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  1. Great WW2 Documentary
  2. "Even the Hangman Wept"..?
  3. The German Red Cross During World War II
  4. Putting Down the `Valkyrie' Conspiracy: My Role in Berlin on July 20, 1944 - Otto Ernst Remer
  5. Churchill Wanted to 'Drench' Germany With Poison Gas
  6. Portrait of Hitler Discovered in French Church Window
  7. Ghosts of the Ostfront, Dan Carlin's Audio About the Eastern Front in WWII
  8. Hitler Death and Survival Legends
  9. The Austrian Empire - by Dr. Matt Johnson
  10. How War Sapped Winston Churchill's Bulldog Spirit
  11. Nazis' Ukraine HQ to Become a Museum
  12. Top 10 Things The Nazis Got Right
  13. Do You Know What the Holocaust Is? Do You Know What Porajmos? Yeah, I Thought So
  14. Those Who Defend 'Bomber' Harris's Destruction of German Cities Are Wrong, Geoffrey Wheatcroft Argues
  15. The 13th ϟϟ Division "Handschar" and the Indian Legion of the Wehrmacht
  16. Adolf Hitler Spech [October 1941]: Hitler Explains His Reasons for Invading USSR
  17. British WW2 Plans To Kidnap Adolf Hitler
  18. Hitler Demands Liberty and Independence for Palestine!
  19. What The Jews Did To The Germans?
  20. Wintersonnenwende / The Scriptorium
  21. Third Reich 3D Movies Unearthed
  22. Question About East Prussia
  23. 'The Decline of the Honor Culture'
  24. Russian Opinions on the Germans As Soldiers
  25. Fukuyama: It Could Have Been a German Century
  26. "Polens Ambitionen Und Polens Weg Zum Krieg 1939" Lecture by Dr. Stefan Scheil
