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  1. Difference between Arabid (Orientalid) and Iranid-Afghanoid Races?
  2. Post Examples of Individuals Altered by Gracile Agricultural Expansion
  3. European Faces Reflect Stone Age Ancestry, Study Says
  4. What Race Is the Typical Jewish Semite ?
  5. Racial Composition of the Jews
  6. "Composite Faces: Faces of Tomorrow"
  7. Racial History of Egypt
  8. Are Labour Voters more Swarthy and Tory Voters more Nordic?
  9. How Accurate is this Racial Map of Europe?
  10. Relation between Alpinids and Mongoloids?
  11. What are Polynesians, Racially?
  12. Importance of Height in Sub-Racial Type?
  13. Height X Sub-Racial Type
  14. Subracial Distribution in Europe (by Madison Grant)
  15. Question about sub-race in families
  16. How to: Take anthropometric measurements without Giga-caliphers
  17. Does the frontal view of this person exist?
  18. Missing Wisdom Teeth - A Progressive Trait?
  19. 'Welsh aren't 'true' Celts' claim
  20. Difference between Crania and Cephalia
  21. On Northern Italians
  22. Nordish.com (SNPA) updated - Opinion?!
  23. What can be told from looking at hands?
  24. What is the Predominant Subracial Element in Argentina?
  25. Are the Irish Paedomorphic?
  26. Germanics Mistaken for Jews?
  27. Do You Have an Overbite?
  28. Types of Occiput (Nordic vs Dinaric)
  29. Varied Europid Influence in Two Jewish Sub-Ethnicities
  30. Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer Taking Anthropological Measurements for the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (KWI)
