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  1. German-Arab Relations in the 20th Century
  2. The Story of the Danish ϟϟ-Rottenführer Frans Carlo Slosarich
  3. Why Did Hitler/Germany Lose World War II?
  4. When Jews Fought Alongside the Wehrmacht
  5. Ulrich of England: Third Reich Collectibles
  6. Ezra Pound Speaking: Radio Speeches of World War II
  7. Anyone Interested in Third Reich Militaria?
  8. The Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor?
  9. Your Favorite WII Gun?
  10. What Was the Best Armor of WWII?
  11. General Patton's Warning
  12. Myths About Hitler
  13. NS Germany: Never!
  14. The Big Lie About The Berlin Olympics
  15. Greatest Armor Engagement
  16. German Invasion of Denmark, Holland, etc.?
  17. The Hoax of the Twentieth Century
  18. Hitler - A Warrior, Dreamer, Psycho or Genius?
  19. Why Didn't Germany Form a Defensive Alliance With Poland?
  20. Berija (NKVD) - Mueller (GESTAPO) Agreement
  21. Axis History & Third Reich Factbook
  22. Slaveships and their Owners, by Ethnicity
  23. The Cossacks in the Wehrmacht
  24. Who Was the Best German General in World War II?
  25. The Noble Enemies of Germany: A Collection of Anti-German and Revealing Quotes from Influential and Popular Persons
  26. The 1936 Olympics in Berlin
  27. Rudolf Hess (ᛉ1894 – ᛣ1987), Martyr for Peace
  28. Wiesenthal Re-Confirms: 'No Extermination Camps on German Soil'
  29. Stalin's Jews
  30. "Jews of the World, Unite in Action..."
  31. The Finnish Winter War
  32. Jonas Valley: Hitler's Phone Number... for real
  33. Was Heydrich Jewish?
  34. Germany's Forgotten Victims - Allied Atrocities Against the Germans (WWII)
  35. Hitler Was Hypnotized During World War I?
  36. Walter Nowotny: Last Hero
  37. The Crime Called World War I, by John V. Denson
  38. Churchill: The Greatest Criminal of the 20th Century: in four parts
  39. German War of Liberation (1806-1813)
  40. American Eugenics Movement ties to the Reich
  41. Polish cavalry attack on a tank-brigade?
  42. Germans, An Abused Minority: Polak Atrocities Against Germans Before WWII
  43. The Germanization Process in Eastern Europe
  44. Himmler Speaks with an American [L. Stoddard]/Download
  45. The Origins of the Second World War
  46. The Road To War
  47. Pictures: Der Parteitag der Arbeit, Nuremberg 1937
  48. Debunking German "Atrocities" in Poland
  49. German Built Ford Trucks of WWII
  50. Reprisals, the so-called Einsatzgruppen, Partisans and Orders From Higher Up
  51. Examples of Absurd Claims Regarding the Alleged National Socialist Genocide
  52. A German Invented the Telephone, but the British Suppressed the Evidence
  53. Lindbergh 'fathered two families'
  54. Alfred Rosenberg and the East
  55. The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
  56. 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the ϟϟ 'Handschar'
