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  1. MorphThing: Facial Morphing Online Software
  2. What's the Difference Between High European Cheekbones and High Mongoloid Cheekbones?
  3. Do You Have Prejudices Regarding Eye Colour?
  4. Is European Music a Predominartly Alpine and Dinaric Phenomenon?
  5. Race and Skin Color
  6. An Odd Question: Does the Presence or Lack of Wisdom Teeth Have Any Implications Sub-Racially?
  7. What is the Cause of "High" Cheekbones?
  8. Black Hair Turned to Blonde
  9. Examples of Metrically Identical Racial Types Adapted to Different Climates
  10. Primer in Facial Anatomy?
  11. Can You Spot Jews?
  12. Questions About the Validity of Some of These Physical Anthropology Concepts
  13. Which Race Has the Prettiest Women?
  14. Racial Variation in Some Parts of the Skull Involved in Chewing
  15. How Appropriate Are Terms Such As Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Australoid, Etc.?
  16. Is White/Europid/etc. Only a Race, or is It Also About Behavior?
  17. Neotenic Characteristics, Evolutionary Link?
  18. Toe Length Indicator of Phenotype?
  19. Do You Consider Armenoids European?
  20. Hair Type of Northern Europeans?
  21. I Turned from Black to White: How a Skin Disorder Changed a Man's Identity and His Place in the World
  22. Convergent Selection
  23. Are Celtics More Gracile Than Germanics?
  24. Physical Anthropology in Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet
  25. Perfect Female Face Dimensions Measured!
  26. Cape Verdean Mulattos
  27. Opinion about Roman Noses?
  28. Post Examples of Racially Progressive AND Attractive Individuals
  29. Racial Map of Germany
  30. Are High Cheekbones non-Germanic?
  31. Consequences of Mixed Blood In the Third Reich?
  32. Blondism or Germanicism?
  33. Germanics with Hooked Noses ?
  34. Correlation of Sexual Instinct and and Race?
  35. The Race Change in Ancient Italy (300 BC - 300 AD)
  36. "Swarthy Germans" in Texas
  37. How Valid and Important is the Subject of Subrace?
  38. Eye Color and Perceived Dominance
  39. Racial Types of the French Huguenots?
  40. Madison Grant and the Racialist Movement
  41. Hitler: American Racial Stock is Superior to European.
  42. Study: Mixed-Race People More Attractive?
  43. Jewish "Superiority" Due To Rich Influx of Germanic Blood?
  44. Blue Eyed and Blond Haired Spanish?
  45. Do You Have Prejudices Regarding Hair Colour?
  46. Are Basques Considered White?
  47. Curly Hair in Non-Jewish Europeans
  48. Should These People Be Considered White?
  49. A Question Regarding Cleft Chins in Europids
  50. Can a White Child Have Black Hair and Brown Eyes?
  51. Are Pontids White/Europid?
  52. High Cheekbones, Are They Always an Indicator of Extra-European Origins?
  53. Subraces Found Outside of Their Geographical Domain
  54. Reduced Racial Types, Pedomorphism, Infantilism, What Causes It?
  55. Which Europid Subrace Mixing Would You Be Against?
  56. Is It Possible to Determine Complete Racial Composition of a Person by Vision and Physical Anthropology?
  57. Strategic and Anthropological Issues
  58. Subraces - A Well Established Science?
  59. The Face of Fenno/russian Asian Admixture
  60. The Transmorphication of Interracial Relationships
  61. How Dark Are the Sicilians Compared to Other Southern European Populations?
  62. What Happened to the Spanish Monarchs to Make Them Lose Their Blue Eyes?
  63. Racial Anthropology: : The Censorship of Science
  64. Eugen Fischer - The Bastards of Rehoboth
  65. What Constitutes a Race? Is It a Valid Idea?
  66. Racial Anthropology of the Finns
  67. Can You Tell a Person's Race from His or Her Skull?
  68. Do You Think Some Races Are Better Than Others?
  69. Germanic Red-Heads...
  70. What Would Marlon Brando Be Classified As?
  71. Birth Marks and Races/Sub-Races
  72. Male-Pattern Baldness and Race
  73. Infographic of the European Subraces
