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  1. UK - An Nation Alienated from itself!
  2. EU Permits Italian expulsions ! -- and the UK ?
  3. UK: New ethnic mixing plan could stir up tensions
  4. Changed Overnight: Race in Finland
  5. Immigration, Multiculturalism, and the End of Free Speech in Europe
  6. Schegen changes to increase Immigration ?
  7. The status of Immigration in your land?
  8. UK Population Could Soar to 90 Million
  9. 60 police injured as riots rock Paris
  10. Multiculturalism's War on Education
  11. Schengen East - immigrations new backdoor!
  12. US minorities don't trust each other
  13. Programs focus on illiterate immigrants
  14. Do You Live In A "Diverse" (Multiracial) Area?
  15. 1/4 of Australia, 1/8 of US and German Population are Immigrants
  16. Arizona shows enforcement works-Illegals leave after tough law introduced
  17. Muslims face hard choices in Germany
  18. Why Do You Oppose Immigration?
  19. Danes welcome foreigners with open arms
  20. More foreigners granted asylum in 2007
  21. How Do You Feel About Non-Germanic White/European Immigration?
  22. "Camp of the Saints" may become reality this spring
  23. Most disturbing!
  24. Islam: Londonistan
  25. 'Three Little Pigs' Causing "Grave Offense" to Moslems
  26. Should Mosques Be Allowed in European Countries?
  27. Historic Proof of Israel’s Migrations
  28. Partition, Repatriation, Apartheid
  29. Illegal Immigration Versus Legal Immigration
  30. Which Immigrants Would You Accept in Your Community?
  31. Construction of Mosques Banned in Carinthia
  32. Europe: a Dying Continent?
  33. Being the Only White Person Around
  34. Race Row As Actor Robert Downey Jr 'Blacks Up' for New Film
  35. Kneeling in Chains, the Dramatic Apology from Slave Trader Descendant
  36. Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West
  37. Do Immigrants Become Part of a New People After They Immigrate?
  38. Deport The Leftists
  39. «Young Immigrants Largest Threat to Society»
