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  1. Differences between the races - A simple breakdown
  2. Red-Haired Genes From Neanderthals?
  3. What Race Were the Greeks and Romans?
  4. A Question on the Racial Makeup of Hungary During the Austria/Hungary Empire
  5. Swedish Anthropology: the Land with most Hallstatts!
  6. Hungarian Racial History
  7. Celtic & Saxon Feet
  8. Lithuanian Racial History
  9. About eye colour
  10. Noses Shapes and Personality
  11. Bertil Lundman's Cranium Height/Body Height Index
  12. Cephalic Index and Facial Index
  13. Prognathism: An Indicator of Racial Inferiority?
  14. Racial Differences Within the White Race
  15. Skull Shapes in the Coloured Races
  16. What Is The Difference Actually Between Greeks, Italians and Turks?
  17. Günther is published in Russia!
  18. How to take Measurements for Racial Classification?
  19. Racial types in the former USSR
  20. Russian Racial Types
  21. Validity of the SNPA Classification?
  22. Facial & Cranial Shapes
  23. What's More Important for Classification? Face or Head?
  24. Russian "Ethnic Purity"...?
  25. What Is Your Hair Color?
  26. Spanish vs. Meztizo
  27. What Is the Ideal Aryan Type?
  28. Mongoloid Ancestry in Europe
  29. The Ideal Race for a Man? Halstatt or Faelish?
  30. Measuring Cephalic Index without calipers
  31. How Old Are The Races? Marvin Harris (1989)
  32. Classification of Russians/Slavs
  33. Are McCulloch and SNPA biased?
  34. Racial Composition of Latin America
  35. Sámi Racial Types (photo thread)
  36. Racial Analysis of the Sámi People
  37. Ginger Spice
  38. On the Subracial Makeup of the Aryans / Europeans
  39. Resources relating to sub-racial Classification of Non-Whites?
  40. Europid/White-Looking Jews
  41. Pure, Intermediate, and Mixed types
  42. I Want Closure on an Issue
  43. Are thin lips a sign of aryanness ?
  44. What do you prefer for facial features?
  45. What Is Your Eye Color?
  46. Typical Slavs
  47. Who is whiter?
  48. NW Europeans vs NE Europeans
  49. Individuals With Light Hair and/or Light Eyes and Significant Non-White Contamination
  50. Paradigm Shift in Racial Analysis
  51. Are the Danish the ideal Aryans?
  52. Age of Races and Sub-Races
  53. Racial Observations in Trip to Europe
  54. Worried about Racial Mixing in Sweden
  55. Why do people confuse long and straight "figure 7" noses and curved noses?
  56. Is Dolichocephalic Recessive to Brachycephalic Skull Shape?
  57. Which races/subraces are most attractive to you?
  58. "Roman Feet, Greek Feet"
  59. Were the Pharaohs Blond?
  60. Is Classification by Body Possible?
  61. The Accuracy of Coon, Günther, etc
  62. Can anyone just give the general/brief guidelines to be classified ?
  63. Poll - Do You Consider Penelope Cruz White?
  64. Basic Races of Mankind?
  65. 'Taxonomy of Homo Sapiens' by Egon von Eickstedt
  66. Subrace and "Dating" (for Von Braun)
  67. American "Whites"
  68. Relationship between looking young and Paedomorphy?
  69. Non-Nordish Women
  70. "She looks elfish": What does that mean?
