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  1. Dating Committed People
  2. What's with My Girlfriend?
  3. Madonna Syndrome: I Should Have Ditched Feminism for Love, Children and Baking
  4. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
  5. Women Less Tolerant of Each Other Than Men Are, Study Finds
  6. German Men Are More Romantic Than Their Lady Friends
  7. Modern Chivalry
  8. No Sex Please, We're German
  9. Sex on First Dates
  10. Germanic Masculine Virtues?
  11. Pursuing Old Relationships? (Advice Requested)
  12. Is Lying Acceptable in a Relationship?
  13. Gays and Traditional Marriage - Suppress it or Out it?
  14. Public Display of Affection
  15. What Things Would You Never Accept in a Relationship?
  16. Jealousy in Relationships: Productive or Destructive?
  17. EU Bans Use of 'Miss' and 'Mrs' (and Sportsmen and Statesmen) Because It Claims They Are Sexist
  18. I Have a Dilemma
  19. Fights in Relationships
  20. Ethnicity of Your Loved One
  21. Are Women More Generous? New Study Sheds Light On Donation Behavior
  22. Males Are More Tolerant Of Same-Sex Peers, Study Shows
  23. Humor Wins Women Over
  24. Are Women Abusing the System In US Divorces?
  25. Falling in Love Makes You Weak?
  26. Do You Think You're Useless in Arguing ?
  27. Thoughts from a Conservative Feminist on Status Seeking
  28. Space in Relationships - How Important is It?
  29. Partner Looking Through E-Mail, Would You Be Upset?
  30. Evolution Of Human Sex Roles More Complex Than Described By Universal Theory
  31. For Your Health, Pick A Mate Who Is Conscientious And, Perhaps, Also Neurotic
  32. Adolescents Hold Differing Views On Civic And Political Activity
  33. Young Children Think Gender-related Behavior Is Inborn
  34. Effects of Infidelity on Men vs. Women Surprise Researchers
  35. Do Opposites Attract or is Having Things in Common Better?
  36. Married but Living Apart
  37. When Going Out: Who Pays for Dinner? Who Should Pay?
  38. What Age is Appropriate for Dating?
  39. Love Sickness / Unrequited Love
  40. Financially Independent Women
  41. Women May Not Be So Picky After All About Choosing A Mate
  42. Why White Men Get Paid More
  43. Contraception - Whose Job is It?
  44. How Long Have You Been in Your Relationship? What is the Secret of a Successful, Lasting Relationship?
  45. Rating Attractiveness: Consensus Among Men, Not Women, Study Finds
  46. Intra-Germanic Relationships
  47. Your Dress Code for Dates
  48. Survey Finds Nerds Get Laid Later in Life
  49. Pet Names
  50. Is Virginity Important in Your Relationship?
  51. Swedish Men Make the Best Husbands: Study
  52. Equal Pay for Men and Women?
  53. Racist? She Prefers Dating White Guys
  54. Women More Beautiful but Men Remain Neanderthal, Study Finds
  55. Does Marriage Kill Lovelife?
  56. Women, Would You Take Your Husband's Name in Marriage?
  57. Women Working Part-Time Jobs Up 16 Percent in Last Decade
  58. "My Race is Just Nothing": Some Thoughts on the Political Psychology of Women
  59. Racism in Pornography
  60. Dating Site Singles Out Swedes As World's Most Beautiful Men
  61. Simplified Dating Advice
  62. Little Man, the Way Girls Are... (Danish Short)
  63. Attracting Women
  64. 'Feminists Have Better Sex': Swedish Party
  65. Young Swedish Women More Likely to Have Sex with Each Other: Study
  66. Intermarriage and Cultural Suicide
  67. What to Do if You Suspect Your Partner of Cheating?
  68. Who is Your Dream Woman?
  69. Women See Male Leadership As Love
  70. Are German Women Pretty? Why Not?
  71. Should Psychological Violence in Marriages Be Banned?
  72. 15 Percent of Teens 'Sext'
  73. The Importance of Attractiveness Depends on Where You Live
  74. Are Angry Women More Like Men?
  75. Ancestry Attracts, but Love Is Blind
  76. Marvel Comics Now Promotes Incest
  77. Calls to Ensure Men Are Protected Against Domestic Violence
  78. Men Feel Less Guilt, Study Suggests
  79. "Tell Me Who Your Friends Are and I Will Tell You Who You Are"
  80. Your Partner/Relationship
  81. Women Are More Race Aware
  82. At What Age Did You Have Your Menarche?
  83. Sex Health Frankness and Modern Youth
  84. 'Name and Shame Sex-Buyers'
