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  1. Who Created the Universe?
  2. The Goddess Niorun
  3. My Odin Dream
  4. Ragnarok = Destiny
  5. Germanic Myths/Sagas and Their Influence on Modern Popculture
  6. Gods As Archetypes
  7. Is God Incompatible With the Gods [esses]?
  8. Odin's Timeline: When is Odin first mentioned?
  9. Discussion Point -- Ragnarok Already Happened.
  10. God.. Reinterpreted.
  11. Chaos and Order
  12. The Volsunga Saga, Heroism, and Blood Purity by Wotans Krieger
  13. Prominence of Gods and Goddesses in Local Areas?
  14. Are the Aesir and Vanir the Only Gods?
  15. Wotan is the Wandering Jew, According to This Article
  16. From Lore-Giver to Law-Giver: The Tale of Woden
  17. In Their Ancient Hymns: the Common Germanic Origin Myth
  18. Who on Earth is Tuisto?
  19. Loki, the Vätte , and the Ash Lad: A Study Combining Old Scandinavian and Late Material
  20. Circum-Baltic Mythology? – The Strange Case of the Theft of the Thunder-Instrument (ATU 1148b)
  21. Underneath the Self-Same Sky: Comparative Perspectives on Sámi, Finnish and Medieval Scandinavian Astral Lore
  22. Air in a Goat Skin: Is There a Metalworker in Asgard?
  23. Hermes-Mercury and Woden-Odin As Inventors of Alphabets: A Neglected Parallel
  24. "Ţur Sarriţu ţursa Trutin": Monster-Fighting and Medicine in Early Medieval Scandinavia
  25. Chaucer and Old Norse Mythology
  26. The One-eyed Trickster and His Names – Óđinn’s Trickster-Aspect As Evident in Heiti, Sagas and Eddas
  27. Vǫlundr and the Bear in Norse Tradition
  28. Baldr and Lemminkäinen
  29. The Trollish Acts of Ţorgrímr the Witch: The Meanings of Troll and Ergi in Medieval Iceland
  30. Enter the Dragon: Legendary Saga Courage and the Birth of the Hero
  31. Óđinn As Mother: The Old Norse Deviant Patriarch
  32. Ţóra and Áslaug in Ragnars Saga Lođbrókar: Women, Dragons and Destiny
  33. Towards Further Interpretation of the Primordial Cow Audhumla
  34. The Hunting of the Vétt: in Search of the Old Norse Shamanic Drum
  35. The Mighty She-Trolls of Icelandic Saga and Folktale
  36. The Withdrawal of the Fertility God (Freyr, Telepinu and Oengus)
  37. Nehalennia (Nerthus?) As A Death Goddess
  38. Norse-Mediterranean Correspondences
  39. The Germanic Mythical Hero *Askis in Tacitus’ Germania and Old Nordic Sources
  40. In Their Ancient Hymns: the Ethnogenesis of the Germanic Peoples
  41. Odin's Brothers: Vili and Vé
  42. How Odin Sacrificed His Eye to Eventually Save the World
  43. Odin After Ragnarok
  44. Thorgerdr Holgabrudr and Irpa
  45. Are the Gods Merely Archetypes?
  46. Odin and the Volsung Clan
  47. Santa Claus and His Origins in Germanic Folklore
  48. The Image of Loki on the Snaptun Stone and the Gnezdovo Amulet
  49. A New Perspective on Loki as a Left-Hand Path Germanic God
  50. On Returning to a More Authentic Understanding of the Gods
  51. The Two Hammers of Thunor-Evidence From the Eddas
  52. The Goat, an Ancient Indo-European Solar Symbol
  53. The Survival of the Irminsul and its Connection to Ziu