  71. Racial Aspects in Germanic Myths: Who are the German Dwarfs?
  72. There is no such thing as the Nordid race !
  73. What is Race to you?
  74. Fag Face: Is There A Physical Basis For Identifying Male Homosexuality?
  75. Skull Measurement from 25 World Populations: Iranians
  76. The Racial Types of Eastern Europe [Bertil Lundmann, 1977]
  77. Polish Stature
  78. The Races of Germany (Basic List)
  79. The Cause of Brachycephalication
  80. The Five Sub-Races of Man
  81. The Dinarics' Psychology and Emotional World
  82. Glasses and Subrace
  83. Descriptions of the Indic People?
  84. The Origin of Races (by Carleton S. Coon)
  85. What Race are the Ainu People of Japan?
  86. Physical Anthropology of the Tatars
  87. Are "Reduced" and "Gracilised" two seperate things ?
  88. Extreme snub nose!
  89. Kalasha of Pakistan
  90. Which Races Normally Have Receding Chins?
  91. The Kashubian-Pomeranian folk
  92. Better photos of Southern Italians
  93. Lactose Tolerance, A Sign of Aryan Ancestry?
  94. The Best-Looking Heads: Dolichocephalic or Mesocephalic?
  95. Växjö Population Illustrates the Blondness of Sweden
  96. Anthropological Study of the Russians
  97. The Period of Hungarian Conquest and the Arpadian Age
  98. German Stature, ca. 1804
  99. Does Anyone Want To Comment On This Skull?
  100. Depigmentation in Hair and Skin
  101. What distinguishes the Tungid Race?
  102. Race and Teeth
  103. Differences between Slavs
  104. Anthropological Composition of the Altai Population
  105. The Kashubian-Pomeranian average village school
  106. Is Borreby the Most Common Racial Type in Germany?
  107. How seriously do you take Carlton Coon?
  108. Carleton S. Coon on the Racial Makeup of Poland
  109. L. F. Clauß: "Die nordische Seele" [The Nordic Soul]
  110. Craniometric Investigation of the Bronze Age Settlement of Xinjiang
  111. Pseudo-Mongolism in the British Isles?
  112. Composite Photos of Great Russians From Various Anthropological Zones [from: The Eastern Slavonic Peoples: Anthropology and Ethnic History]