  85. Virtual Sex: Threat to Real Intimacy?
  86. Men Prefer Less Powerful Women
  87. Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships
  88. How Should a White Female Evaluate Potential Rape Threats?
  89. Downside of Marriage for Women: The Greater a Wife’s Age Gap from Her Husband, the Lower Her Life Expectancy
  90. Men Tell More Lies Than Women, Research Shows
  91. Relationships and Marriages with No Sex
  92. What Should We Do When We See an Interracial Couple?
  93. Deep Voice of Alpha Male: Rival's Masculine Voice Not Enough to Challenge a Man's Dominance
  94. Being Bad at Relationships Is Good for Survival
  95. What to Do?
  96. What is Your Definition of Sexy?
  97. Sexual Perversions
  98. Reality Vs. Zumanity: Death to the White Beta Male
  99. Beautiful Women Are Denied Manly Jobs
  100. Beauty and Interracial Dating (Philosophical Perspective)
  101. Interracial Dating Question
  102. Would You Consider Yourself a Shy Person?
  103. Women: Do You Like Chest Hair on a Man?
  104. Best Way to Express Attraction
  105. Lack of Belief in the Idea of Marriage
  106. Woman With Some Native American Ancestry
  107. Forbidden Love: Anti-Semites Who Loved Jews
  108. Women, Do You Find Misogynist Jokes/Teasing Attractive?
  109. What Is Love, In One Sentence?
  110. The Male Image
  111. Females Are Equal to Males in Math Skills, Large Study Shows
  112. Who Do You Think Are the Best Looking Germanic Men?
  113. Sexuality in Asia
  114. Why Race-Mixing is Wrong
  115. Dating Website for Europeans
  116. How to Interact with Ex-Race Traitors
  117. How to Approach a Girl as a Stranger?
  118. How Good Are You at Small Talk?
  119. I Found Out My Cousin is Dating a Slav
  120. Reaching The Modern Female
  121. New Duke Video: Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution
  122. Interpreting Body Language of the Opposite Sex
  123. Looking for Decent Man of Similar Ethnic Makeup
  124. Message to the White Man: White Women being kidnapped to Israel
  125. How Should Young Women Pick a Mate?
  126. Do You Find That Your Likelihood to Mate and Attraction to the Opposite Sex Occurs in Patterns?
  127. I Have Difficulty Talking to Germanic Women I Find Attractive
  128. Germanic Men Appreciation Thread
  129. The Insecurity of the Western Male and the Patriarchy
  130. Women, What Do You Look for in a Partner in Terms of Intelligence?
  131. Men, What Do You Look for in a Partner in Terms of Intelligence?
  132. Should Partners Be on the Same Level in A Relationship? Gender Roles Concerning Income, Domestic Chores, Etc.
  133. Physical Perfection
  134. Dating Prospects In The Urban City
  135. Public Places Of Meeting The Opposite Sex
  136. Patriarchy is Not a Germanic Value
  137. Women of Skadi: What is Your Opinion on This?
  138. For Women: Would You Find It Acceptable If...
  139. Church Marriage or Not?
  140. Sex Drives That Are Too High
  141. Unconditonal Loyalty and Self-Sacrifice - Pathetic or True Germanic Values?
  142. Whites Prefer Whites When Dating Online
  143. Will Our Daughters Be Nothing but Prizes ?
  144. Latino Men Are Possessive and Asians Are Rubbish in Bed
  145. Why Do People (Get Married And) Require of Their Partner to Be Loyal to Them When They Themselves Are Not?
  146. Half of All Kiwis Involved in Workplace Romance
  147. How Old Were You when You Had Your First Kiss?
  148. What Would You Consider the Biggest Turn-Off in the Opposite Sex?
  149. Do Some Male Members on Here Dislike Women?
  150. Personals
  151. Sex Offenders on Dating Websites
  152. Scandanavian Nations Creating 'Mens Panels' - and Demanding Downfall of 'Male Ideals'
  153. Most Women Prefer Men with More Feminine Shaped Faces and Darker Skin
  154. Mid-Life: Some Questions
  155. I Think I Missed My Chance
  156. The Right to Be a Slut
  157. 32 Random Facts About Men
  158. 33 Random Facts About Sex
  159. Black Women Are Less Attractive Than Others
  160. Do Germanics Have Any Hope???
  161. Which Other Nationality Would You Mate With?
  162. Are Some Individuals Incapable of Being Liked?
  163. The Despised Working Class Man
  164. Your Deciding Moment in Life and the Paths We Took
  165. Is a Female Smoking a Cigarette More Likely to Be a Slut in Your Mind?
  166. Germanic Role Models
  167. The Foxiest Germanic Men
  168. Which Individuals Do You Think Possess the Phenotype of a Perfect/Ideal Aryan Warrior?
  169. Genuine True Wealth
