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  1. Genetic Testing / DNA Ancestry
  2. Tracing Back Our Ancestors
  3. Your Y-DNA and mtDNA Tests Results ?
  4. Where do you trace your heritage from?
  5. Discover your Norwegian roots
  6. My Ancestors
  7. What nationality is this last name...
  8. Origins and Meaning of the Following German Surnames?
  9. The surnames Zimmermann and Kühnster ?
  10. Three Generations of an Icelandic Family
  11. Famous Ancestors
  12. Help With My Mother's Family
  13. The Franks surname
  14. Possible lineage of my family from biblical times to the 19th century
  15. Surnames and the Y Chromosome ...Sykes study about his-self
  16. Surname and Consanguineous Marriages in Japan
  17. Influence of Religious Affiliation on Surname Repetition in Hungary (abstract)
  18. Your Germanic Ancestry?
  19. NS-Documents: Original Ariernachweis (Proof of Aryan descent)!
  20. The Surname Riggs
  21. AncestrybyDNA's Euro-DNA 1.0
  22. German Family Names
  23. To Loki on Ancestry by DNA
  24. Hines...The history/ancestry of this name?.
  25. Origin of the surname Limit
  26. The surname "Lehmbeck"
  27. Need help on the origin of these surnames
  28. How far back can you trace your ancestry?
  29. Ancestry of Heinrich Himmler
  30. Simple guide to Icelandic surnames
  31. Components of Heraldry (Crests, Blazons)
  32. My Relatives? SCHÜTZ from Ostpreussen
  33. Slavic Ancestry in Germany, Germans With Slavic Surnames, etc.
  34. What's left of the Anglo-Saxon royal line?
  35. Possible Decendant of Queen Victoria
  36. Y Chromosome and mtDNA Testing?
  37. Who here count Reivers as ancestors?
  38. Is There an Area of Germany That a Person With the Name "Staab" Would Come From?
  39. What's Your Genealogy?
  40. Portuguese Surnames from Germanic origins
  41. US Surnames and Life Expectancy
  42. 'A Family Tree in Every Gene' - New York Times on Racial Extinction
  43. German Genealogy Cross-Index
  44. "Mattern" family origin
  45. Any Confederate Descendants on Skadi?
  46. DNA links Indian Tribe to 'Eve'
  47. DNA Shows Celtic Hero Somerled's Viking Roots
  48. Chartist Ancestors
  49. Fleming: The Ancient History of a Distinguished Surname
  50. The USGenWeb Project -- Free Genealogy and Family History Online
  51. Origins of Hock, Bisom and Line surnames
  52. Trace the origins of my surname
  53. Guy De Dampiere/Gwijde van Dampierre
  54. My mums famliy history
  55. Spanish Surnames with Germanic Origins
  56. What's in a name?
  57. Scottish Geneolagy
  58. Nature, not Nurture: Good Genes Beat Good Homes As Guide to Pupils’ School Success
  59. The History of Anglo-Saxon Names
  60. The Etymology of Last Names
  61. What's in a surname? Distribution maps, modern and 1881
  62. Origin of these surnames??
  63. Origins and Meaning of Family Names
  64. Y-Chromosomal STR Haplotype Analysis Reveals Surname-Associated Strata in the East-German Population
  65. What Nationalities Comprise Your Ancestral Nationality?
  66. German Surname History
  67. Digitally digging for Stockholm graves
  68. Genealogy Resources
  69. Last-names
  70. 'Lübeck' - Is this name Jewish?