  57. Did Hitler Have Dark Brown or Black Hair?
  58. The 1916 Rising to destroy British rule in Ireland
  59. What if Germany/the Nazis Had Won World War II ?
  60. The 1939 German Invasion of Poland
  61. Legacy of Arrow Cross in Hungary
  62. The Man Hitler Admired: Oliver Cromwell
  63. The Second Reich
  64. The Dresden Holocaust: Lest We Forget
  65. Adolf Hitler's Political Testament
  66. The Waffen-ϟϟ in Pictures
  67. Spanish in the Waffen-ϟϟ
  68. The Jew Lifton on Ernst Rüdin & Hans F. K. Günther
  69. Strange marks/dots on Birkenau photo..
  70. LuftArchiv
  71. Robert Jay Matthews
  72. O'Duffy's Irish Brigade in Spain/ Role of Axis Powers in Civil War
  73. What do you Think of Hitler and National Socialism?
  74. Questions About the ϟϟ-Division Charlemagne
  75. Missing 1944 Military Studies Concluded Auschwitz-Birkenau Not Death Camp
  76. 24 April 1914: The Armenian Genocide
  77. US Volunteers in the Waffen-ϟϟ
  78. Two False Testimonies from Auschwitz
  79. Me262 Flying Model Captured on Film
  80. IBM & 'The Holocaust'
  81. What Was the Purpose of Treblinka II?
  82. Firebombs Over Tokyo
  83. New Aspects of Andreij Vlassov (Russian Army of Liberation (ROA))
  84. NS sympathizers in the US during WW2
  85. What if the Austro-Hungarian Empire wouldn't have been dismantled?
  86. A Monument To A Estonian Waffen-ϟϟ Volunteer
  87. Soviet Women Pilots of World War II
  88. Omaha Beach Games '44: Being Private Severloh
  89. Ernst Rohm and the SA
  90. Victor Suvorov: Stalin Planned to Invade Western Europe
  91. Israeli Doctors Say Lenin Had Syphilis
  92. At Last: A Christmas in the West Indies
  93. Thanksgiving at Bückeberg
  94. The Waffen-ϟϟ in Vietnam
  95. What Was the Best WW2 Army for You?
  96. Were the Germans the Best Soldiers in the World?
  97. The Consequences of the First Industrial Revolution
  98. The Racism of the Early Mahatma Ghandi
  99. More on NS Race Policy towards Slavs
  100. Weapons used by German soldiers in WW2?
  101. The Lie Of Krakow "remuh" Cemetery
  102. Did 6 Millions Really Die?
  103. Stauffenberg: A Noble and Hero
  104. The Fate of Soviet Prisoners of War
  105. The Führer vs. Roosevelt (Hitler's Best Speech Ever)
  106. The Bloodsunday of Bromberg
  107. Nazi hatred haunts Norway's war children
  108. Higher Education in Hilter's Germany
  109. Indian Volunteers in the Wehrmacht
  110. World War 2 - Pictures from my family´s property
  111. "Russians Were Raping Every German Female," Says Soviet War Correspondent
  112. Crimes of the "Russian Army of Liberation"
  113. My Friendly Boss, by Adolf Hitler's Telephonist
  114. Did Russia Win D-Day?
  115. Any Info on Karotechia - Sonderkommando-H?
  116. German Town Admits Lynching of US Airmen
  117. ϟϟ-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich (ᛉ1904 – ᛣ1942): An Example for Future Generations
  118. Understanding the Chechen War - A Must Read
  119. German women somehow assumed that “it was now the Russians’ turn”
  120. Soviet Bombs Over Sweden
  121. Need help identifying a medal
  122. Remembering the 1940's
  123. How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power
  124. Hitler's Mad and Evil Invasion of Russia
  125. 'Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1945 to 1965'