  170. Germanic Values and Equality of the Sexes
  171. Chivalry is Actually 'Benevolent Sexism', Feminists Conclude
  172. Women Who Lost Their Virginity As Teenagers Are 'More Likely to Divorce'
  173. A White Woman Explains Why She Prefers Black Men
  174. A Polity of Castrati-Soprano Nation
  175. How Filipino Brides Are Changing the DNA of Several Nationalities and Also the Filipino
  176. Women Really Do Have a “Gaydar”
  177. The Manifesto for the Conscious Woman
  178. New Book Reveals What Couples Thought About Sex in the Years Before the Sixties Sexual Revolution
  179. Lesbian Marine to Be Jailed 'Faked Marriages with Male to Pocket $75,000
  180. Ladies of Skadi Forum, What Would You Say Makes a Creep Creepy?
  181. Sex Is Not About Promoting Genetic Variation, Researchers Argue
  182. Women and Sexual Attraction
  183. Are Women Becoming Too Dominant and Aggressive?
  184. Scared I Might Be a Father
  185. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  186. Why the Sounds Women Make in Bed Have Little to Do with Her Orgasm
  187. The Worst Pick-up Line
  188. The Nordic System of Courtship
  189. 1million Women Are Unemployed, the Highest Female Jobless Toll for 25 Years
  190. If Marrying an Asian, Why Choose a Fat or Ugly One?
  191. Women 'Don't Recognise the Real Risk of Lung Cancer'
  192. What Are Some Signs That a Girl Likes/Doesn't Like You?
  193. Dutch Woman Calls Ex-Boyfriend 65,000 Times
  194. My Mixed Marriage
  195. A Transsexual Defends Gender Differences
  196. Survey Says Norwegian Men Make the Best Husbands
  197. Aberrosexualists
  198. The Dark Side of Sexual Freedom: American Zoophiles take on the Language of Equality
  199. Newsweek Article on "Free Sperm Donors"
  200. Why Have Germanic Women Changed So Much?
  201. How Do I Convince My Bf That He is Wasting His Life Doing What He's Doing?
  202. One in Three Women Dislike Cuddles
  203. Intelligent Women Forced to 'Dumb Down' and Find a Less-Educated Man to Marry
  204. Do People Generally Enjoy Receiving Compliments?
  205. Why Do Celto-Germanic People Prefer Non-Celto-Germanic Mates?
  206. Shortage of Men in New Zealand
  207. 36 Random Facts About Women
  208. Deadbeat Dads
  209. More Than Half of Adults in the UK Are Not Married
  210. Working on a Laptop Wirelessly May Hamper a Man’s Chances of Fatherhood.
  211. The Superficial Charm of Non-White Men
  212. Is It Immoral for Me to Disagree with My Parents on This?
  213. The World's First Sex School: An Instant Guide
  214. Rise of the Girl Gangs
  215. Dealing with Spousal Abuse
  216. Teens and Sexting
  217. 'Net Sex' Allows Women to 'Take the Lead': Study
  218. Taboo Relationships
  219. Controversial Book Asks ‘Is Marriage for White People?’
  220. Why Are You Single?
  221. Nagging Can Cause Divorce
  222. How Soon is Too Soon?
  223. What is Promiscuity?
  224. Being the Suobordinate One in a Relationship: What Would you Consider Taking it Too Far?
  225. Do You Have Non-Germanic European Friends?
  226. Swedish Feminists Bare Pits to 'Reclaim the Hair'
  227. What Would You Do if You Fell in Love with a Leftist?
  228. Is Loving = Lying ?
  229. Goebbels on German Womanhood
  230. Virtues & Ideas of the Übermensch
  231. Britain #1... In Interracial Relationships
  232. Do Men Want Children, Too? / Are Modern Men Afraid of Commitment?
  233. What`s Wrong with Me (Involuntary Celebacy)?
  234. Everyone a Harlot
  235. My 25th Wedding Anniversary
  236. The Importance of Hatred
  237. Gender Neutral Toilets: Yes or No?
  238. The War on Women Is Real
  239. Area-Level Mortality and Morbidity Predict ‘Abortion Proportion’ in England and Wales
  240. Early Menarche is Associated With Preference for Masculine Male Faces and Younger Preferred Age to Have a First Child
  241. Father's Age, Lifestyle Associated with Birth Defects
  242. How Female Celebrities Are Responsible For Eating Disorders And Body Image Problems
  243. Scientists Now Scrambling To Figure Out How To Get Men Pregnant
  244. Breastfeeding As a Trans Dad: ‘A Baby Doesn’t Know What Your Pronouns Are’
  245. High School Crowns Boy Prom Queen
  246. Austria May Legally Recognize 3rd Gender As Intersex Person Challenges Authorities in Court
  247. Should Intersex People Be Accepted Within the Preservationist Scene?
  248. Physically Strong Men Are More Likely to Be Right-Wing
  249. Altruism Predicts Mating Success in Humans
  250. You Can Blame Evolution For Your Lack of Tinder Matches