  71. Gershater
  72. Found out village my family is from
  73. Panglers in Mecklenburg?
  74. Kimmels
  75. Question about the Surname "Smirnov" and "Humenik"!
  76. Students learn true genetic heritage and debunk family tales
  77. Human Family Tree Roots Are Shallow
  78. Where Was Your Family Living in 1920?
  79. Everyone on Earth Has Royal Roots
  80. Personal Genealogy - Georg
  81. Georg's Great GrandParents
  82. Need help and info
  83. English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish last names in Europe?
  84. Huguenot Names in Germany?
  85. Mens First-Names Which Are Common to England and Germany
  86. Katz surname
  87. Tibelius
  88. Surname Doran
  89. The Joneses set a record in Wales!
  90. About "Benzann" Icelandic surname
  91. Genetic Evidence for a Family-Based Scandinavian Settlement of Shetland and Orkney
  92. Surnames link to racial heritage...
  93. Jewish Origin of the Habsburgs
  94. Surname Question: Etnyre
  95. Jefferson's K2 Chromosome Found in Britain
  96. History of the McAdams Surname?
  97. The Belgian Texans
  98. How Is Your Ethnic Group Defined?
  99. Thomas Jefferson, descendent of Charlemagne, had Phoenician Blood
  100. TWO primordial genes discovered: one Semitic and the other – Hungarian
  101. Germanic Ancestry in America
  102. Pedigree Collapse
  103. Asatru’s take on Genealogy!
  104. How to trace your ancestors in Norway?
  105. Do you know an anecdote about one of your ancestors?
  106. Jewish Family Names in Germany
  107. Cambro Norman Invasion of Ireland
  108. Non-Germanic in Your Family History?
  109. Computer Program Traces Ancestry Using Anonymous DNA Samples
  110. A blue eyed blonde with a brown eyed and red haired brother
  111. Famous Ancestors / Relatives
  112. German Mercenaries in England in the 1500's
  113. What is the Origin of Your Surname?
  114. Do You Have Ancestors/Family from Former German Territories?
  115. Slavic Origins of German Nobility?
  116. Heredity and Genetics
  117. Ellis Island Immigrant Search 1892 - 1924
  118. Origins and Meanings of German Surnames
  119. Coats of Arms (Family Crests) & Surname Histories
  120. Build Your Family Tree
  121. Old Faroese Given Names
  122. Why Does Race Matter for Women?
  123. A Little Black In All of Us
  124. Genealogist Finds Obama's "German" Roots
  125. The Value of Genealogical Research
  126. Uncovering the Ultimate Family Tree?
  127. Track Your Surname All Around the World
  128. English Geneology Before 1600s
  129. Scottish Surnames
  130. Find Your Orkney Ancestors
  131. Ancestral Pride in NS Germany
  132. 'Every Swede Has a Cousin in America'
  133. Surnames that are the same in both German and English
  134. 2, 4, 8, 16 ... How Can You Always Have MORE Ancestors As You Go Back in Time?