  31. What does Troender mean exactly ?
  32. Entangled Traditions of Race: Physical Anthropology in Hungary and Romania, 1900-1940
  33. The Alawite: European Syrians?
  34. The Ideal Nordic-Dinaric Racial Type: Racial Anthropology in the Independent State of Croatia
  35. Reduction to Standard Skull Conversion?
  36. Nordics in North Africa and the Canary Islands?
  37. Pictures of Orientalids from L. F. Clauss
  38. Is Racial Intermixture Inevitable?
  39. William Howells' Complete World Craniometric Database
  40. Please Some Commentary Regarding Flat Rear Skulls?
  41. Gracil-Indids and Med Influence on Indian Art
  42. Fun Map: What Europe might have looked like racially 15,000 years ago
  43. Does cephalic index definitely reflect blood linkage?
  44. Racial Types of the Walloons
  45. Europid Typology of the Soviet School
  46. Racial Family Tree of the World's Races?
  47. Have wars had an impact on the racial stock of European nations?
  48. Study of Anthropologic Measurements Among Diverse Nordid and Mediterranean Groups
  49. Are You Long-Faced?
  50. Whats Your Total Facial Height?
  51. Could Neandertals have had epicanthal folds?
  52. If Genetic Engineering existed
  53. Who do Non-Whites see as being "White"?
  54. Geographical Areas and Sub-racial Purity
  55. The Armenoid Race: Origin, Distribution and Physiognomy
  56. What Does a Red Beard Indicate?
  57. Are Sami White/Europid?
  58. Is This Light, Medium or Dark?
  59. Correlation Between Racial Types and Sports Abilities?
  60. What is the Largest Cause of Phenotypic Differences?
  61. Why do Arabs and Africans differ so greatly in physical appearance?
  62. Were Ancient Corded People White People?
  63. Head of German 11th Century King Reconstructed
  64. Pictures of Ethiopians
  65. Ancient Armenid People
  66. Racial classifications in Latin America
  67. Do all races have a stocky/robust subrace?
  68. Post Examples of Racially Infantile/Paedomorphic Individuals
  69. Is the Hairline A Racial Indicator?
  70. The Finnish Racial Types: Westerns, Tavastians and Easterns
  71. Are the Tajiks Mostly Europid or Mongoloid?
  72. What Does 'Homotypic' Mean?
  73. Leptosomic Cromagnoids?
  74. The 'American Anthropological Association''s Political Statement on Race
  75. The Greek Face, by R. Peterson
  76. Finns: Slavic or Scandinavian
  77. Genetical footing for subracial differentiation?
  78. Which subrace do "square-heads' belong to?
  79. Project for Skadi Volunteers: Anthropological Map of Germany
  80. Clinal Distribution vs Discontinuous Distribution
  81. Italians with Veddoid Admixture
  82. Günther vs Coon
  83. Usefulness of Physical-Anthropological Classification?
  84. About the Importance Given to Depigmentation
  85. Can anyone recommend good books on Dutch Anthropology ?
  86. Germanic Skin Tones
  87. Racial Measurements: Average Statistics per Europoid Racial Group?
  88. What Is Altantid/Atlanto-Med?
  89. Opinions About the "Black" Irish
  90. Proud of the Mixture or Proud of Being "Pure"?
  91. What major race has the most parafamilies/subraces ?
  92. This type of classification is pseudo-science
  93. The Correlation of Vile Facial Features and Corresponding Cultural Values
  94. Does Behavior Indicates Sub-Race?
  95. Why we need more anthropometry
  96. Semitic Racial Types (Samaritans, Bedwins, Arabs)
  97. What Would the Perfect Nation Be Like, Racially?
  98. Post Examples of Non-Attractive but Racially Progressive Individuals!
  99. Where Do all the Blonde Irish come from?
  100. The Races and Peoples of Lebanon
  101. Average Head Size in Europe
  102. The Importance of Race and Ethnic Background in Biomedical Research
  103. On Average-as-Attractive and Racial Types
  104. Which Subracial Types Have Wide Hips, Short Legs?
  105. Dutch (Still) World's Tallest People...
  106. Facial Averages from South America
  107. Facial Averages of Europe
  108. Green eyes? Where do they come from?
  109. Are subtypes by nature attracted to each other?
  110. Body Types for Women...
  111. Post Examples of Racially Un-Progressive Individuals
  112. Bump on the back of the skull?
  113. What was the race of the STK (Stroke-Ornamented Ware) Culture?
  114. What part of Europe did the Keltic Nordic type originate from?
  115. I require assistance (Taking Personal Measurements for Racial Classification)
  116. Faces of Soviet Nationalities
  117. Goblins and Giants: Humans to split
  118. Mixed Race Faces - Caucasian + Asian
  119. What impact has skull shape on the brain size and functions?
  120. Scientific Explanation for Hazel Eyes?
  121. What Defines the Odors by Race?
  122. Are You A Nordicist?
  123. The Problem with Subracial Types
  124. "People of Turkey in the Earlier Ages", by Bilge Umar
  125. Central Asian (Assumed) UP Types
  126. What is Carpathid Exactly?
  127. George Poisson's Racial Classification System
  128. Roman/Eagle Nose: Typical of Which Subrace?
  129. Ost-Mediterranid Phenotypes in the Carpatho-Rusyns
  130. Borrebies and Alpines Make Good Aldermen?
  131. The Problem of ‘Progressive’: An Analysis Toward a Philosophy of Racial Progression
  132. What do you think the Peruvian Minorities should do?
  133. Fenno-Ugrics: Racial Overview and Ethnic Comparison
  134. Who Said Halstatts Can't Fight?
  135. The Eurasian Race: The Most Progressive Race?