  126. Die Alpenfestung - the Alpine Fortress
  127. Germany's Slovak Allies
  128. Third Reich Ruins
  129. Loki, the German Monster Mortar (WWII)
  130. The World Nearly A Century Ago
  131. Baron Manfred von Richthofen: "The Red Baron"
  132. Organisationsbuch der NSDAP [pdf]
  133. The Swing Movement in Nazi Germany
  134. Internment of German-Americans in the United States During WWII
  135. The New Order: A Snapshot
  136. German war plans in the Pacific, 1900-1914
  137. German Police and Security Forces 1939-45
  138. The "Baltic Duchy" 1818
  139. Messerschmitt 262 Photos Required
  140. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh: Unique and Evergreen
  141. German Posters of World War I
  142. Churchill: Peace offer contemplated, spurned
  143. The Monarchist Plot to Kill Hitler
  144. Albert Einstein, Plagiarist of the Century
  145. Why The Germans Are Hated
  146. Tragedy And Terror In Germany (by Professor Revilo P. Oliver)
  147. Hitler's Speeches
  148. George Orwell:"Revenge is sour"
  149. Exposed: The Jews of Pre-War Poland
  150. League of German Girls (BDM)
  151. Was Hitler's Favorite Actress a Russian Spy?
  152. [pdf] Schmidt Hans - Living in Hitler's Germany
  153. England's Guilt [Dr. Joseph Goebbels]
  154. Background of the 6. June Invasion [Dr. Joseph Goebbels]
  155. Dr. Joseph Goebbels on Franklin D. Roosevelt
  156. A Moslem Fifth Column? 'Gandhi and Godse A Review and a Critique'
  157. On Judicial Lynching: The Tragic Farce at Nuremberg
  158. In Command of History: Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War
  159. Ethnic makeup of Soviet troops in WWII
  160. Pictures of Vidkun Quisling
  161. Kissinger Declassified: Horrifying U.S. Complicity in Dark Deeds of Right-Wing Dictators
  162. Domvile: From Admiral to Cabin Boy
  163. Rudolf Heß - His Life and Mission
  164. Germany and England
  165. The "quicklime" Hoaxoco$t
  166. Target Switzerland: Swiss Armed Neutrality in World War II
  167. Das Deutsche Mädel-BDM Periodical
  168. On National Socialism & World Relations [Adolf Hitler, 30th of January 1937]
  169. The Forced War by David Leslie Hoggan
  170. The Blau Division
  171. Your Top 3 Favorite Waffen-ϟϟ Divisions?
  172. The End: Hamburg 1943
  173. Color Photos From Old Russland
  174. The Treaty of Versailles
  175. Churchill was the first leader to gas Kurds, not Saddam
  176. The Four Year Plan of 1936
  177. Oaths of the Third Reich
  178. The National Socialist War on Cancer
  179. 'Operation Northwoods': The Secret War against the Homeland
  180. Truman (the Mad Bomber) started the Cold War [Pat Buchanan]
  181. The World War I Document Archive
  182. Jews in the NKVD of Stalin's Soviet Union
  183. Ten Questions to the Zionists...
  184. America and the Versailles Treaty
  185. The Prison called Hohenasperg
  186. 'Life in the Third Reich' [by Dipl. Ing. Reinhold Leidenfrost]
  187. Nation and State in Modern Hungarian History
  188. The bombing campaign of Osnabrück was was one of Britain's more auspicious war crime
  189. Estimated Number of Jews Killed in the Final Solution
  190. Letters by NS Researcher Dr. Josef Mengele Published!
  191. Irma Grese: A German Girl's Heroic Death
  192. The Funeral of Reinhard Heydrich (ᛣ1942)
  193. The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff
  194. The Morgenthau Plan: "Germany is our Problem"
  195. WWII Flying Jeep..'The Blitz Buggy'..
  196. America Not in Danger of a foreign invasion in WWII.
  197. Antwerp: City of Sudden Death
  198. The Coventry Blitz
  199. Germany's Friends And Enemies During WWII
  200. Quote of the Day: Winston Churchill
  201. Kurt Waldheim "admired Hitler, was at Nuremberg rallies, and followed the Wehrmacht into Poland"
  202. To Home, Winter 1943
  203. Soviet Army used 'rat weapon' during WWII
  204. Red Army's Crime Records
  205. Californian thinks he aided in Hermann Göring's Suicide
  206. The Post-War German Woman and Her Legacy
  207. Another American 'Helps' Göring Die
  208. The Battle of Stalingrad
  209. How could the Confederacy have won the war?
  210. Former NS Spy Reinhard Gehlen Responsible for the Cold War
  211. ϟϟ-Hauptsturmführer Hans-Gösta Pehrsson
  212. The Battles of the Winter War
  213. Napoleonic Era: General Comments
  214. Roosevelt was 'mentally impaired' at Yalta
  215. The Nature of the German Offer to Poland of November 1938
  216. German Soldiers in the Soviet Union: Letters from the East (Bolshevik Atrocities)
  217. There Was No Need For World War II
  218. Exotic German Weapons Under Development
  219. Hedy Lamarr: the Female Inventor of Torpedo Guidance Systems
  220. The Anschluß - 1938 Reunification of Austria with the German Reich
  221. Germany's Forgotten Victims - Allied Atrocities Against the Germans (WWI)
  222. Nazi Expeditions to Iceland
  223. NS Wonder Weapons
  224. In Memoriam: German Professor Werner Pfeifenberger accused of Revisionism, commits suicide
  225. Hitler's Social Revolution
  226. Raul Hilberg: The Destruction of the European Jews
  227. 14 Days in a Gau Propaganda Office
  228. First Course for Gau and Kreis Propaganda Leaders (24 to 26 April 1939)
  229. Help Waffen-ϟϟ Veterans!
  230. Ku Klux Klan - The 1911 Encyclopedia entry
  231. Adolf Hitler's War Record
  232. The German Army 1914-1918
  233. Did Hitler really invent the Volkswagen?
  234. Evolution of the Pickelhaube 1842-1915
  235. Inside the Third Reich [Speer]
  236. Nature and Ecology in National Socialist Germany
  237. Questions on the Hutu/Tutsi Conflict
  238. Incredible Luftwaffe & WWII Air Warfare Projects & Art
  239. Alexander Solzhenitsyn: "Two Hundred Years Together"
  240. The NS 'Strength Through Joy' Program
  241. The Cardiff Race Riots of 1919
  242. Finland's Jews During WW2
  243. A Russian Remembers the Winter War
  244. The Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. : German War Grave Aid
  245. The Best Sniper in History: Simo "White Death" Häyhä [split]
  246. Recent History: 'The Baader-Meinhof Gang' --> 1976: Israelis rescue Entebbe hostages
  247. A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City
  248. Konrad Lorenz – Autobiography
  249. 'The French Revolution', by Archibald Maule Ramsay
  250. The Rhineland Bastards