  135. Colonist Pioneer Descendants Here?
  136. Skadi Forum on RootsWeb
  137. DNA Test Question
  138. Charlemagne's Descendants
  139. Our Ancestors, Conceptions, Misconceptions And A Paradox
  140. Using Online Birth Certificates As a Genealogy Search
  141. World's Largest Civil War Collection Now Online
  142. Y Chromosome Diversity and Patrilineal Surnames
  143. Typical Afrikaner/Boer Surnames
  144. Scotland's First Family History Centre Opens
  145. Genetic Service Corporations
  146. Y-Chromosome, mtDNA, and Eye Color of Copernicus Identified (Haplogroup H)
  147. White Native Americans?
  148. The Post Your Y-DNA Thread
  149. A Program for Estimating the Proportion of Jewish Names on a List
  150. The Etymology and History of First Names
  151. The French Surname Le Guillou?
  152. Hitler's 39 Living Relatives Revealed
  153. The Surname McNeil
  154. Icelandic Female Surnames and Marriage
  155. Ancestral Airs/ Ancestral Memory
  156. What is More Important for Determining Our Ancestry: Genealogy or Genetic Testing?
  157. How to Spot Jewish Surnames
  158. The 100 Most Common Surnames in England
  159. Help Needed in Researching Ancestry
  160. "Nordic" Man Fathers 400
  161. Need Help Finding my Grandparents
  162. The Name Dilberger
  163. Leif Erikson and Erik The Redson
  164. 1st Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler
  165. Finding German Death Cards
  166. Questions on Y-DNA Testing
  167. Last Hitler Relatives Tracked Down in Austria
  168. Interested in Genealogy
  169. What is in a Name? Should Germanics Have Germanic Names?
  170. Looking for Information
  171. Where Do These Family Names Come From?
  172. My Grandmother's First Name
  173. Australians to Learn of Their Convict Ancestry As Details of People Sent Down Under 200 Years Ago Are Released
  174. Last Name Help
  175. Ancestry.com
  176. Irish Birth/Marriage/Death Records
  177. Genealogical Stories
  178. Barder Surname
  179. Is Goldstein Always a Jewish Surname?
  180. Viede/Wiede Surname
  181. Curious About My Ancestors
  182. Surname Hubmaier
  183. To the Scandinavians in Here, Please Help
  184. Heh Surname
  185. -sen/-ssen/-son/-sson What About -zen?
  186. Hitler Had "Somali", "Berber" and "Jewish" DNA
  187. Can a Person/Family with Dark Hair Have Ancestors Who Were Blonde?
  188. Proving Your Ancestry Accurately
  189. Describe The History Of Your Family
  190. Is the Surname Leeds Germanic?
  191. Surnames Ending in -ing or -ink
  192. Research into German Naval Records of WWII
  193. The Prussian Project: Please Read if You Have Prussian Ancestors
  194. How Insignificant is 1/128?
  195. Claepschechting
  196. Covenhoven/Conover Surname
  197. Help on the Origin of a Name!
  198. This is Distressing!
  199. Y-DNA Test Results Solve Mystery
  200. Surname Gethe (German or Swedish?)
  201. 23andMe Christmas Sale
  202. Family Tree as a Christmas Present Idea
  203. Ethnic Origins of Quebec Regional Populations Estimated from Genealogy
  204. What Irish Sept/Clans Do You Descend From?
  205. Determining a Specific Birthplace Of An Immigrant Ancestor In Their Country Of Origin
  206. Tracing My Grandfathers Military History
  207. Help Finding Origin of Surname "Mahu"
  208. Where Can I Get an Autosomal Test Done?
  209. Tombs of Descendants of Rollo the Viking Will Be DNA Tested
  210. Searchable Database of English Medieval Soldiers
  211. How is It DNA Tests Don't Show African Ancestry for All People?
  212. What Migrations Have Your Lineage Made from Early Modern to Current?
  213. What If You Find Something Else In Your Family Tree or DNA Test Results ?
  214. Surname Weldrake
  215. Does Any of You Have Experience with the DNA Ancestry Project?
  216. Heritage Research Advice
  217. 23andMe DNA Day Sale
  218. Gall-Gaidheal's 23andme
  219. Recommend me one of those DNA Heritage Tests
  220. One Amerindian Ancestor
  221. French Agreed to Check King Rollo's DNA
  222. Relative Finder on 23andme
  223. I'd Greatly Appreciate Help with My Geneology (My Last Name)
  224. Have You Done Ethnic DNA Testing?
  225. Surname Question
  226. Eurogenes Eu7c: My Results (Impressive)
  227. Just Like to Make Sure I Am Saxon...
  228. Origin of Surname Clausson
  229. Surname Query
  230. DNA from Hair?
  231. My Genetic Geneaology
  232. Origin and Meaning of the Surnames Caha and Lembgen
  233. My Genetic Genealogy
  234. Are Genealogies Just Social Constructs?
  235. Neff or Näf Surname?
  236. Need Opinions on My Ancestor's Signature Mark
  237. Mildenberger Surname
  238. Origin of the Surname Ursulin/Ursulino
  239. Scandinavian Names related to the Bear?
  240. Changing One's Name
  241. The Ancestral Library, a New Tradition
  242. How Would I Go About Finding My Y-DNA Haplogroup?
  243. Danube Swabian Surname?
  244. "So Who's the Most European of Us All?" - from Eurogenes Genetic Ancestry Project
  245. How Far Back Does Ancestry Matter?
  246. Help with a Name?
  247. Surname Hala- Where Does It Come From?
  248. Is My French Ancestry Germanic?
  249. Obama Related to First Black Slave...
  250. Results of my Ancestry.com DNA Test