  27. David Irving: Hitler and Churchill
  28. Book Recomendation:- A Terrible Revenge
  29. Operation Pastorius: Sabotage Operations Inside the United States
  30. Luftwaffe Ace Hajo Herrmann Died (ᛉ1913 – ᛣ2010)
  31. Were Hitler's Army Generals Reluctant?
  32. Hitler’s Racing Car
  33. Did Britain Try to Assassinate Lenin?
  34. New and Interesting "Holocaust" Documentary.
  35. Anthony Ludovici: Memories of Hitler and the Third Reich
  36. Italian Holocaust™ Survivor: "There Were Schools, Children Played Soccer, Jews Could Pray and Get Married"
  37. We Had All the Leaders but Why Not Unity?
  38. Adolf Hitler’s Fanatics In Poison Chocs Plot
  39. The Shah of Iran Talking [Short Videos]
  40. Hitler’s Strategic Blunder: The Detour to Invade Yugoslavia in 1941
  41. Five Myths About Why the South Seceded
  42. Adolf Eichmann: 'We Could Have Killed More Jews'
  43. Revisionism At Work???
  44. Your Thoughts on the Lebensborn ᛉ
  45. Earn Yourself $60,000 Slanderers
  46. Jim Jones and M. Luther King.
  47. Was Hitler a Traitor?
  48. Nazis Tried to Teach Dogs to Read, Speak
  49. Germany Wins First World War-Effects?
  50. The Sinking of MV Wilhelm Gustloff: Greatest Maritime Tragedy/Forgotten War Crime
  51. Hitler’s Freedom from International Debt Slavery
  52. 'The End of Jewish Migration', by Dr. Johann von Leers
  53. Letter of Hitler’s First Anti-Semitic Writing May Be the Original
  54. Was WWII the “Last Good War”?
  55. Operation Barbarossa (June 22, 1941)
  56. Nazis Planned WMD Attacks on Britain During WWII Using Anthrax and Foot-and-mouth Disease
  57. Economically, World War II Was Stimulus on Steroids
  58. WWI Underground: Unearthing the Hidden Tunnel War
  59. Text of Hitler's 1919 Letter on `Removal' of Jews
  60. Fraudulent Nazi Quotations
  61. Aviation Pioneer Killed by Mossad
  62. Norway in WW2
  63. British Regulation 18B - Imprisonment Without Charge Or Trial
  64. David Irving on Contemporary Views of Hitler and the Third Reich
  65. Coco Chanel Spied for the Nazis
  66. Great Third Reich Audio Files on 'The Mein Kamp Project'!
  67. What If Soviet Russia Attacked Nazi Germany First?
  68. Charles Lindbergh's Famous Des Moines Speech (September 11, 1941)
  69. Good Nazis
  70. Grossdeutschland: Territory by Territory
  71. NS Germany and Espionage
  72. So Who Declared War on Whom? Who Really Started the Second World War?
  73. Rare Colour Photos of Adolf Hitler on His Rise to Power
  74. Chamberlain Said Jews Forced Britain into WW2
  75. Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude
  76. Rockefeller, Morgan, and War
  77. The Final Solution of the Jewish Question
  78. Survivor Reveals 1945 Plan to Kill 6 Million Germans
  79. Roosevelt, the Jewish Choice
  80. Rothschilds Fomenting Russian/German War
  81. Germany Defended by Moslems?
  82. Heinrich Severloh (ᛉ1923 – ᛣ2006) - The Hero of Omaha Beach
  83. Who Is Your Favourite Historian of the Modern Era?
  84. Jews with an Alternative View on WWII and the Holocaust
  85. Baruch, the Banksters, and the World Wars
  86. US Apology for Crimes Against German Prisoners
  87. Jews Planned in Advance the Future Suffering of Germany
  88. WWI Grave Find Tells Story Germans Want To Forget
  89. 9th/10th November, 1938 - Kristallnacht
  90. "Auschwitz in 1944: My Mother Went Straight to the Gas Chamber" - Dov Hikind (Born June 30, 1950)
  91. Who Did Hitler Consider "Aryans"?
  92. The Myth of WWII French Resistance
  93. Many Russians Welcomed Germans in WWII, Newly Released Documents Show
  94. Declassified Memo Hinted of 1941 Hawaii Attack
  95. Nazis Were Not Evil, They Were 'Social Climbers', Claims Leading German Historian
  96. 1941: Theodore N. Kauffman Lays Out Jewish Plans to Undermine Germany
  97. von Paulus - Hero or Traitor?
  98. How Do Allied Descended Members Feel About Their Ancestors?
  99. What Does the Zi in Nazi Stand For?
  100. Bid to Call Estonian ϟϟ Soldiers 'Freedom Fighters'
  101. Prominent 'Holocaust Scholar' Blasts 'Holocaust Abuse' by US, Israeli Politicians
  102. US Volunteers in the Waffen-ϟϟ
  103. Berlin 1945 - The Scharnhorst Division
  104. The Physical and Psychological Destruction of Germany
  105. Churchill & Zionism (Post-WW2)
  106. Adolf Hitler Interview by Douglas Reed in 'Controversy of Zion'
  107. WWII US Plan to Poison Japanese Crops Revealed
  108. Chivalry in the Battle Of Britain
  109. Weapons of WWII - Tanks
  110. Carolyn Yeager: Wannsee Protocol of 1942: Fact or Forgery?
  111. 30 January 1942: Hitler Speech 9th Anniversity of the Machtergreifung
  112. Stalin is Century's Bloodiest Figure
  113. Verification of The Morgenthau Plan
  114. February 11, 1942: Channel Dash
  115. Jewish Myths About the Berlin Olympic Games (1936)
  116. The Foo-Fighter Was Indeed German
  117. "Jewish Soap": The Origins of the Myth
  118. MI5 Files Reveal Details of British Agent's Wartime Treachery
  119. Did Israel Help Spark the Russia-Georgia War in 2008?
  120. Researchers Urge UN to Open Vault on "Nazi War Crimes" Cases
  121. March 3-4, 1942: First Major RAF Raid on Paris
  122. Secrets of the CIA
  123. The Miracle Weapon Aboard U-Boats, 1945
  124. Mark Weber: Some Myths About the Origin of World War II
  125. March 15, 1939: Slovakia Declares Independence, Czecho-Slovakia Collapses
  126. The Reichstag Fire: A Nazi 'False Flag’ Operation?
  127. The One Thousand Bomber Raid on Cologne, 1942
  128. List of British Soldiers Killed in WWI
  129. Ernst Zündel Interviews David Cole
  130. How Hitler Tackled Unemployment And Revived Germany’s Economy
  131. 70 Years Ago Today ...