  40. Stay or Flee ?
  41. On Being "First-Generation"
  42. Do You Hate Other Races?
  43. Race Row Over Vogue Cover
  44. Dutch: Mass Immigration Our Biggest Mistake Ever
  45. Why the Lack of Protest?!
  46. Moslem Nations: Defame Islam, Get Sued
  47. A Conversation About Race
  48. Denmark: Islamic University on the Way
  49. Multicultural Propaganda in Schools
  50. Police Charged Down's Syndrome Boy with Mental Age of Five
  51. Brigitte Bardot Speaks Out Against Islam
  52. Britons Fear Race Violence
  53. UK: Advisers 'Told Migrants to Lie'
  54. Immigration Hurts Our Environment
  55. Islamist from Germany Declares 'Holy War'
  56. At Least in Italy...
  57. Moslems Under Siege As Italian Right Sets Up Town Vigilante Groups
  58. Swedes Start to Question Refugee Policy
  59. Burqua - Yes or No?
  60. Is Islam a Trojan Horse?
  61. Sweden: Asylum Seekers Face Greater Opposition
  62. Norway Has Most Eastern European Labourers
  63. The Hidden Lives of Sweden’s Undocumented Migrants
  64. Finland's Immigrant Community
  65. Germanic Immigrants in Non-European Countries
  66. Schoolboys Punished with Detention for Refusing to Kneel in Class and Pray to "Allah"
  67. Multiculturalism, Culturism and the Americanization Movement
  68. Mixed-Race Marriages on the Rise (Canada)
  69. Norway: Mandatory Interviews Give More Jobs to Immigrants
  70. Norway: Immigrants Still Battle Underemployment
  71. Norway: Polish Workers Stick Around
  72. Let Us Become What We Are !
  73. UK Government Accused of Trying to 'Re-Program' Muslims
  74. Every ''Anti-Racist'' Always Jokes About Asians
  75. A Third of Moslem Students Back Killings
  76. Multiculturalism: The Somalis of Lewiston
  77. White Dallas Neighborhoods Soon To Become Negro-Infested Ghettos
  78. Companies Teaching Danish to Employees
  79. German Conservatives Slammed for 'Racial Ideology' on Citizenship
  80. Smaller Minarets Win Approval for Huge Cologne Mosque
  81. Austria: Peoples Party Wants New Word for Crimes Done by Aliens
  82. More Somalians Wanted in Norway
  83. Expectations in Denmark Build More and More on Lies
  84. Government Tries to Limit Stream of Refugees to Norway
  85. 10 Biggest Lies About Black History
  86. Right-Wing Populists to Gather in City of Immigrants
  87. Can Mixed Persons Be Preservationist?
  88. Our Military Has Abandoned Us
  89. In Enemy Territory: `No Go Zones’ in German Cities
  90. I Support the Islamic Headscarf and the Burqa
  91. The Anti-Racist Witch-Hunts
  92. EU Prepares Path to Flood Europe with Millions of Third Worlders
  93. European Commissioner: “Islam Is Welcome. Immigration Is Moral Necessity”
  94. German State Legislator Backs Sharia Law Introduction in Bavaria
  95. Single Mother on Benefits is Moved into £1m Five-Bedroom House - Funded by the Taxpayer
  96. Court: Quit Saying 'Illegal Aliens'
  97. Becoming Dutch to Get More Expensive
  98. 'More Content in Dutch Integration Debate'
  99. Federal Policies a Hindrance to Enforcing Immigration Law
  100. EU Opens 'Job Centre' in Africa
  101. Dutch Councils Defend Ethnic Register
  102. Sweden: Migration Board to Blacklist Ineffectual Asylum Lawyers
  103. Harvard Hates The White Race?
  104. Sweden Taking in Record Numbers of Immigrants
  105. Polish Immigration in Europe and the New World
  106. Nationbusting=Secessionist Movement in Spain Welcomes Africans
  107. EU Ready to Accept 10,000 Iraqis
  108. Germany Named Europe's Top Migrant Destination
  109. Europe and the Rise of Islam
  110. How Diversity DESTROYS Community
  111. Montgomery Police Seek Tougher Line On Immigrant Status
  112. Illegal Immigration Bill Will Include E-Verify
  113. Invasion From Within
  114. Illegal Immigrants Win Reprieve in Zurich
  115. Stopping the Existence of Parallel Societies Within America
  116. German Citizenship Test a Breeze for Immigrants
  117. Initiative Aims to Weed Out Illegal Aliens
  118. The Link Between Globalization and Multiculturalism
  119. Council Disregard Objections of 3,000 Residents to Traveller Site As ‘They Are Racist’
  120. Failing Integration Not About Ethnicity, Turkish Group Says
  121. 1 in 5 Moslem Teachers in Austria Are´Fanatical´
  122. The Hidden Massive Racial Discrimination in America Against Whites
  123. Nicolas Mellah Sárközy y Nagy-Bócsa: The Engineer of "Diversity"
  124. African Popular University to Open in Geneva
  125. Immigrants Have More Accidents
  126. Teen Columnist: The Problem(s) with Affirmative Action
  127. Integration Has Failed
  128. Walls Closing in on Immigrants
  129. Big Business Supports Immigration
  130. Illegitimacy Rates Surge—Driven By Third World Immigration
  131. EU Advertises British Jobs in West Africa
  132. Multicultural Brainwashing Techniques
  133. Right of Return
  134. Does it Matter if Black Plus White Equals Black or Multiracial?
  135. Multiracial Pupils to Be Counted in A New Way
  136. Immigrant Crime in Scandinavia
  137. Germany - Bulgarian Immigrants' Favorite Destination
  138. The Greastet Anti-Immigration Speech I've Ever Seen
  139. Bosnia-Herzegovina: A Haven for Islamists in Europe’s Backyard
  140. Race Guides Neighborhood Evaluation, Study Says
  141. 'Dramatic' Increase In Ph.D.s Awarded To Minority Scientists, Report Shows
  142. Race Bigotry Falling In Britain, Study Finds
  143. When Affirmative Action is a Quota System
  144. Rising Number of Europeans Think There Are Limits to Multiculturalism
  145. Multiculturalism Endangers the West
  146. Do You Despise Negroes?
  147. Twenty Five Reasons To Deport Them (All)
  148. Methods For Average Citizens To Stop Immigration Invasion
  149. Have You Ever Been a Victim of Anti-White Racism?
  150. Manipulating Google Ranking for Moslem Groups
  151. "Diversity": Teens Weigh in on Race, Gender, Family Income and More
  152. A Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States
  153. Ethnic Cleansing at Malmö
  154. UN: Racism, Xenophobia Undiminished in 50 Years
  155. Mexico's Immigration Laws
  156. Geert Wilders: "The Take-Over of Europe Is Part of the Global Fight of Islam for World Domination"
  157. Iceland: First 'All-Icelandic' Moslem Marriage Ceremony
  158. May 1 is ‘Beat Up a White Kid Day’
  159. Raped Because I’m White
  160. Europe Must Deliver a Common Immigration Policy, Say MEPs
  161. What Do You Think of an Apartheid System?
  162. Couple's "Buy Black" Experiment Becomes Movement
  163. Turkey to Open Office in Brussels to Educate Europe about Islam
  164. "Asylum-Seekers" Quickly Sent Back
  165. The Pinocchio Regime
  166. How Do You Feel About Jews?
  167. Race Differences, Immigration, And The Twilight of the European Peoples
  168. Study: Teachers Choose Schools According to Student Race
  169. Immigration and Radicalization in Scandinavia
  170. Most Beneficiaries of Racial Preferences Are Not the Descendants of American Slaves
  171. UK Has 80 Plus Sharia Courts
  172. Britons Say Slack Immigration Laws Wreck Life In UK
  173. North Americans Prefer White Male Employees Over Women or Minorities: Study
  174. Anti-White Racism: "For Peace And Justice To Be Realized, White People Must Be Reduced To A Minority"
  175. Dutch-Moroccans Least Happy in Europe
  176. Estonians and Other East-Europeans Who Have Lost Their Jobs in Norway Don’t Hurry Home
  177. "Game Characters Are Too White, Too Male"
