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  1. Is My French Ancestry Germanic?
  2. Obama Related to First Black Slave...
  3. Results of my Ancestry.com DNA Test
  4. I Got My DNA Results!
  5. Consumer Genetics Company Helps Spot Genes Associated with Depression
  6. The Jews Behind 23andMe and Family Tree DNA
  7. What Are Some Examples of Surnames Used by Both Native Germanics and Jews?
  8. Generations
  9. 23andMe: The Devil In Disguise
  10. Your Tribal Origins
  11. Experiences with Family Tree Research and DNA Tests
  12. When White Nationalists Get DNA Tests That Reveal African Ancestry
  13. Els Family Origin
  14. Familial Fractions
  15. Most Recent Royal Ancestor
  16. DNA Testing Companies Admit Adding Fake African Ancestry to White Profiles in Order to “Screw with Racists”
  17. Ahnentafel Onomastics
  18. The DNA Data We Have Is Too White. Scientists Want to Fix That
  19. Users of Home DNA Tests ‘Cherry Pick’ Results Based on Race Biases, Study Says
  20. Genetic Equality is a Lie
  21. Why Siblings and Twins Have Varying DNA
  22. Identifying Latin American Jewish Names
  23. My MyHeritage Results
  24. My Ancestry DNA results (updated)
  25. MyHeritage and other DNA testing: which is the Best?