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  1. Refugee Culture Shock
  2. How to mess with illegal immigrants...
  3. Black Supremacist Kills White Man
  4. Britkids webpage!
  5. Chinese don't like Blacks either
  6. Pakistani Revenge-Rape
  7. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, she had to die
  8. The New American Racism: Hispanics vs Blacks
  9. London a "longtime haven for Radical Islamists"
  10. Negroid tries to eat policeman's hand, thus escapes deportation
  11. BBC: What makes you "British"
  12. An example of the current view on racism?
  13. Anti-Racism Groups Slam German Ads
  14. AU: Turk gang detail & glorify violence in website
  15. EU Subsidises Radical Moslem Centres
  16. Australian professor opposes non-white immigration
  17. Germans quit Berlin school, sparking migrant debate
  18. One in every four British Moslems sympathizes with Terrorists
  19. Race Riots in Spain
  20. Nation-Breaking in the U.K.
  21. Belgium: 4,000 of the 9,000 prisoners are foreigners
  22. Brutha Dates White Girl, Gets Axe Embedded in Head
  23. Three Race Murders in Britan A Week
  24. Haitian-born journalist named Canada's new governor general
  25. Islamic Terrorists Recruiting Disaffected Immigrants
  26. A study of the preposterous, anti-white beliefs common among blacks
  27. TIME: The New Face of Multiculturalist America
  28. 25 million Moslems call Europe their home
  29. 'White flight' from Hearne ruled illegal- Mumford ordered to drop students who transferred
  30. Welcome to Oakland: white girl beat by mob
  31. Deejay’s Appeal: ‘Kill The Whiteness Inside’
  32. Italy Shocked by ‘Mixed Race’ Remark
  33. Terrorists plan attack in Sweden
  34. The Dark Side of Black People...
  35. Interracial Mixing With Latins: The Silent Killer
  36. Italy and the Last Chance Armada
  37. Immigration from Brazil to Germany is on the Rise
  38. Canada deports man to India for street racing
  39. "The German Family"
  40. What is wrong with this picture? (on Scarlett Johansson)
  41. Hmong Vang murders 6 whites, says they deserved to die
  42. Percentages of non-whites in Great Britain
  43. The Dark Side of Diversity
  44. Minority-on-White Crime
  45. Africans Storm Spain With Treebranch-Ladders
  46. 'Haji Princess Syndrome': Winnie the Pooh hurts Moslem's feelings!
  47. Good news everyone!
  48. Moroccan Soldiers help out in immigration chaos
  49. Africans: EU No Promised Land
  50. Gallup: Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Interracial Dating
  51. "Raping the Congo"
  52. "More immigrants needed"
  53. Assimilation/Integration vs. Separation - Which Model Would Best Serve a Multiethnic or Multiracial Society?
  54. Immigration costs more than thought
  55. Negro Riot in Toledo - Coverage
  56. Black Activist Calls for Extermination of White People
  57. Density of Black Population in Your City?
  58. How Many Non-Whites/Minorities Live Around You?
  59. 'We Cannot Hide. EU Must Accept Globalisation Or We Are Nothing'
