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  1. Radio Free Europe
  2. 'Fighting In Flanders'
  3. The NS Government Wanted to Deport Jews to USSR Before the War
  4. Assassination of Heinrich Himmler?
  5. Nagasaki report released 60 years later
  6. Danubian Confederation and Lajos Kossuth
  7. We have come to Germany not as liberators, but as conquerors!
  8. WWI & The Creation of Israel
  9. Online Book: "Germany Must Perish"
  10. The Third Reich Color Pictures Megathread
  11. Feldgrau
  12. The K Units of the Kriegsmarine
  13. Waffen-ϟϟ Versus Aryans
  14. The Finnish Use of the Swastika
  15. The Belgian Army 1830-1914
  16. The Story of the Waffen-ϟϟ, by Leon Degrelle
  17. The Waffen-ϟϟ Depedestaled
  18. Poles Pleaded With Hitler to Free them from Stalin's Grip
  19. The Spanish Civil War: Germans Fighting on Both Sides
  20. Remembering Nagasaki
  21. The Atomic Powered Aircraft Program
  22. Nurfluegel: Nazi Flying Wings
  23. Comparison between the Ho-229 & Gotha P.60
  24. Bachem Ba 349B-1 Natter "Viper": The World's First Manned, Vertical-Take-Off Interceptor
  25. The Ruhrstahl-Kramer X-4: First Air-to-Air Guided Missile
  26. The Werewolf Principle (National Socialist Guerrilla Movement)
  27. WWII - An Unnecessary War
  28. German Civilian Rocketry: Zucker's Rocket (1933)
  29. The 1944 Port Chicago Disaster: Was it an accident, or was it America's first atomic weapons test?
  30. Secret US Human Biological Experimentations
  31. The Jews in Occupied Belgium
  32. British Chemical Warfare Tests on Servicemen Exposed
  33. Himmler's Crusade by Christopher Hale
  34. The Year 2000 [Dr. Joseph Goebbels, 25 February 1945]
  35. Was the White Race Set Up During WW2?
  36. How US Anthropologists Planned Race-Specific Weapons Against the Japanese
  37. The Führer and the German People [ϟϟ-Obergruppenführer. Dr. Otto Dietrich]
  38. The Slaughter of the Danes at the hands of the British
  39. Pictures from the Reich! (Personalities, Organizations, Posters, Postcards, etc.)
  40. William Adams, the First Foreign Samurai
  41. WWII Maps
  42. The Battle of Monte Cassino
  43. How far were the Third Reich Scientists from creating a Nuclear Weapon?
  44. Jewish Population Increase During "Holocaust"
  45. "Time to Let Germans Off Hook"
  46. Anglo-Boer War Concentration Camps
  47. Horten 229 Nazi Stealth Jet Could Have Won War for Hitler
  48. The Second Reich: Rebirth of the Reich on 18 January, 1871
  49. Photos of the German Military (WWII)
  50. The Future of Germany, 1917
  51. ϟϟ-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper (ᛉ1915 – ᛣ1976) - The Destiny of a German Soldier
  52. WWI: Who's to Blame and How Could Germany Have Won?
  53. Remembering the Cowards of the Netherlands: Srebrenica
  54. Did Hitler Survive the War?
  55. Are There Any WWII Documentaries With A Balanced, Factual Perspective?
  56. Death in Poland: The Fate of the Ethnic Germans
  57. Presidents Elected in "0" Years
  58. Reinhard Heydrich's Assassination Revisited
  59. The Nazis and Argentina
  60. My Opinion on Revisionism and White Nationalism
  61. Holocaustianity: The State Religion of the United States of America
  62. Hidden for 60 Years: Nazi Beach Bunker Found by Briton
  63. The Russian Ekranoplanes!
  64. The Secret of the West by Gerd Honsik
  65. What Was Worse?
  66. Stalin Wanted "Half-Ape" Warriors
  67. The Anglo-Boer War
  68. Not so perfect Germans in the high command...
  69. 1890 Freemason Goals for the Map of Europe
  70. Free E-Book - America's Caesar: The Decline and Fall of Republican Government in USA
  71. Where were you when Kennedy was shot?
  72. French Volunteers in the Wehrmacht!
  73. My Top 11 Armies in WWII
  74. 9 April 1940: Operation "Weserübung"
