
  99. A Culture In Crisis [Australia]
  100. [England] Peter Tatchell - the new Pim Fortuyn?
  101. Minorities majority in more areas [USA]
  102. Black and Hispanic Gang Members are Domestic Terrorists [USA]
  103. Norway: Axe attack sparks wide debate
  104. Ariz. Border-Cross Arrests Near Record
  105. Good news - migrant ship sinks!
  106. UNtraining
  107. All-White High School Reunion Saddens Some [USA]
  108. The Black & White World of Walter Plecker
  109. Racist, 14, subjected family to hate campaign
  110. "No multi-culturalism for us" says Jewish group
  111. Detroit's plan for 'African Town' stirs racial tensions
  112. "The Ancestor's Tale": Race and Creation
  113. A Mediterranean Identity and the Arab Mashriq
  114. Geographic Distribution 45% of non-White people live in London
  115. Rape in Praise of their Prophet
  116. Arabs amongst the most racist people on earth
  117. No longer just Nordic
  118. Britain to be "50 % black" by 2050!
  119. Why do Germans today so readily accept lies handed to them?
  120. The rape of Bicester
  121. Dutch filmmaker killed for "offending Islam"
  122. 'Europe Will Be Islamic by the End of the Century'
  123. 8 Arrested in Slaying of Dutch Filmmaker
  124. Okay- Honeymoon's Over.
  125. No Immigration = No Class Mobility
  126. Update on BNP bank account issue
  127. Dutch court bars Kurd extradition
  128. The European Family in Crisis?
  129. Töben's case in Mannheim - trying to assist Judge Adam
  130. 40% of Dutch hope that Hajis don't feel at Home
  131. Negress Insults LOTR and White People
  132. Why is it acceptable for them?
  133. Vanunu arrested by Israeli police
  134. Bush Faces Early Test on Immigration Policy
  135. Sweden: Blacks Film Themselves Attacking Whites
  136. Monday Night Football Intro Racially Offensive [USA]
  137. Eu Fans Hurl Racist Epithets At Black Brit Soccer Stars...
  138. The Night Westerners Were Hunted For Being White
  139. Britain: Case of Negroid diversity
  140. Islam and Rape go Hand in Hand
  141. Jewish Hypocrisy on Intermarriage
  142. Immigration Responsible for UK 's Soaring HIV Epidemic'
  143. Turkish workers a mistake, claims Schmidt
  144. Germans and Turks "marching against intolerance"
  145. British Media's False Reporting and Voluntary Censorship
  146. Blondes 'no joke' protest
  147. The Sleeping World Is Awakening to the Dangers of Islam
  148. Shadow of Anti-Semitism over Ukraine's Disputed Election
  149. Swedes Reach Moslem Breaking Point
  150. White man gets discrimination payout
  151. The Islamization of Europe
  152. The BNP opposes repatriations of foreign elements.
  153. Good read from Wodensson (David Lane)
  154. Turkish leader warns of terror wave if EU rejects membership
  155. Europeans fear Turkey's population may swamp the Union
  156. White Moslem - From New York to Jihad
  157. Islamophobia in Europe
  158. Poll: Nearly one-half of Americans favor restricting Moslems' Rights
  159. Student newspaper closed after 'making racist attack on the Welsh"
  160. Gypsy has "an aversion to bricks and mortar"
  161. The Challenge of Our Times
  162. Dutch Study Finds Mass Immigration is a Disaster
  163. Somalis flee Holland for Britain
  164. Who Are We? America's Great Debate
  165. Dark Skinned Semitic Conqueror Spreads His Seed (In Sweden)
  166. A question for all religionists
  167. America: A Third World Cesspool
  168. France, "Eldest Daughter of the Catholic Church" - and the First to go Moslem
  169. How Serious Is Your Immigration Situation and What Is the General Attitude Towards Immigrants in Your Country?
  170. Germany to curb immigration by ex-Soviet Jews
  171. Slovakia Too Racist For Negroes
  172. Pledge to end NHS discrimination
  173. Report on Global Anti-Semitism
  174. Countdown to racial extinction
  175. Belly-dancing student of Turkish descent is Miss Germany 2005
