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  1. Personality, Not Values, Makes the Marriage - Study
  2. Am I Allowed To Date Nordic Women?
  3. NordishSingles.com
  4. What's the quirkiest thing you've put up with in a girl you've dated?
  5. Gender Trends in Interracial Relationships
  6. Most Likely Place to Meet Potential Mate
  7. What Kind of Personality Are You Attracted To?
  8. Ikea In Trouble For Not Putting Women In Their Ads
  9. Nordic family ties don't mean tying the knot
  10. The Manifesto of the Futurist Woman
  11. "Bad girls"
  12. Hermaphrodudes: The Effeminate Metrosexual
  13. How Many Breakups Have You Had?
  14. How That Disastrous Relationship Ended...
  15. Men earn more when wives stay home
  16. The Virtues of [Female] Promiscuity
  17. The Nature and Value of Friendship
  18. Are Alpha Females Popular With Men?
  19. Spain approves gay marriage
  20. What Kind Of Body Type Are You Attracted To?
  21. 'Infinitely Gay' Celebration of Same-Sex Marriage Erupts in Spain's Capital
  22. Jude Law Admits to Cheating (Society's Idols: No Honor?)
  23. "Victorian Feminism"
  24. Women behaving disgracefully
  25. Interracial Dating
  26. Relationships between White Men and Asian Women
  27. More Abortions Than Births in Russia — Health Official
  28. The Uranian Theory of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
  29. Give Your Advice About Women
  30. "Queer Theory": The New Anti-White Ideology
  31. Marriage and ethnoculture
  32. Men Prefer Brunettes to Blondes
  33. Love at First Sight
  34. Why a happy marriage is the best stressbuster of all
  35. How Important Is Eye Color To You?
  36. Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males
  37. Thread of Long Hair Adoration
  38. Asexuality
  39. Are Humans Monogamous by Nature?
  40. "Husbands on run from the only Thai bride in the village"
  41. Christmas Shopping: Hazardous to Men's Health
  42. Romantic love 'lasts just a year'
  43. Do You Believe in "the One"?/ Love for a Lifetime?
  44. The Lessons of a Drag King: One's Journey Into Manhood and Back Again
  45. Question for the ladies
  46. Career women turn against easy divorce
  47. Strangest pick-up attempt ever
  48. What is your ideal kind of woman?
  49. Plato's Theory of Love: Rationality as Passion
  50. What Is Love ?/ True Love? / Have You Ever Been in Love?
  51. (Who or What) Do You Love?
  52. What Your Eyes Can Tell About You...
  53. The Return of Patriarchy
  54. Female Role Models...
  55. Can Men and Women Be Friends? The Science Behind Cross-Sex Friendship
  56. "It's Not You, It's Me..."
  57. What do women want?
  58. What is Masculinity/Femininity?
  59. Legal Age of Sexual Consent
  60. How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?
  61. They say that opposites complete each other...
  62. Does Your Partner's Education Matter?
  63. The Price of Interracial Dating
  64. Austria most sexually satisfied nation
  65. Your First Girl/Boy Friend
  66. Ideal Height of Lover?
  67. What Physical Traits Are You Most Attracted to in the Opposite Sex?
  68. The Compelling Nature of Romantic Love
  69. Comparison Of Anger Expression In Men And Women
  70. 'Curvy' women likely to live longer
  71. Interracial Marriage in South Africa
  72. What's Your Ideal Of A Perfect Date?
  73. The Jewish Influence of Pornography on Germanic Values and Culture
  74. "Why can't a man be more like a man?"