  75. Were Einsatzgruppen planned for Palestine?
  76. British Free Corps
  77. Ukrainian-Danish Count and Waffen-ϟϟ Commander Christian Frederick von Schalburg
  78. Hitler was a Clark Gable Fan:P
  79. Pan-German Aims, 1911
  80. Pan-German Scheme for the Extinction of France
  81. The Iron Guard (An Interview)
  82. Hitler's biggest blunders or not?
  83. German POWs in North America
  84. The Spanish-American war - a short retrospect
  85. The Gulag: Soviet Concentration Camps, 1918-1960
  86. Along the Ancient Silk Road: The Explorations of Sven Hedin
  87. Thuringian states 1826-1918 (map)
  88. Was Hitler "Just" a German Nationalist or an Aryan Racialist?
  89. Rise of Imperial Japan and its Implications on Islam
  90. Meinout Rost van Tonningen
  91. Voorman of the Germanische ϟϟ, Henk Feldmeijer
  92. How much land did Germany lose after WWII?
  93. 'Poland from the Inside' [Rare Book from 1939]
  94. Goebbels or Hitler: Which One Was a Better Speaker in Your Opinion?
  95. Finnish Volunteers in the German Wehrmacht in WWII
  96. Stalin's Secret War Plans
  97. WWII Through the Eyes of an Estonian Waffen-ϟϟ Veteran
  98. [WWI] A German Perspective: 'It's Our Heritage Too'
  99. Did Hitler Really Have a Small View of Odin?
  100. Dollfuss: An Austrian Patriot
  101. The Knight-Monks of Vichy France: Uriage, 1940-1945
  102. WWII: Was Stalin to Blame? Did Stalin Plan to Invade Germany?
  103. WW1's Secret Weapon: a Friendly Chat
  104. The USS Liberty, destroyed by Israel (June 8th 1967)
  105. The Poulos Verband WW2
  106. Hitler's Intelligent Sarcastic Humour
  107. What kinds of horses were used by the Wehrmacht?
  108. Hellenes in the Waffen-ϟϟ
  109. Worst Military Performances of WW2: Pick Yours!
  110. [Video] The 40 Years of the DDR
  111. Who Was This German Veteran Who Chose To Die In Flames?
  112. The Norwegian ϟϟ, the Warsailors and Milorg
  113. [split] On Mannerheim
  114. Adolf Hitler and the English language
  115. Where Did Hitler's Authority Come From?
  116. Mass Grave of Massacred Poles Found in Ukraine
  117. Canadian Soldiers Frequently Executed German Fighters Trying to Surrender During WWI
  118. Third Reich/USA Relationship Before 1941
  119. Was Pétain Guilty of Something?
  120. The Baader-Meinhoff gang and Le Brigate Rosse
  121. German Uniforms 1933 - 1945
  122. Allied Uniforms 1933-1945
  123. Otto Ernst Remer: a man from the folk and a true Hero!
  124. The Auschwitz Swimming Pool
  125. Hitler's Eye Color?
  126. "Gas Chamber" Doors in Auschwitz I (Stammlager)
  127. Allied War Crimes in Italy, 1944
  128. "From Auschwitz With Love" Camp Postcards
  129. Who were Better: US Marines or Waffen ϟϟ?
  130. "Lagergeld": Concentration Camp Money
  131. The Christmas Truce of 1914
  132. "How We Didn't Win the War ... but the Russians Did"
  133. How World War II Came About
  134. The True Cause of World War 1
  135. Russian Cannibalism in Finland: Too Awful An Image of War
  136. 'The Awful Shock and Rage of Battle': Rethinking the Meaning and Consequences of Combat in the American Civil War