  176. The Ills of Liberal Immigration Policies in Netherlands
  177. Dutch turn their backs on multicultural society
  178. From the War's Frontlines: Jihad in the Netherlands
  179. Every race, colour, nation and religion on earth
  180. Watch Europas current future in all its glory
  181. Moroccan molests Dutch teacher
  182. Moroccan molests Dutch teacher in front of the rest of the class...
  183. 'Let Whites decide who can live here'
  184. Death-Embracing Liberals Agree: Racism Is Wrong
  185. Malaysia starts deporting its immigrants
  186. BBC: "Blondes 'to die out in 200 years'"
  187. Eastern Europe Gives Itself Ten Years To Integrate Its Roma Communities
  188. Spain's amnesty for illegal immigrants alarms Europe
  189. I Want to Do My Part...
  190. Efforts to Integrate Gypsies Gather Speed
  191. In Britain Whites are quitting cities
  192. Norwegian attitudes toward immigration
  193. Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State
  194. Call It Eurabia Now
  195. Multiracial Scenes Are Now Common in Ads
  196. Mapping The Unmentionable: Race And Crime
  197. Finland and Denmark: Good Examples on Immigration
  198. Princess Michael on English breeding
  199. Desegregating Minds: White Identities and Urban Change in the New South Africa
  200. The Black War On White Americans
  201. Passport Picture considered "offensive" for Moslems
  202. On the Black Race Riots of Cincinnati (by Dr. William Pierce)
  203. U.S. Planning Arab-Language TV Broadcasts to Europe
  204. Interracial Encounter at IKEA
  205. Black ‘corruption gene’ claim stokes race row among South African judges
  206. The Struggle Against Affirmative Action in Europe
  207. London: Black Boys 'should be separated' from classes
  208. Welcome to Sweden
  209. Intermixing in Germany and Netherlands
  210. Two young Turks convicted of murder expelled from Denmark for life
  211. What do you think about www.indogermanen.de.vu ?
  212. Australia: New Immigrant on 10 rape charges within a month!
  213. The Netherlands and Norway consider Danish immigration policy
  214. Paris : Blacks, Arabs go on rampage, beat up and mug white teens
  215. Racism alive and well in Israeli society
  216. Moslem Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway - Authorities Look the Other Way
  217. Denmark fails at "integration"
  218. Scotsmen Reject Africans at Annual Music Festival
  219. The Black Underclass: What now?
  220. The Road To Racial Catastrophe
  221. Denmark: Immigrant children still suffer forced trips
  222. The decade by decade Mexican/Mestizo takeover of Los Angeles County in Maps!
  223. [link] UK-Europe News
  224. U.S. Tracks White Immigrants with Ankle Bracelets
  225. White Conversion to Islam
  226. Beautiful black women ...
  227. The Ethnic Crime Report Thread
  228. Noel Ignatiev: White culture must die!
  229. Moscow courts its million Moslems
  230. Stories of Misgenation
  231. Which Northern European Country has the best stance on immigration?
  232. Dolph Lungdren and his niggress
  233. Becker's Mulatto Offspring
  234. Moslem Cleric to Australian Women: "Wear revealing clothes, get raped"
  235. Canada may introduce "sharia" Laws
  236. Swedish towns controlled by immigrant gangs
  237. In Sweden animals are more worth than swedes
  238. Slavery used as an excuse to torment White children
  239. What Do You Think of Slavic Immigration to Western Europe?
  240. Life On The Front Lines
  241. Classify NYPD's 10 Most Wanted
  242. Danish Immigration Policies Hinder Love
  243. Critiquing Germany's Immigration Law
  244. Interracial Crime: Double Standards
  245. 'Racist' Teachers Not to Blame for Failing Black Boys
  246. Russians who wed foreigners should be exiled?
  247. Multiculturalists are the real racists
  248. Affirmative Action strikes again!
  249. Refugee Culture Shock
  250. How to mess with illegal immigrants...