  75. Your view on Intermarriage between ethnic groups?
  76. Physical Attraction Linked to Similarities?
  77. The Traditional Women, According to Julius Evola
  78. The Most Important Thing In A Relationship
  79. What Traits Do You Most Value In Women?
  80. Ladies, choose a man!!!
  81. Students make case for virginity
  82. Are mixed subracial relationships stormier?
  83. The Most Attractive Brunettes
  84. Attractive Brunets
  85. All White Dating
  86. Thicker Women
  87. Do Women Control Mating?
  88. Poll: Was Michaelangelo right?
  89. Sex Life in Ancient Nordic Society
  90. Are You Better Off Single?
  91. Is Marriage An Outdated Institution?
  92. So Much For Feminism - Poor body image in females
  93. Radical Feminists: Useful Idiots
  94. What do women DON'T want?
  95. Women, how do you see your children?
  96. Which country has the least beautiful women?
  97. UK - Pregnant girls smoke to have smaller babies
  98. Black Men with White Women
  99. Girlie Relief II ~ Whom should I date?
  100. Aesthetics of pale skin
  101. Single Women Too Picky
  102. The trouble with being macho
  103. Violence against women - facts and figures
  104. Perils fail to deter Thai bride boom
  105. A Godparent, Me?
  106. Which region has the most beautiful women?
  107. Which region has the most beautiful men?
  108. Social Pressure, Not Health Warnings Influence Sexual Behavior
  109. Would you consider...
  110. What do you want in a woman?
  111. Moslem Rape, Feminist Silence
  112. Women talk three times as much as men, says study
  113. Sorry, but women are dependent on men
  114. High-quality marriages help to calm nerves
  115. Mormon Wives Defend Their Plural Marriages
  116. Why Men Marry
  117. Male Pride and Female Prejudice
  118. What Men Consider Beautiful
  119. Essential Sex Differences - The Female as Enemy
  120. How Do You Feel About (European) Ethnic Mixing?
  121. Relationships or Marriage Between Different Subraces - Should You?
  122. The art of bitching
  123. The open sexuality: a problem or not?
  124. Transsexuality/Transgenderism
  125. Beautiful White Women Video
  126. The Male/Female Attitude Towards Love and Sex
  127. Elderly married couples don't let nursing homes keep them apart
  128. Our Obsession With Sex and Orgasms
  129. Rape and Virginity
  130. Women's Desks Four Times More Dirty Than Men's
  131. 'London Bridge is Falling Down'
  132. German Brother and Sister Challenge Incest Laws
  133. More Than a Quarter of Women Infected With HPV: Study
  134. Will marriage become exclusive to upper class?
  135. What's Wrong With Being Superficial?
  136. 'The book that convinced me men and women ARE different'
  137. Cousin Conundrum
  138. Feminine guys better for long-term love: study
  139. Former German PoW and British sweetheart prove love does conquer all
  140. Promiscuity kills civilization
  141. Taking HER Name in Marriage?
  142. Men Choose Romance Over Success
  143. Men Have Evolved To Choose Young Wives
  144. How to find a suitable bride?
  145. When Does Non-White Ancestry Become Irrelevant? / What Is the Maximum Amount of Non-European Background Permissible in a Partner?
  146. Why do women fall for the most horrible of men?
  147. What Are You Looking For In a Partner?
  148. Vegansexuals...
  149. Where Do You Like to Go and What Do You Like to Do For a Date?
  150. Dating Swedish men: bring your own beers
  151. What Is Marriage?
  152. Ladies Do You Go For Wealth and Power?
  153. Are Relationships In College Pointless?
  154. "It Is Better to Have Loved and Lost...
  155. How Many of You Have Been in a Relationship with a Non-Germanic?
  156. Emancipation
  157. Pure Love vs. Possession
  158. Older White Women Join Kenya's Sex Tourists
  159. Universexuality: The New Sexual Revolution
  160. Casual Sex: A Very Bad Idea
  161. Ever had your heart broken?
  162. Heightism
  163. "It's only the inside that counts"