  137. For a Genuine and Noble Nakedness
  138. Stunning Color Photographs of 1905–1916 in Russia
  139. Srebrenica: The Untold Story
  140. General Patton & The Wehrmacht
  141. Poland and Germany
  142. Russian Atrocities During the Invasion of Hungary
  143. Concentration Camp Badges
  144. Hitler's Drugged Soldiers
  145. How Germany is Perceived: Anti-Germanism?
  146. Christmas under the Nazis
  147. The Silent Genocide of Finns in the Soviet Union
  148. Adolf Hitler's Last Signature Found
  149. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
  150. Iranians Meeting Adolf Hitler in 1939
  151. Ribbentrop's Address to the German People: April 27th, 1940
  152. Tanks - the Most Overrated Weapon of WW2
  153. Attrition vs. Maneuvre
  154. NSDAP Membership Booklet
  155. The German Rocket-Programme: Hitler's Biggest Blunder?
  156. Evaluate the Japanese Pacific Strategy
  157. Plans to separate Finland from Sweden in the 1780’s
  158. Pictures from Wars during Finland´s independence
  159. Russian-American relations and the Baltic states
  160. Hugo Boϟϟ: Fashion Firm Discovers Its Holocaust History
  161. American Swastikas in WWI & WWII
  162. Jewish Condom-Maker Julius Fromm (1883-1945)
  163. Pictures of 'Non-European' NS Soldiers
  164. Germany Invading Ireland in WWII
  165. Theodor Eicke: The Most Extreme Nazi?
  166. Name the Three Countries That Carry Most of the Responsibility for WW2?
  167. How Three Million Germans Died After "VE Day"
  168. German Aims in 1917
  169. Anthropologist and Explorer: The Legacy of Vilhjalmur Stefansson
  170. Did WWII/NS Lead to Multicultural Takeover in US and Other Western Countries?
  171. Gandhi the Non-Violent Hero of the Liberals
  172. The Rape of Berlin and the Racial Makeup of Soviet Troops
  173. The Battle of Budapest
  174. Gulags: A Voice of (Terrible) Experience
  175. Slovenian Mass Grave in Marburg ("Maribor") Could Be Europe's Killing Fields
  176. Hitler and the Slavs
  177. Tricked into war: American entry to WWII
  178. New documents indicate USSR responsible for start of WWII
  179. Laughing in KZ Auschwitz
  180. Lina Heydrich's Grave
  181. Illuminati Created and Manipulated Hitler to War
  182. National Socialists vs. Soviets
  183. The Origins of the Freikorps: A Reevaluation
  184. Into The Darkness: Nazi Germany Today (1940)
  185. Humanitarian Actions Towards Enemies During WWII
  186. From Waterloo to FDR : the rise of Jewish power in the Anglo-Saxon world
  187. The Führer's Letter in reply to the French Premier, August 27, 1939
  188. Censored History
  189. Rape and War: The U.S. Experience
  190. National-socialism in the US and England
  191. Agreement of Mutual Assistance between the United Kingdom and Poland.-London, 1939
  192. The First Six Million Jews
  193. Jewish Population Losses in the German sphere of Influence During the World War II
  194. Propaganda Philately (including Third Reich Stamps!)
  195. Forgeries of Third Reich Stamps
  196. Israel is NOT the first modern Jewish state
  197. How the British Obtained the "Confessions" of Rudolf Höss
  198. The NSDAP and the Jews
  199. Women and Girls in the 3.Reich
  200. Communist Swastika
  201. A Georgian's Intriguing Comeback
  202. Moslem Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army?
  203. Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer - The Spectre of Sint Truiden
  204. Foreign Volunteers in the Wehrmacht and ϟϟ
  205. The European Volunteer Movement in World War II
  206. Pictures and Posters from the GDR
  207. German Stereotypes in British Magazines prior to WWI
  208. The American Civil War (1861 - 1865)
  209. Hitler & Stubbornness
  210. ϟϟ Officer Karl Höcker's Album
  211. Holoco$t: "Precusor this, Precursor that..."
  212. 'Trenches Full of Heads ...' JB Priestley's Letters from the First World War Revealed
  213. How Would the 20th Century Have Panned Out in Your Ideal World?
  214. Map of the Reichsgaue in 1941
  215. What Would Have Been the Best Way to Win Barbarossa?
  216. Ostpreussen/Eastprussia 1939
  217. Fire In The Reichstag
  218. Do You Think the Allies Did the Right Thing?
  219. The Battle That Shaped WWII That No One Knew
  220. Hitler's Son?
  221. Hitler's 'Lost Fleet' Found in Black Sea
  222. Your Family in the World Wars
  223. Women "Fighting Fascism" in the 1930s-1940s
  224. It was not a war between Germany and the Allies
  225. Which Major Historical Events Did You Witness in Your Lifetime?
  226. Fall of the Berlin Wall
  227. Martin Luther and Other German Historical Figures in the GDR
  228. State of the Reichsparteitagsgelände?
  229. In 'Homo Americanus, Child of the Postmodern Age' (2007): Brainwashing the Germans [Dr. Tom Sunic]
  230. Communist East Germany Was No Safe Haven for Jews After WWII
  231. Children of War
  232. Did the National Socialists Misuse the Symbols of Our Germanic Ancestors?
  233. New Truth Revealed About Famous WWII Reichstag Photo
  234. WWII Germanic Allied Victims
  235. Operation Tannenbaum: the planned Invasion of Switzerland by Nazi Germany
  236. The Trouble with Killing Hitler Is....?
  237. "Psychokinetic" War Against the Brains of Europeans
  238. Unconditional Hatred, German War Guilt and the Future of Europe
  239. Asian Soldier in Wehrmacht
  240. "Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War" [Pat Buchanan]
  241. Otto the Strange: The Champion Who Defied the Nazis
  242. War Crimes Against Germans in Post-War Yugoslavia
  243. The German Revolution of 1848: Liberal or Socialist?
  244. The White Rose: Anti-NS "Resistance" in Germany
  245. Germany's Forgotten Army
  246. 'Teutonophobia': Antipathy Towards Germans Stretches Beyond WWII
  247. Austrian Radar Plots
  248. The Human Side of National Socialism
  249. The Secret War at Shingle Street, or the Foiled German Invasion of Britain
  250. After the Reich: Mistreatment of German Soldiers