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  1. Cro-Magnon/Phalian vs Bruenn
  2. Brünn is Beautiful
  3. The Brunn Race
  4. Are strongest wrestlers Borreby?
  5. Cro-Magnon: Were They Light or Dark?
  6. The Cromagnon Race [Paul Broca]
  7. Good Faelid examples?
  8. Please explain how to distinguish Borreby from Bruen?
  9. The Berid Racial Type
  10. Brunn-Berber connection?
  11. A Very Faelid German
  12. Cro-Magnon and Combe Capelle
  13. Borreby in Austria?
  14. Origin of Borrebies
  15. Borreby: Origin, Evolution and Legacy
  16. Faelids / Borrebies
  17. Cromagnon Face Reconstruction
  18. Balder's Phalian women gallery
  19. Brünn Types
  20. Faelid, Falish, Dalofaelid, Dalonordic, Phalian
  21. Irish Brunn Females
  22. Good example of a Phalian woman
  23. Differences between Brunn and Borreby
  24. Good representative of Coon's Irish Brünn?
  25. Cro-Magnid HG Form List
  26. A Borreby skull
  27. Borreby as a Brunnid derivative?
  28. Extreme Brünn Example
  29. Good Faelid/Bruenn example?
  30. Are Nordics Equal to Cromagnid Types?
  31. An example of Faelid type from Antarktisches Europa
  32. Typical Borreby Examples
  33. Are Basques the purest Cro-magnon??
  34. What are Faelin and Brunn?
  35. Difference Between Cromagnid and Alpinid
  36. Berberids (Pictures)
  37. Coon's "Borreby" theory
  38. The Brünn Type and Hair
  39. The Cromagnid Race
  40. If Alpine + Nordid = Sub-Nordid, what is Borreby + Nordid?
  41. Cro-Magnon ancestry
  42. Face length of this Swedish Faelid
  43. Good Examples of the Cro Magnon type
  44. Finding the Differences Between Reduced UP and Atlantids...
  45. Post Examples of Borreby Beauties
  46. Modern Cro Magnon Type in Western Europe
  47. Upper Paleolithic Skulls from Different Regions
  48. Does Obesity come from the Cromagnids?
  49. Brünn Survivors in Scandinavia
  50. Borreby Survivors in the North
  51. Borreby Men in Germany and Elsewhere
  52. Carpathian and Balkan Borreby-Like Types
  53. Upper Palaeolithic Survivals in Ireland
  54. Post modern examples of unreduced Dalo-Faelid individuals
  55. Brünn Examples
  56. Borreby Fighting Machine
  57. Russian Cro-Magnons
  58. Measurements of the Dalo-Falids
  59. Were Vikings Cromagnids?
  60. Concave Noses - Are They Prevalent Within the Cro-Magnid Type?
  61. Dalofaelid Examples
  62. What Are the Arabic Cromagnid Types?
  63. A Theory on "Cro-Magnon"
  64. Living Examples of Borrebys
  65. Weaknesses of the Cromagnid
  66. Time to Wake Up from the Cro-Magnon Nightmare
  67. Cromagnid 'Rough and Tough' Look?
  68. Cro-Magnids: A Subrace of the Nordid Race?
  69. Cro Mag/Dinarid Mix
  70. Why Did 'Cromagnids' Feature So Heavily in Nazi Art?
  71. Question & Advice - Borrebies and Nordics
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