  164. Sexless Marriages, Husbands Bored Of Their Wives
  165. Lovers Turn To Text Message To Say It's Over
  166. Do You Kiss On First Dates?
  167. Would You Date a Skadi Member?
  168. Flirting
  169. Which Subrace Has The Best Looking Men/Women?
  170. Spiritual conflict in relationships
  171. Do You Think Love Is Narcissistic?
  172. Germanics, Virginity and Age
  173. Do Women Hate Each Other? Do Men Have It Easier in Life?
  174. What do You Consider To Be Cheating?
  175. Ever Cheated/Been Cheated On?
  176. Any Fremen Here?
  177. Internet Dating/Long Distance/Online Relationships
  178. Engagement
  179. Poll Paints Grim Picture of Married Life
  180. Soulmates
  181. Would You Change Your Ideology For Someone You Love?
  182. Violence in Relationships / Women and Abusive Men
  183. Short Women More Successful with Men
  184. Do You Believe in Equality Between Men and Women?
  185. Where is the Best Place to Find...
  186. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate?
  187. Agape vs. Eros
  188. Friends with Benefits
  189. Slender vs. Curvy Women
  190. Internet Friendship
  191. Making Decisions in Relationships
  192. Marriage and the Politics of Education
  193. Norwegian Men Want Another Role
  194. Is Love Necessary in a Relationship?
  195. Study Finds 1/4 American Teen Girls (40% of Non-virgins) Have STDs
  196. When Friends Hate Each Other
  197. Face Facts, Sex Starts with the Jaw, Nose and Eyes: Study
  198. 1 in 4 Teen Girls Has an STD
  199. “Rape is Like Being Force-Fed Chocolate Cake” Blogs BNP Official
  200. Would You Dump Your Partner If Something Better Came Along?
  201. Germanic Phratry
  202. On Women
  203. Arguments with Partner Over Politics
  204. Discrimination in Israel (Marriage)
  205. What Is Your Sexuality?
  206. Mother is Role Model in Son's Choice of Wife: Study
  207. The Art of Manliness
  208. Is Chivalry Outdated?
  209. Swedish Women Rated 'Most Beautiful'
  210. Study Finds Men Prefer Being Single
  211. Marriage Banned if Age Gap Over 25 Years
  212. When the Parents Don't Approve...
  213. Humans Will Have Romance & Sex with Robots Within' 40 Yrs Maybe Sooner...
  214. 17 US Schoolgirls in "Pregnancy Pact"
  215. Are Love-Letters Outdated or Childish?
  216. I Think She's Cheating on Me
  217. Women Have Not Adapted To Casual Sex, Research Shows
  218. Why Do Men Look Better As They Age?
  219. Open Relationships/Marriages
  220. When Marriage Was for Life
  221. Is It Essential That Your Partner is Pro-Preservationist? / Is Your Significant Other a Germanic Nationalist?
  222. Men, Do You Cry? / Should Husbands Hide Weakness?
  223. Traditionalist Revival As Cult/Pop Culture
  224. No Sex Please – We’re Eunuchs
  225. “How Many White Men Can Treat a Woman Like a Lady and Ravish Her Too?”
  226. Survey: Women Leaders Smarter, More Honest
  227. Women & Politics
  228. Father Daughter Incest
  229. The Traditional Woman According To Julius Evola
  230. The CIA Funded Women's Liberation
  231. Appeasing?
  232. Women Courting Men
  233. Gay Marriage Now Legal in Connecticut
  234. Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal?
  235. Can You Predict if They'll Cheat?
  236. Can Love Be Killed?
  237. What would you do if you fell in love with a non-Germanic?
  238. The Disappearing Male
  239. Debate Needed on Sexual Morals
  240. Who Do You Think Are the Best Looking Germanic Women?
  241. Study Shows Divorce Can Be Deadly
  242. Revenge
  243. Divorce Calculator
  244. Dating Advice..... from a 9 Year Old!
  245. Divorce
  246. Is There Such a Thing As Master/Slave in Marriage?
  247. Are the Nice Guys Boring and Do Girls Prefer a Bastard? Opinions Please!
  248. Does Class/Social Standing Matter in Relationships?
  249. Mingling Relationships with Work
  250. I’ve Never Lived with a White Man, but Racism is Still There in My DNA