  132. The Enigma of Hitler, by Leon Degrelle
  133. RMS Titanic
  134. German Sympathy for the Japanese of WW2
  135. Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich [Ingrid Weckert]
  136. A 'Hellstorm' of Hate Following the End of World War II
  137. World War I, The Fratricidal 'Original Catastrophe'
  138. Secrets and Lies (Video): Analysis and Debunk of the "Six Million" Stat
  139. The Problem With Churchill
  140. Enigma Code-Breaking Secret Revealed
  141. HG Wells Interviews Stalin
  142. Werwolf Guerrillas in Germany 1945-1948
  143. Oil Creation Process Discovered by Nazi's Kept Hidden by US Govt
  144. Theodore Roosevelt About German Thought and Culture
  145. Hitler 'believed he could divine the weather', psychologist report suggests
  146. Torch relay pioneered at Nazi Games
  147. Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  148. Missing WWII Plane Found In Perfectly Preserved Condition
  149. WWII Japan plotted to attack U.S. with plague
  150. The Hossbach 'Protocol’: The Destruction of a Legend
  151. Misallocated Infamy: Franklin Roosevelt and War
  152. The Secret Betrayal: Returning Russian POWs to the USSR
  153. U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Pearl Harbor
  154. The European Atrocity You Never Heard About
  155. Neutral Sweden Allowed Germany to Use Railways to Occupy Norway, and Deport Jews, New Book Claims
  156. The Americans Who Helped Hitler
  157. Jewish 'Final Solution' Plan To Kill All Germans
  158. General George S. Patton Was Assassinated to Silence His Criticism of Allied War Leaders.
  159. The Morgenthau Plan to Destroy Germany
  160. The P-Russian Parade in Königsberg
  161. Polish Atrocities Against Germans Before WW2?
  162. Did Jews Kill General Patton?
  163. Sefton Delmer (British Chief Propagandist).
  164. 70 Years Ago: Operation Case Blue - Offensive for Stalingrad
  165. Zionism and the Third Reich
  166. World War II: Before the War
  167. Speer in Spandau
  168. 43 Years Ago Today We Landed on the Moon
  169. Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil
  170. Kaiser Wilhelm II in Color
  171. Germans in the US Civil War
  172. Underestimated/Misunderstood Historical Figures
  173. 30 Seconds With The Führer
  174. How America Planned for an Attack on Britain in 1930
  175. Battle of Dunkirk
  176. 'Memories of Hitler & the Third Reich' by English Philosopher Anthony Ludovici
  177. Chamberlain Said Jews Forced Britain into WW2
  178. 'The Nameless War', by Archibald Ramsay [E-Book]
  179. Germany's Declaration of War Against the United States, December 11th, 1941
  180. Leuthen in WWII and 1945
  181. "Truth for Germany", a Must Read!