  60. Piggy banks banned on Moslem fears
  61. I wish I was a Negro
  62. The rape of our culture
  63. Racial Violence in Paris
  64. "Black Invention" Myths
  65. France After the Moslem Riots
  66. Islamic groups want everyone to obey the Qur'an
  67. Failure of two opposite social models: a wonderful irony
  68. Actual Ethnic Composition of European Countries
  69. Wake up, Europe, you've a war on your hands
  70. Are the Riots spreading in Europe?
  71. Le Pen: Riots "just the start"
  72. Understanding the Paris Riots: Multiculturalism and the Self-Liquidation of Europe
  73. ... they still haven't learnt
  74. Young offenders 'are being forced to convert to Islam'
  75. Austrians Want Fewer Immigrants in Europe
  76. Chirac the idiot
  77. Mixed offsprings: What do you people think?
  78. An unusual source of anti-immigration
  79. Haji Gang Kills White Man
  80. Forum targets ‘racist toddlers’
  81. Bravado and anger in riot suburb
  82. Minute Men
  83. The Radicalisation of Moslem Youth in Europe: The Reality and the Scale of the Threat
  84. Racist Negro Gang Founder to be Executed
  85. The Racial Tragedy: Famous mixed people
  86. Europeans Outraged at Schwarzenegger
  87. Must Read: "Zebra" by Clark Howard
  88. I Wouldn't Mind Living in a Multi-Cultural Society if Only...
  89. Reservist home for Christmas slain in N.C.
  90. Interesting example of racial awareness obtained through workexperience
  91. Advice and Support Website for Interracial Couples
  92. Moslem Head Says Gays 'Harmful'
  93. Immigrant Gang Terrorizes French Train
  94. Immigration / "Diversity" Is Also Cruelty To Animals
  95. Are There Too Many Negroes on Scandinavian TV Stations?
  96. The Fake "Hate Crimes" Thread!
  97. Man's racist slurs prompt time in Black churches
  98. "Woman in Black Rhythms"
  99. Russian Racism
  100. www.blondefrombirth.org
  101. Proportion of Moslem Invaders in Europe - by Country
  102. Are the Sami Assimilable to Germanic Societies?
  103. 14 Year Old Attacked by African Male
  104. Googling "Swedish girl" under images...
  105. Nablus: German kidnapped over "Prophet" Cartoons
  106. Välkommen till Sverige!
  107. Moslems and Outrage...
  108. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this one..!
  109. Swedes bow before Islamic intolerance
  110. [Reality is Racist] Winter Olympics are "Racist"
  111. Man refused law enforcement career because he was White
  112. Banning the "Quran"?
  113. 40% of Hajis want Sharia Law in UK
  114. Who Are the Least Popular Immigrants in Your Country?
  115. Who Are the Most Popular Immigrants in Your Country?
  116. Farewell, Multiculturalism - The End of Tolerance
  117. Japanese People will be Forced to Marry Minorities?
  118. Exploring the Global Resurgence of Militant Islam
  119. Minority populations leaving large cities
  120. Whites to Be Minority in N.Y. Soon, Data Show
  121. 1990s Were Biggest Population Boom in American History
  122. Modern Moslem Perception of the Crusades
  123. Dutch Immigrants To Be Shown Pictures Of Gays Kissing
  124. Mathematics Is Racist!
  125. Immigrant Children: America's Future
  126. Austria: Moslem Soldiers Refuse to Salute Flag
  127. Silicon Valley: As Asians Enter, White Students Leave
  128. 500,000 people attend pro-immigration protest in L.A.
  129. Washington: Area Soon to Be Mostly Minority
  130. When Illegals Go Berserk Will Your State Be Prepared?
  131. Red Alert: Amnesty For Millions of Illegals on The Horizon
  132. Funding Hate -- Foundations and the Radical Hispanic Lobby
  133. The Immigration Mess
  134. Moslem students 'being taught to despise unbelievers as filth'
  135. Why the Epidemic Migration of Non-Whites Towards the North?
  136. When Europeans become a minority in the U.S.
  137. “Foreigners Out! - Resistance Imagined and Perceived”
  138. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie Call Their White Baby "Africa": I've Had It!