  113. Interesting phenomenon
  114. Couple of questions concerning Race and Sub-Race
  115. What makes Semites, Dravidians, and North african Hamites
  116. Body Hair and Race
  117. Aryan Central Asians and Indians
  118. G.F. Debetz on Eyelid Form
  119. Bunak's Eye Pigmentation Scale
  120. Race Is Not About Pigmentation
  121. Women from Kabylie
  122. UP Types and Winter Metabolism
  123. What the Dutch Women of the Future Will Look Like
  124. Which should be held higher? Your opinion
  125. Skin Color Distribution and Racial Maps
  126. What Terminology to use?
  127. Anthropometry: Russians compared to neigboring groups...
  128. Average faces project - Poland
  129. Is it possible for European people to have thick lips?
  130. "The Necessity of a Clear and Handy Terminology" - Egon von Eickstedt
  131. Gypsies from East Prussia
  132. I need Pics and Measurements
  133. Terms used in Physical Anthropology
  134. Miscellany
  135. The Races of India
  136. Who are the greater miscegenators, Meds or Nords?
  137. Can Old People Be Classified?
  138. Races in the United States, by William Z. Ripley (1908)
  139. Anthropological Remarks on the Swabians
  140. Average Face Project Europe
  141. Are There Pure Races?
  142. National Socialism and Race
  143. What are Melungeons?
  144. Your List of Racial Anthropology Books
  145. What Is Your Nasal Index?
  146. Cranial Deformations: Scaphocephaly, Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, Trigonocephaly
  147. Great Jaw!
  148. Climate Rules for the Development of Body Characteristics
  149. Order of Importance/Value: the Pigment. Characters
  150. Narrow skulls clue to first Americans
  151. Any Examples of the Following Racial Sub-types?
  152. Who Are the Coolest Ural-Altaics?
  153. Bealrussian Racial Types
  154. Correlation between Sub-Race and Accent??? interesting
  155. Armenian Racial Types
  156. Physical Types of the British Isles
  157. Red or Blonde?
  158. Head to head with Boas: Did he err on the plasticity of head form?
  159. Spanish and Portugese Racial Types
  160. European Male Race Calculator (Method of A. Wanke)
  161. A Scandinavian Ethno-Archaeological Overview
  162. Racial Calculator and Data: Guess Race
  163. People from Saransk, Mordovia
  164. Did Carleton Coon Make Racist Statements?
  165. On the Methods and Results of Ethnology (1865)
  166. What race did von Eckstedt imply by Indomelanid or "Indomelanicus"?
  167. The Most Nordic Slavs?
  168. Brazilian racial classification of mestizos
  169. A Magyar Ember - The Magyar Human
  170. A Serious Poll About Racial Purity: Which is Most Important?
  171. Lower Face Profile Analysis for all Ethnic Types
  172. About old anthropology studies
  173. Height of Skadi Members (Combined Gender Poll)
  174. The Racio-Biological Effects of War
  175. Nazi Racial Characteristics ?
  176. Facial Muscles in Different Races
  177. Human "races" are nothing more than breeds of dogs
  178. Book Review: 'March of the Midgets: A History of the Ladoganish Race'
  179. Do You Have Negroid Blood?
  180. On The Geographical Distribution of the Chief Modifications of Mankind
  181. Kurgan and Corded Ware People's Anthropological Dimensions
  182. "Swiss Pygmies": The Pygmies of Corbeddu Cave in Sardinia
  183. Official Brazilian classification of mestizos in a school book
  184. Proportionality in Asian and North American Caucasian Faces
  185. How do the Harratins compare physically with sun-Saharan Africans?
  186. A Better Racial Classification System
  187. Modern Icelandic Women: Stature, Iris Pigmentation, Etc.
  188. Body Build Characteristics in Non-Whites
  189. Modern Icelandic Men: Stature, Iris Pigmentation, Etc.
  190. Are Borreby/Brun and Paleolithic survivors Nordic ?
  191. Racial Aesthetics/Euro Subrace Poll
  192. Whats an Epicanthic Fold?
  193. Loring Brace on skin colour
  194. Wow, can you get any more Dravidian then this?
  195. The Term 'Nordicism' According To Scholars Of English
  196. Variation In Human Body Size And Shape
  197. A Representative Sample of Basque Faces
  198. Helical hair
  199. Sub-type Estimates by Nation
  200. Icelanders are not asians
  201. Racial Purity and the Already Mixed: What Would YOU Allow?
  202. Inbred or Tainted?
  203. Cape Flats Skull (Virtually Identical to Predmost3 and Alfalou12)
  204. Temperament of the Races?
  205. Guess Race/Ethnicity/Nationality of new member
  206. Skull Classification: Origins of this Skull?
  207. Essays on Physiognomy
  208. Out of Africa and Leptosomic Caucasians
  209. Where is the Largest Concentration of North-Atlantids?
  210. Anthropology and Genetics of the Lebanese
  211. Cultures and Barriers to Genetic Drift
  212. "Deutsche Rassenköpfe" by Dr. B.K. Schulz: Award Winning Racial Photographs
  213. Racial Map by Dr. Hans F.K. Günther
  214. Guanches of the Canary Islands
  215. Green Eyes: An Indicator For Which Race?
  216. Inferiority? Genocide? Ridiculous Concepts
  217. Split from The King
  218. Indian Race History and the Concept of Progression
  219. Only Michiganistan is Finno-Ugric in the USA
  220. How about the Racial Composition of Portugal?
  221. Distribution of Bavarian Cranial Indexes during history
  222. Does anybody have pictures of the Dal People?
  223. Racial Repartition in a United Euro-American Empire
  224. Iranians and Kurds are both Armenoids
  225. Racial Borders and European Subracial Types
  226. Subrace Types: Just As Ridiculous As The Zodiac!
  227. Correlations of Haplogroups and Racial Types (27 European Populations)
  228. A couple of hairy questions
  229. Mongoloid Admixture in Italians
  230. Racial Hybrid Superiority
  231. 'The Races of Europe' corrections
  232. Belarusian (Krivian) Anthropology
  233. Genuine Nordic Noses
  234. Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid Hair
  235. John Beddoe on the Normans (excerpt from The Races of Britain)
  236. Karl Earlson's Racial History Research Website
  237. Racial Anthropology Reading List [German Books]
  238. Blondism originally from Mongolids?!
  239. Gallery of Europid Skulls
  240. Measures of the Head and Face in Patients with Psychosis
  241. Craniofacial Morphology in Japanese and Australian Aboriginal Populations
  242. Racial Types in Ancient Greek Paintings
  243. Racial Lines Blur In Kazakhstan: Interethnic Love and Marriages on the Rise
  244. Height of Skadi Members (Male)
  245. Height of Skadi Members (Female)
  246. Which Subraces Does Your Phenotype Include? (Multiple Choice)
  247. Africans in Old Europe?
  248. No difference in indigenous Northern Africans and Mediteraneans
  249. What Exaggerates Sexual Dimorphism In Some Races?
  250. Head type of Arabs - Long vs Broad and everything in between