  74. Hierarchy of the Sub-Races
  75. So Progressive As To Lack Infantilized Features?
  76. Rufosity Among Jews
  77. Blue Eyes, Fair Skin, and DARK Hair. Can Anyone Explain?
  78. Post Strong Arguments, Scientific Evidence, And Other Facts to Use when Arguing with Race-Deniers
  79. Do I Have A Germanic Face?
  80. Why Are Englishmen on Average Shorter Than Their European Brothers?
  81. We're Getting Shorter NOT Taller and Our Brains Are Shrinking, So is Farming to Blame?
  82. How Are Your Teeth?
  83. Stephen Jay Gould Accused of Fudging Numbers
  84. Wide Faces Predict Unethical Behavior
  85. What Did the Vikings Look Like?
  86. The Anthropological Taxonomy Question Thread
  87. The Skin Color of Northern and Northwestern Europeans
  88. Sub-Racial Map of Lincolnshire (East Midlands)
  89. Is Wavy or Curly Hair Considered Non-Germanic?
  90. How Roman is Southern Germany?
  91. A Question About 'The Passing of the Great Race'
  92. What are the Implications of Chubby Cheeks?
  93. Do Your Bottom Front Teeth Lie Behind Your Upper Front Teeth?
  94. What is difference between Borreby and West Baltid ?
  95. The Racial Type of the General Population of Byzantium?
  96. Craniofacial Anthropometry
  97. Question to the Blondes
  98. Races in Science Fiction and Fantasy
  99. 80 Percent of Black Women Over the Age of 20 Are Overweight or Obese
  100. Do Dimples Show Any Particular Ancestry?
  101. Evolution of Pale Skin
  102. Does Europe Have Different Standards of Beauty Than the U.S.?
  103. Brain Comparison?
  104. Men Over 6ft 'Face a 24% Lower Risk of Heart Failure'
  105. Recreations of Frisians, Racially Accurate?
  106. RED HAIR (Not Blonde) Orginated from the British Isles
  107. Self Loathing Germanic?
  108. What does the Shape of Eyebrows tell?
  109. Red-Headed Britain
  110. Maria Sharapova
  111. Frequency of Chin Dimple/Cleft Chin in Europeans?
  112. Thin Upper Lip Common in Certain Subraces?
  113. Skull Condition Thought Extinct is Actually Widespread
  114. Karl Earlson's Racial History Research Website
  115. The European Racial Types, by Egon Freiherr Von Eickstedt
  116. The Origin of Races (by Michael W. Masters)
  117. The White Race for Dummies
  118. From Racial Typology to DNA Sequencing
  119. Norwegian Physical Anthropology and the Idea of a Nordic Master Race
  120. Craniometry and Racial Identity in Inter-War Transsylvania
  121. The Ethnic Origins of Beauty
  122. Indian Craniometric Variability and Affinities
  123. Cephalic Index and Head Shape Map of the World (Egon Freiherr Von Eickstedt)
  124. McMahon, Richard - Anthropological Race Classifications of Europeans 1839-1939 (2007) [Thesis for Doctorate]
  125. Suprainiac Fossa: Race or Plasticity?
  126. Most Primitive European Skull Type?
  127. "Classifying Humans into Races the Biggest Mistake in History of Science"
  128. Changing Environment Plays Only a Minor Role in Defining Cranial Morphology
  129. Study: Climate Shaped Human Nose
  130. Minimum IQ for Farming and Agriculture?
  131. Race: a Social Destruction of a Biological Concept
  132. Third Molar Agenesis: a Puzzling Case of Recent Human Evolution
  133. What Colour Are These Eyes?
  134. Origins of This Germanic Type
  135. Of Genes and Race
  136. Cromagnids vis a vis Nordids
  137. Most Common Eye and Hair Colours of Germanic People?
  138. About This Classification
  139. The Racial Elements of European History (Günther Hans F.K.)
  140. What is Turanid and Aralid?
  141. Dolichocephalic or Brachycephalic?
  142. Ever Wonder Why Some Dark-Haired Men Have Red Beards?
  143. Human Phenotypes (the Best Physical Anthropology Site)
  144. Tongue Posture, Breathing, and Beauty
  145. Humans Having Sex With Neanderthals Gave Us Protection Against Ancient Viral Epidemics
  146. Sexing ancient cremated human remains is possible through skeletal measurements
  147. Genetic study provides novel insights into the evolution of skin color