  136. Blue-Eyed Sumerians
  137. Anthropometry Questions (Cephalic Index)
  138. Egypt: A New Picture of Ancient Ethnic Diversity
  139. Blue Eyed Egyptians
  140. Some Pictures of MENSA People
  141. Very European Looking "Orientals" (Asians etc)
  142. Similarities Between Amerinds and Asiatics
  143. List of Best Current Anthropological Sites and Forums
  144. Why Racial Classification Is Incomplete
  145. What Did the Picts Look Like?
  146. Baldness, Hair Loss, Thick Hair, Body Hair... and Europid subraces
  147. The Shape of the Human Skull Has Changed Significantly over the Past 650 Years
  148. Skadi's 'Races of Europe': Extreme Anthropology Pictures
  149. How do you Classify Mixed-Races?
  150. Blondism - is it a Finnish or Germanic trait?
  151. The Case of Puertoricans
  152. AMORSITE- Concept of Racial Types
  153. British are genetically capitalist? Selection for low time preference
  154. Where Do These EARS Come From, and Why So Prominent in British Isles
  155. Race And Physical Differences (by William R. Boggs)
  156. Origins of Hälsingetypen?
  157. When hair shows the genetic colour?
  158. Why Children Never Leave Home: Evolution
  159. Races of Mankind: Classification and Distribution of Human Species
  160. Racial Aesthetics in the Third Reich
  161. Ex-USSR nations tipages
  162. Average Representations of Ethnic Types
  163. Why Do Europeans Have So Many Hair and Eye Colors?
  164. European Negroids? The Neolithic Negroids of Catlunya
  165. Post Examples of Individuals Who Look Exotic/Atypical for Their Locality
  166. Blond Hair with Brown Eyes
  167. Ugrian-Speakers of the Ladogan-Racial Type
  168. What is the Most Phenotypically Diverse Country of Europe?
  169. Where do the "Dark" Irish Come From?
  170. Measurements of Caucasoid Sub-Races
  171. Carabelli Traits - A Link Between Chinese and Swedes?
  172. Why Blue-Eyed Boys (and Girls) Are So Brilliant
  173. Presentation of My Racial Typology
  174. Village Skull Finds Deepen Mystery of Roundheads
  175. Polish-Americans, Mainly Alpines of Peasant Stock?
  176. Which types regularly display convex noses?
  177. Which sub-type is noted for thick prominent eyebrows?
  178. What is the "Savide" Race?
  179. Was Carleton Coon a Populationist?
  180. The East-Pontid Race?
  181. Negroid or American Indian admixture in Scots-Irish/Old-Stock Americans?
  182. Nordic, Alpine, Dinaric and Mediterranean: The Typological Race Concept Today
  183. Jet Black Hair in France
  184. Phylogenic Diagrams of Europid Subraces
  185. Minimum age for accurate judgement of (sub-)racial types?
  186. The New Races of Man (on GNXP)
  187. Source of Weakly Developed Chins?
  188. DNA Testing & Racial Classification
  189. Swedish vs. English/Irish Colouring
  190. Penatrating Blue Irish Eyes
  191. Racial Composition of the Dutch?
  192. How to Measure my Skull...?
  193. Blondism in the Germanic World
  194. Hair & Eye Color When You Were Born/A Child vs. Currently?
  195. [split] On hair color
  196. Which Subrace Predominates in Spain/Portugal?
  197. Brown-Eyed Germanics?
  198. Who is Boas with Regards to Coon?
  199. Germanic Look vs Celtic, Slavic and Latin Looks
  200. How would you classify most native Sardinians?
  201. Racial Composition of the British Isles
  202. Do You Give Priority to Subrace or Culture?
  203. What is your Head Length?
  204. Physiognomy, Phrenology and Personology
  205. Races or Subraces?
  206. Do You Look Typical for Your Ancestry?
  207. Want an 1st edition "Races of Europe"? Be Quick!
  208. Some Questions About Hans F. K Günthers Theories
  209. "The Perfect Face?"
  210. Real Racial Atavism of the Turco-Mongol Type
  211. What types of body hair do the various morphological groups possess?
  212. My Cheeks?
  213. What Do Our Resident Experts Think of This?
  214. What Nationality Would You *NEVER* Pass For?
  215. Nose Curvature in Germanics
  216. "Why Do I Look Southern European/Arab?"
  217. Eye Lashes and Brows
  218. Why are Arabs considered ''Caucasoid"?
  219. What Kind of Nose Do You Have?
  220. The Concept of the White Race
  221. Brown Hair is Blonde
  222. Swedish Photo-Database Late 1800s-1900s
  223. Physical Appaearance of Central Ukrainians?
  224. Predominance of Alpinic Features Amongst Poles
  225. "Napola" / "Before the Fall" (2004): Details Concerning Anthropological Classification in the Third Reich
  226. Benjamin Franklin Thought Swedes Were Too Swarthy?
  227. Miscegenation or Divergent Evolution?
  228. What are Skandolappids?
  229. Do You Have Freckles?
  230. Clarification on the "Atlantid" Terminology
  231. Bad English Teeth - A Myth?
  232. Are the Finnish Nordic or Baltic?
  233. Black Haired, Dark Eyed Germans
  234. Blonde Facial Hair
  235. Obama and the Difficulty of Taxonomy in Racial Hybrids
  236. Frame Size
  237. Are Celtic Teeth of Low Quality?
  238. The Perfect Race [Charles W. Gould]
  239. Average Colombian and Venezuelan?
  240. Where Would You Draw the Line Between the Racial Types?
  241. Earlobe Poll
  242. Red Hair in Germany?
  243. What Race Were the Celts?
  244. Germans 'Not Even White'
  245. Gold Tan with Black Hair in West Germany
  246. Tall/Projecting Nose in Europe
  247. Rassenkunde der Altslawen, Ilse Schwidetzky
  248. Partial Epicanthus/Pseudo Epicanthus?
  249. Dental Differences Between Races?
  250. Dissimilar Siblings