  139. Immigrants Try to Extend Boycott Momentum
  140. Gadhafi:"Europe will bow to an Islamic Supremacy in a few decades"
  141. Is it real: Islamization of Europe?
  142. Officials in Brussels work on "new politically correct terminology"
  143. Percentage of Non-Europeans In Your Country
  144. Shootings in Belgium Raise Racial Concerns
  145. Definitions of Racism: Whites Bad, All Others Good
  146. How Common Is Miscegenation Where You Live? Which Are the Most Common Couples?
  147. What Are the Most Common Immigrant Groups In Your Countries/Regions/Areas?
  148. Pakistani are the most Zoophile Moslems
  149. Your Favorite Non-European People/Culture?
  150. North American Union
  151. How do you view Islam?
  152. Moslem officers more likely to become corrupt than White officers
  153. NAACP says new comedies lack color
  154. Belgian Twins Killed, Moslem Rapist Held
  155. Moslem-only day at British theme park
  156. Is It A Good Decision To Leave Your Indigenous Area?
  157. Sony Pulls "Racist" PlayStation Ad
  158. Britain's biggest wave of migrants in history
  159. Poles soon to outnumber Irishmen in Britain
  160. Mel Gibson attacked by ADL
  161. First beach exclusively for Moslem women
  162. Finns are to blame for criminal behavior of immigrants, say courts and professor
  163. Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe's Cities
  164. How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy
  165. Criminal record for making sign of cross in public
  166. Tucson's "Minority" Residents Top 50%
  167. Survey: 77% of Whites Say Their Race Has a Distinct Culture That Should be Preserved
  168. Negroes Hit White Girl
  169. UK: Sex Attack Terror
  170. European jihadis - Another sign of a sick Europe
  171. Actor Matt Dillon Comments on Race
  172. Preferred Option for Removing Non-Europeans from Europe?
  173. Israel Lobby Initiates Hispanic Strategy
  174. Study Paints Bleak Picture of the Effects of Ethnic Diversity
  175. Schoolgirl Arrested for Refusing to Study With Non-English Pupils
  176. British Islamic school will force non-Moslems to wear scarf
  177. Moslem anger as Olympics clash with "Ramadan"
  178. UK: Non-Moslem Students at Islamic School Forced to Wear Headscarves
  179. Racist Internet Posts = 3+ Years in Prison
  180. British Airways allows Moslem headscarves, but not Christian symbols
  181. London Moslems urged to step up role
  182. The Rape of Europe: Young People, Get Out and Emigrate!
  183. Madonna Disgusted By 'Racist' Reaction To Adoption
  184. Three in four young black men on the DNA database
  185. Eurabia - a conspiracy theory?
  186. 'Diversity matters at Michigan'
  187. Moslem Europe: the Demographic Time Bomb
  188. Multiculturalism: Is it Possible to Reverse It?
  189. The Breeders Own the Future
  190. EU unveils new Immigration Plan: Attracting "skilled labor" from Africa
  191. France's Transformation Into A Moslem State
  192. Company building US border fence snared for hiring illegal immigrants
  193. Illegal Immigration: Facts, Consequences, etc.
  194. Guns’n’Noses at The Heretical Press
  195. 800,000 Turks become EU citizens
  196. Hispanic Gang Enforces Racial Separation
  197. Migrants "benefit economy little"
  198. Fragmented Future - Multiculturalism Breeds Defensive Communities
  199. Are the immigrants also to blame for the climatic changes?
  200. No charges against Imams for role in Mohammed cartoon case
  201. Third World Brain Worms Spread in the U.S.
  202. Unemployed? Make A Living By Claiming To Be Racially Discriminated!
  203. France has Highest European Fertility Rate.
  204. An example on how multiculturalism is promoted via the Academia. Yuck.
  205. Africans 'invading Europa via Spain!
  206. Most Detailed British Ethnic Diversity Revealed
  207. Racial Riots in Madrid
  208. White Man Faces Charges in 1964 Race Slayings
  209. White Suburbs Want to Secede From Atlanta
  210. Fukuyama's view on Moslem non-integration
  211. How to Make America an Islamic Nation
  212. Moslems 'about to take over Europe'
  213. Immigrant Skadi Members
  214. Personal Encounters, Stories and Victims of Multiculturalism and Immigration Policy
  215. Brainwashing: U.K. kids are taught race relations with every subject
  216. Moslem Pedophile complains that "halal" meat in prison is too fatty
  217. Limit Moslem Migration, Australia Warned
  218. European bureaucrat: EU without African guest workers is “impossible.”
  219. Rise of mosques becomes catalyst for conflict across Europe
  220. Diversity Causes Conflict
  221. Oslo Moslems 'Six Times More Likely to Rape'
  222. ‘Mixed-Race People Are the Most Visible Sign of Racial Harmony’
  223. Ethnic Britain: Number of Non-White Invaders to Double in 20 Years
  224. Greenspan: Let more skilled immigrants in.
  225. UN predicts huge migration to rich countries
  226. UN Predicts Huge Migration To Rich Countries
  227. Europe must be united in criminalizing racism, EU lawmakers say
  228. Europe Considers Single Asylum Policy
  229. In Europe, skylines reflect the rise of Islam
  230. Have You Ever Considered Immigration?
  231. Bishop of Breda: "Let's call God 'Allah'"
  232. Dutch Bishop: Call God 'Allah' to Ease Relations
  233. My family's trauma
  234. Race attack in Germany: 8 Indians hounded and beaten up at a fair
  235. Belgium: Now Moslems Want Ban on Easter Eggs
  236. Turks behind Greece fires?
  237. Muhammad as a Roundabout Dog
  238. Political Row in Switzerland
  239. What will your nation's demographic background be in 100 years?
  240. EU Told to Open Door to 20 Million Migrant Workers
  241. Too late to speak the truth about immigration
  242. ‘Last Time I Checked, Sweden Did Not Invade Iraq’
  243. The Arigona Zogaj incident...
  244. Empire State Building Tower lit for Islamic Holydays
  245. No Need for Immigrants in the US
  246. Rightwing Claims Success With "Black Sheep"
  247. Honkies to the left of me, darkies to the right
  248. Italian Murder provokes Action
  249. By 2031, UK population will be over 70 million says the ONS (90% due to immigration)
  250. UK - An Nation Alienated from itself!