  178. French Pool Bans Moslem 'Burkini' Swim Wear
  179. In Germany It Is Better to Be a Moslem than a Baptist
  180. A Smart Solution to the Diversity Dilemma
  181. The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration
  182. Moslems’ Hatred for Europe Not Caused by Poverty or Oppression
  183. Austria: Upward Trend in Moslem Births
  184. Black-White Conflict Isn’t Society’s Largest. Conflict Between Immigrants and Native-Born is Worse.
  185. A Fifth of European Union Will Be Moslem by 2050
  186. The Immigration Revolution: Can Europe Be the Same With Different People In It?
  187. Muslims or Non-Ethnic European Immigrants ?
  188. Berlin: Former Minister Calls to Stop Moslem Immigration
  189. Scotland: PM Calls to Reflect on "Positive Impact" of Moslem Communities
  190. Racism in Paradise: Saudi Cleric Assures Suicide Bombers Their 72 Virgins Will Be White
  191. Promoting “Circular Migration” Between Africa and Europe
  192. The Global Moslem Population Stands at 1.57 Billion
  193. Italy's Prime Minister: Milan "Looks Like An African City"
  194. Whitopia: America’s Booming White Enclaves
  195. Negro Boyfriend Throws Acid in Girl's Face
  196. "Immigration Made America Strong - but It Threatens to Ruin Europe"
  197. White Girl Turned into "Kebab Meat" by Immigrants
  198. Experts Say That "Racist" Black Students Need Black Teachers to Succeed
  199. France's "National Pride" Campaign
  200. Travel Agents Are Sending Muslims to Europe, "to Paradise Without Suicide Bombing"
  201. Teacher: ‘All Whites Are Racist’
  202. Immigration: The Full Story of the Immigrants Who Opened the Floodgates
  203. Sweden: Ex-Moderate Moslem to Form 'Anti-Zionist' Party
  204. Millions Worldwide Would Like to Switch Countries: Study
  205. "Europe Waaaaay More Racist Than America"
  206. Britain Has “20 Years” Before Point of No Return
  207. Race Studies Not What They Claim
  208. Danish Hells Angels Declare War on Moslem "Jackals"
  209. Belarus’ Government Encourages People Of Color To Immigrate To Belarus
  210. 'Haji Princess Syndrome': Muslim Suffers Bruised Ego in Ft.Hood Massacre
  211. EU: 61% Think Ethnic Discrimination Widespread
  212. South America “More Welcoming” Than Europe: African Immigrants Drift Toward Latin America
  213. Trotsky, Obama And The Black “Vanguard Of The Revolution”
  214. Denmark: Antisemitism Widespread Among Moslem Immigrants
  215. Want to Sneak into U.S.? There's an App for That
  216. Denmark: New Moslem Party
  217. On Gypsies, Jews, Moslems and Violence Against the Majority
  218. Sweden: Moslem Leader Could Get to Parliament
  219. Is Hiring Prejudice Racism? Or Common Sense?
  220. Western Race Hatred Laws: Keep the Caucasians Down
  221. Immigration & Crime
  222. Governments vs The People: Replacing The Population By Another One
  223. Unclear Writing: Actual Letters Received by the Welfare Department
  224. EU: "Association for European Moslems Rights"
  225. How to Destroy Nations with Love and Tolerance - Multiculturalism As a Weapon for World Government
  226. The Two-Faced Truth About Immigration
  227. KFC Accused of Racism Over Australian Advertisement
  228. On the Genealogy of Globalization
  229. Race Riot In Italy
  230. Exposed: Media Guidelines For Promoting 'Diversity'
  231. Maxine On Immigration
  232. Is Science Racist? Liberals Want to Drop Science Classes
  233. Jews Try to Destroy France
  234. Bill Gates Makes White Kids Ineligible for His Scholarship
  235. Moslem Racism in Norway
  236. Fury at Moslem Woman on 100K a Year Benefits!
  237. Danish Councillor Banned for Anti-Moslem Facebook Tirade
  238. Switzerland: Moslem Cemetery Demand Sparks Debate
  239. US: Europe Biased Against Moslems
  240. Cities That Are Over 75% White
  241. KFC Diner Told ‘You Can’t Have Bacon in Your Burger Here—We’re Now Halal’
  242. Immigration? No. Invasion by Barbara Simpson
  243. Moslem gangs recruiting UK prisons' nastiest cons, claims ex-inmate
  244. The Governor of Arizona Signs Bill to Enforce Immigration Laws
  245. White Female Harvard Law Student Agrees Blacks Are Inferior
  246. The Group Had Warned Women to Wear the "Hijab"
  247. Berkeley High May Cut Out Science Labs: Changing the Structure of the High School to address Berkeley's Dismal Racial Achievement Gap!
  248. Friend of White 15-Year-Old Gang Rape Victim Speaks Out, Says White Students Felt Unsafe at Richmond HS
  249. White Flight? Suburbs Lose Young Whites to Cities
  250. Interracial Marriages Slow Down