  182. Unusual German Weapons of WWII
  183. 4 Reasons Why WWII is Relevant to Today
  184. London During the Blitz: Then and Now Photographs
  185. Poll: Americans Divided on Bombing of Hiroshima
  186. German 1932 Election Results (Maps)
  187. Worst Mistake in Modern German History?
  188. Rebels in Syria Fight with Rare, Expensive Nazi-made Sturmgwehr 44
  189. Were the National Socialists a Völkisch Party? Paganism, Christianity and the Nazi Christmas
  190. Stunning Color Pictures of the V2 Rocket Factory at Mittelwerk-Dora (Kohnstein)!
  191. Meine Ehre Heisst Treue - Waffen-SS Veterans Created Secret Army Against the Soviets in the 50s
  192. Fraud Exposed in Defamatory German Exhibition
  193. Jewish "Auschwitz Survivor" Admits He Lied About Everything
  194. Anti-German Hysteria of WWI
  195. German Female Glider and Fighter Pilot Hanna Reitsch (ᛉ1912 – ᛣ1979)
  196. The Life of a Warrior Before, During and After WWII: Otto Skorzeny (ᛉ1908 – ᛣ1975)
  197. An American Journalist's Color Film of National Socialist Germany
  198. New Footage Released of NSDAP Youth Camp in America
  199. President Wilson's Vision of Peace As Expressed in His Speeches and Acts of State (WWI)
  200. 1945: The Savage Peace
  201. The British Fascists, Interwar Radical Conservatives
  202. Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told (Full 6 Hours)
  203. DELAG: World's First Commercial Airline.
  204. How two Pro-Nazi Nobelists Attacked Einstein’s 'Jewish Science' [Excerpt]
  205. The Sexual Decadence of Weimar Germany
  206. Amazing Data Visualizations: WWII Loss of Life Visualized
  207. The Second Battle of Lake Ladoga (January 1943): Experiences of a German Division
  208. 'Gott Mit Uns!' Historical Consultancy, Military Research & Genealogical Services
  209. David Cole in Auschwitz, Full Documentary, 1992
  210. JFK - The Speech That Killed Him
  211. How Britain's Unity Mitford Met Adolf Hitler 140 Times
  212. National Socialist Education Had a Lasting Effect
  213. Bismarck the Builder of Germany or a Monster Dictator - Diskuss!
  214. Britain Should Have Stayed Out of First World War, Says Niall Ferguson
  215. It Ain't Over, Folks
  216. The Fall of Rhodesia
  217. Greeting of the Germans as liberators of Macedonia in WW2 (in Pictures)
  218. Is America an Empire?
  219. Barbarossa: Planning for Operational Failure [US Army Document]
  220. Putin's Father Served in the Vlasov Army
  221. Fraudulent Nazi Quotations
  222. Nazi Influence on Germany's Post-War Government to Be Investigated
  223. John Kennedy Called Hitler 'Stuff of Legends,' Diary Reveals
  224. Was Hitler Inspired by Racist American Laws?
  225. Woodrow Wilson Made Democracy Unsafe for the World
  226. How A Nazi Interrogator Used Kindness to Draw Secrets from POWs
  227. Did American Racism Inspire the Nazis? A New Book Claims As Much—and in So Doing Falls into the Intellectual Trap Known As Reductio Ad Hitlerum.
  228. Was American Intervention in World War I Justified?
  229. David Irving, Dropping More Red Pills Than a Medical Dispenser
  230. Hitler Was a Terrible Leader
  231. The Code of Honour of the SS – Regarding the Behaviour of the Soldier Towards Foreign Women
  232. A Blank Check & Forked Tongues: How Britain & Poland Started WWII & Blamed Hitler & Germans For Eternity!
  233. History's Most Terrifying Peace: Allied-Run Concentration Camps
  234. How Britain Forced The Invasion of Norway & Denmark By Germany Then Blamed Hitler, Again
  235. Did Jews Fake Hitler's "Master Race" Phrase To Create War & World Domination?
  236. Hitler Didn't Start Indiscriminate Bombings - Churchill Did
  237. Winston Churchill's Wartime Speeches Did Not Inspire Many in Britain, Historian Finds
  238. Was Adolf Hitler a Zionist ?
  239. War Memories of a German Soldier in WWI
  240. King Edward VIII of Britain Wanted to Peace with Adolf Hitler - but Churchill Didn't
  241. Russia Brutally Invaded Multiple Nations Then Piously Prosecuted Germany For ‘Crimes Against Peace’
  242. Happy Birthday, Der Alte Fritz!
  243. Long-Lost Tapes Reveal Plan Hatched by the 'Jewish Avengers' to Kill Six Million Germans in Revenge for the Holocaust
  244. Helicopters of The Third Reich
  245. From Sweden To South Africa, Internationally The Nuremberg Trials Were Condemned
  246. The Good Nazi
  247. The 'Völkischer Beobachter' (October 1941)
  248. The 14th of July, 1789
  249. Massacre Of The Romanovs
  250. Operation Valkyrie (20 July Plot)